Morgana Rae

Today’s episode orbits around MORGANA RAE. She is the renowned international #1 best-selling author of the “Financial Alchemy®: 12 Months of Magic & Manifestation,” and a pioneer in personal development for over 27 years. She’s widely regarded to be the world’s leading authority on transforming relationships with money. Morgana guides entrepreneurs, artists, healers, and humanitarians to thrive in their purpose, attract more than they chase, and make things happen with ease, flow, and synchronicity. Morgana’s groundbreaking program for creating wealth has featured her on all the major television networks, United Press International, Coast to Coast Radio, Yahoo Finance, and The Wall Street Journal, and hundreds more. She was named a Top Woman In E-commerce by WE Magazine.

In this episode, Morgana gave us a walkthrough of her life. She puts emphasis on the following:

  • her experiences in pleasing grown-ups back when she was young that lead her to question human existence
  • how she started accumulating money thus becoming the world’s leading authority on transforming relationships with money
  • her plans for the coming 6 to 12 months.

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Morgana Rae Unique Journey of Mastering Financial Alchemy Becoming an International Best Selling Author and Coach

Pamela Bardhi
Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of underdog. Today I have an incredible guest here with me, Morgana. I mean, financial Alchemist, there are all kinds of amazing things that we’re getting up to. And I’m so honored to have her here today. Welcome.

Morgana Rae
Thank you for having me. And can I just start by saying I love the name of your show? Because for everybody who got what they wanted really quickly and easily, I’m not that person. So yeah, I identify and I champion, the underdog. That’s what really attracted me to your show.

Pamela Bardhi
Thank you so much for being here. I’m an underdog where we’ve all faced challenges in our lives. We’ve always been the underdog at one point or another. So I always say there’s an underdog in all of us, so here we are.

Morgana Rae
And I think we learn more that way. I’m of the philosophy that success without failure is luck and it’s hard to systematically reproduce it. But like Thomas Edison, if you fail 1000 times 1000 things that don’t work, so you don’t have to do them again. And then you really learn what works for you.

Pamela Bardhi
Absolutely. 100% agree. I always say there’s always a rainbow after the storm. The rain needs to happen to come, so we live in a world of duality. Yes. So, Morgana, my first question to you is what inspired you on your incredible journey to where you are today?

Morgana Rae
Oh, we’re gonna go way back. I was the child who made the grownups feel better about themselves. Which is probably not the healthiest dynamic. But I always have that talent for seeing who somebody really is and I grew up in a very chaotic environment. So I think that also really, for any of you who have that background. There are gifts like you really learn to recognize things before other people do. Maybe micro signals, your intuition really develops. And for me, I was really early on questioning things like what are we as human beings? What are we and what is this universe we live in and how do we have a better experience? So I ran away to college on the east coast from Los Angeles and got my super practical degree in world religion.

Because I really wanted to understand what people believe about the nature of existence in humanity and how to have a better experience. And I wanted to understand other people because we have this huge planet of different ideas and people going to war over ideas. I wanted to know where did these ideas come from. That we hold is so true today and how I got to where I am now. Is sort of the natural outgrowth of just where my attention and talents have always gone is I ultimately became a coach. And right out the that I was getting a lot of clients especially here in Los Angeles, I started with entertainment industry clients with actors and writers and producers and directors who in a few weeks.

I just had sort of a magical touch and people would book without credits with book big series and movies or sell their films or win awards. So I got a great reputation I got you know, success stories and I still didn’t feel comfortable charging. it was more like a hobby I just feel happiest, I feel most like myself when I’m helping other people. But I was thinking I wonder if I could make money at this. He just sold his film for a million dollars and first film and at the time. That was a lot of money about 30 years ago. And so I started taking classes on it and just getting certifications taking classes on marketing. Really being good at that taking classes on sales and meanwhile vision boards mantras positive thinking business cards, taglines, everything, drumroll and I making and not easily.

