Tara-Nicholle Kirke

Tara-Nicholle Kirke, MA, Esq. is the CEO and founder of SoulTour, the School of Spiritual Strategy, where she serves as a PR representative for God – the boundless love, infinite intelligence, and creative power that brought all worlds into existence. She is a three-time author, metaphysician, master self-actualization coach, and spiritual strategist for intelligent and accomplished individuals. Tara-Nicholle is an expert in guiding her clients, students, and members to reach their full potential and fulfill their most significant dreams before they die.

Her unique talent involves liberating people from the monotonous hamster wheel of checking the boxes other people call *success* and inspiring them to imagine a grander, more exquisite, extravagant, meaningful, incredibly freeing, and utterly unapologetic vision for their future. Tara-Nicholle is a visionary leader, a modern-day Pygmalion who can awaken your imagination and help you bring your vibrant future to life.

Brace yourself for a mind-blowing episode as Tara-Nicholle Kirke explores a range of topics that will leave you pondering and inspired including:

  • The inspiration behind Tara’s journey to success
  • Tara’s zone of genius that helps people elevate their lives?
  • How did she become a powerhouse entrepreneur?
  • What are the lessons she acquired over time? What has been the most eye-opening experience for her?
  • What would Tara-Nicholle consider one of the most profound moments in her Coaching career?
  • Tara-Nicholle’s greatest piece of advice?
  • Coming up in Tara-Nicholle’s life in next six to 12 months?

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Tara-Nicholle Kirke’s Journey of Personal Transformation and Empowerment

Kevin Harrington
Hi, I’m Kevin Harrington, an original shark from the hit television show Shark Tank and you’re listening to the underdog podcast

Pamela Bardhi
Hello, everyone, and welcome to the underdog Podcast. Today I have an amazing guest here with me Tara, how are you?

Tara-Nicholle Kirke
I am so good. Like we were just talking and I was like I drink from a fire hose of greatness. So fire hose. Yes, but greatness. So we’ll take it.

Pamela Bardhi
You execute greatness, my friend, your energy is so beautiful. And I can feel it all the way on the east coast from the west coast. So there we go.

Tara-Nicholle Kirke
Mutual. Yeah. So thanks for having me. Oh, thank

Pamela Bardhi
You so much for being here. My goodness, I was mentioning on our call prior to this. I’ve been looking forward to having you because I’ve read up all about you. you know, kind of like fangirling I love meeting successful women who are just like. in beast mode.

So and that’s exactly you and you are doing so many beautiful things for the world. And like, I just can’t wait to hear your story today. Honestly, I’m like, super excited.

Tara-Nicholle Kirke
Yeah. And the plot, you know, I’m all about that plot twist in life. But never it never ends. It never ends. And we’re, you know, we’re grateful and ever and

Pamela Bardhi
absolutely, absolutely. I mean, like, where do I Where do I even start with you? I mean, like, your journey is insanely beautiful. And I’m just, I’m just so grateful to have your dad. I’m gonna start you off with a pretty loaded question. All right,

Tara-Nicholle Kirke
Bring it. Bring it. Let’s do it.

Pamela Bardhi
So what inspired you on your journey to where you are today? Ah,

Tara-Nicholle Kirke
possibility, you know, I mean, listen, you told me I could say just what is truly on my heart. What is on my heart. is that when I look at humans. do you remember like those Renaissance paintings where everybody in the painting had kinda like a gold Halo.

That’s what I see. When I see people everywhere, kind of my whole life. Like one of my you know, my zone of genius. if you want to call it that is that I can really look at someone.

almost no matter what their current situation or state is right now. I can see that they I believe all of us are made out of the higher powers. and forces that some of us call God love, intelligence, creative power. I think every human is made of that.

And I can see it when they can’t see it. And I can see how they can go from here to there when they can’t see it. That’s been my inspiration through so many different no matter what industry I worked in. I mean, I have a master’s degree in psychology. I was a lawyer for a while I was a real estate broker for a while a career in tech marketing.

