Angel Ribo

Angel Ribo wears many hats. He is known as The CEO Confidant. And aside from that, he is an Influencer, LinkedIn strategist, International TV Host, Public Speaker, CEO Consultant, Board Member, and Philanthropist. He focuses on CEOs & Accomplished Entrepreneurs to bridge the gap globally for expansion and exposure to grow their businesses. In the past 23 years, Angel Ribo has supported more than 1,500 CEOs in more than 33 countries to accelerate the growth of their businesses. Listen and find out how Angel Ribo reached the pinnacle on the latest episode of the Underdog.

Among the highlights of his journey are:

  • what are the inspirations that lead him to where he is now
  • what does being fully present in doing what has to be done mean to Angel
  • how he started his sales journey
  • the advice he’d like to impart to everyone

Dive in and listen to one of the most packed and most real conversations here on the show. Together with Pamela Bardhi, let’s uncover Angel’s story.

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Angel Ribo the CEO Confidant, Reveals His Story & the Ultimate Success Formula of Life & Business

Pamela Bardhi
Hello, everyone, and welcome to another episode of underdog today I have an incredible guest here with me, Angel, how are you?

Angel Ribo
I’m very well thank you very happy to be here and very happy to be able to serve you and everybody who’s listening to us today.

Pamela Bardhi
Thank you so much, Angel, it’s truly an honor to have you I mean, you are a rock star in so many different realms. Your energy is contagious, and I just want to learn from you and like your story. And then and so with that, I’ll start off with the most complicated question.

Angel Ribo
Please go ahead.

Pamela Bardhi
Are you ready?

Angel Ribo
Oh, I’m so ready.

Pamela Bardhi
So my question for you is what inspired you on your journey to where you are today?

Angel Ribo
I would say number one thoroughly that I am an adventurous you know soul. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to explain why I conducted business in so many countries. Why I lived in so many countries, why I was able to learn so many languages. It’s definitely because it really wasn’t afraid of being exposed to new things, new cultures, new ways of living. And every time it was doing that was for me, really a source of curiosity, a source of new things. And I have to say that many people might perceive these big changes as in going to live in a new into a new country as a challenge.

For me, it was always a pleasure, you know, what will happen? What’s going to happen? Who am I going to meet what’s gonna be the next adventure in my life, really, I am adventurous? And second, I started to figure that out. I would say at the beginning of the year 2000 my journey was a series of lessons I had to learn, in order to give back to the community to give back to the world. Both in the form of business lessons, and also personal lessons to teach people in general. So I would say that’s why I eventually ended up what I was doing.

It’s funny, because when people ask me, what would you recommend your younger you, if you could recommend your younger years, something else? I always say I would take more risks. But then when I reflect I would say I took a lot of risks, I guess like you can always take more risks, obviously legal unhealthy. But yes, I think I took a lot of risks in my life. And I think that’s one of the reasons why I’m doing what I’m doing today.

Pamela Bardhi
That’s amazing. Angel, thank you so much for basically sharing your insight with that. Now my thing is, what did you want to be when you grew up that now you’re such an adventurer?

Angel Ribo
Yes. You know, met with me when I was in my early 20s I was so shy. Pamela, I was so shy, like nothing close to who I am today. And what I do today, like nothing, and I was the one that would never raise, his hand, they would never, nobody would know I was there literally. So when I was a kid, I didn’t know what really I wanted to be when I was growing up. The only thing I knew, I mean, I valued certain things. They valued organization valued had things under control, which would give me a sense of security. So I would feel safe with myself. And we all build those, you know, shields or boxes that we live in right to protect ourselves.

But in reality, my life was the contrary. It’s funny how to let me tell you an anecdote. I remember I was the president of like, when I was in college, it was the president of an organization that was in charge of the exchange international exchange of technical students. Engineering students, and it’s funny because my favorite before I started to travel my favorite countries were the Nordic countries in Europe say, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, even Finland. Because they were so organized, you pay a lot of taxes, when you get a lot of return. They’re very socially developed countries, a lot of the welfare is amazing, and everything works just fine.

