Paul Hutchinson
Welcome to another episode of The Underdog Show. Today our captivating episode features Paul Hutchinson. the co-founder of Bridge Investment Group, who has gained global recognition for his exceptional philanthropy and dedication to improving the lives of children. Paul’s achievements span multiple domains, including entrepreneurship, where he successfully established over 15 companies. Paul is a Series 65 license holder as an Investment Advisor and was recognized with prestigious honors such as the Medal of Freedom Award for his outstanding work combating modern slavery. Additionally, Paul serves as a mentor to young entrepreneurs and participates on various boards. He received numerous accolades for his humanitarian contributions.

Get ready to be inspired by Paul’s story as he shares his insights on entrepreneurship, mentorship, and the power of philanthropy to shape a better world. Among the topics Paul and Pam have discussed are as follows:

  • What inspired Paul on his journey to where he is today?
  • What was his childhood like?
  • How did Paul start his entrepreneurial journey at such a young age?
  • From being a surgeon to an entrepreneur, how did a car accident change his trajectory?
  • How did he get into real estate?
  • The turning point for Paul to do philanthropic work?
  • Based on what he knows now, what would his older self tell his younger self?
  • In the next few months, what’s coming into Paul’s world ?

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From Aspiring Cardiologist to Bridge Investment Co-Founder, Paul Hutchinson’s Journey of Entrepreneurship & Humanitarianism

Kevin Harrington
Hi, I’m Kevin Harrington, an original shark from the hit television show Shark Tank and you’re listening to the underdog podcast

Pamela Bardhi
Hello, everyone, and welcome to the underdog podcast. today I have an incredible guest here with me, Paul, how are you my friend?

Paul Hutchinson
I am so good. Pam, thanks for having me on your show.

Pamela Bardhi
Oh my god. It’s such a pleasure to have you, Paul. Truly. We were just talking previous to the call that you’re in Mexico. you’re enjoying life is the sunshine the beach and I’m just like, Yeah, I’m loving the vibes.

Paul Hutchinson
Yeah, we’re down here in Mexico. we’re actually looking at a bunch of property to create a healing retreat down here.
There are so many people that are in search of a good fully immersive transformational experience. where we can create some.
Some real lifelong changes within just two to four days of an immersive experience. So we’re looking at some different property down here to create that.

Pamela Bardhi
Yeah, I mentioned to you first thing I said, I was like, Oh, we have so much to talk about. So to talk about, I absolutely love that you had such an impressive history career. and all of the incredible things that you’ve done it. I can’t wait to dig into that.

But before we do, I always start with one of the most loaded questions. But if you’re ready for a pop, I’m ready. What inspired you on your journey to where you are today?

Paul Hutchinson
What inspired me? I think I’ve always been inspired since I was a young kid. I I knew I was here for a purpose. And I wasn’t just going to play small on anything.

When I was 10 years old. I wanted to be a paediatric cardiologist. I wanted to be a heart surgeon on children. and I will talk about how that changed and went into business etc.

But always wanted to have a powerful positive impact in the lives of others. That was what my driving passion was. And I’ve had such a beautiful opportunity to work in charity work lately that has allowed that to happen.

Pamela Bardhi
I absolutely love that policy. You say you came in with a purpose at a young age. Now, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Paul Hutchinson
That was me wanting to be a paediatric cardiologist. I wanted to be a surgeon, not a regular doctor, but a surgeon. and not a regular surgeon, but a heart surgeon and not a regular heart surgeon.

But one that operated on children’s. So that’s what I wanted to be when I was a kid. and ended up right before taking the MCAT. I got into a major car accident and I severed the tendons in my hand.

And they didn’t know if I’d have the dexterity to be a surgeon. They said, Paul, you can be a regular doctor. And I said I don’t want to be a regular anything. But I’m going to be a garbage man. I’m going to own the dump.

That’s just how I think and so changed my major to business and finance. and ended up building some amazing companies that had well over 4000 employees. between the different companies that I’ve built over the years and found it.

And so it’s been a wonderful journey. being able to give back and being able to create value in the world.

Pamela Bardhi
I absolutely love that. Oh my gosh, that sounds like one hell of a journey. So you went into business and finance until after that. what were what was your first business or the first one that you started

Paul Hutchinson
The first company. The first successful one that I put together was the Midwest Centre for stress and anxiety. It was in my early 20s. We work together with a gal by the name of Lucinda Bassett. who had created an audio programme.