I was the CMO for an app company called my fitness college. a lot of people have heard of now I run a personal growth and coaching company. but slash for most of my people. It’s like their spiritual community to no matter what it was.

I could see the possibility and the beauty and the intelligence and the power and people. I could see the sort of transformation arc that they can’t see yet.

And that’s deeply and that has been deeply inspiring. And also seeing that most of the time the only thing that is stopping people from making that transformation. from their pain to their bliss is really like internalised repression. it’s really self sabotage. It’s really like rooted in fear almost all the time.

Whether you’re a real estate broker, watching your people make decisions where you’re like. Yo, this is not this ain’t it, guys. I’m trying to tell you, you know what I mean? Or you’re a fitness trainer or being like these people come in.

and we all know that we got to move eat less and exercise more is not rocket science is kind of just how it works. that people have a really hard time.

They know what to do. They know what to do, they just have a really hard time getting themselves to do it. And I think a lot of that is rooted in fear.

It’s rooted in cultural programming that’s rooted in childhood conditioning. And it’s not because of those things are just habits of thought.

They are also habits we you know, we created those habits through practice. and focus and we can uncreate those habits of thought through practice and focus and that is inspiring to me. Because I’m like, what if the whole what would the world look like. if everybody could catch their inspirations and their callings. and understand their possibilities and just step into the this already is a beautiful world.

And it would be a really that’s how human evolution happens. is when peoples start being able to do their dreams. So that’s my big inspiration. And that’s my sort of calling is to help people be their big selves and do their big dreams before they die.

You know what I mean? I think we all get there eventually. if you’re really willing to just like, let it play out. But I think there’s some acceleration that I can offer to people and that’s my jam.

Pamela Bardhi
I love that And like, your background is incredibly diverse. And I love your passion for what you do. like seeing the light and other people. you’re what I call the beautiful cheerleaders in this life that make all the difference.

The ones that we oh my god, they make all the difference. Because when you have somebody in your ear, saying, I believe that you can. it suddenly like you’re more motivated to do it because of them. And not even necessarily for yourself, you know, and so I call it like,

Tara-Nicholle Kirke
I appreciate that you’re saying that because I do think that especially American culture has a really. there is a really dysfunctional narrative of over-independence. you get an A plus in life, for doing hard things by yourself.

And you actually don’t, you actually don’t anything great and big and important. and viewed or beautiful. even small and beautiful. In this world, very few works of art. Whatever the art is, life is an art.

Very few of those things are actually ever created on our own. But our culture’s kind of taught us that we have to do them on our own. So I think it’s like really cool if somebody needs to borrow from me my belief in them for a minute. I’m good with that.

Pamela Bardhi
100%. And the crazy thing is, you said you’ve always seen this in people. you’ve always seen this halo, you’ve always seen this light. So like, I’m interested, like, as a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? Because like, taking over the world,

Tara-Nicholle Kirke
I literally thought I was in charge of the world when I was a child. My grandmother both taught me, she created what I call our lineage. the lineage of the blizzards.

My grandmother was a blesser. And like, you know, people think of like, sweet, grainy, like feed a lot of food. She did all that she was all about that.

And blessing, like the original meaning of the word blessing was to confer prosperity on like. when you bless someone, you confer prosperity on them.

And she meant, she was like a little bit of like a, she was a black church lady. but I think she was kind of like a metaphysician. like a cosmic metaphysician masquerading as lectures.

You know, so she just, she had that. And I think I received this lineage really as like a transmitted lineage from her. she had this real ability to look at people and see the best in them and call it forth.

she didn’t have all frayed like me frameworks from neurobiology and depth psychology. and young and this and that and in like, new thoughts spiritual life. She didn’t do all that. But she did know that she would tell me if I when moved out of town.

she would and I would come to visit she just drives by on your way out so I can lay my eyes. I mean, she would just want to just call forth. and she would if she was big on the spiritual backdrop. she would just say these like little things that would. really shift things for you.

And she also recognises that because I had that trait in my wiring to there as a young child. I really didn’t like other kids. I really was in the preschool posted up with the teachers at coffee.