You know, those countries are very rich in resources, natural resources, but it’s funny how when I started to travel, I realized that probably that was really good. And a lot of those countries, I will go back to those countries anytime, you know, blind eyes. But I realized that probably I had to contribute to other ways or forms of society. That’s why we actually went to a boot camp in Boston with one of the companies that we’re working with that was in the Year 2000. I had this after being at the sales Bootcamp in Boston and I actually have a couple of weeks’ vacation. I went to Mexico and Cuba. And it was finishing the read of a book.

The book is called The Seles the INS prophecy, that book talks about basically very basic metaphysics and spirituality very basic. It’s a story about a certain number of scrolls found in the Amazonian. But when I finished reading that book, and they remember this precise moment, I said. Some reason why I kept I had to finish this book right now, right here. And I have to move from Europe to the Americas, probably to Latin America, because right now in Latin America. And it was the first time I was spending some lengthy periods of time in Latin America.

So my life completely changed. And I moved from the super developed world. I was in London at that time working for an American company. I remember my boss telling me, Angel, You’re crazy. You’re in London, you have a great job, you definitely have a great career path here. You’re going to be so successful, you’re already a team leader. Why would you go to an underdeveloped country? I ended up in Mexico, why do you want to go to a third-world country? I mean, everything is great here. The money you’re making and everything and you close your family in Spain, blah, blah, blah. Still, I think I can contribute more if I go to Latin America to this specific office. And they can contribute to learning more also about the business in this country than what I’m going to do in Europe.

I never told them that it was because to have finished reading a book about spirituality and metaphysics. And I didn’t want to risk it, you know, what I mean? Your personal goals are not necessarily aligned with the organization, goals for you. We all have some point work for someone else, not necessarily our personal goals are aligned with the organizational goals or with the goals of the organization has for us. They didn’t want to risk it. So only a few months later, I was already in Mexico. And that was really the starting point for me to have a lot of additional, I would say hundreds of adventures traveling throughout the entire American continent.

Pamela Bardhi
What and you said the book was about metaphysics?

Angel Ribo
Yes, it’s called the Celestin prophecy by James Redfield. It’s a great book, It’s very basic, it was literally the first time I was exposed to the concept of energy that plants have energy, animals have energy that you see the energy, synchronicities. You know, coincidences that happen in your life. It was the first time ever I was reading about this. And it’s a very nice story that it’s a fiction book, but it has a very, I would say substantial background. So I really embraced it. And I loved it. I remember reading it on the plane from London to Boston. As I said, before, after the Bootcamp, I finished reading it at the end of my holiday or vacation there in Cuba.

And I recommend that book to anybody that has never had or read anything related to let’s say, energy in general. It’s very easy to read. And at the same time, it’s very powerful. There’s also a book with the same name, but excuse me a movie with the same name, but it’s not the same. There have been several sequels. So actually, there’s an I think there’s a ninth manuscript, and there’s many other but the first book is just incredible. I really recommend you or any other body in the audience, if you haven’t, to read it when you have a chance.

Pamela Bardhi
Absolutely. That sounds absolutely unbelievable, to be honest. It’s just what a blessing and what a gift. I mean, everything is energy. And it seems like anyone who’s really in tune with energy is highly successful. I don’t know, there must be something to this energy, would you say? So Angel?

Angel Ribo
That’s a great question. And actually, I’ve never been asked that question. It’s a great question. I think that when you understand what this world is about, then you start connecting the dots. And that’s really the reason why you have found out throughout your life. Because you realise that when you put where you put your focus is where your energy goes. Also, when you start thinking about something and then those neural connections, as our potential the electrical potential of our body in general, but of our brain can be measured with specific devices. So when you start learning new stuff, new concepts, actually, you are creating new neuronal connections, and the more those neurons fire together, they wire together.

So I think that understanding all those concepts, and I think that not many people still know really what this life is about. What are we doing here, but energy, being familiar with the concept of energy. I think that helps you a lot because that principle that you just mentioned that everything is energy, and actually the energy is never destroyed. So if it’s never destroyed, then what happens to the energy right? If it’s never destroyed, if you started consistently thinking about something or someone to happen. And you add some emotions to it, and it has been found that actually the field which is created by our hearts is. I think two or three orders of magnitude are stronger than the field that is being created with our thoughts alone.

