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Pamela Bardhi and the Underdog Team would like to take this time to honor and share our heartfelt gratitude to the listeners for their unwavering support.


In this episode, Pamela encourages everyone to celebrate Thanksgiving because the life that seems to move at such light speeds we tend to get lost and how blessed we truly are.


Pamela also took her time to remember her gratefulness to her mentor, the one and only Judith Benmosche, and to thank the 80+ countries listening to the podcast.


Thank you for being a part of our community—we couldn’t do it without you.


It’s been a great year, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for us in the future.

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The Underdog Podcast host is none other than Pamela Bardhi. She’s rocking the Real Estate Realm and has dedicated her life as a Life Coach. She is also Forbes Real Estate Council. To know more about Pam, check out the following:

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Pamela Talks about Gratitude and the Importance of Simpler Things in Life this Thanksgiving

Pamela Bardhi

Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of underdog. Today is a very special episode because it is one of my favourite days of the entire year, Thanksgiving. It is a day of gratitude and love and joy and happiness and family. And I always, always love it. Now, gratitude is a celebration, I think it’s definitely something that should be celebrated each and every single day. Without a doubt. Gratitude honestly has led me to the success levels where I’m at. Always appreciating where you are, will always bring you more and more abundance. We live such blessed lives, we truly, truly do. I mean, if you look around us, the roof over our head, water, food, family, all of the things.

Sometimes in this crazy life that seems to move at such light speeds we tend to get lost and how blessed we truly are. I mean, really think about it, we’re always thinking about what is ahead. And we don’t really think about where we are. So I want you to take some time today to genuinely think about where are you today? Would the old you be dreaming of where you are today. I know for me, that’s the case. For me, I move at such lightning speeds. So many of the times I tend to forget and I literally have to like pinch myself and remind myself Pam, beautiful gratitude. Remember, five years ago, a year ago, two years ago. This is where you want it to be, and to celebrate in that moment. And I wish that for each and every single one of you.

Take a look at your lives and where you are today. And just celebrate that moment. Because that’s really all we have is now genuinely and truly and just be grateful and be in full gratitude of that moment. Now today, I read a really cool thing about gratitude. Because I’m always super interested in how the human mind plays such a factor in just our lives in general. So I’m obsessed with the science and personal development. You guys know that if you’ve listened to me, you know, all of that. So let me just share with you a newsletter that I got today from Dr. Bruce Lipton that I thought was really really cool and impactful and it was all about gratitude.

In the United States and Canada, citizens traditionally celebrate Thanksgiving as time of honouring the harvest season, and other plus blessings of the past year. American Thanksgiving celebration was historically based upon a 1621 harvest feast, shared by the pilgrims of Plymouth with the indigenous Wampa nog people. The expression of gratitude is a conscious, positive emotion of feeling thankful for something. Whether it is tangible, like food, or intangible like friendship. The celebrations intention is to acknowledge other gestures towards us or things that are going well in our lives.

A mind expressing gratitude induces the brain to release a barrage of emotions and growth factors into the blood that epigenetically engages a healthy vital SIP physiology. Additionally, the biochemistry of gratitude activates telomerase. Bear with me guys. Sometimes the scientific terms are a little bit cuckoo for me. Telomerase, an enzyme that elongates the telomere tips on DNA, a physical process that extends the lifespan. While the biology of gratitude enhances our inner biology, it profoundly influences the character of life we’re living. Electro and Centinela graphs EGS using electrodes attached to the scalp reveal the positive influence of gratitude on empowering brain activity, consciousness within the skull.
Magneto, and so Laffel graphs emojis, your device that bring that reads brain functions, uses probes that don’t even touch the body. Why is this relevant? It reveals that our thoughts are not contained within our heads. But our broadcast is into the environment, like ripples on a pond, in contrast to the Newtonian perspective. That the universe is comprised of two realms, physical matter and immaterial energy. Quantum physics reveals that the universe consists of only one realm, energy, matter is simply a strange expression of energy, as Einstein offered. Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a persistent one. to visualise the world in terms of energy, imagine a pond during a rainstorm.

