Arnaud Saint-Paul
Welcome to the latest episode of The Underdog Show. We are delighted to have Arnaud St. Paul as our guest! Arnaud is a conscious technologist, philanthropist, author, and visionary who has inspired businesses and individuals worldwide for decades. He has received numerous accolades for his remarkable contributions to innovations, technology, and methodology. His latest accomplishments include HealThruWords, which has touched the lives of over 50 million people with its uplifting and positive messages and GIVE Nation, a gamified wallet designed to empower 1.6 billion children with philanthropic values and sustainable financial literacy. In this episode, Arnaud shares his life’s purpose of helping one billion people open their hearts to themselves. He explains how his unique methodology combines science, spirituality, and heartfulness principles to inspire individuals to unlock their highest potential and lead more fulfilling lives.

  • Join us for this insightful conversation with Arnaud St. Paul. The highlights of the episodes are as follows:
  • What inspired Arnaud on his journey to where he is today? What inspired him to be an entrepreneur?
  • Among his vast experiences and established companies, what are the challenges he encountered?
  •  Why is it important to be in tune with yourself and your role in the universe?
  •  What does business is a spiritual dance with yourself mean for Arnaud?
  • What would Arnaud tell his younger self based on what he knows now?
  • What are his plans for the next six to 12 months?

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Arnaud Saint-Paul Shares his Heartful Mission to Finding Life Purpose and Success

Kevin Harrington
Hi, I’m Kevin Harrington, an original shark from the hit television show Shark Tank. and you’re listening to the underdog podcast

Pamela Bardhi
Hello, everyone, and welcome to the underdog podcast. today I have an incredible guest here with me where I’m so honoured. So, so honoured to have here, all the way from Paris are no are you?

Arnaud Saint-Paul
Yay. Thank you. Thank you for having me. Yes, I’m currently in Paris, usually living in LA. but I’m travelling between around the pond. I guess, between Europe and the US.

Pamela Bardhi
I absolutely love our dogs. I can’t tell you how excited I’ve been to have you here. like, last time we met, the energy was so beautiful.

I was like, I cannot wait, there are no so like, in full detail, you know. because I heard a little bit and I was like, I just absolutely adore who you are as a person.

what you do in the world, like everything that you are. So thank you so much for being here, my friend.

Arnaud Saint-Paul
And now I am going to have to feel blessed for the rest of my day. Thank you for this.

Pamela Bardhi
Thank you so much. Oh, my goodness. So where do I start with you? Every one of my biggest questions for you, my friend is. what inspired you on your journey to where you are today?

Arnaud Saint-Paul
Wow, I don’t know, I guess it’s life inspired me. I didn’t have much of a choice. I mean, much of a choice, because my birth really set the tone for the rest of my life.

And my birth led me to waking up at 13 years old. and then go on a journey listening and trying to figure out who I am. And meanwhile, I was working in finance. then tech and studying companies in the tech world, in Europe and the US.

I was still on a journey of trying to figure it out. like anybody else probably, and so naturally. but with a lot of hurdles and obstacles on the way obviously. because we don’t make it simple to our for ourselves.

And then gradually I was brought by force somehow to be more and more of myself. that led me to get to a place where I didn’t have much of a choice. and where I had this social part of handling companies and whatever.

And then the more inner part where I was helping people to open their heart to themselves. And all of us had to have a choice. meaning deciding that my life purpose is to help 1 billion hearts to open to themselves.

because that’s the only thing that makes sense to me. And so off we go, and we are on that journey now. And building up what I believe is the perfect path. Perfect now since that’s the only one.

That’s just because it works for me. it works for the people that are treading on that path towards more harmony. towards more alignment and coherence.

and therefore be more present to our beautiful and amazing heart we have inside ourselves. and conducting and be participating to the beautiful dance of life.

Pamela Bardhi
You just unpacked so much inside me to reel it back. Because of like, there’s so many beautiful things happening here. Oh, no, has a child or no, what did you want to be when you grew up? Like what was your dream?

Arnaud Saint-Paul
I don’t remember. It was all fuzzy in the sense that I was not quite sure. What is this human experience? I mean, I did not quite understand. So it was a constant search of how this whole thing works out.