Oh my gosh, and the one thing she did do a lot, which she would say. Tara Berra, how I talked to you about giving it to God? Well, it seems like you gave it to God and took it right back.

So she actually recognised in me that sometimes that blessing and coaching really. like that’s what coaching is, is evoking potential. evoking potential from people she recognised that there was a potential shadow side.

to that of falling under the influence of the belief that you’re the director of the universe. there can be like a little threat of codependency even in it. where you like are spinning all of the plates for all the people and actually crippling the people around you.

because you’re not requiring them to do what they know. to learn action and consequence and all of that. So, I always as a child, I thought I knew I would be an entrepreneur, for sure.

because I did try to sell my brother in the grocery store when he was born. And I asked $25 which I think is pretty like that’s actually my pricing was pretty good. I was five it was 19 at the grocery store being like this kids really cheap.

You, somebody, should take him off are. We knew I would be an entrepreneur, we thought I might be a doctor. It’s funny that people think I’m a doctor still. I’m really not. I mean, I’m very much an amateur doctor.
But yeah, we thought it would be a doctor. I thought it would be professor. And I think those things are not that far off. I mean, I am an entrepreneur, I certainly am a metaphysician.

I certainly run a school, a personal growth school. But the entrepreneur in me doesn’t just let me go be a professor somewhere. I have to make a school.

Create the school because there’s no school that teaches exactly like what I teach. So yeah, I don’t think I realized I would spend, I’d be as much of a writer as I am.

I definitely always thought whatever I did, would have a lot of like public speaking to it. because I loved to speak, I loved to perform. but in that kind of a way.

I played every instrument and all that but that was never my thing. It was more like speech wire and stuff. I love that kind of stuff. So yeah, little terrible was a trip.

Pamela Bardhi
It’s just so fascinating to see, because it always ties in with your childhood somehow. which is so cool. And like your journey is just so fascinating to me. because like the realms that you’re in now versus like where you started. So I I’d love to hear kind of like the trajectory of the journey. as unfurled and kind of what happened throughout the process.

Tara-Nicholle Kirke
It was wild, like I never in a million years would have thought. nobody would have thought that I’d ended up what doing exactly what I’m doing. But that’s kind of because I ended up creating this career that’s very bespoke to me.

And I think also technology really, I’m fascinated with this fact that the 50 year old. who will live to be a healthy 150 year old is already alive. like the pace of medical technology and digital technology.

Acceleration has created so many career opportunities that didn’t even exist when I was a kid. So I was I grew up in California in the Central Valley in like kind of farmland. corporate farmland, and oil country, super religious background, growing up.

went to a Pentecostal Day School five days a week and Missionary Baptist Church on the weekends. And I was always like a super great student.

And I got pregnant when I was 16. It was obviously very formative. I knew my high school principal really well. And I remember going to her and being like, so here’s the thing that’s happening. What do we think we’re gonna do about this?

she was like, you know, I was so bored out of my school in high school. I had been taking junior college classes at night just to do something. She was like, you’ve had credits enough to graduate for a while. like you literally can graduate today.

Because I had been taking these classes I didn’t even I wasn’t trying to graduate early. But so I only did three years in high school graduated early. In that same meeting, that principal made a call to our local university.

and couple phone calls later, and I was admitted to college. I had not taken any of I never took the LSAT. I never took the I have a master’s degree in a law degree from UC Berkeley. And never the sad, she just called and was like I have this student with a 4.3 is like five months pregnant.

Look, you guys do and they let me into school and found a local company. that was willing to pay for my education. And they paid not only did they pay for my education. they assigned me a mentor.

who was another psychology department professor as a psychology major. And she had been a young mom too, and still ended up getting, you know, a doctorate degree.

so I remember going to meet her as a black teenager. I was probably six months pregnant. And my parents were well to do it was really like outrageous. It’s in my community that I was like choosing that path.

And I remember her like just talking, she’s just like talking to just conversation. it was almost like she did to me than what I do to people. Now.

It was like, there was a moment when she kind of like got me. it was like this real tone change where she was like, alright. so you’re going to start here in the fall. And we’re gonna do all these things to help you get through school.