Actually, when you bring those thoughts to your heart, and you focus on sentence, something, or someone, the field of energy that is created, or the flow of energy that this created is even more powerful. So when you understand this, then I think that you are really at the beginning of understanding what creating a reality is. So that’s why I’m closing the circle here. That’s why I think that people understand energy well are able to, or able to be maybe named successful, because they have accomplished a few things in their lives.

Pamela Bardhi
Absolutely. And I mean, in your line of work, and all the work that you’ve done, it seems like that’s definitely a very important element. Right? Would you say, I can sense it in the way you speak?

Angel Ribo
Exactly. I mean, I’m just who I am, I’m just passionate and enthusiastic, and I just show up to my life like this every single day. So that’s who I am. And I couldn’t be anybody else. To be very honest, Pamela, let me tell you something. While I was living my life, let’s say before I entered reading that book. The celestial prophecy in 2000 2001, I was still passionate that I was still using a lot of my personal energy. But I wasn’t aware of why with that way of me, looking at life, was creating what I was creating. And I don’t know if this is related to energy or not. But I feel comfortable really anywhere in the world.

There’s some people that say, I need to go back home and I need to feel at home. I honestly think that I’ve lived in so many places that they think that I can make a home anywhere. I can make anywhere feel as in-home, for me, really, it’s connected to my energy as well. Because as long as I show up as I am and who I am all the time, I think that they can start offering value to people. And as the main principle of generating or having a business, making a difference in the world is just that you can offer value consistently to your clients, more than expected. And that it’s the same in personal relationships. That’s one of the reasons.

Pamela Bardhi
Absolutely. I love that angel. I love that. And so, while you were growing up, well, who was your biggest inspiration,

Angel Ribo
I would probably say was my father, because he had a very good sense of humor, I think I had inherited that from him. He was also very passionate, I would every time I would go with him. And when I was a kid, very early on, you know, every single time I could go with him, he was the, the GM for a large food grew up in Spain. And every time I could go with him to visit the factories or travel with him during the summer. I remember every summer the highlight of my summer was not going on vacation. He was going with my father, wherever he was going, he had to travel hours, driving hours to a specific plant or, or customer place, I really love to go with him.

And when he was interacting with people, he always intrinsically, internally, behaved. Because that’s his behavior, his character, his personality. He was always like, very expansive, and making everybody feel well, and making jokes and teasing people the right way. So people do remember him, because of who he was. And I think that I’ve probably inherited that from him. He was definitely the number one person that was looking up to I loved music. But there wasn’t really a musician that was looking up to I really liked different kinds of music. I wasn’t really a reader, I have to say, I become a reader. You know, growing up later after that, probably I’ve known a lot of people that are a few people that have inspired me, but definitely was my dad when he was a kid.

Pamela Bardhi
That’s awesome. So you were exposed to business from a very young age by traveling with him and kind of going all over the place. That is so cool. Oh my gosh, wow. And then. So how did that spark up in your career? Like, where did you start? Like, what was your first

Angel Ribo
Very intimate and very great questions. I’ve never been asked that before. It’s really so no, I mean, thank you. Thank you so much, because I had never thought about this. I’ve never thought about this. And now I was remembering, for instance, the weekend. I mean, every Sunday morning after going to mass we were a Catholic family. After going to Mass very early on, on Sundays, he would go to visit the main manufacturing facility. And I remember that he would go literally inside one of the plants and he would literally like, check that everything was fine.

That wasn’t really like, I’m sure that he had someone in charge of operations, but he was the only one in the plant at that time. But he always would do like a tour. And nowadays, you’re asking me this question. Something that has characterized me a lot throughout my career is that I always want wanted to roll up my sleeves and make sure that I was there to do something. It’s very rare for me to just let the others do something without me making sure that there was there. At least in the beginning I don’t like to micromanage, but at least in the beginning, I had to be there. I had to make sure I was doing anything myself to make sure that could be replicated, that could be taught that could be learned.

