Amy Ransdell

Today’s guest is Amy Ransdell – a Master Performance Coach, and Trainer. Driven by passion, curiosity, and purpose—Amy aims to radically optimize client performance by defying limitations and redefining the rules so that clients will reach indomitable heights in business & life! She is indeed a POWERHOUSE.

In this episode, Pamela and Amy dived into one of the most packed conversations in The Underdog Podcast. Among the highlights are the following:

  • Amy’s inspiration on her journey to where she is today? How did a career shift change her life?
  • Why is it significant to know where you want your life to go (your path)? And what is the importance of moving with intention?
  • What questions one has to ask themselves to gain clarity and move forward?
  • What would Amy tell her younger self based on what she knows now?
  • Coming up in Amy’s world in the next 6 to 12 months?

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Amy Ransdell Shares the Right Mindset to Success.

Kevin Harrington
Hi, I’m Kevin Harrington, an original shark from the hit television show Shark Tank and you’re listening to the underdog podcast

Pamela Bardhi
Hello, everyone, and welcome to another episode of underdog. today I have an incredible guest here with me, Amy, how are you?

Amy Ransdell
I’m great. How are you?

Pamela Bardhi
I am doing a lovely, as I’ve mentioned you so many times before I adore your energy, your spirit and all of the things. So I have been patiently waiting to interview you because I love like, I can’t wait to get it.

Amy Ransdell
I’m super excited to say I’m on this side. Like I was like, oh my god, I get to be on the podcast. It’s amazing. So thank you for having me. And I hope to bring a lot of value to your audience.

Pamela Bardhi
Thank you so much, Amy, and I’ve just been so fascinated by you your energy, your spirit and everything. Like I can’t wait to get into her story. So I’m gonna start off my first question for you.

Which is what inspired you on your journey to where you are today? I mean, I know it’s a bit of a loaded question. But super important.

Amy Ransdell
A while Yeah, like that could be like, you know, a set of encyclopaedias or like, you know, a little cliff note thing. So let’s say I’ll try to say it somewhere in the in the somewhat middle. I work as a performance coach.

That’s the majority of what I do, or within the space of human performance, optimising human performance. But now that even on its own could be like a set of encyclopaedias. to really explain like what that really is, and how it benefits people.

So I’ll just start though, with how I ended up there. I was a messed up kid. And I was in some of the not-so-great situations. at a very early age, that did some damage. I want to watch that I’m gonna say did what had happened happened. happened was not happening now.

There were things that I recognised about myself that I knew could be better. So I feel very blessed that I was a curious kid. And I loved to learn and read. So I just started on this journey of how can I feel better or be better or do better. Because I was watching myself self sabotage my existence. over and over and over again, I call it looping.

And so that was the beginning of my journey. So I’m all the way back to my late teenage years in my college years. And that led to this path of obsessively eating everything I could. in the space of human behaviour and psychology and neuroscience about chemistry.

that led into organisational studies and all kinds of things and led into my first corporate job. Which was a training development job. So I literally worked with people on how to sell better and rock the boat where I was.

Because I didn’t want to teach them how to sell better by giving them scripts and objections to spit out the way I did. I wanted to work with their mindset. First, we’re going to work with who they are as a human.

What they believe about themselves, what their identity is. what words they’re going language they naturally use. and how that will affect the cell. And that was making waves it was changing things. So that obsession is continued. But from there that was, you know, I’m not a young chicken.

Not an old one, either. But that was a long time ago. In that process. I also was entrepreneurial, and just anything I could get my hands on to build and create. And so that led me down the path of real estate. which was I think, ultimately, how you and I ended up like getting in the right, the same pool.

So I’ve been in the real estate track for over 20 years broker and investor. So I have corporate experience, I have ownership of our own companies experience. and that has led us to coaching programs and education programs and so forth. mostly around the space of performance.

Pamela Bardhi
Oh, that you’re an absolute powerhouse. When you titled this bar. Oh, sounds like she, like literally is. I absolutely love that. And it’s just so fascinating. My goodness. So you had mentioned that earlier in your childhood?

You know, you were in situations where weren’t the greatest. So, I mean, there’s so many questions, and we’re gonna dive into this. like, how does one become self aware something like this. You’re in this loop.

And you’re like, you know, looping like you mentioned? How the heck do you break away from something like that. especially as a young as a young kid. I think like, had I known the concept of awareness.

which I had, I know the concept of awareness. at that point that you know, when I was younger, it’s fascinating. It’s fascinating to me. So walk me through that in like how you kind of broke through that mould?

Amy Ransdell
There’s three levels of that question that I think are important for all the listeners. One is that everyone that’s listening, you know, one of the tenants of my coaching programme. and just a tenant I have in life is to respect everyone’s model of the world. and to understand that where someone is in their growth of existence is going to be night and day. someone else, we may be biologically the same.

We have the same organs and the same brain and the same all the things. and maybe we were even raised in the same somewhat same environment. but how we see the world what meanings we gave to the world.

what experiences that we’ve had, will make us two entirely different people. And that includes where you are in your growth. so growth is not about an age, it’s not a number. We might expect someone should be grown up at 27 or grown up at 33.

And not necessarily right. So it’s all about where were you happened to have just a natural level of growth in your own life. when you could have those awarenesses we all go through them. So to have graced everyone listening, if you’re beating yourself up right now. Why didn’t have those awarenesses as a teenager?