We had a personal coaching programme, we had over 50,000 people a month. calling in off of our infomercial. to give them the help that they needed. to overcome debilitating anxiety and depression.

And so unfortunately, the drug companies are making 10s of millions of dollars billions. billions of dollars a year in a bunch of crap that doesn’t work.

And so we were able to help people change the negative habit patterns of thought. that were creating the anxiety in the first place.
worry and what if thinking and negative expectations. the perceptions we have of ourselves are our coping skills and dealing with stress.

These are all things that can be changed. And when they are, those are the roots of the problem and we can literally transform our lives.

And so I had over 200 employees and sold that company when I was 29 years old. You use that money to start into real estate and build what is now 48 billion and dollar Real Estate Investment Fund.

you know, have an amazing team of people that have been putting that together that we hired. But John Pennington and I were the co founders of that fund, and built it into something amazing.

Pamela Bardhi
That’s incredible. Oh my gosh, I love it. That was your first business. And you mentioned first successful woods.
So what was like the first one ever? Was there any any businesses that we all have these entrepreneurial stories? Right?

Paul Hutchinson
My first one ever was like eight years old. I realised that there was a lot of guys driving up the street by our house that were going up to go fishing. And if I catch worms, every time it rain, I guess sell it to a little worm selling company.

In fact, it was funny, my dad made me this little tool. that instead of waiting and flooding the yard. to try to get them all to come up or whatever.

It was like this, this steel pig that you get pounded into the ground. and he had put some electric wire around the top of it.

And then I can plug it in, and it puts electrical current and all the worms came up. I’m like what? So I was rich. I could sell hope.

Pamela Bardhi
So I do, we’re eight years old.

Paul Hutchinson
I have that company and wasn’t really a company but earn money. Had a little worm farm. I even made a worm farm.

Pamela Bardhi
Tell me about that.

Paul Hutchinson
Oh, you just take scratched up newspaper. cut up newspaper and some dirt and water and whatever else and boom. they just flourish, I was selling a whole bunch of those things that eight.

And then by the time I was 12, I have a lawn mowing company. and that one went pretty well. I actually instead of just mowing all the neighbor’s yards. we got a contract with the Salt Lake Board of Realtors.

And the houses that and this is actually this was later I was like 16. And I was old enough to drive. But I had the lawn mowing company for a few years, just the neighbour stuff.

But then there were houses that were being lived in. So we picked up those contracts. And actually were able to keep those ones that were like 16 years old. So
Pamela Bardhi

That was fun. That is so awesome. Paul, oh my gosh. Oh my gosh, I love it. I was also a young entrepreneur, too. I was selling lemonade, ou know, the classic, classic lemonade.

And then I had yellow on the regular yellow one. And then from there, started adding Kool Aid and started adding pink lemonade. It was like variety of choices, It’s so funny.

It’s so funny how entrepreneurship starts at like such a young age. You just know at that point in time. that’s your destiny. Oh, amazing.
And then your first formal company was pretty much coming out of college. you created this centre, which is absolutely amazing. And I love that you did that.

Paul Hutchinson
Yeah, I started about 2023 years old. I had a mentor, that friend of the family. that after I got in the car accident, realised I couldn’t might not have the dexterity to be a surgeon. And he said, Paul, he said, he said I’m willing to be your mentor.

He said, if you do what I teach you to do. you’d be a millionaire by the time you’re 30. And you’ll have the time to enjoy it. And I said, Okay, well what do I do? What’s my, what’s the keys to success.

he said, Every good business owner has learned how to handle rejection. and has learned how to sell. He said, It doesn’t matter if you’re not the primary salesperson. you’re selling your idea to your investors.

you’re selling your leadership to your employees, you’re selling your prod product to customers. whatever it is, you need to learn how to present and not to have rejection affect you. And so he encouraged me to get a job, high rejection job.

So I did I got a job at a call centre, cold calling. selling children’s videos hanging up, hanging up hanging up whatever. and worked my way up there.
then started on a project that they were doing. that was selling personal coaching programmes that helped people with anxiety and depression.

and I realised that I wasn’t ever interested in selling something that I didn’t totally believe in. If it wasn’t making a positive, a real powerful, positive impact in the lives of others. then, I wasn’t interested in taking your money, I just couldn’t sleep at night.