And I think that example of my dad going every single Sunday, think about this a Sunday, and the company wasn’t his he was a GM. So he was going there every single Sunday to overlook everything. And I think that’s why people like, have liked me a little bit throughout my career because they knew things we’re gonna have to get done. Things were going to be executed, things were going to, eventually, they were going to happen. I was having a conversation with the CEO of one of my client companies, and he was telling me, you know, my salespeople love you. Not only because you are supporting us, as you know, they are my client, but because they know that every time they go with you to visit a client, they will close the deal.

And it’s also funny how I wasn’t even conscious that every single time I would go with them, we would close the deal. Because sometimes, you know, the deals would take some time and it wasn’t there to close it. They are all his sales reps, and he has 40 plus sales reps, all the sales reps, all have these thoughts that when Angel Ribo goes with you to an account. Or has a conference with me, with this executive of a company you want to sell to, you will eventually sell to them. So it’s funny, Pamela, how we go throughout our lives, and very often we don’t realize the footprint that we are living behind until someone asks the question or we start reflecting on it.

That’s the beauty of being interviewed in your show today. Right that you allow me, to actually put myself in a creative mode. I believe that being on a podcast interview is like writing a book. Yes. Because you really learn how much you know, you remember how much you know, you remember who you really are? By the questions that in your case, Pamela, you’re asking me, which are incredible questions. So thank you, thank you so much.

Pamela Bardhi
It’s such an honor. Well, because, you know, it always stems from somewhere, right? Like, it definitely does. And there have been moments that shaped you because now you’ve become this master of influence people follow you. Like you just said, the CEOs, they know you’re gonna close the deal. And this is something that everyone wants to know, Angel, I know, the listener out there is like, Give me his secrets. So what would be you know, first off, how did you create your own master of influence?  How did you learn the art of influence? What would be your recommendations to anyone who’s looking to master that? Because if you can master influencing business, you know,

Angel Ribo
Thank you, thank you, definitely, I have to give all the honor of the value of me understanding how influence works to a lady called Teresa, the girl blog. I forgot the exact words of the title of her book. But she has a book about influence, it’s a masterpiece like everybody should have, everybody, should have her book. And again, her book about influence is just incredible. And just to share the main idea with the audience. The main way to start creating an influence for yourself, for your brand for your company, for your business, is to give influence to others. Okay, to reach out to very influential people and started giving influence to these people start sharing in your outlets.

Even if they’re small outlets, even, you know, start sharing what they do to other people in your area of influence in your circle of influence. Do it again, make sure that you do it and you do it consistently. Remember, everything is energy. So when you start doing this, they will notice, they will notice that you are giving them more exposure, you are increasing their influence. And that will eventually give you the influence. And there is a tonne of people explaining these in detail out there. But again, remember giving influences to step number one. But I would say it’s not even step number two, but remember that influence is a game. Okay? It’s a game. It’s not a rigid thing. It’s a game. You have to learn how to play.

And the best way to learn to play this is by starting to give influences a set, but keep on playing it. Okay, so what can I do to give that person more influence and that the person will influence. And suddenly you have that influence. You start realizing that you have the influence. I’ve been blessed with being invited to more than 150 interviews for podcasts. So, and this is also a way of generating influence, right? A lot of people know about me now because they were kind enough to interview me. Obviously, this is a lot of content there and obviously, as you can see, I enjoy this conversation with you, Pamela. I’m totally blunt, like honest with every single comment they make, because it’s only speaking by from my heart, that I myself make a thorough calculation.

So it’s 150 interviews, let’s say 30 minutes or 20 minutes on average, how many questions Have I been asked? I have no idea. Still, Pamela, today has asked me questions nobody had asked me. That’s the beauty, you’re a great host. Because you’re able to really, you’re so present in the conversation right now that you are able really to get into the details that might interest the audience. But also, because you are helping me to go to places where I had not been, for a long time, literally, I had not been there in for 40 years. I had not been visiting, visiting visually visualizing, my visits to this manufacturing plant with my father. I’m going to I’m gonna tell him next time I talk to him.

