Jeffrey St. Arromand

Jeffrey St. Arromand is an award-winning sports television producer and a leading partner of the successful Tricia Lee Team. His clients count on Jeffrey to orchestrate inspired deals for better living – managing all the moving parts. Additionally, his creativity and experience in TV production coupled with the capabilities of SERHANT. Jeffrey and Team Tricia Lee have sold over $300 million in sales. He possesses the ideal mix of product knowledge and tactical expertise. He is a strong communicator and a focused negotiator.

He is an experienced property expert whose approach to real estate is based on fostering positive relationships. His clients appreciate how he balances his enthusiasm and thoughtfulness with his in-depth knowledge and relentless drive throughout the buying and selling process.

In this episode, Pamela shed light on Jeffrey’s journey to success. The highlights of their conversation include:

  • What inspired Jeffrey on his journey to where he is now? What did his transition from the TV industry to real estate look like?
  • Jeffrey’s bits of advice to overcome the obstacles in the TV industry and real estate? What are his tips?
  • In the next six months, what should investors and real estate agents do?
  • What would Jeffrey tell his younger self based on what he knows now?

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Jeffrey St. Arromand Shares His Transcendent Path to Success

Kevin Harrington
Hi, I’m Kevin Harrington, an original shark from the hit television show Shark Tank and you’re listening to the underdog podcast

Pamela Bardhi
Hello, everyone, and welcome to the underdog show. today I have an incredible guest here with me, Jeffrey, how are you my friend?

Jeffrey St. Arromand
I am well, I’m well. So happy to be here on this great platform that you have for us to really collaborate. Just talk about, you know, where we are, what we’re going and what’s next.

Pamela Bardhi
Absolutely, Jeffrey, like, we’re just talking about this call. I was like, I just love Jeffrey’s vibe, energetically. He’s just amazing. And just it’s such a gift to connect with people like that. We’re both in the real estate game. And like, I don’t know, I always like to be very biassed and say real estate people are the greatest people and on earth, but especially.

Jeffrey St. Arromand
So that’s not necessarily the case. But generally speaking, yes.

Pamela Bardhi
It’s such an honour to have you here, Jeffrey, truly and genuinely, thank you so much. And I just I can’t wait to get into your story. I mean, I’ve heard your background on like a brief level. And I remember on our calls like, oh, I can’t wait to get into like your full full story. So without further ado, I’m gonna ask you one of my favourite question, if I met. Sure. What’s that? What inspired you on your journey to where you are today?

Jeffrey St. Arromand
Ooh, that’s a loaded but good question. So I guess that’s multi fold first. my ultimate inspiration of sorts is really be successful in any capacity of what it is that I do. That’s the ultimate underlying goal initially, that being said, you know, I’m from New York parents moved down to Florida.

I attended Florida a&m University for the rattlers out there HBCU alums. i At that point, I was a broadcast journalism major. And I went to the television field, I really excelled their two time Emmy award winning producer. ironically, today, I don’t know when we ultimately this will air. but today’s evaded Tom Brady, retired for the second time.

And so in, in my past world, I’ve interviewed everyone from Tom Brady, to Kanye West. So actually, I was at his first Super Bowl. I covered his first Super Bowl, who’s that against the Rams. I believe it was so many years ago, kind of dating myself, but many moons ago. So I did that really well.

And becoming a feature producer there for many networks, NBC, CBS, T and T. And, you know, I just was at a point where I had somewhat of a glass ceiling there. wanting to be potentially a creative director that didn’t work out. But while I was doing television, you know, on the road for so many years and Olympics and everything else.

I got my real estate licence, I always had that that bug that real estate bug as it were. and there were times when I was in Edit rooms, you know, negotiating deals. an editor turned around and looked at me is like, what is this guy doing? And here the dollar amount that we’re negotiating. he’s wondering, too, so why is he in here? So I did that.

And then really, when I think about it, when my parents moved to Florida. I thought about this a couple of weeks ago, I was actually their real estate agent, essentially. Because I would go to the, to the model homes, tour the neighbourhoods. and then anyone else that was making the New York to Florida Exodus.

