Marsilda Bialczak
Welcome to The Underdog Show Podcast! In this thrilling episode, we introduce Marsilda Bialczak, the Founder of Expand2Market. She’s a remarkable professional in social media, sales consulting, content strategy, digital marketing, podcast production, and startup advising. Join us as we dive into Marsilda’s awe-inspiring story of resilience and determination.

From growing up in Albania amidst civil unrest to finding love and starting anew in the United States, Marsilda defied the odds and embraced opportunities. Through her unwavering strength and the transformative power of adversity, she discovered her true potential. In this episode, we explore the cultural richness of Albania and the incredible journey that shaped Marsilda into the extraordinary individual she is today.

In this interview, Pamela and Marsilda talked about the following:

  • Despite experiencing civil war, how did Marsilda and her family keep a positive perspective?
  • How did her family keep supporting and helping refugees?
  • How did Marsilda and her husband’s love story pan out?
  • What are the challenges she faced while moving to another country? How did her fellow Albanians help her through it?
  • How did she start becoming a content strategist? What are the tips and tricks she used to become viral?
  • What would her older self tell her younger self based on what she knows now?

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Marsilda Bialczak’s Inspiring Journey to Building Expand2Market

Kevin Harrington
Hi, I’m Kevin Harrington, an original shark from the hit television show Shark Tank and you’re listening to the underdog podcast

Pamela Bardhi
Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Underdog podcast. today I have an incredible guest here with me. Marcy, How Are you?

Marsilda Bialczak
Hi, I’m glad. Hi, everyone. This is my full-time. I traveled from New Hampshire today just to have this podcast with this beautiful girl.

Pamela Bardhi
I absolutely adore you absolutely do. I remember when I met you for the first time. I’m like, she’s such a burst of energy and light. And she’s all been in. So you know, like I already automatically talk about massive connection. And so I’m so excited to have you here today and to really talk about your journey. because you’ve had quite a journey. Before we get into all of that, what really inspired you on your journey to where you are today?

Marsilda Bialczak
Like, where do I begin? So we all have things that happen in our life that lead to something. that makes where we are and where we are today. I actually grew up in Albania. For those who don’t know, it’s a small country in Europe next to Greece and Croatia, not Alabama. because some people think I’m from Alabama, I know is Albania.

But where we’re from we always saw the the name of the country was Shukria. Yeah, we recognize it. And like I just had a simple life. My goal in life was just like maybe to become a translator. I loved English. So I started English when I was small. And I had every opportunity, I would have to maybe take extra courses. My parents would not send me to Bali or piano lessons. but they’ll send me to those English courses just because they thought that was the future and oh, boy, they were right.

Because knowing a different island, especially English globally, it gives you so much opportunity. So even though Albania during the times where I grew up, went through so much change. And maybe some of the people recognises from the Civil War and all the wars that happened close to VA.

And as the kid economic affected me in a way. but also not to the point how people think. because when you’re a kid, you don’t know what’s going on. And my parents did such a great job to like, not show that. I remember when the civil war started. There was literally gun fires outside. all I care, Like we don’t have school. Yeah, right. That’s what I cared when I was a kid.

And I remember for almost like an entire year in my elementary school. we didn’t have school because there’s literally gunfire outside there was no law or order. I remember for New Year’s Eve, there was so much golf fires and people didn’t know how to shoot guns. Because people were not allowed to have guns. And from the Civil War, people had access to guns.

And I remember from New Jersey, my parents made on asleep under the bed. because they were afraid like a blind bullet will shoot us and I know that is not what people want to hear. But for me, like I was scared I kind of like knew deep down what was going on. But as a kid, I’ll just see, like the bright side. I’m like, oh, like I wish this goes long school.

I noticed her but that taught me how Life can be so unpredictable. and really like taught me to really appreciate not just like where I am. but your journey your parents, your family and just keep going. because sometimes we don’t know what will become or will be in 10 years. But you just like starting something, learning something. and just keep forward being positive essentially somewhere else.

So to me, it’s like going to college in Albania, I was going to capital Tirana studying for foreign languages. And my goal at that time was I want to be a translator-interpreter. I want to travel the world. But never in my life. I thought that I’ll be where I am today. So I guess it gets a little bit different.

Pamela Bardhi
I love that you mentioned a couple different things which which are amazing. So first off, we both come from Albania, which is amazing. So Allah would have a lot of people don’t know is that Albania was a communist country. until the collapse in 1991, which happens to be when I was born in 91.

And I remember like being a young kid and like my grandmother. like I would run up to the windows like at nighttime. just because like we weren’t allowed to go outside. and I was like well what’s going on outside. but I can’t that I can’t go outside like what is going on? I remember I would go to the window and she would pull me back and stop it. because those shoots and I was like,

Marsilda Bialczak
it was scary at times and not just that but even the 97 even when genocide Kosovo happen. my family which I’m so blessed, hopefully I don’t get emotional with those. but we have so many like coasts of our families. They were like homeless like they their relatives probably were killed. I remember I helped a mom and her four kids. we have like an extra apartment so we give it to her. We give her food and shelter because she had no idea where her family was.