And I’ll give you a research assistant job and like. we’ll make sure that your kids have childcare and didn’t have that. But I can tell from this conversation that you will need to go to grad school too.

So I’m also going to do all of these, it was wild. So she like set me up to start publishing in peer reviewed journals. when I was like 16 1718 years old as I mean, it was bananas. the opportunities and doors that she opened.

because she did what I can do. which is she saw the possibility. and she was like I want to be the evoker of that. I want to be the lever that helps her fulfil that.

And that’s really life changing. especially when you’ve made like what other people think of as a mistake. or like have diverted from your course in life. So I did bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Cal State University Bakersfield.

I still sit on the Board of Trustees for the university now today at 47 years old. so over 30 years later, I moved to I did an F an internship with the FBI Academy in Quantico. where I became kind of enamoured with the idea of going to law school thought I might be a lot professor.

I married my son’s father’s and he had a very young child that I ended up adopting. So I ended up with. the two boys really close in age, they were 12 months apart. They’re now 30 and 31.

And I moved them by my got divorced from their dad. and move both of the boys up here to the Bay Area. and went to law school put myself through law school.

As a personal trainer had another million miracle events. where people spoke life into me paid for my school. paid for my child care paid for my education. like it was just a stack of miracles that other humans were the conduits for.

And so I actually practised law for a couple years. I represented a couple of bad Realtors while I was practising the law. And I was like, Yo, real, my dad was a real estate investor. I was always very comfortable with real estate.

And I was like, I don’t know, I feel like this, I would be good at this job. I will be really good at this job. a lot of realtors do care a lot, actually.

And I thought I thought it was kind of the same level of career as a lawyer. It’s like trusted advisor, you know, it’s like the biggest transaction we will ever do in our lives. It’s really important.

So I left my job as a lawyer to become a real estate broker. And, it was almost like my first experience of real consumer insights. research just being in the car with a bunch of buyers.

And it was like at the top of the market, not this last time. but the time before that before the Great Recession. So it was in like 2004 or five, kind of era.

And so you could see people making the decisions that would lead to the Great Recession. like you could see it happening. And I was like,

There’s got to be a different way. Well, my master’s degree had been in the psychology of curriculum design. So I knew a lot about learning and behaviour and change.

And so I thought, I think I could help people make better decisions. so I made this kind of curriculum. For my real estate homebuyers. That was like a little bit how to do a transaction.

but a lot like what to expect. and mindset management and like, lifestyle design. I would guide people through it and people who had bought like. home many homes in the past. were like, this is kind of a game changer.
Like this is really, you know, working for me and empowering me. and deactivating a lot of the emotional charge to the transaction.

that makes people kind of make their bad decisions. So I turned that curriculum into a seminar. I turned that seminar into a book, I self published that book. I did a janky round of PR on that book.

I got a hit in the New York Times, I got a call from HGTV. asking if they could licence my book. and turn it into this website they were doing at the time called front door.com. They hired me as a digital marketing consultant and a spokesperson.

they immediately trained me put me on there, I went to New York, every quarter. I was still selling real estate in the Bay Area. I went to New York every quarter.

And I would work with their PR team to turn like the questions I was hearing in the car. the articles that we had broken my book up, into content. and content campaigns and media campaigns.

that was kind of how I ended up in marketing was like learning how to use a spokesperson, myself. and content and data and all these things to drive a digital. drive people to a website, basically.

So I worked for them for several years. And then trulia.com recruited me away from there. So I went in house stop selling real estate. became their like Head of Content Marketing essentially created the rent versus buy index.

ended up there I went them to work for their PR agency. And that was fun. because it was like the first time I wasn’t the spokesperson. But I still got to do you know the same kinds of things. like turn spokespeople and content into digital business results.

And eventually, you know, I had some more plot twists. where I ended up writing my own consulting firm like that wrote a book about the transformational consumer. and ended up working as the Chief Marketing Officer. for my fitness pal kind of in that same time. we were I was there two years. we grew from 45 million customers to 120 million customers in that time.

we were acquired by Under Armour for about a half billion dollars. not all of which was mine, but enough was that I could go ride my bike in Croatia for a few months. So I did that.