They would always come to me, and I would show them around. and I was like, Well, I guess this was actually in my blood way back then I don’t even know about it. You know, as I was doing that simultaneously, both. and getting back to television, and working real estate, I just felt like the time was right.

I knew the writing was on the wall with television and getting rid of freelancers. which was essentially a personal answer. And you get paid considerably more than people on staff. And so, you know, we talk about dollars and cents in corporate world. So they were getting rid of that getting rid of the freelancers and getting in the staff people.

So I wanted to get ahead of it. And it was after the first recession. So I decided, You know what, I’m gonna take that leap of faith and go all the way into real estate. As I mentioned, initially, you know, I always want to be successful in whatever I do. when I made that transition, I decided what I want to have, I want to get into coaching.

And I’m a big believer in coaching. So everyone from Tom Ferry ninja selling Buffini, I did it all. And most recently now at Serhan, where I’m at. I also do sell like Serhan. I’m actually one of the moderators for that course. So I always knew that the skills from television was definitely transferable in real estate on two facets.

number one I produce and you know, and everyone else would tell you who’s in real estate, who does it well. you produce the entire transaction, you’re to draw that sports analogy. I’m like the bill Bella check, you know, of the entire transaction. So I produced the whole thing. And so at that point, I was also a big follower of Gary Vee.

And that’s when content was still is but it was just starting to become really important. So I knew those skills. Were really transferable from television into real estate. And then ultimately, throughout my real estate career. I landed here where I’m at most recently, which is a serhant. we have a tremendous studios team.

Actually, we have The only in house production team of any real estate firm, and these guys are top notch. So I knew that based on my, you know, my experiences and television. so this year, I will say it’s the first year that I really went all the way in on content, creativity. and not just, you know, when people think constantly think of great property tours, and I’ve done those. but it’s really providing value to your audience. So I did that. And that’s kind of like a snapshot as it were of my journey.

Pamela Bardhi
Amazing debt free. Oh, my God, I can’t wait to unpack all of that. I know, it’s a little bit. So amazing, my gosh, so when you were a kid. like what did you want to be when you grew up,

Jeffrey St. Arromand
My mom always tells me the story I used to. And I tell you a little secret about me. I love to entertain, like to be a singer or whatever. And so when I was a kid, I was grab a microphone, I would start to sing in front of television. I told my mom, I’m going to be inside of TV.

So and then ultimately ended up being a producer working inside of the TV. So that’s what I wanted to do initially. but I always had, I always really loved architecture, loves real estate. And so those are the two things. Those are my two interests. And somehow those two worlds ultimately collided in here I am.

Pamela Bardhi
That’s so amazing. My goodness, I love that. And I know when you see your childhood dream manifested come true. because you know, I was the same way so when I was younger. I used to like perform my family parties and sing and dance and like all

Jeffrey St. Arromand
energies there both of what we do and in our looks as if you both have the similar glasses and love. So there’s some commonality there that we don’t even know about

Pamela Bardhi
dockets turtlenecks. If you know oh my gosh, and now grown up like a who, or what inspired me the most

Jeffrey St. Arromand
I really think, you know, my, my family. But you know,I always tell people like come from a family that really has high standards. I have a sister that say, the chief, I gotta get this right cuz she’ll kill me otherwise. She’s the Chief of Orthopaedic Surgery in I forgotten even hospital, but a big hospital in Baltimore.

They’re not paying me somebody who mentioned that I have another sister. that became a partner early at like 24 partner, a major firm in DC. And now she’s a angel investor. So they were really my inspiration, and one went to Brown went to University of Pennsylvania.

So that was the benchmark that was set in the household. that’s what I had to live up to. So that way if that’s if that’s the inspiration right there. making sure at the very least, I’m on par with those two

Pamela Bardhi
insane Oh, my goodness. Oh, my Yeah, that’s that’s a high standard. Wow, wow, that that is amazing. And like your career journey has been so interesting to go from TV to real estate and all that stuff now. From like, your high school years, and onward. How did you end up getting into the TV stuff? I think you’ve mentioned through college, right? Yeah, in college,

Jeffrey St. Arromand
you know, and it’s so funny, because this is apropos both in television, and in real estate. I don’t remember the name of the author, 10,000 hours. Yeah, I forget, I forget the name of the author. I don’t know why I’m drawing a blank now. But his whole mantra is that if you do anything for 10,000 hours. you become an expert in that field.