And she didn’t know if her husband was alive. So these were the stories that we grew up. And that’s why their LPs are so gotten strong and nothing like we’re not afraid of. they were not afraid of COVID, We’re not afraid to like even when we hear like gun shooting stuff. because I’m like, Well, you have you been in Albania is alive. This is what we grew up with in the culture. So just like through all those drama and history like that we went through. I think it made us stronger, and to just fight for ourselves and for our rights.

Pamela Bardhi
Right. Absolutely. And I mean, not only that, but having an opportunity to come to the United States. Like like you said, Albanians are so damn strong. Like, everyone’s like, You guys are so stubborn. And we’re hard working.

And like, it’s like nothing. because we’ve been through so much as a people as a country and all of that. Now kind of anything that we see here is almost like, Oh, this is.

And it’s like when you’re when you talk about your family housing, these Kosovo refugees. Yeah, pretty much. And that’s almost like what’s happening in Ukraine right now, which is crazy.

Marsilda Bialczak
so like, relatable in a way and like emotional thinking about it. because I remember sometimes coming from school. and I will knock the door in my own house. It will be a stranger with white hair, because he just took a shower. And I’m like, Mike the right house and he be like, Who is this? Mom?

Then my mom Oh, it was another family. She helped bring home wash them. give them new clothes, give them food because they were in these camps for months. They had like fleas and this guy like, it was terrible see that. but my mom like she’s originally from Kosovo.

So my grandparents moved to Hawaii and my mom was small. So I guess like that maybe was something addition to us. really feeling this people were with our friends and relatives. But I think all babies not just us all beings, like really like open doors. I had stories of like my family members that had like just a two bedroom apartment.

And they already had a big family. And they would just like, have extra people even to sit on the floor. to share the soup or the fossil lay. Or just like open arms and like bring them like we have hospitality is our thing. It is hard and like people don’t realise it until they come to our house for visit.

They’re like, I thought this was like a get together. Why am I having lunch? Or why am I having this feast? So this is like, I guess our advantage that we’re really known off. So hopefully we’re recognised for the goods and not the bads of the history that we have done. But yeah, like, I guess like most of the people, they come here in different ways. Mine was a little bit different than the others. I think I mentioned. Yeah.

So the soap opera story of mine. I’m guessing you guys are all familiar with the 30 60 90 day fiance show. So kind of like my story was like that, like I was in Albania. I’m just thinking like, I’m graduating. And this was my future. next thing I know, I met someone online. And I just thought we were friends.

And we’re just like talking and talking. He was American, he has mobile friends, I guess like we had a connection. Like he already knew a little bit about the culture. we just like we’re talking and then one thing led to another. I was talking with Skype, 11 o’clock in Albania. And like not even my dorm because I didn’t have Wi Fi we’re not rich.

But I will go to internet cafe they call it and this is like a place that you go. And you can use internet like pay per hour. And I’ll go there and live into like 12 or one o’clock at night. because here was five? Yeah, that’s where the guy who’s finishing the work.

So I guess like one thing led to another. but I never thought that I would ever fall in love or have a distance relationship. And my current husband surprise, he actually flew to Albania. And I remember he’s dead. He told me later that I can’t believe he did that. I thought I go out of your mind. Like have you seen the use of oveja and the 91 and 97. It’s like you don’t know if you’re getting kidnapped.

You don’t know why you go in there. And he’s like, I really have a good feeling about this. this girl and I want to see her in person. But at the time, he didn’t tell me that he was coming for me. he said that he made the store like oh my company’s sending me for potential investment in Albania. and I was basically translating him like I was doing a job.

but I was not going to be like that because we’re not really doing a lot of work or more like hanging out. And I kind of slowly realised I’m like okay, he came from me. but I was so like, you know as Albanians we have we’re very attached to people who show so much love. but then when it comes to love relationship we have this barrier because we don’t want to get hurt.

Things have happened in the past. And I guess like I had this intuition I’m like. this is the guy of my dreams like it wasn’t about like the guy. the white horse that you see that you’re the prince. but more about like I can see him being the dad of Mike. Just one day I can see being my future husband and like building something together.

but I never thought that will be anything other than just what it was. And he actually came again a few months and propose me for my parents. which I had to translate at the same time. And he didn’t have a ring because he was so spontaneous. that I’m like, you know I didn’t marry you for the ring.

But yeah, that was basically the reason I came here. and people think maybe I had an easier time. The only thing that I had the easier is that I had somebody I didn’t came alone. I had somebody that already had a full time job. But we all had to struggle as everybody else.

I right away went to school here. I was doing internships and working volunteer part time. because all the people my school there, were not even allowed to drink. They’re not even 21 and my peers already had started working here. I am reliving and starting my life from scratch. So that was, I guess, like another journey that led me to be now because of me going to school.

it wasn’t like marketing businesses that I learned so much about marketing that I can apply today. My business would be honest, because I feel those books a little bit outdated. especially with a social media marketing part. But it allowed me to be part of different communities or organisations. so I didn’t feel a stranger because everybody when they come to you. as have a culture shock, Yeah, unfortunately.