And so this hit home for me realising. that literally one out of every four people on the planet are dealing with with anxiety or depression. to the point where it’s somewhat debilitating.

and taking away their ability to be an effective mother or father or husband. or work or whatever it is in their roles.

so by helping them get down to the roots of that problem. change the negative habit patterns of thought that we’re creating those and firstly.
some people tell me Oh, can I buy like No, Paul. I went to the doctor and he said that I have. chemical imbalance and that’s why I have to have all these drugs.

What you don’t understand is how infinitely powerful your brain is. And its ability to literally create disease or create health and create wealth or create poverty. whatever it is in your life you’re attract, it’s more than just law of attraction is the law of creation.

And I believe that the majority upwards of 90%. plus of the things that people go to the doctor for. started with something up here.
Now, yeah, if you go break your arm that might not have stopped. but then again, it might have, maybe you attracted that into your life.

But so many of the physical things that we deal with in our life. we can change if we start by changing our negative habit patterns of thought. And those things start when we’re children, they’re ingrained into us.

You don’t have hereditary anxiety from your genes. you’ve got hereditary anxiety from being taught how to see the world. and you’re modelling after your parents.
and how they’re living in a state of fear or slipping into state of faith and joy, etc. So those it was a beautiful time being able to help people change their thoughts. and literally transform their world.

Pamela Bardhi
Absolutely everything that you’re imagining, I’d like to preach. because that’s really what the root cause comes down to. like, It’s so insane how I mean, thank God. our society is starting to open up and talk about it and alternative options and stuff like that.

Because really, the answer at this point was, go to the doctor, get prescribed some antidepressants. and then go have a look at what those models say about side effects.

Why would you take an antidepressant that’s going to have a potential side effect of suicide does that not counteract. the whole point while you’re there, right, and not only that. but it makes you numb, it makes you sick.

like I’ve had multiple people and I have very close loved ones that have dealt. I’ve seen them, the ability, depression, anxiety, and still fighting through it every single day.

You know, not going to enter a depressive route, but still just trying to battle it out within themselves on a daily basis. And it’s, it’s a daily thing, it’s a day-by-day thing, but it’s like, it’s crazy.

I’ve seen it time and time again, go to the doctor, and that’s all you get prescribed. And it’s like, I guess it’s Big Pharma. I get it, I get it, it’s, it’s a whole thing.

But you’re not really getting to the root of the problem. what you were mentioning is. like we’ve all got pieces of us that are broken.

And for those who believe in past lives, and different things like that, you also know what I’m talking about.

There’s things from different lives that imprint into this life that you don’t even know about it. because your soul is not aware, because Earth is so dense.

So for those who get it, we’ll get what I’m saying right now. And I can tell that you do fall. But it’s there’s so many layers to a soul.

And there’s so many things that you’re not even aware of. And it’s just like that conscious awareness.

This, I’m so happy that it’s coming to the world now. it’s so beautiful to me, that you recognise that at that point in time.
like so young 23 Starting this under like that is mind blowing, and amazing and inspiring. So, yes, I love that

Paul Hutchinson
Over the seven plus years, I’m building that company, I sold it when I was 29 years old. actually sold it for $20 million. Most of that was in stock.

That’s a whole different story that we can go through. But during the time that I was running the company.

I loved being personally involved with the clients. with the people who were struggling.
it wasn’t just me building a team and saying, Hey, you guys run that I’m gonna go in the back and look at spreadsheets now.

Every time I came in, and if one of the call centre rooms. they’re the guys that were selling coaching. wow, man nobody’s I said.

Listen, you’ve got to change your heart here. I told them, I said, if you’re on the phone with somebody.
and you come up with coaching as as an option for them within the first five minutes. you’re out of here, I need you to ask the right questions.
and really understand the heart and the challenges of the person you’re talking to.

if indeed, what we have is a solution for them. Great, then help them see that. But if not, don’t you dare sell that to somebody who doesn’t. but I loved getting on the phone myself.

In fact, over that time, I calculated that I personally spoke to over 20,000 people. that were dealing with anxiety or depression to the point where it was really affecting their life.

And it was a beautiful opportunity to get into their hearts and their souls in their childhood. and the issues that we’re dealing with and say, Okay.
what can we do to help move forward and get over this now? Here’s what was magic Pam. We had over 97% success rate in helping people. get to the point where they can live a normal life.