Pamela Bardhi
Well, it’s so cool, because you know, what’s really interesting is everything you’ve experienced as a child somehow ties into your future. And it’s really cool and sometimes you don’t realize it. You know, that’s how I always ask the question like, What did you want to be when you grow up? Because truly, it’s linked somehow. So when you were telling me about your father, I was like, That’s it. That’s the reason why he can see these things from a very young age. And now can go out there and kind of implement everything from a logistic standpoint. Because you’ve seen the logistics of business since you were a kid.

So when I came to the US when I was five, my dad bought a restaurant when he was 10. And so I dove into the business when I was 10 years old. So being there that early, you start to see business, like in so many different lights and everything, you just see it, it’s logistics, and people are like, oh, I want to start a business. But I’m scared. I’m like, Why? Because it’s just logistics. That’s exactly what you do you help CEOs scale and influence and all of that. And it’s so cool. Mechanics, right? It’s really just mechanics.

Angel Ribo
Exactly. Do you understand the power? You yourself, Pamela right? After what you just told me, you understand the power of just showing up on you. Just following up. Exactly. Just showing up. And as you know, you are irreplaceable. Nobody can be Pamela what your family’s not there. You know, I mean, you might have some siblings and maybe the siblings. I don’t know if they’d like to be there or not. If you have or if you haven’t, it doesn’t matter. But your presence was unique, and your presence was important. That’s why I always say, it’s my presence is one of the most important things that they have with me. That’s why I love so much being in interviews.

Pamela Bardhi
And I love that well, presence is a big thing. Just basically being there being present and just showing up. I mean, that’s honestly like 50% of the battle, just saying yes, I’m here.

Angel Ribo
Yes, exactly. And be fully, like fully present in doing what has to be done. Obviously, we all have examples of the other of not being present. But I remember, for instance, one conversation, one interview I got from podcasts is the questions have been pre-written. I understand that people need to feel comfortable. I’m very compassionate. So I understand that people maybe don’t feel so comfortable as you do. Kind of asking me questions and people feel more comfortable. You send me the questions beforehand, I have to tell you, whenever they send me the questions beforehand. And I apologize to everybody that has done that. I never read them. It’s not because I’m not polite, or not well educated.

It’s just because I don’t want to be biassed. Yeah, I’d rather be fully present. It’s like me, I’m listening to you. I’m watching to my camera sometimes to you, but more to the camera. So the whatever that’s published, if it’s publishing a video, and I’m looking to you in the eyes and to the audience, but it’s not always the case. And I remember one conversation that everyone was asking, everyone had different questions. The sequence was completely anarchic like, one will ask you about one thing and the other about a completely different thing. And then the first one will go back to the third question. The first host would go back to the first question of that person, then they didn’t really think well about the cadence of the interview.

It might sound obvious No, no, no, no. I mean, you have to try. And you have to test it before you do it. Yeah. But some people are not so present. So they don’t realize what the audience feels when they are listening to the conversation. You have that power because you’re able to be extremely present for the next question. But not everybody has that power. So exactly. Being present is the most powerful manifestation of who you really are. In this 3d world that we live in.

Pamela Bardhi
Take is a legend. Oh, you’re such a rock star. No, and I appreciate it. It’s the truth. Like you got to just show up you got to be present and you got a just rocket. And speaking of that, you’ve walked into all these sales meetings with all these CEOs and all of that. Not that I want to spoil your secret sauce, but like, just a little, just a little snippet of like, you had mentioned a little bit of the influence. But maybe some techniques for people that are trying to increase their influence, close deals, close sales, and all of that, and what you would recommend. Like for me, in business, like I’m always just very much like, I’m gonna advise you, it’s people before profits.

So like, I’m in real estate development and all that. And I’m like, even if it’s no good for me, I’ll tell you what it’s like because I’m going to talk to you as if you’re my dad, my brother, my mom. Because at the end of the day, you’re going to remember me for that. I’m not just going to sell you something just to sell you something or have you buy something that you’re not going to be happy with, you know what I mean? Things like that. So I would love to hear your insight, because you’ve advised so many, and it would be so cool to hear your perspective.