And because of that, you feel stranger. then you stay here you live here for many years. and then you go back home to Albania. You feel a stranger there? Because you haven’t been there. You haven’t been home. So we feel like this type of people that we don’t have a home whether here or there.

but now I think I’m the stay that I feel this is my home. And when I go to a BIA like, Yeah, I’ll be has a special place in my heart. But I feel like I’m a tourist when I go there. There’s always changes and constructions and buildings and new things developing on. that I honestly feel like a tourist in my own country, my home country in a way.

Pamela Bardhi
That’s so awesome. Oh, my I love that story with that’s how you met your husband, because that’s like 3030 3060 days.

Marsilda Bialczak
It was scary, leaving everything behind. And you know, I wasn’t rich. So it’s not that I came here. My husband has arrived. So I didn’t came here like, Oh my God, I’ll have this perfect life. But he was scared because I’m like, what if he maybe has another family? he didn’t tell me about it? And I couldn’t see.

I didn’t know anybody here. Or what if like, we don’t get along, and I remember my parents at the time. This means like, $1,000 on me. They’re like, in case it doesn’t work out. Take the next flight. And I’m like, I always joke that it hasn’t ended up. like I still have the $1,000 like yeah, the tickets are Hi, honey inflation. Yeah,

Pamela Bardhi
that is hilarious. Well, I mean, it’s a deep, you know, leap in faith to trust somebody like situation. Yeah, I had to wait shit.

Marsilda Bialczak
Like there was nothing about him. That made me not trust Him or feel like he was lying to me. And he never lied to me. So that was the other part.

Pamela Bardhi
I love that. I mean, I love that also, too. because it’s very untraditional for an Albanian woman to marry outside. So, I want to dive into Albanian culture a little bit for those who aren’t familiar. Like they’ve seen us. They know, they know anyone that I mentioned. I’ll pin into like, Oh, you’re all being in like, We’re known to be crazy.

We’re in a good way, right? Like, because they’ll think about automatically. like the Albanians in New York. or the movie or the movie Taken, or like, anything like that. And it’s like, and also to like Albanians now are showing up big time. On a world platform, you have dually buff, Rita, Rita, ora, BB Reggia.

Like, so Bear Bear beverage, I would say, like. those are three huge Albanian artists that everyone’s like, I didn’t know that they’re all bitten. And I’m like, There’s a creativity about our people. So I want to dive into the culture a little bit. And since you grew up there too. because for me, I left when I was six months old.

My parents literally as soon as I was born. we were here for six months and they fled to Italy, we went to Rome. And I lived there till I was five and I would go back and forth a little bit. so I didn’t have the privilege of growing up there. Right so so kind of like talk a little bit about the culture. and like how we are as we are as a people right and like our Scotty why we’re

Marsilda Bialczak
Crazy. Correct? History and what happened I feel like for people to undersell BSF. to understand that we were basing dictatorship for so many years. like we could have listened to radio or watch TV or most of us didn’t have TV or radio. So our culture was just like almost stolen like we’d like see what Italians are doing.

We’re like trying to imitate it what Greek are wearing. we tried to imitate it because of it. I feel like a lot of like, especially our parents generation. they’re celibate with that dictatorship communism mentality that they were brainwashed in a way that’s what they knew.

So it took many years I feel because I compare all to my parents. from how they were back in the day and Obeah they were so old fashioned. very fanatics like this All girls are not supposed to go out. You’re not supposed to go party, you’re not supposed to like have a boyfriend. So that’s why I couldn’t introduce my, at that time I date.

Because I’m like, Oh no, you don’t understand. you have to be serious with me and actually marry me. for me to introduce it to my parents, I can just introduce you. like people introduce, you’re like, Hey, Mom, this is my question. Like, no, no, no, no, you can, but it just like everything worked out.

So I think like some of the things in the Albion culture is like. we’re very community based. It’s hard for me to explain it. Because there’s a lot of like, different, Italians are usually family oriented. But literally like everything that happens. Everybody knows. Because we really care so much. We also love to gossip.

So if something happened to one of my cousins, not even 30 minutes, I’m not even joking. Not even 30 minutes, all the other aunts and cousins. No, because the worst press like oh my god, did you hear what happened to Pamela? Or did you hear what happened? So because we care so much.

but also we want to know what’s going on in your life. to the point that sometimes for Americans might be a little bit like if they’re like I’m independent. Like, nobody tells me what to do. There’s no such thing that nobody tells me what to do. My parents went out live with me.

And I swear to God, I feel I’m still in high school. because they don’t care that that’s my house. I’m in my own house, right? They don’t care. They’re like, well, you’re going to listen to what I have to say. And you’re going to tell you this way. you’re going to do it that way.

Because that’s how they were brought up. So a lot of all beings I feel when they come to another country. they really feel a bit like, like liberated because they’re like I can be and do whatever I want. So maybe that’s why we come up a little bit crazy. Because like, they really were liberated.

They’re like I don’t have my family not to, like constrict me of doing something be somebody. But still the have that family issue, like a lot of people think Oh, you came to us. you had maybe you got the American dream, maybe you got a great job. or you had a successful business, like, congrats, you achieved it.

Well, people don’t realise that immigrants when they come here. even if they’re developing, and they have a great life, and they have a lot of money. they still have people back home that they have to help. And usually in American culture, that doesn’t happen. Like if kids are out of college, bye, bye.