Why wasn’t I do that? Well, you probably had those awarenesses later. And that’s okay is that was when it was meant to happen for you and your pattern of growth. I want to say that just kind of give everybody a foundation, there’s no judgement.

There’s no right or wrong, that was right for you at the time. For me, I think I credit a lot of it was, to my faith. I did believe that I was given a purpose, at the moment of conception. I was given a power and a charge to go and take into the world. And I truly, truly had that belief.

And that belief never got rocked that leaf was never stripped from me. so therefore I knew well, if I was created in His likeness, and I was given this power. then I should be living this glorious life, right, I should be living this life.

That’s the way it was designed to be about it in a perfect blueprint of health and wellness. And, I should feel better and all these things. which sounds like a lot of pressure, this should not have such a nice word sometimes. But I allowed that to drive me to feel like okay.

there has to be something in the way. there has to be some blocks, there has to be something causing the resistance. or something’s getting in the way, because I could see who I would be if everything was perfect, like I was designed. And then I will see in my life, right.

So I kind of a little bit of a dichotomy of my existence. And that was creating resistance on its own. because then you start to self deprecating beat yourself up. because I should be this but I’m doing this.

so that just for me, because I was a curious person. I think led me down this path of understanding. what I was created to be. And I won’t tell you guys that this was an easy journey that it was overnight man.

it took a long time and a lot of work and a lot of commitment. to continuing to find who I was meant to be underneath. all of the crap that life will put on you, if you will.

So for me personally, and I’m not saying that everyone that’s listening is a believer. and that’s totally whatever you need to believe it’s good for you. But that was where it came from me.

Pamela Bardhi
That I love. Thank you for sharing that. And as a young kid growing up, what did you want to be when you grew up? Like, what was your dream?

Amy Ransdell
Well, I wanted to be an artist. So I was a painter and an artist, anything I could make, build, create. like, give me popsicle sticks, I’ll build a house. like I was just like this kid that just loved to create and build things a lot of that was released.

For me, it was somewhere where I could go, it was non judgmental. anything that I wanted to bring to the world that could bring to the world. And I started to realise that I had that ability, we all have that ability.

We are all artists, every one of us is a core belief that I have. And every one of us is standing in front of a blank canvas. at any one moment to put whatever we want on it. so that was as a child, that was my thing. And that led me down all kinds of paths. But I also was a super nerd.

So I wanted to go into the world of science and chemistry and ended up going into college in the biochemistry department. But I really that was it that my goal was to bring to the world as much beauty as I could.

And that was really how I functioned as a kid like I was just a little Pollyanna running around. like how can I? Can I make things better for everybody as I tried to make things better for me.

So that really was the beginning. And did I stay down that track? Like I love those of you that listing? Like how many of us like really went down the track of what we said as a kid or really went down the track of what we did in college.

Like, and we end up other places, and we’re designed to be there. A favourite phrase I have is that what happened happened. it couldn’t have happened any other way. Because it didn’t.

And there’s beauty and grace and gratitude in that statement. so celebrate wherever you are now. because everything you did was supposed to be worth exactly where you are right now.

Pamela Bardhi
Hey, Amy, I’m sorry. I’m so if you everything you’re saying. I’m like, yes, yes.

Amy Ransdell
I do still pay, I will say that. So I do. I still do that. And someday one day I’ll buy paintings will become world famous. No, I don’t know. Maybe on Instagram.

Pamela Bardhi
I love that though. Well, it’s interesting, because it’s almost like. I love seeing the correlations between what you wanted to be. as a kid and then in the adult life. because, you know, regardless of you being an actual artist.

you’re still doing it right, which is amazing. But how it’s translated into your life is you love creation. So like, you know, the real estate side don’t make sense. Like, it’s beautiful. I love that.

Amy Ransdell
how the human mind is built. We’re built to be creative and resourceful people were built to innovate. the brain is actually wired and designed for things that are new. even though news freaks us out at the same time.

So it’s really all about that. It’s all about putting ourselves into a state where we’re in a state of the joy. the abundance that comes from the creek from creativity, right.

So it’s a lot about what our company is all about. It’s about the art of action. It’s about science and art. And really, it’s about 80% Art 20% Science. Um, so it’s really in order for you to craft who you want to be.

And what that extraordinary very life is that you want it to be. That requires you diving into who you are as an artist of your life. So, so yes, 100% they all do good. They all do intertwine artists over your

Pamela Bardhi
life. I love that, I love that. It ain’t me like growing up or even in your early years. or even now I guess to who or what has motivated you the most. like any mentors, or any like monitors mentioned your faith, which is huge. So anything that you want to mention there that really helped shape you, especially in your linears, I’m gonna say

Amy Ransdell
I have hundreds of mentors and what I mean by that I love to read. And so for those of you and I have had amazing human experiences. and human connections and software to absolutely. and so we’ll step into that.

But I will tell everybody that’s listening, allow everything that’s in alignment with where you’re wanting to go to become the inspiration. make the decision that what you’re going to create, or what you’re going to listen to.

or who you’re going to allow to speak into your life or who you’ll connect with. is in fact, a way for you to advance yourself towards what’s working for you. and be very clear about that make that decision. because you have the opportunity to be inspired all over the place.