I was struggling to make $100 a month in Los Angeles so right impress. That’s the reaction I wanted, oh my God, how frightening and despairing and I kept. So I was deficit spending, borrowing credit cards, taking more classes, hiring more coaches spending more money, doing everything I was told to do. And I still wasn’t making more money, I was taking great classes. I had a wonderful coach that will actually become really important in a couple of minutes. Nothing and every program make a promise, do this, grow your email list, you know. Learn to write headlines, take this class on sales and overcome objections. And by the way that was the class that broke the camel’s back that I took a class on how to overcome sales objections.

I’m actually talking about how I ended up with this money niche just flat out. It’s never what I envisioned It isn’t what I aspire to, It’s what I backed into through my own spectacular failure. Where I was getting better results than other coaches. But they were charging and I was failing, so for anybody who didn’t figure it out. I have the capacity to feel superior and inferior simultaneously. So I had just taken this class on overcoming sales objections where they teach you like if somebody says I can’t afford it. Or I don’t have time, they teach you what to say and I was such a good student that I followed the script and seven people in a row. I overcame their objections.

And they said, Yes and seven people in a row did not show up for our first session and never paid me and that was it. That was when I lost it I just ran out of hope. You know, every class I thought, this is the holy grail. This is what will make me able to charge. Oh, if I learned relationship coaching, that’ll do it. I already have my certification and CoActive Coaching, business coaching, I will become a master of neuro-linguistic programming and a trainer and hypnosis. Then I’ll be able to charge and nothing changed. So I take this class in sales and still, nothing changes and I just tried everything. I was the kind of person did tell me to do it, I would do it.

And I just I despaired I remember after that last time being stood up. I was in a little tiny apartment, that even that I couldn’t afford to drag close the blackout curtains crypting out my little bedroom. Getting on the bed lying down and screaming, screaming, crying, wailing feeling so tricked and betrayed and rejected by life. In not liking life back and really not wanting to be here. And the thing about money is money affects everything. Like all your relationships, life, purpose, health, survival, spirituality, like anything you can think of nothing is separate. Nothing It’s like, like some monster that has its fingers and everything and you can’t move forward. I like to say that the universe gets our attention primarily through three teachers which are money, love, and health.

And we can go a really really really long time without like our soulmate. We can go really really long time with high cholesterol, not very long with the to fake. Money gets your attention immediately, like nothing. So if money is your teacher, in a way, congratulations, because nothing motivates change more dramatically. Because it is such a matter of life and death. So I was in this horrible, despairing place a really dangerous place to be. And I had a session with my coach the next day right I can’t pay rent. But I still managed to have a coach thank God because this wonderful guy had been trying to figure out what was going to work for me. For months hurt me in such discouragement such despair any had this moment of weird?

Who knows where it came from inspired question that changed my life. So this is where you want to lean in. The question he asked was if your money was a person who would your money be? Weird question and I saw my money person instantly. Which is unusual because I’m a terrible visualizer but I think because I was in so much pain. It was just ready to pop up and money and I never knew I felt this way but money. My money at that moment was this big, scary, dirty, violent biker who caused fights and terrified me and I hear the words money is scary dirty and look terrifying. I had no idea that I felt that way until it became personal. Because money, you know, we talk about money really is just this made-up abstract concept that we use to keep score.

It’s bloodless and I always choose between money and people. I choose people because people are real, we can go down a list of negative money beliefs and what positive beliefs to replace them with. We can do that for hours and hours and nothing’s going to change. Because that’s an intellectual exercise and that is where our beliefs and motivation and behavior come from. That is below the surface that is subconscious. So consciously I’m doing all the right stuff. But subconsciously, I was terrified of this dude and I could imagine myself at that moment. Being at a live event and having my eye on him all the time to create maximum distance. And that was my lightbulb moment, that no matter how much I was pursuing it 24/7 I was below the surface, pushing it away as if my survival depended on it.

So it was obvious to me that there was no way that my financial situation was gonna change or that I could have money in my life. If it was that dude, I don’t even use the word dude. I just do for this guy, even being from California, so I knew I had to end that relationship. Because I couldn’t survive with it. There was no way that I could have money if it was this person. So I had to get rid of the biker, which created a new problem. Because first of all, it was really weird. When I got rid of him I didn’t realize that I had been with him my whole life. And I could feel this vacuum, this empty space. Which made me realize I need to fill the space before it comes back and that created a new problem.