Not really understanding that world of people. And you know, their social constructs and all that stuff. So I was very much introvert in so many ways, indeed. So I got into finance.

That was my very first job by luck. I guess and had a lot of fun with it and made money with it and so on. Great. And then I really wanted to create that was my thing.

And so that’s why I went into creating companies. The thing is, it’s not enough. because meanwhile I was going through, you know all the different religions. the different philosophies around the world.

the Tao that Buddhism and joy To them, and again, looking for answers to that eternal question. So it’s all always like a trial and error. It’s a, I’m going this way.

Does that work? No. So I’m going that way, and so on and so forth. whether from a business standpoint or from an inner development standpoint.

And as I went through, I created little charts that would explain to me in a very simple way. what this whole thing works, how does that work? How can I be a better human being and open my heart further. to myself to the others, et cetera.

And when I was thinking, about 25 years ago, I decided to move to Spain. because I was looking for places where I can experience more heart oriented people from France at that time.

So I went there, and I explored and see what it means to me, and so on and so forth. Then I went to the US for about eight, nine years, I think, so far. And here we are travelling around the world

Pamela Bardhi
that are no, I love that. And you also mentioned to you when you were 13. you went on a self discovery journey. which is incredible, that is a very, very young age.

And you were asking yourself about the human experience from such an early age. like what happened at that time to make you kind of question that.

because I don’t think I got my serious life questions until I was like, what means. So how did you become so self aware at such a young age,

Arnaud Saint-Paul
I guess, one, because there was still some awareness that was kept there. And when I was imposed at that time, you know, the overall religious constructs.

God needs to be in the church, and you need to go there, and that kind of stuff. All of us are working in me a truth
meaning in this case, God is everywhere. and I can live with him, or her in the forest, or etc.

because I was living among the trees. And so all of a sudden, my inner truth superseded whatever was happening in reality. So I started to make that inner connection, right.

And came together truths that I would discover in the Bhagavad Gita a few years after or stuff like that. And I was living through them. not knowing really what it means or how or etc.

So, I guess that inner world started to be more and more of a reality to me, then for other people. That’s how it started. And then it grew and grew and grew. And, nowadays, it’s all that I can live.

Pamela Bardhi
Incredible. It’s incredible. And then you went on, you went into finance. and you started your own companies. That’s amazing. What was your first company ever? What was the first one you ever started?

Arnaud Saint-Paul
What it was, yeah, it was in telecom. Because at the time, it was in France. there was a monopoly on telecommunications, it was super expensive.

And so I had created a company, we were buying minutes in the US. selling them to tourists in France, with little debit cards made money with that was. that was my first company.

Pamela Bardhi
So cool. And like, how did you go on to like, scale all these companies and start all these different ones? Because, you know, entrepreneurs listen to that. how did he do it just like starting out with all these different things

Arnaud Saint-Paul
with a lot of effort, because I didn’t know better at the time. So I love trial and error, for sure. I mean I’ve created companies in telecom, in logistics, optics.

I created a fund as well, optical recognition and self development. different styles, different ways to scale them, failures and some successes. and when again, trial and error, trial and error, let’s see what works.

what doesn’t, so I’m not the best entrepreneur that can that has scaled to billions of people, etc. Because my attention was elsewhere.

And I’d rather go and focus on my heart and see how I can live by it. because that is a more fulfilling and filling life. So, yes,

Pamela Bardhi
we absolutely. And I can’t wait to get into the conscious leadership and conscious capitalism, all of that. Yeah,

Arnaud Saint-Paul
I forgot that.

Pamela Bardhi
I can’t wait to get into that one. But before we do get into that one. with all of your companies and everything that you’ve built. kind of before you got into that.

what was some of your biggest lessons because you mentioned a lot of failures.a lot of stuff SAS is right. So what were some of the biggest lessons that you learned during that time?

Arnaud Saint-Paul
Hmm, very good question. One that is super standard, I guess. it’s to always look for the best team you can be surrounded by. because that’s, it’s the juice.

And, you know, it’s the juice of building something together. That’s amazing. It’s a beautiful sentiment. And at the same time, it’s the best guarantee for a certain success.