And so in television, when I was in college, I was in the radio station at work study at the radio station. I was at the radio station all the time I was at in the broadcast journalism. building all the time, spending a lot of time they’re outside of just the regular classes. And then when I pivoted into real estate, the same thing I consumed everything.

I read everything I watched everything is much, you know. I think knowledge and education is so important. So I really wanted to learn as much as possible. absorb as much as possible to do whatever I need to do to expedite that learning curve. That’s really what I did in both fields. And I would recommend that to anyone.

when there’s something that you’re really interested in, jump all the way in. like that tippy toeing and just putting your toes in, in the pool. Those are the results you get, you know. so if you’re committed to it, you have to go all the way. And that’s what I did with the hours.

Pamela Bardhi
I love that. And now I mean, I bet you many people looking down there like Jeff was so successful. all of that and all of a sudden you’re like this overnight success. but obviously it’s taken years decades to come to where you are. like you just said 10,000 hours that you’ve put in the work.

so tell me some of your biggest obstacles that you’ve had and how you’ve kind of overcome them. because I mean, those are both industries are very, very, very, very hard to get into. and excel at when it comes to TV and in real estate right. To actually get in might be one thing right? But to actually excel in them is a whole different story.

Jeffrey St. Arromand
Yeah, I think a couple of things that’s really important. Number one is humility. You have to realise that you don’t know Everything. especially it’s that and that’s kind of easy to do. when you’re first getting into something, when you start to become more knowledgeable.

You have to have the humility to know that you can learn from anyone, any and everyone. And you know, and this is all adage. but never be the smartest person in the room. So whether it be television, you know, I may have a concept that I’m working with a great DP director of photography.

Or a great editor that could help to take my idea to another level. or we can collaborate and take it to another level. The same can be said in real estate, you know. making sure my advisors that I have on my team. whether it be the attorney, contractors, mortgage brokers, you know, stagers. they’re the absolute top in their field.

So that way I’m just surrounded by that. and that just helps to push me and then who I associate myself with. like, before I got on this call, I was talking to an old colleague of mine, we were on a team together. and we’re just talking about what we want to do, and how will we want to do it.

So you know, surrounding yourself with the right people. and being able to listen and learn from those people. The biggest thing though, is the space that’s between your ears right here. there are ebbs and flows in this business, in any and every business.

But you know, if you’re going to be an entrepreneur, you have to be your best therapist, your best personal therapist. because you’re going to know what the ultimate goal is, and deal with those obstacles. but still have that goal, that end goal in mind. And so that’s really what I do to try to get through things.

Pamela Bardhi
Absolutely. And what are some tips that have kind of gotten you over those humps? Right, like, for me, it’s always been affirmations. Especially as an entrepreneur, it’s like, almost like you have those months that are insane. And then you have a month like, for example, like when the market shifted right.

Everyone just lost their mind six months, six, seven months. however long it’s been now since last last April, right, nine months, maybe? I don’t even I don’t know why over many months. That is right. So like people lost their mind. Like I saw, I saw agents, especially in the industry. just freeze up and just like, go out and get like jobs.

Jeffrey St. Arromand
Yeah, I think it’s so funny. This is part of the conversation I was having earlier with someone. this is the time where the cream is gonna rise to the top. I think the affirmations are absolutely important. I think the affirmations not only writing them down. but speaking them out loud.

There’s something to be said about that as well. And I also think that, you know, this is one thing. and I know Jim Carrey did this years ago. when you have a goal of what you want to achieve. whether if it’s a monetary, financial goal. whether it be a commission amount. or whatever it is getting to a higher price point and luxury.

I write myself a check out for, you know, $500,000. and I’m in I want to have a commission of $500,000, commission check. so what am I doing every day, in effort to get to that space? I think those things are really helpful in helping you to push through those hard times. And really, you know, you really have to be, again, your hardest critic.

Look in the mirror and see, where do you need to what systems do you need to change? You’re right, people are going to leave the industry right now. But whenever there’s any type of adversity happening in any market. whether it be Wall Street, crypto, this is the opportunity where you can get more market share.