And then when I left it was really clear when I you know kind of was rested. it became really clear to me that the next frontier of transformation would be in our well being.

So I started the company that I run now it’s called Soul tour. We are we’re a person we’re a training company. a coaching company, we run courses. we’re a personal growth company. and it’s really where I call them our people like ambitious spiritual maximalists. Or people are smart and successful and often haven’t yet fulfilled their potentials or their big life dreams yet.

So this is where they come to do that. This is where they come to get help. often building the business empires that their soul wants them to build. so they can live the lives that they were born to live. That’s the story, sister.

Pamela Bardhi
That is the story, my gosh, oh my gosh. I love all the twists and turns that you’ve had all the cheerleaders you’ve had along the way. They just spoke life into you, and like just provided you. And just like, I’m mind blown. I’m not I love

Tara-Nicholle Kirke
I also know I have now have a five-year-old. So I have this like wild range in kids from 3130 to five, and inspired a lot by the five-year-old. And just the vantage point that gives you on human evolution.

we are in the process of moving from the Bay Area to Portugal. And I have a real vision of like. where I wanted to be in a place where she could ride horses every day.

And she could be in the ocean every day. she could still go to progressive schools and have good internet. because a lot of our firm by the beach favourite places do not have good internet. Like Come on girls got needs.

so it’s really like this. It’s been a really fascinating life. And it’s I still feel I mean, I still I feel like I’ve lived for lives. I feel like I am literally just getting started.

Tara-Nicholle Kirke Biggest Lessons Throughout Her Journey

Pamela Bardhi
Literally,I mean honestly like that journey. like the amount of lessons and the trajectory that you went through. like all of those different, like occupations and seasons in your life is amazing. So like, what were some of your biggest lessons throughout the journey that you’ve learned?

Tara-Nicholle Kirke
oh, my favourite lessons. I think the overarching arc kind of lesson I don’t know if it’s a lesson theme is like unbroken optimism. That’s like, kind of quintessentially me, I guess. here’s a way to say that as a lesson.

Well, I’ve learned that, you know, to never believe the media. our brains and nervous systems were not built to take in all of the bad news. that’s happening everywhere in the world all at one time. they were really wired to take in just what’s around us. because that’s all we can affect.

That’s all we can actually do anything about is like kind of what’s within our reach. So I have learned to be very and very protective of my T shirts.

I’ve learned to take care of my inner Well, being first and foremost. I was in the real estate business during the great recession.

And I remember being like becoming shifting into like witness mode during that time and being like. oh, okay, I get it.

There are people who will thrive in any economic climate period. recession or not, whatever is happening in the world. there are people who will always thrive. so I became like a student of what it was.

and I mean, thrive with integrity, not by like being opportunities or, you know, whatever. And I remember being like. I’m gonna figure out what’s the thing that separates the ones who do for the ones who don’t?

Because this is likely to happen several times more in a lifetime. Just if you look at history. I remember realising most of us think we think that we have to make the exact right decisions.

we think we have to have the exact way it’s the right strategy. we think we have to figure it all out and get it right because our culture is a very, like perform conform, produce culture.

And the reality is, I think it’s like 80% of whether you thrive it. especially in a time of economic crisis and global crisis is really about your inner well being.

It’s Do you have the rituals and their practices to stay grounded and clear minded and keep calm. when everybody else is wreaking all the way out.

Because all of your decisions are not going to work out no matter what. that’s just not how life works.

So you got to be that person who knows how to attend to their own inner well being. enough to get those daily like. like those inspired kind of golden thread ideas.

those things that put you in the right place at the right time. those things that allow you to not make a decision that doesn’t pan out. and spiral into shame and get stuck there.

But instead like make a decision that maybe doesn’t play out the way that you wanted it to. and always pull out the wonderful insight or learning or progress. that you can make as a result of that.

So I’ve kind of one of my teachers talks about taking the view from the top. like always taking the view from the top. so that’s a real good I think the two probably best habits of thought. that I have are I can find nothing is wasted on me.