In hindsight, I guess one thing that I never got really. the best key ever for an entrepreneur is understanding and being able to assess and feel. and therefore execute upon the constant alignment. and harmony within the team within the company within etc.

So how do I fine tune all the way to the little details. this constant flow of creation that happens within the company. whether it’s one person or 10, or 20? Or hundreds, same thing?

And how can I foster that core and nurture it so that it can grow? And that’s a thing that I’ve done my best in that direction. not to set you aware of that direction at the time.

But it is clearly how things work in the end. And one lesson also, to get to your question that I learned the hard way. is that I was always 510 2030 years ahead of the market. And so trying to get back down to what reality enables at the time has been a big adventure for me. Really.

Pamela Bardhi
It’s amazing that the so you were technically a futurist and your businesses. Yeah. How do you see so far ahead? You’re a visionary. I know that.

Arnaud Saint-Paul
it’s just that it doesn’t make sense otherwise. So for me, what reality is past stories. And I know that this should be working that way, a stupid example being.

When we had computers to 20 or 30 years ago.
for me, they didn’t need to be silent. doesn’t make sense for them to make noise is against a stupid example. But it took 1015 years to get there.

And it’s a real problem. So the same for businesses. So it’s not reasoning or logic that brings me to that kind of place. It’s just, it’s a bit like the charts that I have today.

It’s that way it makes sense. It is only in this way that I explained the framework that actually life works. So therefore, if I admit that principle. then all of a sudden, poof, it works that way.

And that’s what we are, entrepreneurs are amazing people. because they are creators, but they are creators of something that already exists. What I mean by that is, whatever is the vision they have.

and they hold dear in their heart, is already in the construct of their future. it’s already played out, the only thing they are doing is. it’s a bit like going backwards towards the actual manifestation of it.

What I mean by that is living the progression towards that vision. that they have that has already happened. it’s a lot easier than we believe. and that we love to really because we love so much the struggle.

and the hurdle and the obstacles and so on that we would crave. we’re addicted to them. However, the amazing entrepreneur creator has. if he likes to, and if he accepts. to do so, to get onto a SuperJet towards his vision.

and enable himself who ‘s conspiracy with life. to get into that place where these vision is already there. And that’s the game in which we are unconsciously most of the time.

we’re unaware of that. It’s an amazing key when we when we are able to realise that. I hope it makes sense.

Pamela Bardhi
does make sense. It’s pretty much like being in flow with yourself. and what you’re meant to do here in this universe.

and then that’s really what all the balance and the harmony and everything comes in. because you’re in flow state, things are coming to you.

You’re living out your purpose. I mean, of course, life has its challenges. But for the most part, you’re taking it all in and you’re in flow state. which is incredible.

Arnaud Saint-Paul
And these challenges are not challenges anymore. And I think that’s key because they are coming to me. to show me an aspect of me that It is looking for attention. when I learn how to open my heart to it.

and there is a special process for that. And listen to what is being said. I am able to change whatever story was playing out. not just on the front, meaning whatever is the actual situation that is playing out.

But all that was the point of original that. And by making so making that all of us. we free ourselves from that limitation we were we were manifesting. And that’s a huge key as well.

because once we learn how to do that in a very procedural. you know, where we do, it has a habit. all of a sudden, we are living the flow, we are growing with the flow. and it becomes easier and easier.

So challenge is really an opportunity for me to get up. and choose a more expanded version of myself that will allow me to grow from there. I had a very recent thing happening to me, actually last week. and it’s connected with when we met.

So a few days before we met, which was last Wednesday. I had an incident that enabled me to let go of a core issue related with a feminine. feminine inside me not necessarily connected with a person.

And all of a sudden on that famous Wednesday, I have three people. three ladies that call me or you know, have a zoom chat with me or sayin. and I didn’t know them for anything I want to work with you said, Okay, great.

And one of our conversation was with you, which is amazing. And I’m very grateful for that. So you see, it’s a theme that has nothing to do with business in that case. but that everything is being interconnected, always.

that enabled a new potential to be expressed. By the way, I forgot to mention that what happened last Wednesday has never happened before.

I was never reached out by someone that I don’t know at all. saying I want to work with you right out of the bat. So it’s it was new for me. And I’m super happy about it. So yeah, they were just really distillation.