Nobody really cares what you’re doing. But we still care, we still try to help our family. or friends or if somebody’s you know, in a certain struggle or health wise will help you money wise. And that’s why they’re always so stressed. That’s why we always have the middle line, because we’re always angry insurance.

Because it’s not just us. It’s entire community that we’re supporting. And we’re helping and this is something that people sometimes don’t realise. I feel that maybe we’re like too direct, or we’re taking people’s business because we care. And we want to be and also love God’s, but we want to be in the business. because we really care and how can I help you if I don’t know what’s going on in your life.

And I think this is something so special about obeying culture. that there’s a reason why most of my closest friends are either Albanians Greek or some type of European or bargain. Because we get it we’re so like, oriented, like, we don’t have that barrier. we get into the details, and like the meaning and creative things. so I know what’s going on with my friend.

Whereas like, we’ve just an America that has been here for generations, they’re very different. So they’re all like, we can be best friends. but we cannot be really, really good friends. because they always have that barrier to not get personal to like be I guess. like honest with themselves and just share what actually is going on in their life.

Because nobody wants to be vulnerable. We love to be vulnerable, always love drama. So if you’re having a struggle, I’ll be there with you. I’ll listen, I’ll call again. Because it’s not just like, oh, we’d like to gossip. But like, I need to be there. sometimes I will live off drama.

We’ve been literally years and years. like countries have invaded us for generations that now it’s like, we’re opinions, we have to stick to one another. So that’s why we you know, some over years, guess what all the other brains in Massachusetts.

Pamela Bardhi
It’s so true. But the biggest thing is like we’re very much like a, what do they call it? There’s individualistic culture. And then there’s more of like a family oriented type of culture. And it’s like, that’s where we were. Because if you look at all of our invasions, and all the things. I’ll bet it’s hard to stick together in order to survive.

Without your mom opening those doors to those refugees, they wouldn’t have survived. Right? And it’s like, and also when I came here to the United States, my parents won the visa lottery. My brother was a newborn. I was five years old.

And we had an Albanian family that I opened their doors to that. had a two bedroom house and there was already four of them there. Yeah. And they opened the door.

So what I like to say is I’ll bet it’s always opened the doors for everybody. and that’s such a beautiful thing, like you said. you know, to be in this kind of family type of the sticking

Marsilda Bialczak
for one Yeah, anyway. Yeah. I feel like the beautiful thing is, there’s like a lot mobians. it feels like that maybe sort of ways of our culture. they see the negative side, they’re like, Wow, there’s always interest. Like, nobody just opens the doors.

But you know, like, it’s not. It’s not that we can generalise or stereotype an entire community that people didn’t open the door. They’re just people that just don’t care. They’re selfish isn’t that their Albanians? Don’t care? Yeah, there’s so many people that I know.

And I’m talking about different New York or Massachusetts that literally they opened doors. live strangers live in their, like home for months, until they can be on there find a job. because people don’t realise when somebody comes here.

it takes a couple months for you to get papers. you can’t even open a bank account, you cannot get a driver licence. So how are you supposed to find a job without a green card? Because it takes two months for the papers, right? So you need a family to support you for like a month or two. just so you can at least find a job.

And what if the people that don’t even know that the language like that is a different struggle. Or if you have family, like I’m blessed that when I came here. I didn’t have kids. So it was just me and my husband.

but I see so many families struggling just because they came here. and they don’t even have time to develop themselves or really like get experience. because they’re like struggling day by day like live in check by check.

And that’s where, I guess have me a new calm and intrapreneurship that I’m like you can do it. It just you have to like set your day or your weekend away. They’re like, Okay, I’m working this to give me income. And this is a time that I have, I’m going to like develop myself.

I’m learning something new. I learned how to scale. I’m volunteering, I’m opening a blog, whatever it might be, but you cannot give up. Just because you think like, oh, life sucks. Because there’s so many like successful entrepreneurs that we know that their life sucked.

And they start from somewhere. then you just keep going and just never never stopped meeting people. They think you can learn from them. They’ll be there when you need them the most. just like our good friends, like never stop meeting those people. and care about those people and relate and be there for them.

Because then doors start opening. But when you’re like just like, in a way independent and you never have a community. you don’t have a support and you think like nobody will help you. So you never ask anybody for help.

You’re not going to have you’re going to have a lot of closed doors. And that’s what I tell people like never stop asking questions asking for help. because you’ll be surprised who can help you.

Pamela Bardhi
Absolutely. And not only that, but there’s immigrants here. you wonder like, what’s the difference between those who hit the American dream? And those who don’t? Right? Because I feel like that happens a lot too.

Like the entrepreneurs are the ones that always succeed. It’s behind the mindset. It’s behind all the things that help us. the people who are giving and like that’s like a whole nother

Marsilda Bialczak
well they see success. And they think like, oh, she must be lucky. Maybe her husband like I remember our hear rumours about myself. Oh, her husband was rich and like my husband wasn’t rich. Both me and my husband were going to school, working and I was even volunteering.

He was volunteer so we could get as much experience before we even had kids. I remember like working in the morning. So restaurant, doing solids, cleaning, like being a waitress. even cleaning bathrooms at the end of the day, and then going to school. and then doing an internship on top of that and being a volunteer on different organisations.