So I credit a lot of my perceived sanity to hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of books and putting mice. and diving myself into all of the information and resources. I can think about reading one book. you’re getting a person’s lifetime of knowledge into a couple of hours of your life. so you’re able to exponentially grow.

And from there, find people we need human connection. you need to know and you connect with the people. who are where you’re trying to go next. so I have also always sought those people out. where I could bring value to them and bring value to me.

And I wouldn’t be where I am without many, many of those relationships. which by the way, will ebb and flow. So there are so relationships you’ll have that will have their shelf life.

And then you’ll have new relationships. because as you grow those in your circle will also elevate and shift and change. how you see them and how they receive you. So allow yourself though to get out there and make those connections.

So make the connections that will actually make the connections intentional with intentionality. And as far as your relationships go, don’t hold yourselves back.

Pamela Bardhi
I love that. Thank you so much. Now your career trajectory has been super interesting. because now you’re in the coaching space and just an absolute BS that what you do.

but how did the journey shift? So walk me from the beginning to kind of where you are right now. Because that’s always so fascinating, right? You’ve heard by and you’re like, Oh, my God,

Amy Ransdell
I loved about when you were telling me your story. I’m like, Yes, I’m not alone. Okay, so I think like, like you, you have this, his heart. that’s a natural coach and give her an educator.

And that’s just a leaning that you probably had your whole life. So we, when we have that, that tends to be a running thread through the things that we do. And also I am an example of why I love coaching.

So many of you that are listening like life sends us in really crazy directions. And if we’re not crystal clear on what we really want to know Yogi Berra, quote. one of my favourite quotes ever is. if you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else.

And I think a lot of us go through life. not really choosing with clarity and intention where we want to go and buy where we want to go. I don’t mean the specific career maybe necessarily, or the specific. you know, type of investments, or how many units you own, or that kind of thing.

I mean, simply that you know, how you want your life to feel be. like what you’ll have and hold in the perfect the ideal situation. where you’ll know, absolute certainty that you have arrived.

And I think a lot of us don’t take the time to explore that. so what happens in life, well, shiny pennies, squirrels, ideas, people trauma. you know things that happen, that weren’t so great.

it pushes us in different directions. And we’ll make decisions based upon the programmes that we carry at the time, or beliefs about ourselves.

the identity that we hold about ourselves, or, you know, just simply, again, beliefs about the world around us. that will end up in buckets of career, or like hobbies. even or ideas or anything, just relationships.

all things because we weren’t clear where we wanted to go. So we didn’t have a good filter to say no, or to say, or to say Yes, right. I’m that example. So my life like I have done all these crazy things.

And a lot of us because I wasn’t allowing myself to connect as viscerally as I had the ability to. what I was truly passionate about and what really made my heart sing. which was coaching in its full entirety and all the impact that it can have. all the different ways that can.

so I have spent my life doing a lot of things. And while I did them, I would coach so I would be a broker. but really what I was being a coach. I would be I was investing. but really what I was doing was building this acquisitions team that I could coach.

Like I wanted people, you know, I built real estate communities or coaching communities. Why? Because I wanted to be able to be a voice of coaching, I want to see their lives improve. And so everything I did I coached. That was where I even if that wasn’t my title.

even if that was if you were to go back and ask people over 25 years what I’ve always done. everybody always calls me coach because that’s who I am and what I was. but it took many, many years for me to go through all of that. and say, You know what, that is what I am and that’s all I’m going to be and so that takes courage.

So again, those of you that are listening if you’ve got that thing, man, you know it’s sitting there. Like, what can you get rid of just go ahead and go do it right, you only get one life. So you could screw it up.

You can wait to the second life, but you didn’t get one. you might as well do it now. I am that example of that, like all the things, always one thing, but all of these many things at the same time.

Pamela Bardhi
That’s quite a journey, too. It’s just so interesting how we walk through our lives. And there are like signs everywhere. And we’re like, Oh, no. What is this? it’s like, you look back, and you’re like, I have been given signs this whole time. Did I listen? Nope.

Amy Ransdell
Right. And for those of you I mean, oh, my gosh, yes, you get the signs. here’s the thing, how does our brain work? it’s only able to receive what it’s ready to receive the time it can receive it. so if we’ve shrouded ourselves with things, like we don’t believe in our ability.

or we don’t feel like we’re capable, or we’re enough. or we feel like the world. you know, we don’t believe in its results, Or we don’t believe that it’s possible for us. it’s only possible for someone else. And there’s a million things we could we could tag there, right?

So what happens is, we don’t even see the signs. We can in retrospect, you know, hindsight, but oftentimes, we don’t see them. because all we can really see is the own shit in our head. which is like,

That’s not for you just ignore that, That’s not really a sign. It’s not a sign for you. That’s a sign for someone else. But it may have been for you all along. And so again, going back to that first question about getting through levels of growth in our life.

you know, as you continue to grow, and you become more aligned with who you really want to be. and have the courage and understanding and believes that you can be. and all of a sudden the signs become glaring, like red lights in your eyes. Because you’re like, Oh my God, that’s where I’m supposed to be.

So, you know, again, grace, that if you don’t see them for a long time, it’s okay. You simply weren’t in a place where you could receive them yet. so do the work to give yourself the ability to start shredding in obliterating the things. in the way of what you can receive.