Pamela Bardhi
It’s so incredible, like when you release certain things. and then you know, just from whatever’s going on with you. And then how the university’s response so quickly.

like you said, you had an issue with the feminine released it. And then all of a sudden, you had three ladies coming to you saying, oh my goodness. I love that or No, I mean, like, honestly, your story is so fascinating to me.

like I’m absolutely amazed and like how you got into conscious capitalism. and conscious leadership and like opening of the heart? I totally want to understand that a little bit more.

So when you started your company around conscious capitalism, how did that begin? And then how did that grow into like. the heart opening and the goal of opening a billion hearts because I love that I love that hole. I know it’s connected

Arnaud Saint-Paul
in some way, I guess it is. So actually conscious capitalism. I haven’t started it. I was part of that movement. There is a movement that started in California. with the CX CEO of Whole Foods.

and a gentleman that wrote the book about conscious capitalism. and they have the theory of four different stakeholders that and at the time. I had a company called healthcare words, and we were inspiring.

We inspired 50 million people to have a more positive thoughts. And I wanted to see how can I instil in busines. this more open consciousness or having more consciousness in capitalism?

So a series of serendipity is brought me to a gentleman. that had started wanting to start a chapter in Washington, DC. And when we connected, he says, I need strategy, and let’s do it together.

Okay. And if I go, and I present there, and then we start to see how we can inspire business people. whether it’s a lawyer or an accountant, or dentists or whomever. to see how we can create that connection.

where they can feel inspired to do something else. It was at the time, the beginning of the benefit core movement as well. So and clearly, we were not ready to make that happen.

We had many different workshops and so on. And I was looking to see how can I scale that. meaning, creating series of content that would enable a CEO to say okay, I like it. I want to change My business and so on and so forth.

We fell more on Deaf years than anything else. Because, again, I didn’t have the maturity I have now also. And for me, nowadays, it’s a lot easier to do that to flip someone. to shift his perception and awareness.

And at the time, I didn’t have the tools for that to happen. But nevertheless, it was an amazing experience. to be able to be in contact with capitalism 1.0, so to speak. and see how we can make jump to 2.0 in one way or another.

It’s an ongoing process, and it will happen I’m sure about that. Because consciousness as a whole, if we look at society. and you know, humanity, and so on, is evolving towards more of itself.

meaning the overall consciousness of humanity is growing. there is no question about that. And more and more people are reaching out to people like you and asked to be led and guided on their own journey, it is just a tad slow, but it’s getting worse.

Pamela Bardhi
There’s slowly but surely, absolutely. I love that. Well, that’s one of my biggest things when I was speaking with you initially. I was like that’s always been something of mine of connecting. kind of like business and spiritual realms together.

Because really, like I remember the first time. I’ve always known it throughout my life experience. right being in business since I was 10. And I remember sitting at a Tony Robbins, like real estate conference that I was at.

And he said, This phrase that I like shook everything. because I’m like, it made so much sense. It was so simple, but it made so much sense. And business is a spiritual game.

And I was like, wow, finally, I’m not alone. Like somebody else gets it and to see that kind of expanding now is huge. because we’ve always been taught money is the root of all evil.

all of these bad things, but it’s like, truthfully. money in the right hands changes the world. It’s the greediness that really screws everything up for everybody.

But, if you are working with conscious leaders. and these conscious leaders are building these companies. like they’re obviously going to give back. and it’s going to become this massive, ripple effect. So I’m such a huge fan of that big time,

Arnaud Saint-Paul
I’d like to add a little bit the game here. Life is a spiritual dance with yourself. So you know, business is part of life, obviously. And because we’re doing business. we have a higher incentive to make it work.

But overall, the whole game or the whole dance we are in is I with life or self. whichever we want to give it, whichever name we want to give it is dancing with. between one and the other.

And a dance goes back and forth and I go left and right, and, and so on. so we are, each moment is an opportunity to discover myself a little bit more. through all the beautiful events we’re going through. and all the challenges and the funds and etc.

And if I start to really live, the flow, meaning being able to witness the flow. and at the same time being in that flow. both awarenesses at the same time, all of a sudden, not only things start to become a lot easier.

but like 100% Actually, everything becomes where we could qualify as magical. in the sense that there is no more. It’s, it’s going with the flow of the river. I’m part of the river and I see the river.