Because my relationship with money, my experience of money was so heavy with guilt and shame and feeling hurt and feeling rejected. And just all the feelings you don’t want to feel it. I had been in an abusive relationship and I did not want to get into that. Like anybody who’s ever been in a bad relationship that you got out of. That becomes a super useful life skill at this moment. So I didn’t want to repeat what I had been through because it was soul-crushing, so I thought to myself. Who could I have a relationship with? And I would want this person so much that I’d be willing to have a relationship with this person. Even if it’s money and I think because I had been in so much pain and the monster was so terrible and really I can look back and go.

Oh, from a neuro-linguistic programming perspective, all my neurology was lit up. Because it was a full-body full emotional experience, which really allows us to rewire our brain. So at that moment, when I asked that question, I saw the new person. And this person was the total polar opposite, this person was handsome and romantic and loving. Kind of delicious, clean-cut, very safe kind of hair slicked back wearing a tuxedo carrying a bouquet of red flowers. As if he was going to take me to the theatre. And the biggest surprise was the overwhelming sense that he was in love with me. Which is not a feeling or an idea that I ever had regarding money ever and I thought to myself. Wow, that’s really weird. He wanted to woo me.

I also had a feeling of how much I’d been breaking his heart for years. By pushing him away. This is actually a really important point that I’ll get back to. When I walk you through the six steps but because I’m thinking of it now I don’t want to miss it. One of the hallmarks of this new relationship is that you have a lot of power when you’re with the monster. The whole purpose of the monster is to strip you of all your power, all your choice, all your agency all your will to live. In this new relationship, you are the gatekeeper, you have the power to break your partner’s heart.

I find a romantic partner tends to be the most effective but I also understand from coaching 1000s of people that you know. Some of us have had such trauma, emotional trauma, relational trauma, sexual abuse. Any of that and if you can’t go there with a romantic archetype your first time out that’s totally fine. And this can work for you anyway, I do find overall that it, first of all, has to be human. Can’t be a cat or a dog or a horse or a car vote or dog. All of which clients have brought up and you know when I early on when I started applying this other person. So that didn’t work person really lovable a person who was equal to you, not Oprah, not God because they’re way up here.

You’re what I love about a lover as your equal and your lover looks at you through these like Rose-colored. Wow, I see who you really are and it’s a way of loving ourselves and seeing ourselves through the eyes of the Beloved. So whoever your money, honey ends up being. There has to be that looking at you through the eyes of love. And this person chooses you over anybody else in the world. So I digress, I’ve already jumped into teaching instead of telling my story so cute guy. I can feel how much I’ve been hurting him, I don’t want to and I have this sense of well, I’m the gatekeeper and he wants to stay with me.

But it’s really up to me and I don’t know how to let him stay with me. So I asked, you know, the great thing about when it becomes a person. The way our brain operates is if you ask a question, you get the answerback. And if it’s coming from a superduper-loving source, you get really good information back. So because it’s not coming from like your neuroses and anxieties and you know. It’s coming from like, your highest, wisest source. So I asked my money, honey, what do you need from me, so you can stay with me? Which, by the way, is a very, very different question than what do you need from me, so you can love me?

And I say that because every now and then it comes back to me that somebody heard it. What do you need from me, so you can love me? The love is unconditional the love is there. This is a person who chooses you over everybody else in the world. So the love is there. You don’t have to do anything about that. But to let the person be with you, yeah you do. Because if you’re gonna push them away, he’s gonna go okay. I respect you want to be one space, okay, got it. Or she or they, you know, pick the pronoun of your choice. Mine is a guy, so I just default to that. Apologies for anybody I’m excluding, just substitute what works for you.

So I asked the question, what do you need from me so you can stay with me with the presupposition that this person really wants to stay with me? And I got an answerback and so my first time and everybody you’re going to get your own answer. Because it’s your own relationship. Mine this first time said, I need you to love me and I need you to stop treating me like a monster. And I feel I have to address the elephant in the room. The love of money is the root of all evil to things. I have a girlfriend, another coach in the British Isles who took a class in ancient Aramaic. Which is the actual language that the Old Testament was originally written in.