Pamela Bardhi
Amen. I’m telling you, it’s like, you look back, and you get so mad at yourself, you’re like it was there. Your soul right to the mind? If it’s not ready, I’m ready. That’s it. I love that. And I love that you’re just such a heart-centred coach. and this was this has been you for like, five years, and beyond, and probably when you were younger.

Amy Ransdell
Yeah, I was the kid in church. You know, I was coaching people in church, like, it’s like, I’d be on stage. But I never spoke quietly, I took care of all of the elders in our church. I loved the Elgar individuals, they were my favourite. because they had these amazing stories to share about their lives.

And so you could learn and learn and learn. But I was coaching them too. So like, you know, and, and so to that point, like people lean into what your natural gifts are.

because God gave Him to you when you were born. And so that’s what he wants you to bring to the world. And by the way, that’s the only thing he’s asked of you. It’s really it, only thing we’ve been asked of.

is to bring your charge to the world in his biggest way as possible. Lean, and it’s there for a reason. if you’re good at basket weaving, probably because you’re supposed to be so lonely, that

Pamela Bardhi
it’s so true. It I feel like as a society, we almost just become like this machine If you let it right. So if you don’t create your own narrative, you don’t create a story. someone’s going to create it for you. So firm believer of that. And as are you and it’s like, imagine life will continue happening to you. If you don’t move with intention. you’re gonna let your life be dictated by somebody else.

And that I think is the crazy part of all of us. It’s like now being at the stage where we’re at anywhere, you’ve seen this. being consciously aware, and moving with intention. how you can literally start to manifest and create your own life f you don’t have that intention,

Amy Ransdell
what it could look like, oh my gosh, house and by the way, people listen. I feel for every one of you. it takes an extreme amount of courage. It does, It takes us and acity it takes resiliency which we only learn by doing. We only grow resiliency by things happening to us we only grow tenacity by doing.

we only grow courage by doing and, and confidence. So when you put those four things together, that’s what you need for the square. there it all for those in order to step into what you really want to be.

So when you talk about well, you know, a lot of us life does things to us. because at that time, when life is happening to us, we have two things missing. one is we’re not viscerally connected to what we really want.

We haven’t figured out what that is, and you because likely we’re too afraid. We’re allowing fear or a non belief in ourself a disbelief in ourselves not to allow us to move into it.

And so we simply just may be lacking a little resiliency, a little courage, a little belief in ourselves. that could all be by the way, found and released and so that you can so for a lot of us. we get pushed around by life simply because we don’t put ourselves first. because we don’t believe in putting ourselves first and so gotta make that declaration.

decide where you want and that you deserve it. If you find yourself telling yourself and you’re laying If you don’t, well, you need a coach. like one of us that can help you figure that out. That’s, you know, if you really, really want to move towards what you want,

Pamela Bardhi
there’s a lot of people searching for purpose right now, Amy. I feel like the world is awakening in such a beautiful way. And people are questioning like, I think COVID was the first hit of this.

where people were snatched out of their routine for the very first time. and realising like, oh crap, what am I waiting? What is it you, you go to school, you go to high school, and you go to college, and after college, and then after getting into all that debt.

when you sign off your life, if you’ve got student loan debt, you don’t even know what an interest rate. And you have to graduate college like oh, crap, I was stuck to all this stuff to pay. these debts are big, have to get a job, then this job will keep you in this like consistent spiral.

it’s like, is that all that life is and then all of a sudden you retire at 6070? And then like, that’s your life like? don’t get me wrong, but you know, anything corporate is not bad at all, as long as you choose it.

But as long as it is, as long as it is in alignment with who you are. I’m not saying everyone’s supposed to be an entrepreneur. but like, how did you do in every stage of the cycle that. like societal standards and expectations? Are you moving with intention each and every single portion of your lifetime?

Are you just letting things like kind of sit in like. so many people are in that space right now? Where they’re like, how do I actually get started? Like, how did you know you want change? Your soul is craving it? Like, how do you actually start in? You know, in your perspective, what would be your thoughts on that.

Amy Ransdell
you know, what you’re talking to is the very reason why I call what I call rules rewritten. what we do is we’re talking about a rules. We have these rules of Well, in my family, this is what we do.

when you have debt, this is what I’m gonna do money means this. we get a million micro lessons from the day we were a little. all the way up as to what we’re expected to do.

should do must do obligated to do responsible to do. and I’m not saying that it’s not good to have responsibilities and obligations, and to meet those. What I’m saying, though, is like to what you’re saying is that we follow the rules. But we don’t ever stop to think for a minute, especially in our younger formative years.

Those rules work for me, for me for who I’m supposed to be. And is it possible that the world could work for my rules? Can I do life on my terms? And 100%? It can. it just requires the decision to put yourself first and say.

This is what I want for me. that really is the first step. So for everybody that is saying, Well, I don’t know what to go do you know? what jobs do I go after? What career? Or do I go be an entrepreneur? Or do I do a side hustle for a while while being an entrepreneur?

Or do I just be a passive investor or whatever? Whatever the questions might be? The first question really is people is is that aligned with you? You said that? Is it who you want it to be? Because here’s the thing, if you’re getting up every day. and you’re doing what you should do what your family expects of you.

what you’re supposed to do, you know what won’t remove a person who have children. and a picket fence and you buy a boat, like your neighbour boat? Like they just follow along?