As each raindrop hits the surface of the pond, it generates concentric rings of expanding ripples. An important observation is that all the rings are entangled with one another. There are no over things that are isolated from the others to the point. In an energy universe, all energy waves are entangled, interfering with each other. Basically, everything in the universe is connected to everything else. However, when two or more energy waves are in harmony, which means the vibration patterns of their ways are symmetrical and moving at the same rate or frequency. The entanglement can enhance their collective power making higher waves, or when out of phase can cancel or flatten their waves.

These characters are often referred to as constructive interference, good vibes, or destructive interference, bad vibes respectfully. Thoughts are translated into broadcast wave patterns that interact with other resonant harmonious energy fields in the environment. Through constructive interference, a positive thought will engage and empower other energies in the environment that are in harmony with our wishes and desires. In contrast, through destructive interference, a negative thought will engage activate negative energies in the world that are challenging or threatening. Karma is the concept that what you put out comes back to you another way of saying this is what goes around comes around.

The life experiences activated by positive and negative thoughts shape the character of our lives. Yes, this concept sounds kind of new agey. However, this insight is, in fact, the primary principle, the most valid of all sciences quantum physics. As an article in the prestigious scientific journal Nature by physicist Richard Kahn, Henry concludes, the universe is immaterial. It’s mental and spiritual, live and enjoy. The idea that our mental activity shapes our life experiences, is in fact a science. The significance of a Thanksgiving celebration is that it provides an opportunity to reflect on life’s positive experiences. Thoughts of which intern vitalize our lives and enhance our future experiences.

A significant consequence of expressing gratitude is when we are engaged in this emotion, that it is impossible to also be hateful, angry or fearful. Perhaps the most important lesson we can learn is to celebrate Thanksgiving every single day. Now, I read that today, and I just, it just shifted so much in will because how cool is that. That science has now proven that our thoughts affect our frequencies. Which are going to affect our realities and all the things. Gratitude is a huge element of that. Like I said, just take some time today to just wind down and think about all blessings in your life, and be grateful for them. And not only that, but be grateful for you how far you’ve come, right? Like I was mentioning earlier, you have come so far, from where you thought you would be.

So celebrate that, and try to celebrate every single day if you can, but especially today. Now today also brings me another thought, which is one of my mentors. I actually my most significant mentor, Judith Benmosche Shea now, I want to honour her today in every single way. She paved the way for me in so many different ways. I met her when I was about 10 years old, she was an entrepreneur, with a business in Boston, one block away from my parents restaurant. And so she had a shop called the reliable trading post. And I started helping her out when I was about 10 years old. My dad would just drop me off, to hang out with her now. She taught me so many different things about business and life.

And in general, she had these commandments of her store where basically, you know, people could come in and just chat with her anytime and life was simple, and all of the things she never believed in anything past the 1800s. Like she literally lived in those moments where life was simple. And that taught me a lot about life. I mean, she used to be a promoted probation officer, actually, for many, many years. And as her retirement, she opened up her own retail store, and created almost a world of her own. Where she really just believed in the simple things that we didn’t need technology we just needed human interaction hugs, love, warmth, food and a place to stay anytime.

So today, I wanted to honour her in the greatest way. It’s been two years since her passing and I love and adore her so much. Thanksgiving was always her favourite holiday, because she loves to bring community and people together and she was always in full gratitude of the simple moments. So today I also challenge you to think about the simple moments you know, you don’t need the technology. You don’t need any of that. To spend time with your family and your loved ones. And celebrate in the moment, be grateful and look forward to the beautiful year that we have ahead in 2023.

Sending each and every single one of you so much love. Thank you so much for supporting me, in my endeavours always. I mean The fact that at this point at the time of this recording, we have over 82 countries listening, I cannot express my gratitude to you, and just sending my love and gratitude to each and every single one of you listening. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I adore you, I cannot wait to share with you all the amazing things coming in 2023 and thank you so much for being here with me on this journey.



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The Underdog Podcast host is none other than Pamela Bardhi. She’s rocking the Real Estate Realm and has dedicated her life as a Life Coach. She is also Forbes Real Estate Council. To know more about Pam, check out the following:

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