So when I finished a college, I already have three or four years experience. And students nowadays they come to me they’re like, Wow. every job I finalise has two or three years experience. I’m like, yeah, what did you do for four years in college books and studying books is not special anymore.

Anybody can go to college, anybody like if they have money. or if they have scholarship, they can finish college to do it. That’s not the hard part. The hard part is actually doing the job getting experience. How do you get experience. you don’t find anywhere to get experience. Make your own experience.

I started a blog when I was in college while doing an internship is unpaid. Then I found another internship that was pain. And I even like transferred credit like I couldn’t make like that internship into a class. that I didn’t have to pay and was in a restaurant and a free pizza. So I saved from food for Fridays and Saturdays.

So these are the things that you can take to just gain experience. So when you finish college, what will separate you from so many other candidate. is how you present yourself and show them what you didn’t learn those four years.

Nobody to this day has ever asked me will you lose your GPA? Nobody right? And I never have had an interview that somebody’s like, Oh, you’re not the right fit. when they sell you another I fit is because I’ve learned all of it.because I show them so much I did in such a short period of time.

also things I was planning to do and I was currently doing. and that’s what people need to hear all this country’s is big corporations. You think like, oh, there’s no way I can work for Google one day. I’m like, show Google what you’re worth. Yeah, don’t show your college degree.

Everyone who applies to Google. Google probably has a college degree but show them why are you different. because you can be see you’re able to get the extra step and actual effort to make a difference. and be different and be creative.

That’s I think what separates you from anybody in the same thing for intrapreneurship. is if you’re just doing like, every, whatever everybody’s doing. you’re not really succeeding, you’re not going anywhere. be bold, be different, like, look at, like, what is going on and be like, I’ll do the opposite. And then you just go with that flow.

Pamela Bardhi
Oh, my God, you’re such a rockstar. Like, now it’s like, because after college, you went kind of the corporate route. and then you transition into entrepreneurship. So walk me through that explore

Marsilda Bialczak
all our parents said, the college was, almost like if somebody graduated, like, oh, wow. because not everybody could go to college and all that. And especially like, the same thing with us. Like, it’s so expensive. Like, here, college seems like I’m like now that I see sometimes what the tuition costs.

I’m like, I wish I took the money and invest in myself and opened a business 10 years ago. out of band probably multimillionaire by now. But because I had did what my parents taught me when my society I’m like, oh, like, you have to go to college. go to corporate and just work like 8 to 5 and work extra hours without getting paid and never see your kids grow.

And that’s what I thought. And trust me, I love my job. I mean, there is no job that is happy, happy, because you’re overwhelmed, you’re stressed. I mean, this is a job at the end of the day is, even growing yourself as much as you grow in somebody else’s business. But I always had that intrapreneurship mindset because my mom actually had a shop growing up.

And that was actually one of the reasons that I didn’t want to start a business. obviously, is how stressful she was all the time, he should bring business home. and just talk about business all day. And I’m like, Oh, my God, I never want to be an entrepreneur in my life.

But as I was going through the corporate and I was learning so much. and I was building is almost like you restraint. like you cannot really fully develop your skills and like what you’re capable of. because you still have to do your job. At the end of the day, you don’t have that time to oh, let me study something else.

Yes, a corporate will invest in you to maybe do a certain certificate. we still needs to be based on the job. And I remember like, I love marketing, I love social media. And I had experience like building startups from scratch with social media marketing. but I couldn’t like apply it as much of my job as much as I’ll try.

And honestly, they were not even paying good enough marketers. like I feel a social media marketing, or marketing, just so to nowadays, unfortunately, is seen as a side budget. because people don’t see like the ROI that hey, if you invest the right way.

you’re gonna have so much more money. you can grow so fast, much faster than actually hiring full time people to be your sales or comment. because that’s where the world has evolved. Like, telemarketers, or you know, call pitching is not working as much as he used to be like 10 or 20 years ago. because everybody’s doing it.

So what not everybody is doing is you vaccinate social media marketing. because they think is like a waste of time, just because they don’t realise value. And that’s where I kind of like, I’m like what, I don’t see my kids grow based on my promotion, or my raise. my skills are dependent on what somebody tells me that if they have the budget. or have to wait, and sometimes not every company has a good career path, like you grow.

And there’s like nothing above that, because that’s how the requirements constructed. So it just happened a month before the pandemic. And I was on maternity leave with my second daughter. unfortunately, they couldn’t accommodate for me to be having more flexibility, ironically. because they happened before the pandemic.

Um, so I’m like, You know what, I couldn’t do it. Like my daughter was sick at the time. I was not mentally capable to go to work. because I knew what I was going to miss heard as well. because I miss my first daughter’s most of her upbringing. I feel like in a daycare raiser, my mom raised her. So I quit.

Like Simple as that I quit. I never thought I could just like I literally was ironing my clothes for the week. And I give my my work notice. And they did what they could you know, everybody, every company has their own laws, like, no grudges there. I really love my job, the people I work with, but it was just not anymore. What was making me happy and I quit. And at first I’m like, oh, maybe I’ll be like few months. like as a stay home mom, and then I’ll start my business.