And that is it’s effortless. And that’s the thing that we don’t want at first. because we’re so addicted to the efforts it has. I have to make a lot of effort if I want this to have value, which is a beautiful illusion.

We are creating for ourselves because we don’t want to believe that we can be loved. Mm hmm. We can love ourselves. That’s the worst part. And so by opening our heart gradually. we don’t have to do everything at the same time.

We can start to open the faucet of serendipity of pronoia of love. And then all of a sudden everything. It’s like Confluence come to you. and bring about their gifts like the ones I was describing earlier.

so CEOs and capitalistic CEOs and whomever having. are having huge fun of being the champions. and having to conquest to conquer this area. and these competitors and blah blah and amazing, lots of fun.

And we can even live it from an impact standpoint. and we have a purpose and we change the lives of people, etc, etc. All these are beautiful allusions, an amazing playground to dance, yes, by all means.

Now, if we start to go out of the box and see what is playing in the box. and live it from that standpoint, as well. so being the character, and the actor and the spectator as well.

all of a sudden, there is a richness that starts this kind of. now you’ve put colour on, it was black and white. now, you’re putting colour on and life becomes blissful.

Yes, well, everything is happening at the same time. And that’s probably the best state in which an entrepreneur can be. Absolutely.

Pamela Bardhi
for the entrepreneurs who are listening or know what is like the first step. if someone is feeling out of flow, out of balance.

like that they’re tired of what they’re doing. or what like, they just want change. what’s the first step in opening of the heart and getting in that flow state?

Arnaud Saint-Paul
Well, there is something one little super simple tool that everyone has. that is available at any moment for anyone. and everybody ignores it completely, all the time.

So, at any moment, when we are in a situation. whichever is a situation of any importance. we have the capacity to make a choice. At any moment in time.

And the choice that I’m offering to you in this moment that we all have access to. in the most simple way is it’s big, it’s red. It’s a huge button we have here, and it’s written on it, pause.

And I can click on it, anytime I click the pause button and be here for whatever is happening now. Be present to it be aware of whatever is happening. wherever I heal inside related to that, of course.

But by pushing that pause button, something happens that is key. To get back to the image of the of the movie. it’s you by pressing that pause button. you go from character to actor.

all of a sudden, actor that is being piloted. unconsciously, by whatever is happening to an actor who is knowing his script, or her script. and can alter it at any time, whenever he or she wants.

That pause button is super important. It means becoming aware of whatever is unfolding. That’s the first step. And then there are a few more steps afterwards that I help people to.

I guide people through called in the heartful method to open up. so that we get to more harmonious outcomes in reality, right. And the very first one is that one is to be mastered as soon as possible for anyone.

Pamela Bardhi
Because again what’s happening is consciousness in the world is definitely increasing big time. And I totally agree with that. Because now people are waking up and saying, What am I doing?

What is going on? This doesn’t feel right to me for once they’re questioning the question. And they’re asking questions, is this right with my soul. is this imbalance and in flow with who I am. what I’m meant to do? So it’s fascinating. Thank you so much for that.

Arnaud Saint-Paul
And I’m super grateful for the pandemic that’s brought the change up. And I mean, it’s amazing. The conversations we have now compared with a year or two years ago, so yeah,

Pamela Bardhi
it’s incredible. And I love that this is your life’s mission now to open up all of these hearts. threw out the world, which is incredible. like 1 billion I got so what set you on that goal? Like how did you decide like. Hey, this is what we’re gonna do.

Arnaud Saint-Paul
Yeah. So I had a spiritual centre in spades for many years and helped hundreds of people there. And I realised that the only gift that really made sense to me was someone opening your heart.

because all of So it’s like a fireworks of energy happening. And it’s so beautiful. It’s so it’s the thing that for me means something. The rest is meaningless.

And it took me still 10 years probably to get to the next point. which was, okay, what am I doing in technology? What am I doing in finance. when the only thing that really is meaningful to me is what I just described.

And okay, so now what I’m going to do is focus my time my resources, my energy, my attention. to helping these hearts blossom to open to themselves.