Angel Ribo
Let me tell you how I learned sales. I was in Europe. And it was in London, and it was part of an inside sales team. So basically my goal was I my role was to generate leads for my field sales reps. I was, you know, I was closed down in that inside sales office. And I was calling to European accounts. Guess what I was doing it so well. Humbly speaking, but there was no need so well, that actually my boss one day calls me to his office, and he said, I want you to start calling to Germany. What? Yes, Germany and Austria. Oh,you mean Germany and Austria, like in German. I’m doing the speak German. I had been dating with, with the German girl for a while, but I do this, I could I maybe I knew 10 words in German.

I just started calling German and Austrian accounts, speaking my poor German. And that was actually I have explained this anecdote a few times because what happens when the language over the phone is the language of view, the know, and the other person doesn’t know. Because in Germany, they don’t all speak English. It’s not like in the Nordic countries that they all speak English or in the Netherlands. In Germany, not necessarily speak English. So what was my goal, then, I wanted to set up an appointment for a field rep that lived in Germany, or in Austria? So my only goal, knowing that they would only be able to maybe read two or three sentences, or maybe just make some jokes.

You know, like in broken German, or whatever that was reading was only to start a relationship with that person that he would remember me or she would remember me. That was my only goal, like put in place a stepping stone, that would create a future relationship. That’s why that was my only goal. Nothing else, that was my only goal, create a relationship to your points, you know, you said people first, absolutely, you are there to generate a relationship with that person. You are there to try to understand what that person wants. And you are there also to set the expectations of what you can provide that person with, don’t forget that. Because we tend to forget that we are not only there to help them, or try to understand how we can help them but also what we can do and what we cannot do.

It’s important to set the right expectations from the very beginning. It’s like when you have a life partner. I think it’s important to set the right expectations otherwise, down the road, probably, there’s going to be some issues. Let me complement what you just said. People always first exactly create a relationship. Obviously, my mom is a teacher, so she taught me very good manners and what to do what not to do. I definitely think I have carried that in my blood. And I am very polite and I think that this politeness, and what good manners and everything have allowed me to open big doors in my life. And have good conversations and relationships with CEOs. But also you mentioned Prophet, I think that prophet has been I don’t know if that’s the that’s the right word.

You correct me please because I obviously am not my mother tongue was in English, but the word prophets have been somehow equalized. And then at the evil eyes, you know, because my question is always when I have conversations, you asked me to give you some tips. When you talk to CEOs, obviously, profit is the number one goal because they have to respond to their board to their investors. So is it possible to generate a relationship but at the same time, create profit? Absolutely. Unfortunately, we have grown also in a way that we thought that it was really difficult to create one thing or the other at the same time. And CEOs value these a lot.

So when you start the conversation about profitability and they see, they notice that they sense that you are genuinely yourself authentic with your vulnerabilities. You don’t have to be perfect. I’m not saying that you are a superhero. I’m saying Whoever you are, show yourself who you are, have an honest conversation. But bring the subject matter of profit, bring it to that conversation, how are you going to help him or her with their profitability? Make sure that you do that. Because it’s the most important thing. I mean, other things I can tell you.

CEOs are always looking for unconventional knowledge, for instance, that’s very important. Obviously, CEOs believe that their company is almost like a spiritual creation for them. You know, it’s something that they have been able to create or to manage, or to help grow. Obviously, they trust blind eyes to their leadership team. They tend to think that, that everybody is accountable to them. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, though. It’s not always the case. Not every single employee is engaged, as you know.

Exactly what’s this term? I started hearing it maybe two or three weeks ago, is it that massive resignation? what’s this term that is being used right now? Like, it’s related to resignation, like the people right now are massively resigning? And obviously, it might be in part because of the injection. But there’s other reasons. Again, we’re not going to get political in this discussion. Because I’m here, and I’m sure that we are here, both of us build bridges to help people and not to create differences. But I think that people realize in 2020, they realize that they were more powerful than they thought they were. And that’s why there’s being a massive resignation of really, really strong people. That they are massively leaving the corporate world in order to have their own businesses and their own, you know, companies.