Nothing is wasted on me no event no conversation, no bad thing. Not there are no bad things in life. There are unwanted things that you can learn lessons into Comment from.

so, I constantly practice what you can call it reframing. But like taking the view from the top like what’s the highest-minded most noble way I can look at anything.

And I think my my other sort of habit that puts me in good stead in life. as I’m incredibly self aware, I’m very, very, very, I’ve cultivated a lot of I was very fragile to criticism.

When I was young, I was a very much a perfectionist. I was kind of raised to be a perfectionist. And so all criticism like hurt.

And I think now I’ve cultivated this great comfort level with seeing what needs seeing. and saying what needs saying about myself to myself and to my clients and about my clients.

I have several clients who are venture backed startup founders. I have clients who are the be top selling realtors in big, you know, metro areas. people who are making millions of dollars in commission, every year.

And those people really have anyone in their lives. usually who will see exactly what being seen and say it right. and say it with love and say it with like a vision for what we’re going to do with this information. Right, not just bring unfiltered critique if I see something, for me.

I’m such a potential fulfilment oriented person, I never just see the critical. Like. if I see that I’m like, only seeing it because it’s like. on the path to the fulfilment of a greater potential for them. So that self awareness will get you are in life 100%

Pamela Bardhi
My gosh, absolutely. And I mean, that’s something that you’ve cultivated in both throughout the years. and just like through your lineage like being a blesser to others. Now, what’s fascinating to me is that you’ve built this entire organisation.

which is amazing soul tour, like, I just I love that you always target the soul. it’s amazing. So what has been one of your most profound experiences. with like a coaching client. or like throughout what you’ve built. because I know there’s something magical there for sure. Every day.

Tara-Nicholle Kirke
It’s so funny, because I like I could do this all day, every day. I like I feel, it’s kind of crazy. It doesn’t feel like work. I actually have to plan, I have to require myself to do things that are not work related. because I very much could just do this all the time. What’s really interesting, you know, because I teach both.

I teach and coach a lot of entrepreneurs and but I often end up being like the spiritual coach to entrepreneurs. or the business coach to very spiritual people. Like they all make a lot more money one time.

Last year, I had a moment where I was like, I have this course I was teaching called the sacred money archetypes. It’s like a self-discovery course.

But that really was oriented around using the youngin archetypes. to help people understand why they do what they do when it comes to money. Hmm, so I like I have a course and I was like.

Oh, maybe I need to like reshoot it or like rewrite it or whatever. And I was like, let me just check in with the people who have taken this course and see what you know. just get some feedback, kind of like focus group style.

So I had a week where I did like 12 calls with people who had taken that course. like six week course, these people. I was like just taking notes. they were like, collectively ascribing about $14 million.

and increased income to that six weeks. And I was like, I actually shot a video that’s an update to the course saying. I was gonna reshoot this course.

And then I talked to people who had taken the course. and now I think it would be like a disservice to anyone to read stupid score. Because like it is so game-changing to people. it’s very spiritual work.

It’s very much like shadow work. then self actualization work. It’s not a business coaching course where I’m telling you what to do. when accountability and how many calls you make.

It’s literally none of that it’s all just like breakthrough work block removal work, and it’s wild. So I love those kinds of stories. I love how quickly people get like wins sometimes.

even from like marketing content that I do people will be like whoa. I just sold like 250 grand you know, an extra income I got from this like marketing.

I’ve had people asking me if they can Venmo me. because they just felt like they were reading my newsletter and like getting so much out of it. They needed to just pay for it even though it was like not a paid thing.

So I love that stuff. But I love kind of the most I love the the spiritual progress that people report back. So many people talking about healing to their inner critic complexes.

You know, so many people having you know, I have clients who like got a book deal. lost 80 pounds and move to a new country in the same year. The way you do one thing is the way you do everything.

So we talk about it through the lens of business and money largely. because that’s the thing that People can give themselves permission to invest in. and does make a lot of our work tax deductible.