And as I have, in my purse, I have finance, I have technology. So let’s scale it. And if I go, that’s why I created huge rewards first. which was not really scalable, but not monetizable.

And then I created give nation which is a platform for children to become philanthropist. practice sustainable financial literacy, but through financial literacy. work on their empathy, that compassion, their altruism.

nowadays, the heartful method that I started to promote, systematically since about a year. and, you know, work with companies so that we can have a bigger impact.

And that’s where I am today, whether I will reach 1 billion or not, doesn’t really matter. What matters is, is the fun going in that direction. Absolutely.

Pamela Bardhi
love that. Absolutely. Love that. And you had a spiritual centre in Spain. Yeah. Oh, my gosh, do you still have

Arnaud Saint-Paul
it? No, no, no, no, no, it was. Wow.

Pamela Bardhi
That’s incredible. So like retreats and different things like this.

Arnaud Saint-Paul
Yeah, repeats I had created at the time and energy techniques. So I was healing with that and had workshops and retreats. And it was in Madrid, it was fun. And then I went to the US. so I focused my time on the US.

Pamela Bardhi
Oh, my gosh, so I have to ask you, like. what were some of the most powerful experiences that you saw. like in in that spiritual retreat and centre. with what you create
because you just mentioned ancient techniques. and I’m such a huge fan of

Arnaud Saint-Paul
so many, and some people really transforming their lives. people that I have worked with 15 years ago. are coming back to me now and want to, which is beautiful and amazing, very happy about that.

At the time, I practice Reiki for a while. and then I felt the urge of creating my own energy technique. so it was connected with the meridians.

And so I created some energy technique that would reconnect these marriages together. And so I was able to accelerate the path of Rebirth of an individual.

because basically, when we are so any human being on this planet. at every choice he or she makes is an actual rebirth towards a new version of himself. So tomorrow, or after this call, maybe you’re gonna have a choice. of going right or left a rebirth by itself.

but in a less prosaic way you decide to work with this guy. And while that will enable you to experiment yourself. experience yourself in a specific way related to that person that he or she is representing.

And that is a potential rebirth as well. So if we can accelerate that pace. where you basically go not through lil rebirths, but big jumps, quantum leaps. so you basically jump from one octave to another of yourself.

So the the symphony of view that is heading towards more harmony. and has the ability to really jump and get into higher frequencies of yourself. that technique was enabling that so.

So reconnecting people was the fun of that time. And it works amazing. But nowadays, so that was the time I really discovered the the premises of what is today. the hardcore method, where I started.

So I did the sessions, and then all of a sudden. I had continuous session with the same people. And we were going through what happened in their week. disconnect them from what was the source. of what had been unfolding in the week and the same moment started.

things started to happen in their lives that would show them how free they were. from the initial belief system that was constraining them. And so nowadays, that’s what I’m still doing.

Meaning we have These collection of charts where people rewire their brain. and their understanding of their reality and their relationship with themselves. and they go through them. Great.

And throughout 12 weeks, we work together to learn how to understand what life is saying to us. and transcend whatever are the little beliefs. that we were still identifying to and that were limiting us.

Because we will live to have these. we love to have these walls around us. because they feel comfortable at some point. And then at some point, we are ready to outgrow them. As good entrepreneurs.

So the thing is, you lost the key. And so we’re here to help you guide you. to know how to find the key and do it on your own. So how can I be reborn to myself faster and faster.

That’s the whole game around what we call the heartful method nowadays. And as you do that, you grow into more of yourself. what you call AI starts to expand. It’s not limited anymore to this bag of skin. but much, much more than that.

And you gradually live life from a place of inner centeredness in a joy in a presence. And all starts to become more and more harmonious. From your point of view in your world.

It’s the only one that is interesting to us anyway. On an inner truth, because that’s the thing. the entrepreneur is probably or any creator, for that matter. are always looking to express their inner truth.

They not necessarily know what it is. for me to be for the years to get there. although I had nice signposts on the way. And we have that inner core essence a bit like these tuning forks. it’s only one vibration.

and we are there two weeks to express that in the world. And the world wants that to happen now. because the only thing that exists, and we are saying no, no, no, no, we don’t want that.

Pamela Bardhi
Because we’re scared.