And it was faster than that. Because I’m like, I’m like you. I’m like, run, run, run, like I need to be doing and developing stuff and creating stuff. So you know, that didn’t last long after the pandemic. like maybe that was even my push off change diapers, make desserts or cooking, I need to be building stuff. So that’s where I started my business.

At first was just consulting because I found like a niche. I found that most of these companies, startups. they didn’t have the budget to hire an entire marketing department. or they had the budget to hire, let’s say social media marketers, video editors. but they didn’t have like a special, like a director of marketing or marketing manager to help them build this team. train them the right way, and just like move forward.

So I found the niche from talking to entrepreneurs is networking. And I’m like, I’m going to do exactly that. that’s what I did. Like people would hire me for hours a project base to basically build their team from scratch. and then slowly I realised that they just I didn’t have a team. then I’m like, I’m gonna start my team. So I started my marketing agency.

And I’m like, Okay, you can hire either me. then whatever team you don’t have, I have my team that I trust. who I manage, and basically don’t deal with anything. I do the project management, strategy, everything, all intrapreneur does. like whatever things I ask them to send me the pay in the end. then everything works out. Like I think that’s where the news that I found. and that’s everybody has to think about what is not working in their industry. go do that. That’s how you become different.

Pamela Bardhi
Mm hmm. I love that I love so you just like straight up, quit corporate. And you’re like, I’m gonna start up this agency. I mean, that takes a lot. And your new mom. Yeah, that’s a bar.

Marsilda Bialczak
It was a lot. But I felt like if I don’t do it now, like my husband said something to me. it’s like you have been talking about opening your business forever. He’s like, now you don’t have a job because you quit. And there’s a goddamn pandemic, we cannot do much. You can probably even find a job if you want to another one. if you don’t start it now, you’ll never find it.

Like you’ll never start your business. And I think that was my last person. I’m like, he’s right. Like, what do I have to lose, I have nothing to lose now. So I just started. And in the beginning, again, I was just starting to use not that you get so many clients at once. But in the beginning, it was just me.

And I was just doing project management. But as I was growing, my clients, their services and knees start to grow. that’s where I started my agency. And it’s not rainbow you guys, it’s hard. It’s harder than working from for your corporate job. Because I remember the five o’clock, I’ll close my laptop. I’m like, bye bye and go home. I didn’t care if there was a fire.

I mean, I’ll feel bad. But I didn’t care. This was not my business. No one is your business. You’re like 10 o’clock you’re trying to sleep on like, oh, I should have send that email. or maybe to now, oh, I should have done this or like your constant thinking about your visit. This is your baby, you’re selling that thing from scratch.

So it’s transform. And then you just learn a little bit as you go. The first year was very overwhelming. I made more money in corporate. But I felt like I was going just like depression more because I was never leaving the house. I’m like, Why did I leave my corporate job again. because I’m still working all day. I still not able to see my daughter and spend time with them.

So then I kind of like, dive deep in my own business traction on my Well. there’s things that I don’t need to be there. So why we’re not hiring people to do it. Or maybe like this service that I’m offering is taking so much of my time. it’s not worth it at the end of the day.

So it started counting down a little bit. I started focusing more of what I wanted to do. which is content creation coaching. I mentor entrepreneurs. First of all, I just like to understand social media marketing. because so then they can either hire my team, or hire somebody else.

But now they know what needs to be done. Because most of this like startups or CEOs, to start a company. they hire Social Media Manager, they expect them to know it. but like she just doesn’t posting and maybe cute posts. she doesn’t understand content strategy that leads to sales.

That’s where I come in, I train you how to do it. I give you all the tools or tools, you have to do yourself in a way. And then you know who to hire, what to do and how to manage that process. And then most of the time, and usually those intrapreneurs wants to get to the stage like well, okay, now I need your team.

Because I don’t want to hire anybody and or train I don’t have the time. So that’s where I come in and so far has worked good. He always has ups and downs is that the other business. but just keep struggling, keep going, keep hustling, keep moving and changing. And things just work out.

Pamela Bardhi
That’s awesome. I love that an entrepreneurial journey is never easy by any means. And like I know there’s a lot of entrepreneurs listening to this. and a lot of people listening to this. are like what are some of the best tips like social media tips that you would offer anybody based on your expertise?

What makes these things go viral? Like what actually converts into sales? Like what’s actually good content? What’s not like there’s a million questions. I mean, especially business owners are like, I don’t even know what to do. And then like they get so overwhelmed because they’re like this is too much like. so what would be some tips that you would have to offer?

Marsilda Bialczak
So I’ll probably start with the basics, right? So first, you have to understand how to even grow a business with social media. and people think that is being a one platform or the other. But the good thing nowadays, like the short video format. and if you’re not using short video format like reels or Tik Tok format. then you’re probably not going to get those views. you’re not going to get followers which leads to leads and so more.

So there’s like a strategy that I tell everybody. I’m like start with tick tock because when you grow tick tock you can grow Instagram the same time. because you can link it you can grow your YouTube channel at the same time. because you can link it and then Instagram can be connected to Facebook.