So now when all these agents are leaving, or getting nine to fivers. or not being as active with their brand on social. this is when you got to push it, this is when you have to do more. Because on that other side, which we know is going to happen and hopefully knock on wood sooner than later.

probably in the spring when the rates finally, level off hopefully under five are right at five. we’re going to see that funnel just open up. And that’s those people who do the work now are going to reap the benefits of it then.

So doubling down, you know, is it Warren Buffett. When things are bad when people don’t invest, that’s when you should invest in paraphrasing. That’s essentially what it is, that’s what you need to do with your career right now. When everyone’s on the fence, you double down. And that’s what I’m doing. That’s why we’re here today.

Pamela Bardhi
It’s just so interesting to see how quickly people go into fight or flight mode. The second that something gets harder the second that the well runs dry. not like, oh, let’s go search for some more water. It’s like I’m out here by it’s like, oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

and as an entrepreneur, it’s like you said, Be your own therapist. I can’t tell you how many times I feel like sit down and coaching myself through stuff. and then I’m talking to my coaches as well. You gotta like, take it easy. There’s ups and downs in this business. And I’ll never forget.

I mean, I was sitting at a conference and Tony Robbins was speaking. and he was saying he was like, oh, yeah, all you people in real estate you guys are in the summer right now. You know, you’re in the fall now you’re harvesting grain. You ready for winter? And I remember this was like two years ago.

And everyone in the room was like you have the market strong is not going anywhere. Bla bla bla, okay. And then this year again, like, you know, four or four or five months ago. I went back to that conference and he’s like, What did I tell you about? Winter coming?

Is less people in the room this time? go up. So it’s all about that preparation. And knowing like, what season is your business and as well which is another thing. I mean, like you’re gonna go through all four. Different growth spurts and things in the business.

I mean, look at, look at what you’ve elevated. It’s incredible. It’s absolutely incredible what you built. And the really amazing thing that I love about what you’ve done is you’ve integrated two of your passions into one.

Jeffrey St. Arromand
And I think that’s important, like realising what you’re good at, and pushing that forward. And then, you know, surrounding yourself with people who do what you don’t do. Well, you know, I think that’s so important as well. I have a team, it’s my fiance, and I, we work together.

And so, you know, we have different skill sets. And let’s be clear, this is the first year we work together, and it was a bit of an adjustment. But I would say that it’s important to know. like, you don’t want to build a team with multiple use.

That’s the last thing you want to do. you want to have someone that’s different than you that has some strength that you don’t have. And that way, you could just be more aggressive in what you’re going after to get. for us case, in point, we’re looking to get into higher, you know, much higher luxury over luxury price points.

As we have our three to five, 6 million, you know, price point that we’re at, you want to get to 10 to 15. And so that’s how, you know, I can do that she can work in something else. So you have to have your plan and strategy. And this is a great time to do it. Great time. Absolutely.

Pamela Bardhi
I mean, like, then that’s also not a super easy price point to get to as well. But you’ve been building these relationships, you’ve been harvesting. you’ve been planting seeds, like left and right. So like there’s a lot of entrepreneurs listening. and there’s a lot of people in real estate listening at this time.

like what do you think’s going to happen in the market in the next like six months? What should people be doing? investors be doing? agents be doing? Like, or anybody who’s interested in real estate? What should they be doing?

Jeffrey St. Arromand
I think let’s start with agent, I think agents right now, this is opportunity. If it’s relatively slow, right now, this is when you really have to. And I’ve said this as a broken record, work on systems work on your systems.

Because things are going to pick up on the other side, and you have to have systems in place. So that way, you can just hit the ground running. That’s one thing. Secondly, you have to have hard conversations with your clients on both sides. whether it be buyers and or sellers.

If you’re representing sellers that are aren’t priced appropriately. then you have to have those hard conversations with them. And also for sellers, I think this works on both sides of buyers as well, you have to right now. this is when a good agent really rises to the top right now.

Because you have to come up with creative ways to make these deals work. whether that means creative financing, whether that be advising folks to do five 710 year arms 15 year. rather than a 30 year interest only purchase Siemens to cut costs on your closing costs.