Arnaud Saint-Paul
You because, exactly. And well, you know what? It’s much, much, much, much simpler than we believe. And we like to believe if we were to put the brakes out.

it’s just going down and smoothly. like not like Bob’s leg very smoothly. And it’s a blissful path and journey. But we make it much more difficult and complex.

And we love the drama around it. And that’s amazing. Nothing to be said there. No, maybe there’s another way.

What Would Arnaud Older Self Tell His Younger Self

Pamela Bardhi
Oh my gosh, that sounds like an absolutely magical experience of opening. Oh, yeah, absolutely. I could feel it. All right, when you were saying it. I was like, I didn’t do it myself.

I love that. Oh, no, oh, my goodness, oh, my goodness, I will. I’m mind blown at the work that you do. And like, I know, you’re gonna get to a billion people through that method. and it’s gonna touch so many lives.

like, without a doubt in my mind, that doubt in my mind. And I’m gonna ask you one of my favourite questions. because you’ve been on such a beautiful journey in your lifetime.

I’m so interested to see what you say about this one. But what would your older self tell your younger self based on what you know? Now?

Arnaud Saint-Paul
That’s a great question. Well, you just told me be happy or being joy. because in the end, we’re creating for the joy of being ourselves.

And the joy of ourselves is happening in the creation as well. So it’s, again, it’s a dance between one and the other. We don’t need to live it as an angst and opening ourselves.

for this beautiful space where we are living our own reflection through whatever is unfolding. I believe that’s what my older self would is saying right now. And therefore living that flow again by going back to the same thing,

Pamela Bardhi
Oh, my goodness, I love that. And now you’re working on so many beautiful things. And you’re working on touching a billion hearts and opening a billion hearts now. What’s on the horizon for you in the next like six months. like any exciting new things that

Arnaud Saint-Paul
are happening? I’m very excited. We just launched an initiative to help entrepreneurs. and we call it entrepreneurs and stacked the few webinar. where we will love to have you, by the way, as a guest host.

And basically we help a friend of mine unstuck the entrepreneur from the pattern. he’s on at the time, you know, for free, it’s completely free. And so that we want to partner with incubators and accelerators and see how we can help them.

because, frankly, it’s not easy to be an entrepreneur. And the common denominator to all our struggles is I always. and so if we can help them to uncork themselves will be amazing.

We transcend all the little skills of marketing and blah, blah, blah, blah. because this is completely irrelevant, and just opening the champagne bottle. so that we can jump and live like bubbles. Love.

So that’s one thing and the other. we have an upcoming cruise on the Nile. where we bring people through temples to up their frequency. and get into more harmony with themselves.

That’s in September, October, I think. So that’s really cool as well. Yeah. And you know what, I really want to bring out something for the entrepreneurs. because again, they chose not the simplest path.

But they are so amazing that they should by choosing not the simplest path. they should have the best tool ever, the best tools ever for them.

to really accomplish what they hold dear in their heart. So that’s in harmony is the ultimate tool for that. And so hopefully we’ll be able to reach a few people there

Pamela Bardhi
are no oh my gosh, that all sounds so exciting and so different. Like every experience sounds super different. but amazing and all interconnected all at the same time.

Oh my gosh, I adore your mission. Everything that you’re doing my friend seriously. I know that we’re definitely going. to be doing definitely be doing some work together. with without Oh, yeah. Whereas we’re so in alignment.

It’s crazy. But I know that everyone who’s been listening. has been dying to figure out how to reach you by friends. So what’s the best way to find you like anywhere LinkedIn Instagram website,

Arnaud Saint-Paul
Instagram, they all look for type one T AP UA T which means in Hopi eternal rebirth. and which is perfect for what we’re doing.

So type is the website. if they want to participate to that webinar was talking about step And they will be Director We do that every 15 days.

And on the they can see the crews and all the different things were offering. even the Hartford method itself, which is a 90 day process.

They can go through they want to working one on one with me obviously, et cetera, et cetera. So all that is there are variable

Pamela Bardhi
is amazing. My friend, thank you so much for being here today. who’s inspired me my friend and everybody listening on this podcast. Thank you so so much.

So that’s it for today’s episode of underdog. catch us next week, always dropping on Thursdays. And remember, if you’re interested in real estate.

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