Before translations into Greek and Hebrew and English and what it said in the original language was not that at all, it said. The worship of money will cause you problems and I would say Hell yeah. And it should don’t put money over people. So I make money a person so that it can be a person who shares my values wants to save the world with me and as a partner, but not God. Worshipping money is gonna cause you problems. We see that every day. That’s not love, love is never evil because love is not harm, love is not exploitation, love is not envy or covetousness.

Love is not scarcity, love is not abuse. None of that is love and sometimes people call those things to love. It’s not, love is abundantly generous and expansive and kind, love is when you are your best self. When you love yourself and your cup flow with over to be kind and generous with the world. And so when I’m saying, when my money says he wants me to love Him, He wants me to love him as a person, not as a thing, or an object or a tool. But as a partner who loves me and is worthy of trust and conversation and kindness.

Pamela Bardhi
I just love everything that you’ve met like your story from beginning until it is just mind-blowing. We’re getting I’m so sorry, I have to interject here because it’s just so it’s so powerful. And anyone who’s listening right now, I mean, it’s just wow. So from a young kid, you were asking all these questions like What is the universe and what is all these things and I love that you studied the world religion. Because I always ask this question of what did you want to be when you grew up? And what you’re doing right now is in direct correlation with what you wanted to be when you grew up because you were asking those questions.

Morgana Rae
I wanted to be an appeal. But I wanted to be,

How did Morgana’s Honey Money Affect Her

Pamela Bardhi
it’s just incredible and I love that you went for world religion because actually one of the courses that I loved in college was one that compared every single religion together. And what you start to see is that we are unified. Everybody is talking about the same thing, just in their own different perspective. So why are we fighting right now? Why are all these world problems happening? I just there’s so many things that you mentioned, that is just unreal. And I appreciate you sharing your story. How this did affect you, this image of money, how it did affect you because I’ve been on the same boat. Similarly, you know.

Morgana Rae
People who are healers, people are artists, money tends to be low or value for us. Yeah, and I have a friend who talks about niching tad Hargrave of marketing for hippies. Super cool guy, if you want to interview him some time, and what I love that he distinguishes between niches for artists and healers versus niches for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurial people take a look at an opportunity to make money. People who have gifts want to give their gift and then they have to figure out how to make money from it, which is a very very different approach. So it’s harder for us do-gooders and healers and artists types. But it’s also necessary, so it’s a spiritual challenge. Because we will never be comfortable or really truly successful, without integrity in the equation.

So we have to find a really truly loving kind, just place to be able to prosper. Where we don’t feel like we are taking anything from somebody or hurting anybody. And that’s why this approach worked for me when everything else didn’t. I’m like a law of attraction failure. People who did Law of Attraction do very very well with this process and I’ll finish my story. We’re almost at the end and then I can actually talk about the difference and the similarities. So the final step was, I made an agreement, what I would do differently next time my money. Because the way he would woo me was to bring me gifts. Which would look like people wanted to hire me and for years, I was like, Ooh, like, I wanted the client.

But when they’d asked me what I charged, I would be all like, you know. Shamed and guilty as if I am embarrassed by this ugly monster’s money, so I didn’t want to do that anymore. So I made an agreement that next time he brought me a gift, I would say thank you. And so here’s the punchline, the next day four people contacted me and hired me a double. What I’d ever charged before in my life, because when they would ask me what I charged. Everything in my body wanted to vomit at them. Do you want a sample session, everything that I would unconsciously do to avoid accepting money. I had all those impulses, but I was like, oh, that’s I promised I would say thank you.

And I would be loving and kind and appreciative of this cute guy that I’m calling money, so I’m not going to do that. But I can feel it rising up in my throat. So I did the world’s most difficult thing, which is I shut up. I just told them my fee and I let and then they said yes. Which was weird and then I had to tell them how I would receive money. And I really want to be transparent here that it was really really uncomfortable. The first time, it was a little less uncomfortable, the second time, I felt okay, I know what to do the third time and I was better the fourth time and people just kept coming incoming that so after a few months.

