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The year has gone by quickly, and now we’re looking ahead to 2023. And what better way is there for us all to start the new year than with a fresh perspective?

There’s no better way than to set out goals! This will set up our direction – what do you want to achieve and manifest this 2023?

Setting them SMART is the best way, and if you knew us, we’re putting a twist on it!

Your goals should be:

  • S – Specific, Simple, Self-driven & *Sexy
  • M – Measurable, *Meaningful, Motivating, and Magnetic to you
  • A – Achievable, *As if now narrative
  • R – Realistic & *Responsible
  • T – Time-bound

And while these are the things that can be done alone, a little help from someone won’t hurt—especially if you’re in this for the long haul. Feel free to reach out at meetwithpamela.com and let’s help you get started in manifesting your dream goals this 2023.

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This coming 2023, the best thing you can do for your goals is set them SMART

Kevin Harrington
Hi, I’m Kevin Harrington, an original shark from the hit television show Shark Tank and you’re listening to the underdog podcast

Pamela Bardhi
Hello, everyone, and welcome to the underdog podcast with your host, Pamela Bardhi.

And today’s episode is hosted by yours truly. So we’re getting into the new year 2023. Baby, are you ready? It’s crazy to me to think that we’re in 2023. Like, I don’t know where the last decade just went. But things just seem to be flying by more and more and more. And honestly, it just means that it’s just more imperative that we get really, really conscious and aware of our time and where we’re spending it right. So now’s the time of the new year. Everyone’s like, new year new me, oh my god, gas wonderful. Ooh, let’s go, I’m gonna do this. I’m gonna design or the gym every day, I’m gonna do all of the things.

What does the New Year mean? For me? It means goal setting one of my favourite things on this planet. And it’s honestly been one of my biggest success tools, right? A lot of people ask me, Hey, Pam, how do you manifest so well?” It’s like, well, there’s goal setting a whole bunch of things that come into play now. Not gonna lie to you, I slip off the tracks. Sometimes even the coach needs a coach, right? Even the most successful people in the world need a coach, every CEO has a coach, we can absolutely never do this alone. No matter how much we think we’re at the top of our game, we don’t need anybody, bla, bla, bla, ego. All the things, genuinely, we always need somebody, we’re human.

Humans have emotions and emotions can F things up. Because it causes us to have impulsive actions, good or bad. So there’s all these things that affect us as human beings. And we’re all human, and we bleed red at the end of the day. But we all have coaches, we all need guidance, we all need support. we all need some direction every once in a while. And now, the new years an absolutely perfect time to take note of these things. Let’s go set for the new year, what do we want to manifest in the New Years. so I wanted to take you guys, so we’re a little bit of a goal setting exercise, because this is the time of year to do so.

So you can start the year off strong and really, really manifest that beautiful life that you’ve always been dreaming up. Or even if you’re living it to make it better. Or you know, we’re always looking to advance ourselves in one way or another. So whatever your goal is big or small, tall, wide, whatever it is, this is going to be super helpful. One of the things that I love to do is to put together these goals now. We have to be smart about them, which is why they’re called SMART goals. What does smart really look like? So when you’re writing down your goals, and vision boards. And all of the things, this is going to be a super helpful tool for you to work on this.

So step number one, so it literally is called a SMART goal. SMA RT, so the first step of it is the S So your goal has to be specific, simple six, A. Which means it’s something that you really want, and something that you can drive yourself for. You know, gives you motivation, that one thing so that is the s simple, specific XA and self driven. Now getting to the M measurable, meaningful, motivating and magnetic to you. So meaning, if you get really specific with your goals. If you say I want to make a lot of money this year, I mean, that’s really cool and all. but you really need to give yourself a specific amount.

If you say I want to make a lot of money this year, well what’s a lot of money to you? $100,000 Okay, cool. All right. So say we’re saying, hey, I want to make $100,000 this year. Amazing. So that takes care of EPS. And then the M part is the measurable and meaningful part to you. How do you measure that you’re going to make 100,000 a year? Well, let’s take a look at the numbers. Let’s say you want to make 100k pulling out my calculator whipping it out. You probably are to divide that by 12.

So you have to make $8,333.33 every single month to hit that mark. And then you break it down even more and you can get really crazy with it. This is how I do goals I get very specific then I go really big picture. And then break it all down to very specific It’s small steps. So that’s measurable, if you want to make 100k, then you break it down to make it measurable. That’s how much you have to make. And the next part of it is the A achievable? Is it an achievable goal? a lot of the times how you can motivate yourself and that is you model what other successful people have done.

You know, Is it achievable with all areas of your life, like? Will all areas of your life support this goal of you making $100,000. Another part of A is as if now, you have to write this goal down as if it’s a narrative. As if it’s happening as if it’s happening, like right here right now. Like I am making $100,000 By the end of 2023, which breaks it down to $8,333 a month. Something like that, you have to write it as if it’s happening now. And you have to make sure it’s achievable. Like I could say, I want to make $20 million next year. Well, it’s like, okay, well, I mean, that’s totally a possibility.