Let’s be real, I mean it is it is business coaching. So that helps. But I love when, you know, like the super powerful local realtor here. and I used to in the Bay Area is like, you know, I my whole life I lived afraid to die.

And as a result of working with you, I’m no longer afraid to die. I’m good, I will, I will do this forever. I will do this work when I’m 95 years old. Like I just love it.

And so I’ve always kind of I think as a kid, I always wanted to be. I always wanted to or as you know, as like a young woman. I thought it would be so cool to be part of like a secret society of badass boss, ladies.

you know what I’m saying. And I kind of am now like I get to be sold to or gets to be the breeding ground. for the next generation of business empires that are soul driven. that are like alignment.

First, alignment over everything is about learning your own wiring and sacred gifts and callings. and talents and what you don’t love to do. and creating a business and a life that’s congruent with that. So like this is really all I do is teach people how to be 100% of themselves. and make a lot of money doing it. that’s like, a freakin dream job for me too.

Pamela Bardhi
Oh, absolutely. My God like that. What? There’s no greater power than that. Are you kidding? So we’ll help align people with their purpose into the next level of life. Like I mean, and just watch that kind of unfold is on real.

Tara-Nicholle Kirke
that part I get to watch the people come in who are like, so genius. but so repressed from like years of being taught, they have to be a certain way. And I get to watch all that fall off. It’s wondering, I mean, report, they’re like, my sex life is amazing. My husband is so happy. I’m doing this business coaching.

Pamela Bardhi
I did not know. Thank you.

Tara-Nicholle Kirke
I was like I can I use? Can I coach you on that?

Pamela Bardhi
So amazing. Well, I mean, when you’re connected, when you’re in flow, when you’re in state. when you’re in alignment, it’s a whole different thing. And right now, the world, there’s people that are searching for purpose.

people that are lost, and they really need guidance. And I mean, like for anybody who’s listening. what would be your best piece of advice that you have seen help your clients that would potentially help anyone.

who’s listening to us right now is kind of like, Oh, I feel like there’s something more. or I’m like, no select piece of advice there.

Tara-Nicholle Kirke
The thing that I’m called to delive. to communicate in a season is to let yourself want what you really want. like yourself, want what you really want. because it’s a really common problem that people present with.

when they come into our practice that they know they’ve got greatness within them. They’ve always known that. and they’ve had goals that they’ve been setting for a long time that they’ve not been reaching. And that’s like a real issue for them.

And they’d like some help breaking through that. And a lot of times what happens is when they come into my practice. the first thing we do I have this method, the Self Mastery method, recalibrate, actualize align.

so when we recalibrate their nervous system, some of their beliefs. some of their identity. truly like de chaos, their nervous system. give them a sacred pause to stop reacting to the world.

Do your little bit of like reminding them who they really are. in terms of like a cosmic and universal perspective. Usually what happens is they realise that they haven’t been achieving their goals.

because they actually don’t care about them they’re not their goals. They’ve been many people who have been high achieving for a lifetime. have been kind of almost like on the treadmill of checking the boxes. that this culture deems success but they don’t care about this stuff.

That’s why they’re not actually getting there and honestly. their wise inner being is doing them a big freakin favour. by holding them back from creating a life they would actually hate. That’s a lot of self sabotage candy.

so once we get you recalibrated out of the fear programme. the scarcity programme, the unworthiness programme. sometimes trauma like actual trauma people have experienced it’s very active in their energies. still want to help you integrate and come out of that.

There’s a season that’s feels very untethering for people because they’re like, Okay. I don’t care about that stuff. I’m not going to do that, but I don’t know what to do yet.

So like and then who what do you do when culture when external validation. is not going to drive be the in the driver’s seat of your life anymore.

So then we embark upon some self-discovery and you learn who you are. according to your human design. you learn who you are, and you’re young and archetypes.

and you start to realise your true self and begins to get. we train it through some crack Decision rituals, but your true self starts to feel like you’re listening now.

And if you let that happen, that process happen. and you can sit still and not give in to your old patterns. your true self will start to speak up. most people will begin to download a really beautiful, vivid, technicolour vision for the next season of their lives.

it often looks pretty different than they originally thought it would. that’s scary to people too And that’s okay. Good stuff is scary to be letting yourself given just the idea for some people. that they could just actually let themselves want what they really wanna is pretty revolutionary.