I had waiting lists and I was starting group programmes and public speaking and I’ve made millions of dollars since then. Through products and programmes and retreats and coaching. And just helping in getting better at helping to where we get that the price point that I had. Would feel really out of integrity, not just to me strangers will email me telling me I was charging too little. In case I wasn’t listening, I wasn’t listening to my money, honey. I wasn’t you know, strangers would email me saying I don’t believe it’s hard for me to believe your success stories. When you charge so little like getting and I have this moment in I think it was 2007. Where my income was drying up and people were no longer hiring me and I so what do I do?

I spend $6,000 that I didn’t have flew across the country took another class a horrible class that I got nothing out of. But I was sharing a cab back to the airport and the woman who had been in the class with me. And saw that I was getting emails from clients like one of them in Florida had just made his first million and I’m getting these emails coming from clients the whole time. You can’t charge less than $1,000 and I was like, oh, okay. So I raised my price and made $20,000 that month because I became more attractive when I charged more. Because it was in integrity, it was aligned, and then when that became too small. It just went up and it just went up.

And I just you know, I feel it into my body. If I feel this sinking self-betrayal, it’s like, Oh, damn. I have to grow again and I’m going on a total side tangent. Just because I think it’s useful to people is, here’s the thing is when I raise my feet and when I’m saying I am including you. When you raise your feet, I come from such a place of fear of ripping somebody off, that I have to make whatever I do that much better. That anxiety, that adrenaline makes me perform at a higher level than whatever I charge. I have to know that my clients are going to make multiples back. And that becomes scarier, the higher my feet, but it makes me better. You really have to come from that place of integrity, that willingness to stretch.

I’m not teaching charge a lot of money just for the heck of it. To impress your friends or your peers, I’m also not saying charge what you’re worth. Because you are like this unique entity that will never ever, ever see again. So there is no price tag on your worth. We are looking at the value of the transformation that you offer. Whatever that is and sometimes I have to imagine my process is her own person. And I don’t want to I don’t want to disrespect her because she’ll kick my ass, so she’s really badass. Very, very different than my money, honey. She’s female, long black straight hair in a ponytail sort of, you know, leather at bodysuit, you know, so I usually don’t share that. But it just came to me. Can I walk you through the steps?

Pamela Bardhi
Yes, I was gonna ask you. For you to recognize where your image of money was. Because I can’t, especially women, we all have this problem. And we all have this block within us, is it oh, I don’t know, you don’t have to pay me like it’s okay. Like, oh, it’s fine. You can just you know or they charge half of what they’re supposed to or like a 10th of what they’re supposed to. And I see this pattern in women all the time and I myself am working on this more and more.

Morgana Rae
We women, we are people, pleasers, for a reason. Our survival depends on it, we all know that if we are rude. Or even kindly say no to the wrong person, we could be dead. We know that because it’s in the news every day. So I want to give a lot of respect and compassion to this very functional. Adaptable tendency that we have to be people pleasers and it’s not appropriate in this contest. And by the way, we may get pushback, we may get resentment. Especially from other people who haven’t made the journey yet to really respect themselves in their work. People with fuzzy boundaries find it very painful to respect the boundaries of others and yet what you’re doing when you love yourself.

And you respect yourself and you charge the highest fee that is in integrity and serves your clients. Because in my experience, when you charge a certain fee, that is uncomfortable enough. The people who show up are more inspired to make it work because maybe they went through such lengths to be there. That they literally can’t afford to have it not work because your partners can’t. I can’t do I can’t leave my hands and change your DNA because I know there are people who claim to do that. That’s nonsense, but I know how to guide somebody through the battle to slay their Money Monster and really connect with their money honey. So that they can do it after I’m gone and they don’t have to be dependent on me, that’s part of being a woman.

But if we look at goddess archetypes we have Durga, the warrior goddess in India, Kali, the warrior goddess, you know. Death of ignorance goddess, we’ve got hecka Tay and we’ve got we have Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war. So we have this capacity for ferociousness in us. Which becomes really handy when we choose ourselves over the monster. I’m going to walk you through the steps, so after I had my transformation. I got all these clients and they because they were human beings. They had money issues and I was like, Oh, I have this new tool. Let’s try it on you and it didn’t work and I was like. Why isn’t it working on you? And I had to this was 20 years ago, I had to figure out what really happened spontaneously for me.