So whenever you post an Instagram automatically post on Facebook. so here you are with one video growing in so many different channels and cross promotion your audience. The other thing is like where do you even start? you have to keep in mind that it’s Facebook or Instagram like is not what it used to be like.

people don’t want to be sold, people don’t get on Facebook and Instagram to buy a pair new glasses around the pie, a perfume. they go in to socialise and be entertained and educated and learn something laugh. So keep that in mind when you’re making content on social media.

Like I always tell people, like, if, let’s say you’re posting three times a week. which I think is probably like the average. I always recommend at least three times a week to post. because the platform is another active. first of all, I tell people make sure you are making your content in a way that Okay.

so I’m educating let’s say on Monday, I’m giving educational tips. On Tuesday, maybe I’m posting something behind the scene. like about the culture, my personality, my story. why I’m here, Why did what I’m doing. If you have a product like hot, like, what is the journey of your product? Why did you create it this way?

So people get to know a little bit more? Was it just something motivational, inspirational. Child people motivate people? Maybe Thursday, let’s say for posting every day you doing something that is not even niched. Let’s say if your target audience is women entrepreneurs. then say something that is so relevant to women entrepreneurs.

probably everybody watches a video that is a woman entrepreneur. they’ll be like yes, that’s me and they’ll share with their friends. and their other friends and so on and so on. And that also makes what makes people think they going viral nowadays. so harbour is so damn easy.

If you understand this things and before I go to how you go viral. then you base educate your content, right you show them your culture, your personality, your own story. by nurture them a day life and you show them who Pamela is, or Mardilda does. You motivate them, inspire them, you educated them. then when you’re promoting your product. they’re ready because they have already learned the benefits they’ve learned about you.

You’re not a stranger, your action camera speaking. So when you selling something and giving a call to action. like either DM me or linkie via scheduled call. or wherever they might be, they’re more willing to buy and maybe they didn’t by the first week. but by you continue doing this different content pillars will lead you to more sales and leads. but you have to have always doesn’t matter what video to post.

And this also goes for the viral videos. Every video needs to have a hook, a story call to action. So what does it mean? When you’re scrolling tick tock Facebook reels. or whatever that might be the first two to three seconds are the crucial part. Somebody’s deciding whether to watch it or skip. Like it’s almost like I guess like Tinder is like laughter right?

But I’m just saying two seconds, right? You have two seconds. So you have to think like, what am I going to say? Then those two, three seconds, people already know what this video is about. and why they need to watch it. Because if I don’t know what the video is about, in the two, three seconds. you like, Hey, guy, we’re today the show and we like what we did today.

This is a different format. You lost them, they don’t know what is in for them either going to laugh or be educated you lost them. So go in the hub. Three tips how to do this, or two things you’re doing wrong. So have something that captures captivate them. then share your story then say like, oh, like I’m saying this. because I’m an expert on this.

So I’m saying this because my product is this. and then have a call to action call to action means like, follow them on social media tips. And then always like, if you’re not doing the question to your audience in the video. do are the first line of the captcha, which is always a question and just like. Do you guys agree? Or what do you think?

But I was like trying to find questions that people will have an opinion if it’s right. or if it’s black or white. So let’s say I might be like what do you think, is it good to work to be a stay at home mom, or to work full time? There is no right answer in that.

So everybody’s going to have their opinion. And the people that would disagree the comment that’s what they’ll do. They’ll fight with the other people. or they’ll like reply to those comments. But what happens whenever somebody comments. or they’re even if it’s a sentence or a few words. your video is replaying on the background.

So the more people are commenting on the video. or the more relatable that video is to share with other people. the more people watch and that was that’s what makes a video go viral. And people feel like is this like huge complicated? Honestly, like I can make a video go viral every day if I want to.

But you don’t usually make a video go viral, because educational. but if it’s relatable, so if I keep making videos go viral every day. then I lose that audience that doesn’t know that all I do also social media marketing. I’m a business owner. I’m not just like talking about random things.

But always start with something very broad. and then have your funnels and filters in place with the right education. that people now are being nurtured, are being educated. and then we tell like what you do and why I then need to have your service. or have your product they’re ready to buy. that’s how you basically grow your business social media.

Pamela Bardhi
I love that. I absolutely love that those were amazing tips. Thank you so much well, because like, it seems like this foreign concept. there’s a lot of work behind the scenes. but like, the concept is really key. You’re not just throwing ads out there. You’re not just inundating people with this, like, commercial.

Like, that’s not what it is. And I think that that’s the biggest thing that people have a hard time with. Like, you have to remember you have to add value, like you said. you have to add value to your audience, you have to entertain or educate them. And then they’ll build that relationship with you digitally to trust them. So that’s amazing and the biggest thing

Marsilda Bialczak
also Let’s say if you have a product based people think like. Okay, I’ll just make videos with videos and pictures of my product and set. Um, you have to keep in mind how we work as human beings. if we don’t feel something is something that we can touch or see in a way in our mind, then it’s not relatable to us.

So even usually, the cream of yours does magic. there’s all this like, vitamin and hyaluronic acid, or I don’t know. whatever creams you have nowadays. but that is not going to make me buy. but if you start your video by putting that cream in your face. and be like, all this time, you have like a struggle. like oh my god, I cannot believe that I didn’t know this tip before. to make me have less wrinkles or less sun damage or wherever they might be.