What Would Angel’s Older Self Tell His Younger Self

Pamela Bardhi
Amen. And there’s this massive awakening now, where people are kind of like, well, because COVID, I think, did a big shift with this. Where it was the first time that you were broken out of your routine, like boom, forced out of it. You know, most people go through life, and it’s just the same old thing every single time, you know, what I mean? Wake up, go to work, come home, exhausted, eat, go to bed, pay bills, go to bed, whatever, and it’s like the sequence in the cycle. And it’s like, why am I doing this? What am I doing this for? Now there’s this massive awakening, like, people are really asking for the first time, why am I doing this? Is this worth my energy is this crazy stressful job worth my energy?

I’ve heard of people quitting six-figure jobs and going to scoop ice cream. I mean, that just goes to tell you people just can’t you know what They’re like, I would rather be happy and have peace of mind. And then deal with this and it’s really cool to see. But a lot of people are shifting into the small business world, like opening their own businesses and kind of following their dreams and whatnot. Or shifting into jobs they never thought were possible. So it’s really cool. It’s really cool and exciting. And it’s a great time for entrepreneurs, I would say, and things are transforming across the field. So your tips and advice are super helpful to like, truly, they are.

And I have to ask, you kind of mentioned that a little bit at the beginning, where you said, you know, what would you tell your younger self? What would your older self tell your younger self based on what you know, now, it can be personal, it can be business, it can be spiritual, it can be whatever you want?

Angel Ribo
Yeah, well, definitely as any as anybody else. They love mom and dad like, crazy. I mean, I owe everything I’ve done in my life to them, and everything in time, or resources that they invested in me. They definitely allow me to grow and to be who I am today. But I would say I was born, in a very Catholic family. I think that every single and again, with respect to every single person out there, throughout my life, I’ve dealt with so many people from so many denominations and religions and cultures. That being free enough to actually embrace my own spirituality.

That was really important teaching for me. I think that there’s so much to learn that it really advise my younger me, Hey, start your spiritual journey started reading this book, or this book or this book. That’s the number one thing I would say. Number two, as I said before, take risks. take more risks. Don’t play safe. take more risks. If someone presents you with an opportunity, take it. Angel, take it as far as it’s healthy and legal. Right? Take it. Take it. All those experiences are going to give you this edge that you will need. I was telling someone who is suffering a lot right now.

A friend of mine, she’s an incredible human being. She’s an incredible soul. Incredibly spiritual. Her journey has been really really intense. And a friend of hers likes she has been suffering a lot lately and one of her best friends that just died. Why? She went for a visit for a test and the test went into ICU and the ICU in two days was there. The family is still in shock. And I was telling her, she’s suffering so much that I was telling her all this suffering is because you’re learning so much. You’re having to cope with so much that one day, you will be able to teach people how to deal with this. And that’s a lesson. So everything that you do good or bad, all depends on the perspective.

But if I could tell my younger, the younger Angel, hey, take more risks, open yourself to possibilities. And even if it looks, maybe it’s gonna be uncomfortable, just do it, to see what it takes you. What are you going to meet there? What are you going to learn? I mean, I remember, maybe when I was a kid, I remember going for the first time to a summer camp, like literally summer camp like in the mountains in Spain. Oh my God, it was crying almost every day because it wasn’t with mom and dad, you remember that feeling? Like I was missing my mom and that so much.

Literally, I was crying almost every day, when nobody would look at me. We weren’t those stands right in the middle of the mountains. But I will never forget that. That taught me many, many different lessons. And I made a lot of mistakes. But I still was able to learn a lot of lessons. So I wish I could have taken more and more, adventures and risks, to learn more to have more experiences. So probably today, even though you have been really kind. Yeah when you read my bio, you say, wow, this guy has done something. I think I could have done so much more.

Pamela Bardhi
Yes, oh my god, so you’re a rockstar. I just love your authenticity and I love your energy. Just like how raw you are. Just like you Mom and Dad, for me, is everything. It’s like they’re there, my whole world motivation, all of that, and there’s nothing that that can take that away. So I completely relate with you there. And I just love what you’ve established what you’ve created for the world and how you’ve helped. Like, all these companies and all these CEOs advance and move further in their lives, just to crush it. I’m sure you’ve influenced so many amazing people throughout the way because you have so many different channels, that people listen to you and tune in to you because you’re so awesome. And I understand why.