That I needed to make sure happened for other people to make it work. Fortunately, nobody was hiring me for that specifically, but I had people to try it out on and figure it out and perfect it with. And that’s why, like, in the early days, somebody money honey was a cat. It was great, no, cats don’t know anything about money. So he actually even shot a video holding it cat talking about that once, so number one. And this is the biggest piece like nothing works without the steps before it, so number one is the foundation for everything. Number one is the root cause whatever your situation is, whatever money drama you have. Whether you have nothing or you’re a billionaire, because I’ve coached the spectrums.

And by the way, if you think everything’s different when you have hundreds of millions and more. Not as different as you imagine, because human beings are human beings and there’s drama. If there isn’t financial scarcity at that moment, there’s the fear of losing it. There’s the target on your back, there are the relationship was. So what we want to do is have a great relationship. Wherever we are in this moment so that we can grow and grow and grow our income. We get to keep it and we get to have awesome relationships too. Because the monster shows up in lots of ways. The root cause of the Money Monster is never about money. Totally counterintuitive but I’ve honestly. I’ve coached 1000s of people and I know this to be true.

The root cause of money is never about money for every coach as Change Your Money Story, change your life. Good luck if that works for you, I’ve never seen it work. What it is, is what’s behind the money. That’s what makes it so sticky and so powerful is money represents love. Money represents value, our worth, our worthiness, how we are valued by society. And it represents safety our very right to exist hinges on money. People are sacrificed all the time. Poor people are sacrificed all the time as if they don’t have value. That’s a huge hot button issue for me a huge motivation for what I teach. So love, like our parents were our first experience of money, did they love us, did they teach us we were valuable and worthy? Did they keep us safe or not?

So when we start we want to dig into, we can start with and I’m telling you just how I coach. It’ll look different with every person. I just came back from my money goddess retreat in Mexico. One of my clients took like 45 minutes or an hour, the next client took six hours. It takes what it takes. There’s no right or wrong to it, but this first step is the biggest piece. So we may start with money, stories, or experiences. But the sooner we get off that into anything that ever made you feel unloved, unworthy, or unsafe. It can be the tiniest thing, it can be totally inconsequential, but it feels big for you, so we’re just looking for the energy. And when you build up enough, enough feeling of unloved, unworthy, unsafe from your own life experience.

You can add stuff in the world that makes the world feel unloving and unsafe. And like you want to reject it don’t want to be here. It’s like that critical massive IQ, by the way, extra credit if you’re crying, but it’s not necessary. But we want a full-body emotional experience, not an intellectual exercise. That’s the biggest challenge for me as a coach in this process is getting clients out of their heads. Because we want to pop into our head and analyze it because it feels safer than feeling it. But when the feeling is strong enough, then we want to jump to step number two. Which is personify gives personhood to the root cause makes it personal. It’s just not you and it’s not your parents, but it needs to feel like a real person.

And maybe it’s someone you know and maybe it’s somebody totally imaginary. But not your parents and not yourself could be a public figure. Because Step number three is you need to obliterate it by any means necessary. And what I found worked way better than breaking up with my monster which worked for me at the time. But coaching people I would say the more violent bloody and absolutes the better and it’ll be different for every human being. One person may use a machete another person may use an atom bomb and somebody may use like a big bolt of love that just melts the monster like you know Raiders the Lost Ark ever it is. You just need to keep going until it is all gone and they’re no bloody bits that can reconstitute into a mini monster zombie.

And when it’s gone, you’ll feel it and it’ll feel different than anything. You’ve ever experienced in your life and you’ve completed step number three. This is what needs to happen before you make your money, honey because you don’t want to have both. The Money Monster will pardon my language, cock block your money, honey, the bed is not big enough. What you get when you have both, it’s like then you have mud and you’re stuck where you are. So we call this process financial alchemy because alchemy is the transmutation of lead as in letting human experience into gold, spiritual and material gold. It’s different from law of attraction in that nobody is punished for having low vibrations. In fact, it’s necessary your victim experience you have it for a reason is a huge source of power.