Speak to your seller about potential seller financing, if that’s something that’s an option. you have to really cut become creative. align yourself with different mortgage brokers that have different products. whether it be you know, if it’s just putting 10% down or not having to pay PMI.

Whatever it is getting products that would really separate what you’re doing. and what you’re providing that value to your client from all the other agents that are out there. That’s the most important thing. Now along with that is, you know the value that you bring to your client. but also you work on your brand.

Because right now it’s irrelevant. Yeah, great workers, sir. Hence a great brand. But I’m more concerned about the Jeffrey St. Airman and Tricia Lee brand, my brand and building that out. And that’s what’s important. And so working on that making sure everyone in your sphere knows what you’re doing.

And they know that you’re the you’re the voice to go to in the person to go to for these times. Because they you know, right now, as an agent, where you really needed to go show properties. I mean, that’s people the way technology is, and people they just see everything on their own right.

It’s really what information do you provide to decipher everything that they’re getting? Because there’s a tonne of information? And how does it work in that micro space versus the macro that they’re hearing about in the news.

Because I tell people all the time, the media sells headlines. we sell homes. and so you have to interpret to your particular client. how does that messaging relate to them in their market. that’s what’s really important now for investors. I mean, I think what’s important is just trying to branch out into different markets.

The return may not be what it is in whatever market you’re in, or whatever neighbourhood you’re in. So now it’s time to maybe you may not have the same level of return. but your initial amount that you invest in. is it going to be the same amount there’ll be less and you have a lesser return.

But at least your price points are lower. and if you know that your prospective buyers are really impacted by their tight budgets with the rates. then maybe look for something a little a lesser price point. or go the other end because the other part of the market that’s really excelling is the luxury market.

Because those over luxury market because those buyers. They really aren’t impacted by rates. that’s not a big issue for them. they’re more impacted by what their portfolio is doing and how well that is or isn’t doing. So that’s what real concern is. So they rather take money out of a wall street.

That’s erratic at this point and put it in a hard asset where they know. especially in New York, where they know the value is going to ultimately return. So it’s really about educating yourself and knowing the best messaging to provide to your particular client.

Pamela Bardhi
Absolutely. I love that. And it’s interesting to hear like, what the different price points. what the different needs are and how you can address them. Right. It’s all about serving the client at this day and age technology. Yeah, you can see any house you want to go on, you know, right in. and you know, Zillow and blowing their damn estimates. Zestimates, whatever.

Jeffrey St. Arromand
Exactly. Not everyone’s got that business. Clearly, that didn’t work, because I buying is gone. No one’s doing it anymore. So

Pamela Bardhi
yeah, I mean, listen, I always say real estate’s a local business, right. So you really, absolutely have to be connecting with someone who’s a boss in your market. that has been there tried and true, and knows exactly what to do. You know, and he’s also done it yourself, too.

You mentioned before the fall, like you’ve got your own Airbnb properties in different investments and things like that. So like, not only can you say, Hey, listen, I can help you buy someone’s like. I’m actually bought for myself.

there’s a huge difference when you would when you tried to say that. I can’t tell you how many agents that I’ve met, that are like. I don’t know anything about investing. I’m like, you’ve been in this for 20 years what you use.

Jeffrey St. Arromand
That should be a red flag right there. If you’re working with someone who doesn’t hasn’t invested anything at all. you shouldn’t be working with them. And to your point about having done it before, like this one thing.

And this again, speaks it all goes is all cyclical. It goes back to building your brand goes back to sending value. there was recently with Airbnb in New York. some new laws that people misinterpreted. And they feel like, Oh, I can’t, I can’t do Airbnb anymore.

But you can. So it’s like really letting them understand how does it work for them. So you can do Airbnb as long as you live in the property. And even if you don’t live in the property. you then have to register with the city. So that way, it could only be at least 3030 days minimum stays.

But there’s different things and most people that have buy multifamily. they’re probably looking, they’re going to live in the property, conceivably. and do an air b&b Downstairs, you can still legally do that.

So deciphering that information when they go in and think like, oh, this is I can’t afford this anymore. because the rents not going to really have any additional income and they won’t. I won’t be able to carry the mortgage. But yeah, you can make that much money in Airbnb because I do it and I can speak to it directly. And so those type of things are really important to your point.