Is that working for you? Because that’s the question, is it working for you, if it’s not working for you. then it will create resistance and inflammation and all kinds of negative things for your body. physically, mentally, and spiritually. you will suffer you will be living in constant friction.

So if you’re feeling a little stress and a little pinch and a little miserable. and you don’t really want to get up that next day or whatever. you’re not excited about what you’re going to go do that day.

Those are all signs and there’s lots of signs like that. that what you’re doing with your life isn’t in alignment with who and what you really want your life to be. And so step one is deciding what would you really love life to be right?

Rules get formed guys, they get formed by things that happen in our life. I love to give this example of like two kids right there growing up there maybe like seven, eight years old.

We all remember being seven or eight right? And our family had a living room like family room. and there’s like couches and recliners or like big chairs and like. a typical family living room. as a TV I grew up with the console TVs with the like the bunny ears. you have these living rooms right

And there’s imagine two different living rooms with two kids. They’re both seven years old. They look identical to they’ve got the same body same height, same hair colour, like they’re literally the same kid right?

so one kid is you know, he’s jumping from couch to chair. like he’s jumping all over the room and he’s having a blast. And the parents come in and they’re like, pulling out their cell phone they’re gonna take a video of it.

they’re like, dude, go fly higher fly faster make it happen, you know, what are you doing? Who are you you know, are you super strong like they’re like cheering this kid on. and they’re giving him this like excitement about what he’s doing.

he’s innovating he’s being adventurous and curious and having the limitations and the other family room. this other house is kids doing the same thing the parents walk in. as a struck that we don’t jump on the furniture here. we don’t climb on the furniture here.

We don’t do those things sit still get down you know, do that. Existence. So for a lot of us If you might see someone on Instagram that’s at 21 years old. or they’re having to set multiple, seven figure businesses, and they’re crushing it, and they’re travelling all over the world. and you’re watching that you’re like, I want that.

You weren’t raised in the living room where you could be adventurous and being cheered and encouraged. You are this kid over here that was told no, there’s rules in life, follow the you are following along.

And then you spent the last 10 years working in the same job and never really advancing. and not really enjoying your life and kind of deal with partying on the weekends. Because it’s the only way to make the work we palatable, whatever that is.

I use that example. Because people like oh, yeah, it’s probably think of 1000s of little things in your life that happened like that. It formed a programme of belief that life was adventurous. and can be whatever you want it to be, or life is limiting. And so which set of rules do you want to follow?

Do you want to create a life of adventure then set new rules? That’s just what it comes down to? You got to set new rules. So to get started, people, it starts there. What do you want? How do you want life to feel? What do you want it to be? Like what do you want to have and hold and their ideal life when you know you’ve arrived? Start doing that now.

Pamela Bardhi
I love that Amy? I’m just like, yep, yep, yep. Yep. It really is magical. And it and it’s insane. How much of our adult life I mean, our whole life stems from our childhood in that programming. You have two kids exactly the same.

But if you speak to them different. No, there’s rules. Or no, there’s adventure. I mean, that’s the truth. For me, my parents always, they were like. You got this you could do you know. I’d my dad was my biggest cheerleader on planet Earth.

Like, he’s like, you’ve got this, it’s like, you don’t need a man, he’s gonna need you. you’re gonna be like, all kinds of, you know, just like pumping me up as a kid always consistently. And my whole family was like that. So that is a huge tribute to where I am today. Because I don’t know, limits, I don’t know.

But then also, you know, the downside is you don’t know structure. which can get you sometimes there’s a lot of lessons. But you know, it’s kind of like, I’m just wired that way. And it’s it stems from, from the past as well and growing up, and it’s just so fascinating. How those early years can really shape you. because it’s, it’s from zero to seven that you’re in that state of state.

Amy Ransdell
kind of, so your most formative years for wiring by some science is that it’s in your most earlier. so zero to seven, and some children have, you know, no luck during those years. you can imagine how they’re wired compared to someone who was well loved.

However, I will say, coming back to the beginning to again, I tell everybody, don’t put yours on it. Because the traumatic event can happen to you at 18, or 27, or 35. and have just as deep an effect on your overall wiring has happened when you’re younger.

And so in my opinion, it’s always good to be consciously and cognitively aware at all times of what could be affecting your beliefs. And because those beliefs are what will keep you from doing those things. So, absolutely, childhood is in a very important time, all the way back to being in the womb.

even if your mother was under severe stress while pregnant with you. Because it is, and I could go down wormholes with that. But the reality is for everyone understand that you choose. your brain is going to give meaning or narrative to what happens to you, okay.

And so, at any point in your life, your brain in order to protect you. because That’s its job, its prime directive is to keep you healthy, happy and alive. But not always happy, let’s say healthy and alive, is that it’s going to create a whatever narrative it has to. in order to get you functioning to the next step of where you got to go. So, so again, you may have happened to you at any point in your life. I had a coach once that years ago. So I believe in coaching.

So I also hire coaches, I’m always looking for coaching relationships. And I had a coach many, many years ago, who was at the time, I didn’t realise quite a toxic individual. I thought I had pretty good filters for that as all the work I’d done. Like I should have good filters for that.