It is sacred, use it don’t stuff down, the more you can express it. And step one, the more energy you have for transformation, it’s like a slingshot. You want to go as far as you safely can go into the lead into where you don’t want to be. Because it’s like a slingshot will catapult you where you want to be and it will stick. So if you’re in a horrible place right now, it’s easier to get to Your Money Monster because it’s already present. It’s harder to dig when you’re feeling neutral, it can be done. But you need a reason to have a monster so bad that there’s something to destroy. When you destroy the monster you say no to the monster you reject everything that doesn’t belong in your life experience.

And you’re saying yes to yourself, like a sacred warrior. Whether it is Durgan, India, or for the guys, you know, Archangel Michael, in the West, we have those architects. So now we go to Step four, we’ve got this vacuum. It feels like nothing you’ve ever experienced before you realize how long you’ve been living with this monster. Maybe longer than your lifetime and now it’s gone. And that creates space for what I call your money, honey, and this person doesn’t feel like money. This person feels like love, like a god or goddess of love. Because when you reject everything, that was the monster. All that remains is love, so this is a person who loves you and is lovable. I think I talked a lot about the money honey earlier so we can move on.

So you meet your money, honey, is step number four. Step number five is you now have a conversation with your money, honey. I like the question, what do you need from me so you can stay with me? And then you need to put it into physical action. Some kind of concrete measurable action step number six. The kind of thing where I could call you up next Thursday and say, did you do it? And you could say yes or no. The reason for that is that physical action is magical. It takes it out of the ether and into physical reality and the action doesn’t have to look like it has to do with money. This is where you learn how to have a conversation and negotiate with your money, honey.

So I’ve had many experiences of clients being told to go get a pedicure or a massage or go dancing. Or stay home and do the laundry or go skating and they do it and they make ridiculous amounts of money. It’s not logical. But it’s important because you made a commitment and you kept it. I usually talk either about Lennar Katie. I’ll talk about Katie today, Katie, her money honey, wanted her to go skating in December in Canada, which is cold. And she had so much debt and so much anxiety that she made that agreement. It was really clear that, you know, skating money, honey is like beaming. Yes. Okay, but she didn’t do it. So day one, nothing changes. Day two, she doesn’t do it. Nothing changes.

She’s too busy trying to make money, day three, she breaks down, she takes her son skating. I think her son was 10 years old at the time. They have this beautiful heart connection. She comes home receives a phone call that gives her $10,000 without her even asking for it. And that was just the beginning of her new relationship with money. Now she lives in Mexico, doing what she really loves getting paid well. Living where she wants to live. No more ice skating. I’m afraid.

Pamela Bardhi
It’s magical. No, I love your process and I love that you create it in such a way where it feels so real. Like it feels like if you can imagine a person it becomes almost like a physical thought. And with that, it becomes more just not abstract anymore.

Morgana Rae
Which it has to be that way. That’s why I tell my story first, otherwise, the steps wouldn’t be meaningless. I also forgot to say this and I really need to say this is that I am cramming in everything I can in the time we have. And 90% of the nuance, you’re not even going to be picking up. If you take away five to 10% of what I’ve said, you’re ahead of the game. So I just really want to prisons, I don’t expect anybody listening to master in 40 minutes, 50 an hour, however long we’re talking.

I don’t expect any of you to master in one hour, what I’ve been doing for over 20 years. But people, I do know that there’s a quality to my communication, I put so much energy into it. That it is not uncommon for people to have breakthroughs and transformational experiences when they hear me speak. And I also have a lot of resources available for you. So it’s not all like hanging on this one hour. You can relax and know that whatever you need is available.

Pamela Bardhi
Yes, we’re gonna which brings me to my next question. What are you up to in the next six to 12 months, because you’re up to some incredible things, obviously, book, you have your retreats and all these things. So what goes into your world of what’s happening?

Morgana Rae
Well, what I’m most excited about and it’s always this. This is my favorite thing in the world is leading my next Ultimate money goddess experience. I just did my 10th one, this is really my top millionaire maker and I love it because I’m sorry, guys. It’s the one thing that I only do with women and I do it either in Bali or I do it in Mexico. Because I find when we can take ourselves out of the familiar and into a foreign faraway place different culture. It’s like a pattern interrupts and it makes transformation that much more dramatic and permanent to where every one of the women who have gone on my retreat. Talk about their lives as before and after the retreat. So that is my favorite thing in the world to do.