Pamela Bardhi
Yeah, absolutely. My God, someone who’s been there done that it’s absolutely key. And that’s the reason why, you know, like, you know, when you’re imagining Zillow. and these big companies like I buy, it’s like, yeah. because you can’t run a system to go out and buy these things.

Because it’s just not the way it works. You got to know the market, you know what I mean? Or you’re gonna get smashed, period. Like that’s, you know, that’s just the name of the game works. Oh, man. And Jeffrey, earlier, you were mentioning like coaching is a really big thing for you. and that you are actually one of the trainers now as well.

Jeffrey St. Arromand
Right? Well, I’m not I wouldn’t, I’m not a trainer. So what we do is, so Ryan has at Serhat, we have this business in the box. and also recorded, you know, we have multiple agents. I was featured on there as as my fiancee and in a few other agents and Ryan.

then after, because we have a real, I would say even international members. we all come together and have a zoom to then speak about some of the content. So I moderate that. And I address the questions that clients would have about that. and the members would have about it.

So that I mean, that was great, because it really helped to forge some great relationships. And it really gives me a good perspective of everyone else’s market and what’s going on there. And that kind of helps with the macro piece of it.

So I think that that’s why I’m a big believer in it. And I was in their shoes and some of these are seasoned agents. Some of these are newer agents, I was in the the newer agent Sue’s shoes. and I can speak to what why this is important. what you need to do, why the CRM is so important.

why, you know constantly reaching out to your to your sphere is so important. why building your brand is so important. So it helps to reiterate those things with me too. is there’s nothing better than hearing that often every once in a while when you need it.

Pamela Bardhi
Absolutely, absolutely. And you mentioned like other coaching programmes. so that you’re like Buffini and like a whole bunch of these now. what would be your advice to agents or really anyone in the real estate game. on what’s the most important thing or piece of advice that you would tell them?

Jeffrey St.Arromand
I mean, I would say a lot of times there’s so many new things that are popping up. and everyone wants to jump on a new, hottest, trendiest thing. And this is true, especially now and this is I say this to myself as well go back to the basics. learn the basics, those things are tried and true.

We talked about the CRM. We talked about mailers having your presence out there. And yet you know, clearly I do social ads as well and podcasts as we’re doing here. but I think those basic principles are been effective, and they still work. And less people are doing them now that they’re probably more effective than they’ve been in the past.

because you’re not getting inundated with so many things in your home and everything else. So it really will help to separate you. But that constant messaging to your sphere, don’t overlook that. I mean, that’s where the brunt of your business is.

And everyone in this business, ultimately. you want to have a complete 80% referral business is what you want to have. you want to have that you don’t want to have to go chase the New Deal constantly want them to come to you. And so how that happens is by constantly sending messages.

you know, something as simple as the newsletters people forget about newsletters. the importance of that, sending out those monthly newsletters. like now, you know, oftentimes you say less is more. but now when is in these crisis, as you, as you may call it, more is more. you need to give more information.

So that way, they can not consume all the headlines that they’re reading and just freeze. because a lot of paralysis out there, and people aren’t doing anything. they want to wait till the rates drop, well, everyone else is going to wait to the rates to drop too.

And then what do you think’s going to happen. you know, the price is gonna start to creep back up. and you’re gonna get you’re gonna overpay for stuff. So why not think of creative ways to get a better mortgage now. So that way, you can get the savings on the cost of the property. That’s really what I would recommend folks to do skip back to the basics.

Pamela Bardhi
I love that and just building relationships so and like. the coolest thing in the world right now is like, we can create content that reaches 1000s. if not millions of people, right? Then like we record at once, but through video. you can capture the energy and like all the stuff.

And now with your TV background, what would be a piece of advice for anyone who’s looking to put content out there or like. you know, build their brand and all the things. because that’s like the new hot from somebody who’s actually been there. what would be your biggest piece of advice, when it comes to that,

Jeffrey St. Arromand
I mean, the first thing I would say is don’t allow perfection, to get in the way of consistency. Right now we have our cell phones. everything doesn’t have to be a beautifully polished. Now, granted, I would want everything to be but because of my background.

but everything doesn’t have to be beautifully polished, high end produced package. you can take your phone, and as I mentioned about that Airbnb tip,whatever. it really resonates in your market, you get in front of your phone. use the green screen function on Instagram, or whatever it is. you have that article behind you, and you speak to that.

you talk about where the market is right now and your market right now in your neighbourhood. You know, just giving good, valuable information. And having that come from a space of, of truth and experience and knowledge. If you’re able to do that consistently.