And he installed a lot of beliefs and me at the time, did a lot of presupposing.a lot of biases that I was not capable of some things I wanted to do.because of early wiring that allowed me to also believe that and then. also, am I allowing him to instal those beliefs in me.

I created about a 10 year gap in my own life where I didn’t go after a few things. because I kept running the story in my mind. well, I can’t do that because this person who I admired. had a lot of press and success and so forth. had basically installed in me I believe that he couldn’t do it.

So part of it was me being at cause to accept that belief. And then the other side of it was that, you know, there’s something that had happened. and so my brain became created a rule for my existence that didn’t serve where I wanted to go.

So maybe that made me miserable. I felt like a comment and a paint can that’s usually the phrase I used to say. it was like I’m stuffed myself in a paint can. and I can’t get out and I’m the size of a comment.

I mean, that’s insane. So but it’s for all of you guys like right things happen and watch what they pulleys. do they create about yourself what identity labels those seem to give you. that are potentially holding you back from all that you deserve.

Pamela Bardhi
So positive when you actually get into your brain and moving with intention. designing your life and you pay attention to all these things. It’s really fascinating. But for someone who could be right now listening and saying.

Listen, I know I need something, I need to, like, I need a change, like, what are the first like steps. like tangible steps that you would say? Like, hey, here’s how you figure it out. Here’s how you gain that clarity and move forward from Ooh,

Amy Ransdell
well, the first question says, I need to change. Okay, we’ll change from what and to where I think a lot of times. we don’t have any idea who we are, where we want to go and starts the process. change from what because here’s the problem. And and you’ve probably run into this as a coach to.

most people don’t know what the problem is. They didn’t they have a problem, but it’s really not the problem. So, you know, we’ll come up with stories. again, narratives to describe how we’re feeling or what isn’t working in our life. but they’re really not the root problem.

So +, right? So I always tell people, first thing, as we say. you want to change grade for how so far to where and for what purpose? Let’s add that question on there? And then answer the question and then ask it again, and ask it again, until you get to the real root reason.

And when you do that with people, you generally come down to a couple of core reasons. that happen a lot is one that has to do with love. some sort of issue of love, and sometimes usually status. So it’s usually one of the two.

And if you can get yourself all the way down to that, well, I want to change well, why and for what purpose? Where are you going? I think it’s important. So for those of you listening, that’s the first question. what do you want to change and for what purpose. understand that you have unlimited and infinite possibilities in front of you.

And that’s a belief system you’re not carry. so let’s figure out how to adopt that. Otherwise, you’ll just continue putting the same rules of Lack and Limitations. or existence on yourself that keep you from seeing the things that are possible.

Pamela Bardhi
And they sound so simple, like what you just said, right? But when you really sit down and ask yourself these questions. you’re just like, I’ve given my team like goal setting guide, and things and they’re like, Pam, I had a really hard time with.

Amy Ransdell
Balls, if you don’t know who you are, and for what purpose or doing them. I’ll add a question to that you probably do with your team. And this is for a second second set of questions. Who do you have to be to have what you see as what you want? When you change? Change?

What and for what, for what purpose? Okay, great. Now, what do you want to change To? We want to be well at be Who do you have to be? Who are you not being now in order to be the person who would have the change? That’s important.

All right, goal setting, I can’t go after the goal. If I refuse to be a different person that the new goal requires. if I’m going to be the old person, I’m gonna get the old result. If I want the new goal. I’m gonna have to be a different person, I’m gonna have to go about things differently.

And then to ask yourself questions like, well, what will happen? If I hit my goal? What won’t happen for me, if I don’t? What will happen to me if I don’t write, like really asking ourselves. because those are the questions that will help you viscerally connect to taking action on it, right.

So those goals together, and even though those aren’t like tactical, and all about KPIs. and like measurable things, which I absolutely love, I would love data, I’m a complete nerd. And also, KPIs are useless for someone who doesn’t have the belief system or the understanding.

as to how they have to elevate their own thinking ability or their own level of competence, or their own. they have to address identities that are working in resistance to the WHO that needed to be to accomplish the goal.

And if those things are in the way, it doesn’t matter how many type of measurables I hand them. and say, Well, you know, if you know that talk to 10 people. you get one buying unit and one buying and it’s 10,000. all you gotta do is talk to 20 people and you’ll have two and you’ll make 20.

Well, that sounds rational. However, if they don’t believe that they’re good at sales. they don’t believe that they deserve that money. or they don’t believe money is for them, or they don’t whatever their belief systems are. it doesn’t matter how many tactical goals I get them.

So in our world, we’d call it you know, first your mind, and then tactical deployment. So you guys, you know, goal setting is great. It’s first though is your mind in the game? Do you understand what that even is and work with a coach to help you like work with someone. who can like work with someone to help you get down to the root. not where you are, what it will take to be where you want to be before you get into the tactical?

Pamela Bardhi
Absolutely. I always say that that is the absolute foundation. Like what point is there setting goals if you’re moving closer to what you want? You truly want and it is. And like I myself, myself included? You know, I’ve been going through this three year shift where I’m like I was ignoring a lot of face. No, no, no, no, it’s not for me. No, no development. And I’m good. Finally. It takes time, it takes time. so it’s super key. So fascinating. I’m so intrigued and inspired by you, it’s like a daily thing seriously, I

Amy Ransdell
adore you so much. I’m an example of the same thing of giving yourself time people. like give yourself time when none of us are perfect. So we have the blueprint of perfect wellness in our brains. But that doesn’t mean that we come out that way all the time. So, you know, give yourselves time, right?