Pamela Bardhi
Love that. Oh, my gosh, you’re literally amazing, like, amazing. So I’m like, so like, what’s up in your world and like the next six months. like what’s happening? What’s new aside from Portugal that you mentioned,

Tara-Nicholle Kirke
I mean, Portugal, Portugal, Portugal, my visa appointment is coming up here soon. So that’s like very friend of mine. For me, what else is new. So we have? Well, I have multiple book projects in the works.

My clients have a bunch of books proposals that are out right now. I’m excited to see what’s happening with them. when we do so my flagship programme is called empires of the soul.

And we have people in there, there’s really like kind of two ways people come in. some people come in early in their business. or before they even know what their business is. So we call them emerging empires. then some people come in.

so emerging empires is people who, every What are from. I don’t know what my business is yet to, I’m actually running the business that’s not quite yet an engine. like not quite yet an engine of profit and transformation.

That’s our goal for those students. So up to 250k in revenue a year, and then we have the Empires collective. which is people who are 250k, and way, way, way, way, way over per year already. And a lot of those people have beautiful projects they want to do to kind of go from having a business. that’s got a great engine to also having a beautiful personal brand. you know, a book or some deep, a podcast a way that they tell their unique story.

So I’m excited about a lot of those programmes, at a lot of those people’s projects. I get to touch them pretty individually. So that’s super fun. And then in October, every October, we do an in person event called upgrade your money and your life.

And it’s like three days of me and golden sequence. and stars and wardrobe changes every four hours while we kind of you know. just commune and convene, and gather and upgrade and raise the vibration. so that’s, that’s a good kind of overview of our next six. That’s about our next six months.

Pamela Bardhi
Oh my god, I love that.

Tara-Nicholle Kirke
You should be an upgrade. You’re very, you’re very s.

Pamela Bardhi
You’re so amazing. I mean, I love all the work that you do, like everything you’re doing for the world, just your energy, your spirit. And I’m just like you’re honoured. Absolutely honoured that you took the time today and like everything. but I’m sure that a lot of people listening are gonna be like, how do we connect further? What’s the best way to recruit?

Tara-Nicholle Kirke
Yes, well, just remember that my job is to help people be big be their big cells. and do their big dreams before they die. And actually to help you dream a better Dream Dream a more highly aligned and more highly profitable dream.

So if you’re interested in like learning more about that getting some of that energy expansion energy come to Seoul tour.com/affirmations.

you’re going to enter your email address, you’ll get my transformation Tuesday newsletter. that I write every week. to just help smart successful people reach their full potential. and build the Empires they came here to build.

When you sign up on that page, you’ll also get this quick audio training.that is, you know, me telling my one of my own life stories and the moral of the story.

it’s all about how to breathe new life into your old dreams. so just Yeah, so come to soul tour.com/affirmations. And keep in mind that at soul tour, our flagship programme is called the empires of the soul. It’s business mastery,

Life Mastery, self-mastery and Money Mastery. for transformational authors and leaders and entrepreneurs. and people who want to be one of those things.

So if you’ve been waiting for a sign that it’s time to let yourself start wanting what you really want, this is your sign. This is the sign and if you think you’d like my help, and my team’s hub. I invite you to go to soul tour.com/apply.

And there’s a little application there. You can tell us a little bit about yourself, your business, your vision, your life, who you are. and we’ll get on a call with you. and help you figure out if we should be working together.

Pamela Bardhi
exciting. Oh my gosh, you are an absolute Rockstar

Tara-Nicholle Kirke
thank you so much for having me. This is lovely.

Pamela Bardhi
You’re amazing. Seriously, I’m so grateful for you. Thank you. So that’s it for today’s episode of underdog. catch us next week, always dropping on Thursdays. And remember, if you’re interested in real estate, or want to learn how to create more money and magic in your life. checkout meet with pamela.com and let’s chat sending you so so much love


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