And then ultimately, as you get better, you feel more comfortable in front of the camera. you know, you can carve out a day to do more content. don’t look at everybody don’t look at what everyone else is doing. Because sometimes that’ll be that’ll intimidate you, and you do nothing at all.

So just get out of your own way. And start with the stuff that you read that you think is really pertinent. to someone on either side of the transaction and give them that information. That’s the easiest and simplest thing to do.

What Would Jeffrey Older Self Tell His Younger Self

Pamela Bardhi
Amazing. Absolutely so many great points there. Because you know, you look at everyone else. There’s like, Whoa, my video was supposed to look like this. How was it? You know, like you guys stuck in your own head. I mean, it happens to me sometimes, like one way I’m talking about things.

So you just gotta go out there and do it. Like any video is better than the one that you don’t put out. Get out there and do it. You know, I love that Jeffrey, I love that. You’ve had just such an amazing group.

TV, real estate, and you’ve got so much coming in. I can’t wait to hear all about that. But in the meantime, this is one of my favourite questions. Okay, what would your older self tell your younger self based on what you know now?

Jeffrey St. Arromand
What would my older self tell my younger self, give yourself some grace, know what you’re doing? Your plants. And you said this several times, and I’ve really heard it a few times. You’re planting seeds. It doesn’t happen overnight. This is a long term career.

You’re building a career, you’re not building something for instant gratification. You put in the work, the results will come and just keep your head down and keep grinding. That’s what I would tell myself and not worry about it.

You know, lean on your faith, know that what you’re doing is the right thing. And know that you’re you’re supported by the right people. and the results will come. That’s what I would tell myself. I said I would tell myself.

Pamela Bardhi
Thank you for that. Thank you. And now to talk about the exciting future like what is up. and I can’t wait to hear what’s up in your world in the next like six months, what’s happening,

Jeffrey St. Arromand
a couple of things. I’m leaning heavily into my sports background. So I’m planting seeds and really close to closing out a couple of great deals. with some great athletes in the New York City area. So really forging relationships with sports agents, business managers.

I hate to call them gatekeepers, but essentially gatekeepers to that sports entertainment world. Also, I’ll tell you that there’s some great projects that we’re working on. that you might see me on either Netflix or Amazon. or something like that in the near future, you call that a T in television.

So that’s a tease of what. So just really looking to expand into that sports and entertainment field are really having a good big presence there. And I was just in Inman, just last week in New York. and met with a couple of great agents there that are really active in that space.

And so we’re going to start to collaborate a little bit. So that’s really the direction for the next six months. And I would say, we’ll circle back in six months. I should probably have at least two to 310 to $15 million deals and contracts. That’s that’s the plan. That’s the plan.

Pamela Bardhi
And then we speak those affirmations I love. I love that Jeffrey, definitely. You’re absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for your wisdom, your story, everything here today. You’re absolutely incredible, my friend. Now you’ve got to let everyone know where to find you and your awesomeness.

Jeffrey St. Arromand
You can find me everywhere you can find me let’s start with Instagram. I’m J S A underscore sells within SS ELLs NYC I’m on LinkedIn, Jeffrey St. Arromand on Facebook as well. Jeffrey St. Arromand, and I guess this year I’m going to be more active on Tik Tok I get to really jump into Tik Tok.

But those are the places you can find me and you can find me at Serhat I’m at Ryan serhant. Our new headquarters in New York City. So it’s I’m there and hopefully coming to your household soon.

Pamela Bardhi
Love it. Jeffrey, thank you so much for being here. Once again, my friend it was honestly it’s such a blessing to have you. Thank you. So that’s it for today’s episode of underdog. catch us next week, always dropping on Thursdays. And remember, if you’re interested in real estate. or want to learn how to create more money and magic in your life. checkout meet with and let’s chat sending you so so much love



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