We don’t know. But you said something So key there. If we continue, if you go through your whole life, truly ignoring what’s really meant for you. and what’s really in alignment with you. and what really feels right for you and who you are and what you’re meant to bring to the world.

And then eventually, it creates sort of like that little tiny micro crack in the foundation that we never quite address. as little as life goes on, the world shifts, the foundation crack gets bigger.

before you know it, it’s created all kinds of issues for the rest of the house. now the doors don’t shut well. I’m gonna use, you know, real estate examples. but like, right, it becomes something that can take the rest of everything down.

And for high achievers, it leads to things like burnout, it leads to things like you know, we’re overachieving. overachieving to compensate for the lack of effort and attention and intentionality towards who we are. So we’ll fill the gaps in the voids with with overworking or with distractions.

or with you know, all kinds of things and stuff to do. well I’ll just go build another few companies or all do this, I’ll do that. without checking whether or not it’s in alignment with us.

And so then we hit a wall, we hit a wall at a certain point where it will affect us physically, mentally, and spiritually. I mean, your health, it will affect your health. And before you know it, you’re not, you know, you’re in a bad spot.

so before it gets there, work with people who can help you find where you’re off track. help you be alert to the signals that are signs that are there for you. so that you don’t end up wasting years and years of your life pushing towards something. that ultimately doesn’t make you happy.

I know a gentleman who set a tactical goal for had an ollie. when he wanted to hit a certain number of units that he owned. And that’s what he wrapped his identity around. That’s it. And so once it once it happened, he was severely depressed and miserable. Why?

Because, well, you got to the goal. but it wasn’t about who he was, it was about something tactical. now all of a sudden his identity was done. So you know, quite taxing on him, honestly.

So I tell everybody go to your you will hit somewhere where what you haven’t resolved. which you haven’t healed, which you haven’t addressed. which you haven’t served in your life. we’ll come back to bite you at some point.

it will express itself either physically or financially or in your relationships. somewhere, it will create havoc in your world. So give yourself the grace of right now, figuring out what are those things that you can deal with now?

Pamela Bardhi
Oh, my gosh, Amy, praising to the choir here I am loving all of this. It’s so true, what you said about putting yourself on a tactical plan. and then achieving it and creating neural identity around it.

Like, that’s exactly what happened to me. I literally, you know, the goal was money, money, money, money, money that I got to that goal. it was cool for like 15 seconds. And then it was like, What is this really all for? I mean, you start to like, realise you’re like, Is this me?

Is this what I want life to look like? It’s the crazy realisation and like, those transformations are everything. But you know, like you said, every part of the journey is necessary. But when you come to that moment, it’s key. And now in you what has been some of like, or your best transformation that you’ve seen with a client. and kind of where that person was at and how they were able to break through.

Amy Ransdell
people will come to me to work within the context of career so generally. there’s some sort of overall arching context that they’re wanting change in and generally career. so they want to go from a certain career to another career.

or they want to move up the ladder. where they want to increase their gross commission or their total, you know, sales net. so executive sales, it will increase that the reality is that shift and elevate to big goal in the career world.

Well, it means you as the human behaviour, behaviour person. that human performer with the behaviours is going to elevate and shift and change. So that will mean that it’s going to also spill over into all the other areas of your life and you can avoid that. if you’d become somebody with a stronger.

or elevated confidence and better emotional intelligence. so you’ve got to take control of your emotions. Um, you’ve resolved a lot of past beliefs. that maybe perhaps kept you in a place where you felt unworthy or undeserving, or whatever. we release all of these things in order to help you step into this big career goal.

Well imagine what that might do for you and your personal relationships or your right. So I think I’ll share one i gentleman that was working with me again. In the context of career, and we were able to help him obliterate a lot of things. that he had held on to for his entire 50 years of life, he was over 50.

But it just had held him back and held him back. And he talked about release of emotions. when I started to realise how much those things had held him back from what he really wanted. to be and who he really wanted, what he really wanted to experience in life.

And it was all again, all career oriented. What came out of that was a sharer that he’d also hadn’t dated or found love for many, many years. And that was super important to him. But then he had just sort of been ignoring that. Well, the same beliefs that were affecting him career were absolutely affecting him for his war.
his choice to be defined love and have love in his life right now. we never addressed that we’ve simply addressed the career we left. I always have people leave with a clear set of keys to achieve that, that career goal. after we’ve done a lot, he comes back to see me about 30 days later. you’re excited and it runs and hugs me.

Like I’m like, Okay, what’s going on? I am. And what he had found was love. so he had actually been able to see, like seeing signs that he couldn’t see before. he was actually able to see if a woman had been in his existence for a very long time. that he didn’t realise was the right one for him.

and had never had the courage to actually ever say anything to her or approach her or anything like this. because he had done all the work in his career shift and his behaviour and his mindset and his belief systems,

he actually was able to walk into that with her and opened up and asked her out. and oh, my gosh, it was most amazing thing. And they’re still together. So imperfect relationships. So I say that because for all the work that it takes at a deep level to help do have amazing results in your life.