But you have to break that down and really make sure it’s something that’s achievable to you. You have to set these realistic goals, which then brings me to are realistic and responsible. So your goal has to be within your control and does not cause damage to any part of your life. So this is the part that I think like we all get screwed on, right. Like, we have these big, audacious, beautiful goals, and then all of a sudden, we’re like, crap. I’m working like 100 hours a week, and my social life sucks, and my family life sucks.

So your goal has got to fit in and integrate with your life in all different ways, not just your own. Like not just in one area, because then you’re going to be off balance. And you’re going to feel that right. And that’s what happens sometimes to successful people, ambitious people, entrepreneurs. All the things because we want to do everything. and then forget that it can affect different parts of our lives, right. So setting that realistic and responsible goal, so we don’t crash and burn in every other part of our life. Then of course, the T in smart, it has to be time about, you basically have to use language that shows it’s already happened. It’s got to be toward what you want, right, your goal has to be toward what you want.

So if you want to be a bodybuilder, and you’re eating ice cream, that’s a bit counterproductive. And then when you’re using language, this kind of ties back into the narrative one in the A of this model, is writing down the goal as if it’s a narrative. So you have to use language that shows that it’s already happened, and made 100,000, 2023. That’s how you really should work on the goal setting truly. And believe me, like once you start to implement each part of the smart model into your goals. Write your goals down, right, you have a big list, number one through 20.

And then every single goal that you write on there, ask yourself these questions. Is this specific, simple? sexy? measurable? meaningful? achievable? Does it affect all areas of my life? Do all areas of my life support this goal? And am I talking about this as if I’m reading the narrative right now? Is it realistic? Responsible? time bound? And is this goal moving me towards what I want? Every single goal that you have, you have to ask yourself? For what purpose? Like, why do I want this goal? For what reason?

Get that down, first, get your motivation down first, and then write out your goals in this way. And I promise you, you’re gonna have yourself one hell of a year, and you’re gonna call me or email me or whatever. And just be like, Pam, these smart goals are so badass, thank you so much for them. I mean, honestly, I learned this technique, and it was mind blowing. When you really write it down. It does something to your subconscious mind where things just start to happen. They start to manifest, you start taking action, you have clearly set goals, you’re more driven. Like it’s just an incredible thing.

Once you have these goals written down, though, I encourage you look at them every single day. The more you can look at them every single day, the more that you can visualise and feel yourself in that moment. The secret I mean, the secrets. Absolutely awesome. I love that book. And it really, when I watched it for the first time, I think it was like 2015 No, it was like 2013 Right? so uh, right when it first came out, I think was around that time. And I remember watching it and saying, Wow, this is so cool. Like, you know, Thoughts become things and how magical is this like to manifest the life that you want?

And you know, it’s really cool up until like, you start thinking about stuff and then like limiting beliefs pop up. Or like, your mindset isn’t there. You know, there’s this whole big piece that the secret misses. I mean, listen, Doc’s do become things because your inner perception is what becomes your reality. And that is the truth. However, you have to visualise as if you’re already there, right? Like it’s yours. The thing is, we are conscious creators of our life. We really truly are, and we create our own reality whether we like to think so or out. If you meet a very positive and successful person, a lot of the time, they’ll tell you like, Hey, listen, if it wasn’t for this, this this, I wouldn’t be where I am.

Most recently there was a news article stating this billionaire who has a hedge fund that literally dedicated his entire fortune. And when he was asked what made you so successful, he literally said meditation, tapping into yourself, asking yourself, what are your goals? What is your mission? What’s happening in your world? That was what changed his life and the most successful people in the world that I know. Do the same thing. Like, how cool is it to think you can create your own life, you can manifest your own life. And however way you want it to. not everybody’s the same. Not everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur. There’s so many different fields and occupations out there. The point is that you live your highest and best life, so that you are living life to your fullest potential.

And you do what you’re meant to do here on this planet, at this beautiful point in time. Remember, we’re all beautifully created uniquely to be here on this gorgeous planet and connect with one another. And I just wish the most amazing year ahead to you, your family, your business, all of the things. Sending you so so so much love. Happy, happy, happy, happy New Year. Also contact me with any questions on setting goals or anything like that. So a little announcement that I’m going to make for everybody who’s listening here, you know, I’ve been indirectly coaching for a really long time.

And I’ve been coaching heavily for the last two years. But 2023 is going to be the year that I am completely all in when it comes to coaching. My whole mission is to help you elevate in every way possible in your life, your business, everything. So with that being said, feel free to contact me at any single time. Send me a message www.meet with pamela.com. schedule a time to talk to me.

And let’s see how we can manifest your goals for 2023. Why not? Your badass you got this 2023 is going to be your year baby. Happy Happy New Year. So that’s it for today’s episode of underdog. catch us next week, always dropping on Thursdays. And remember, if you’re interested in real estate, or want to learn how to create more money and magic in your life. check out meet with pamela.com and let’s chat. sending you so so much love


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