And it’s always really, really tiny because I’m gonna coach every woman through the process completely. Whether it takes 90 minutes or seven hours. Because those of those are kind of the extremes. And women who may have never felt like they really had a supportive sisterhood of kick-ass peers. Find a non-competitive community of really amazing women who love them who they love and very often. That’s especially women who are visionaries. They describe themselves as feeling like space aliens. They’re never really going to be understood by men and women, may not get what they’re doing either. Because it’s so ahead or they may feel competitive, so it can be very. Very lonely for women being a visionary, even more so than men.

So finding a bunch of other space aliens who dig you and get you. And are as committed to your breakthrough as they are to their own is a game-changer for women. So that’s why I do my money goddess retreat and I’ll be doing that in June, It’s one week. I think I’m going to limit it this time to six women. The most I’ve ever taken is eight so that I can work my promises total accessibility for a week. All the coaching you want, just ask for it on anything but my promises, we will slay your monster. And you will have money honey and you will know it and it’ll be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced in your life. If you’ve already done it successfully, I will take you farther than you can take yourself.

So that’s my money goddess experience in June, hopefully in Bali. But Mexico is a backup because right now with world events. I can’t know, so I’m actually going to book rooms and both and see where we end up. And I’m launching a new program in January called My next level ascension. Which is only open to the women who have already done the retreat. I decided that instead of missing these women so painfully after it’s over, I want to continue working with them. And now they’re at a different level. Because when women first come to the retreat, they’re kind of like, oh my God, I hope this isn’t a write-off. Oh my God, I hope this works.

What have I gotten myself into? I’m far away from home, I’ve invested all this after the retreat, they are in such a different place. And I’m not like, you know, the coach. now like everybody is in their power. So yes, I am the coach, I am the facilitator. But there’s a way in which they show up and they can coach each other and support each other. And problem solves with each other in a way that’s not appropriate at the goddess retreat. Because at that moment, they’re coming from what I give them. So that’s the thing I’m most excited about. That’s not open to people who I have who I haven’t already coached through the transformation either privately or on my goddess retreat, that’s what’s up. I love

Pamela Bardhi
I love it Morgana and where can everybody reach you and your amazingness and get your book financial out Call me and all of that.

Morgana Rae
Well, just my name, one-word calm is the mothership lots of free resources there. I would say a really good place for you to start is there’s a quiz on the homepage of You can also reach it on its own URL does money love And it’s a really quick and easy self-assessment to see where you’re strong and where you’re challenged and what you need. So that I can send you a curated recommendation of oh, this is what I think this is where you are. This is the good one, this is bad and this is what I think you should do next and I always include something free as an option.

Because I believe transformation must be available and you know all price points coaching with me. Not that’s why I do this that’s why I have you know, products and free stuff and hundreds of articles and videos on my blog. So go to Morgana, radar calm start with the quiz and a good place to start. Some of you already know, I want coaching now. Great, You can apply through my website. But another great place to start is my book, Financial Alchemy 12 months of magic and manifestation. Which I designed as a self-coaching system and if you look at Amazon. You will see a ridiculous number of five-star reviews and testimonials and miracles from people I’ve never met. And one of my favorite clients Pam had her first quarter of a million-dollar sales month using the workbook before she hired me.

Then when she hired me when her relationship with money got really safe it became safe for her to marry her now-husband. Was my favorite breakthrough of coaching was one day I got a text with a picture them in a sign on a beach thing just married because they were in Maui, Hawaii. But also she bought the multimillion-dollar company that she used to be the salesperson for. So but when she started with the book, she was in financial anxiety. Didn’t have enough had a bunch of energy and money leaks had that breakthrough. But still had financial anxiety a bunch of energetic and money leaks and you know just knew that she needed help. So she hired me for a year and now this is where she is married and boss lady.

Pamela Bardhi
I love it. You are such a rockstar Morgana. It is truly an honor and a privilege to have you here today and to spread your light and your incredible wisdom and everything. Thank you so so much for being here. I greatly appreciate you so so so much, thank you.

Morgana Rae
My pleasure.

Tune in to the episode to hear the rest of my incredible interview with the amazing Morgana Rae.

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