I’ll see also, by the way, it did a really big deal. one of the first big transactions for his new shift and that time too, and all about 30 days. But he had the confidence that it required his belief systems supported the direction he wanted to go in.

And you guys couldn’t give yourself a better gift. than to give your neurology the gift of saying I’m going to be me. that’s what he did, We found him again, and he got to beat himself. And that led to love.

that wasn’t even what we were going after. So you know, everybody listening. do the work to connect with it’s the best gift you can ever give yourself.

What Would Amy Ransdell Older Self Tell Her Younger Self

Pamela Bardhi
I’m so happy. I love hearing stories like that. Just like one little shift that you do in your life could literally change everything. One decision, one decision, that’s all it could take. No question for you. This is my favourite question of all time. Oh, and your older self tell your younger self based on what you know now. Whoo. Oh,

Amy Ransdell
I love this question. I’ve been asked this different versions, right. And I will say this, you know, I’d say a big one for me, is not making decisions based upon survival. based upon reactionary emotional survival. And I think that’s probably had the biggest places in my life.

where I was put off centre or sent in a different direction wasted many, many months, years and so forth of My Life. wasted a lot of stress and anxiety and inflammation in different directions. I didn’t need to be because at the time.

I was not making a decision that was in alignment with what I wanted. which took a lot of extra courage, and maybe extra effort and resources and so forth. but of energy and mindset and so forth.

So I may have said, chosen the easier path of survival and said, Well, I’m going to go do this business relationship. or this business partnership, or we’re going to do this programme. or I’m going to create this thing or whatever, because it was necessary to survive.

So I think with everyone if you can pay attention to where you thrive versus survive. and the decisions that you’re going to make, and I’ll let’s just be honest. the Thrive decisions are harder, they take more effort, more energy, more focus, they take more belief.

the survival decisions is what your brain naturally will fall into and lean into. because that’s what it’s designed to do. And so we will, we will just kind of acquiesce and capitulate to the things we really want. Because we need to survive.

So I would say my biggest financial losses ever came from me making decisions on partnerships. and people I would do business with and things like that. Why? Because I was in a place where I had to have needed to survive something, versus stopping.

sitting back for a minute and making the decision. that would help me go in the direction I really wanted to go for me. I wish I could go way back because I started that even a teenager making those types of wrong decisions.

Pamela Bardhi
I love that. And thank you so much for sharing. And now what’s up in your world in the next like six to 12 months, like what’s happening? I know there’s a lot, there’s a lot of stuff happening, but what can I use? What’s happening in your world?

Amy Ransdell
So this is probably the most exciting year for me ever. And so I won’t. I was talking with you earlier about it panellists. By the way, one of the few people that has a little tidbit idea of what this year is about for me. I spent the last couple of years even myself deciding that I would be what I preach.

In fact, that’s one of our big core value intentionality statements. It’s written on the wall hearing next to me is to be a little bit preachy. And part of that is to live in a way where I’m living my life. my way of being is matches the truth of who I am.

And that I live in a place of ecology where I’m putting myself and my goals and so forth first. because only by that, can I serve the world in the biggest way. So we spent the last couple of years like I’d say, burning every bridge and burning every boat imaginable.

just basically eliminating and cutting bait up anything. and everything that didn’t serve where we wanted to go. I haven’t been more excited and more relieved and more full of energy. than I ever have in my life.

I’m flow state at a whole nother level. And so we’re taking that gift of the last couple of years shutting everything to now. walk into one of the biggest years of my career. So we’re super excited to bring as much as possible to everyone that we can. you won’t see a lot from me over the next few months, but you will see a whole lot come out of it.

Pamela Bardhi
I can’t wait. Oh, man, as I see this unfold, I cannot wait to be witness to all the beautiful things because I know you’re to magic. I know for sure.

Amy Ransdell
Same thing that you you guys are. Everybody knows you’re a rockstar. I love what you guys are doing. I’m super, super honoured and excited to get to be sort of. one of those early early adopters of all the things that you guys do. and really watch watch where you guys are going.

Pamela Bardhi
I cannot wait. But you know, this conversation has been amazing. You are absolutely amazing. You inspired me and I’m like fired up ready to go run a marathon right now. But before I do that, I got to let everyone know where to find you where all of the things Yeah,

Amy Ransdell
okay, so probably the best way and I mean, this was my heart. So if you listen to this podcast at any point ever find me on Instagram, that’s never gonna go anywhere. We’re not putting a tonne of content on there at the moment with intentionality. But go there and send me a direct message.

I have a team member that’s watching for that we have some resources. we’d love to send you so go to me ransdell underscore coach. you can always go to their website rules

But I would love to just go to Instagram send a DM or if you do go to the website. fill out the form on the front page. But our team would love to connect with you. if there’s a way that we can bring value to you in some way or another. We will right now. Just follow and watch and we’ll see where things go.

Pamela Bardhi
thank you so much for being here. I’m so inspired by you. Thank you. So that’s it for today’s episode of underdog. catch us next week, always dropping on Thursdays. And remember, if you’re interested in real estate, or want to learn how to create more money and magic in your life. check out meet with and let’s chat sending you so so much love


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