And you go into story while applying the cream. Even if you don’t match the cream, I Bachelard people be like what cream is that? Cream? that’s where you get like leads or even just mentioned that all you need to know like. where to get this link in bio. And that’s how like a lot of people ask me like. how does how do influencers make money?

That’s how they make money on top of brand collabs. on top of monetizing their content because guess what happens? When you YouTube you can monetize that Tik Tok, you can monetize that. So on top of everything else, monetization is nothing compared to the strategy that you have to get leads. and to get sales through your links in bio.

So make it easy for people to find you. to know where they’re looking for. Even in your website. I see people like instead of categorising things by let’s say I was going to the jewellery website. and they’re trying to buy like a necklace for myself. And it was beautiful brand. like I love the brand and actually being on tour. I loved it.

But I’m like, I wish it categorised by necklace, bracelets, earrings. No, she categorised by, I guess the style or the fashion. Like, you have to think their audience is six years old. Always think that like think your audience is six years old? And how do you explain something to them? Whatever it might be, if there were six.

And if you do this, if you have this in your mind. whatever you sell you’re pitching, you’ll make more sense your audience. because different audiences think differently. And just because you think you make sense. Like nobody knows who that is.

So just this simple, your language is simple and your time is big human. By being there, show yourself, show your team, showing your team’s culture. you’ll be surprised of how many leads and sales you’ll get by just doing that.

What Would Marsilda Older Self Tell Her Younger Self

Pamela Bardhi
I love that those tips are absolutely key huge drop gems here today. Dropped absolute gems here. And now I want to ask you was my favourite question. This is more I guess it could be life or business, whichever one you choose to answer. But what would your older self tell your younger self based on what you know now in your life journey?

Marsilda Bialczak
Keep looking for answers. So we always feel like we don’t have the right knowledge. I don’t know how to run a business, I don’t know how to grow on social media. I don’t know how to lose weight. But honestly, all the answers are right there. If you just keep searching, looking, searching, implementing and just go with the flow.

Always ask. I remember even when I was going with my second degree in college shooting us in University of Connecticut. I would always sit in front. And I’ll always ask questions and like the professor on day one of like the older professors. she was about to retire just like curl.

I’ve never had any student in my life asked questions. Are you like, first of all, you get the 10% credit like right on the spot. because it’s 10% of your grade, because you like you’ll learn so much by just asking the right questions. Because if you don’t ask questions, if you don’t ask for help.

if you don’t ask somebody to be interviewed. or if you ask somebody to be on a TV show, you’re never going to be invited in the first place. So people think success just happens. It doesn’t happen. You make it happen. You find a way always always look for. how do I find an answer to this and go for it.

Pamela Bardhi
I love that I see that love that. Oh my gosh, so many incredible things. I loved hearing your journey, your story, your social media tips. you’re leaving corporate America to basically start your own business while being a new mom. Like just incredible stuff. How you met your husband. 30 days in It feels to me all of the things by the way.

Marsilda Bialczak
I don’t advise everybody to do that. It can be serial killers out there. But it can also happen by just like all your intuition.

Pamela Bardhi
Yeah, I love it all your journey is incredible. And like, I’m just interested to know, too. And I’m sure everyone who’s listening. like, what’s up in your world in the next like six months, like what’s coming? What’s new.

Marsilda Bialczak
So I just launched a course actually in Albanian. I had so many million followers. And I felt it was such a need in our community to like, learn more about how to grow business. but not just how to expand to US market.

And so my necks is busy launching course in English now. because it makes sense to live in us. But at least I have experience with the first course, we had a great lunch. And I didn’t spend a single dime in ads, it was all organic, all through social media.

All I did was one webinar and maybe few videos on tech dogs and reels. and I lost some money like clients, and from that lack of opportunities, and so on and so on. So I think it’s just like, sometimes when you put it off for too long.

and I was like overthinking it, because we as humans, we feel like we tend to be perfect. We need everything to be perfect. We overanalyze things. Yes, it’s our disadvantage, I guess, but also our advantage at the same time.

I think like when you have something big like that is just sometimes just do it. and give yourself like a short timeline. that you think you can do it and just go with the flow. And that’s what I did and it went great. I’m like, Okay, now I have the experience to actually go math. do something even bigger. So that’s what I have coming up.

Pamela Bardhi
That’s amazing. I can’t wait to see what you do even beyond that. Oh, my goodness. But you’ve got to let everyone know where to find you and your awesomeness. because I’m sure a lot of people are gonna want to reach you after this interview.

Marsilda Bialczak
So if you Google my name, or Marsilda and my complicated Polish last name for my husband thinks Bialczak. you can find me anywhere or just go to my website expand to market with the number two instead. And the dead expensive Feel free to book a call with me like I do free calls just to see how I can help. And hopefully we can work together in the future.

Pamela Bardhi
I love that was it. Thank you so much for being here today. It’s such a great time. So amazing. I’m so grateful for you. Thank you so much for being here and sharing your story. So that’s it for today’s episode of underdogs. catch us next week, always dropping on Thursdays. And remember, if you’re interested in real estate.or want to learn how to create more money and magic in your life. check out meet with and let’s chat sending you so so much love


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