Angel Ribo
No, thank you. You know, that’s why when you ask me those questions. I started thinking, okay, knowing what I know, today, with all these mistakes I made, the mistakes I have, because I also have made mistakes with my clients. In full transparency, we make mistakes with our clients all the time as well. That’s why it’s so important to set the right expectations in the beginning. And I’ve also made my mistakes of not setting the right expectations and the right boundaries. I’m sure that if hear me. I’m sure that you’ve made that mistake, too. But still, it’s thinking it’s okay, so you asked me this question. Oh, my God. Yes, exactly.

So important, so important to be open to taking those risks all the time. And to just at some point you realize that you are able to start teaching all those questions. All those lessons, excuse me, that you learn that were hard learn to other people. And those lessons that you teach are able to change their lives. That’s powerful. Right now, as you know, maybe just to give a final point, as there’s restrictions in many countries in the world. Obviously, Massachusetts has its own, part of them, and Texas, we have our own part of them as well. But there’s countries in the world that are much more in lockdown. There’s a lot of what I’m trying to convey here is that I have a, for instance, a client in Australia, and Australia is really this right now is really difficult to leave in Australia.

And what’s happening is that the neighborhoods are organizing themselves, literally offline, to make sure that nobody needs anything. That the needs of every single family and individual in the neighborhood are being met through the efforts combined efforts of the rest of the neighbors. That’s powerful. So when we are pushed as human beings to a place of uncomfortability, and you mentioned the pandemic represented to all of us. We react, eventually we react from the bottom of our hearts.

Even if you know, I am pro-something, you are anti-something, whatever that is, you’re still my neighbor, and I still love you. And you have been my neighbor for one year or maybe 11 years or 20 years. It doesn’t matter who you vote for, I still love you. I will do anything to make sure that if you need, a pound of onions today, for whatever reason, and I have a few onions left here and I’m going to give them to you. That’s what the real world is and you mentioned the word awakening. That’s where we’re going, really genuinely helping each other regardless of where we stand by any criteria you can think of.

Pamela Bardhi
Amen. And it’s so exciting to see that. You know what I mean? It’s so exciting to see that and to break into the next level of life. And I’m just excited to see what’s going to happen within the next five years or so. Anecdotally, speaking of like, what’s happening in the near future, what’s up in your world angel in the next like six to 12 months? What are you up to in this?

Angel Ribo
Thank you. Well, I will continue to provide my consulting services. Basically, I help both corporate CEOs and established intrapreneurs the ones that already are on high six figures or seven figures. I help them go globally increase their expansion or breach the gap internationally globally for expansion. And exposure as a way to accelerate the growth of the businesses. That’s what I do. That’s one thing second, unfortunately, for the last couple of years, we had to stop the activities with the wisdom for kids about Foundation. We help underprivileged kids in Latin America become intrapreneurs using the local resources. We have helped more than 1000 before all these started so, we cannot go back to these communities right now. So we really can’t wait to an orienting the moment that everything opens up back again.

And we can go back there and we can talk to those kids and we can hug them and we can play with them. We can see and we can jump and do all the weird stuff that we do in the wisdom For Kids Foundation in order to help them. And if I may, I would like to share I mean people as you said before. I’m literally in every single social media outlet you can think of including Tik Tok by the way. So, the silliest part of Angel is probably you’ll find it on Tik Tok. But if you go to LinkedIn is probably my main outlet and you go to look for angel ribo the CEO confidant which is my brand.

Or you can send me an email I have a team of people helping me thanks, God. And they will answer all the questions or all the emails that I’m not able to. My email address is very simple. It’s Ribo my last name is for letters R i, B as in boy, o. And I am here to consider myself the conduit of everybody else’s greatness. So I will be more than glad to help you in your journey both personally and professionally.

Pamela Bardhi
Oh, Angel, thank you so much. It’s been an honor to have you today. Thank you for dropping all your gems, bringing your beautiful energy and presence. I’m so grateful for you my friend. Thank you so much.

Tune in to the episode to hear the rest of my incredible interview with the amazing Angel Ribo.

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