We had a personal coaching pro Graeme that would have a 100% money-back guarantee. if they weren’t where they needed to be within 12 weeks.
but we only have 3% that didn’t get the help that they needed. The other 97% The reason it was so effective is. that we weren’t using a bunch of workbooks put together by a bunch of PhDs.

I didn’t have a bunch of coaches that were therapists and psychiatrists. our personal coaches were people who had been through our programme.
who had physically been there in their life before. and have used these principles of changing their thoughts. changing their self talk and changing their life.

And it gave people the most powerful tool possible. which was belief, when I go in.
and I’m talking to somebody who doesn’t really relate to me. they’re just got a PhD, then even if they do have the right words. in mentally I’m going to be going.

but you don’t get me you don’t know what it was like to be called buck teeth. your whole life, child you don’t love was like to be beaten up all the time.

You don’t want us like having a having an absentee father or whatever it was that people are dealing with.

If I could take a living, breathing, loving human being. who has been through what, as close of a matches.

I had a similar history that can then take you by the hand and say. You know what, Pam, I believe in you. I know exactly how you feel. Do you know why?

Because I felt the same way. I went through this and this and this. And these are the things that I have found, Ken, that helped me to move forward. And that missing ingredient, that belief was everything.

Now they could take those tools, the workbooks and the audio programmes. and stuff we put together and start applying them to in their lives.
with this newfound belief that yes. I can move forward, I can create this life of abundance. I can be free of this anxiety and depression that’s holding me back.

Pamela Bardhi
Yes,absolutely. I love that. And I love that you hit 97% rate. And guess what, Paul, you didn’t have side effects of potential suicide?
Yeah. Think that’s amazing. I absolutely love it. 20,000 people that you spoke to personally like, wow.

Paul Hutchinson
The Heights, we had over 50,000 people a month, calling in off of our infomercial. just to get help with an audio programme, etc.

That tells you how big of a problem this is. And moving forward today with my charity work. and fighting child trafficking and things like this.

I’ve come to a realization that, to really heal the world. is going to take a lot more than just a bunch of me.
and some other navy seals that are going undercover. and finding kidnapped and trafficked children.

we’ve got to help heal people before they become contact offenders. And this isn’t just this little teeny percentage of the population.

Yes. if you put me in a room with 100, traffic traffickers and 100 would be paedophiles. And you said, Paul, you can either have a gun with no retribution.
and take them all out or which should be tempting or microphone. I would take that microphone.

And that would be the most transformational 60 minutes of their life. I would take them into the pit of hell.

I would show them the depravity of the direction they’re going. because I’ve seen it. I’ve led over 70 Undercover rescue missions in 15 countries.

In the last 10 years, I’ve been to the pit of hell. and I’ve seen it and I would show them the path to light and recover.

Now, they probably still need to stay locked up for a really long time. But I believe that I can crack that open and help them see this path to healing themselves.

Now, if that’s the case. if you take eight to 10 million children that are being sold in this world. that’s an astronomical number. but it’s a teeny tiny number compared to the real problem.

And the real problem is this literally. one out of every four women on the planet. roughly 1 billion women have been a victim of sexual violence as a child as a child.

And statistically, somewhere around 200 million men were a victim of that kind of violence. under the age of 10 years old, right in their own homes.

So that you’ve got this generational trauma that people are growing up and they’ve got anxiety, they got depression. it’s affecting their ability to manage their anger.
to manage their their sexual impulses. all of these things is affecting them.

Then if we can help the adolescents and the young adults get the help that they need. before it comes out in some kind of aggression and verbal abuse, physical abuse, or sexual abuse as well.

or even just Low self esteem and things that are holding them back from living a life of abundance and freedom.

If we can help fix that problem. then we’ll save millions of children. not just 20 at a time doing undercover work.

Pamela Bardhi
Absolutely. Well, that’s incredible that you have done that work. and lead those types of missions all across the world. all across the world, which is mind blowing.

And I totally agree, as well. if you had the chance to speak to these people. how that would shift and transform them into different choices. Yeah, right.

Paul Hutchinson
We never know who’s gonna end up being there. You know, I’m not pointing a finger. and saying that everybody who was abused as a child is going to end up being an abuser, that’s for sure.

Not the truth. In fact, God, there’s so many wonderful people that have taken that. turned it into something beautiful. where they can rise from the ashes.
and he’ll heal themselves and become a wonderful mother, wonderful, Father all of their roles in their life. But unfortunately, there are some that can’t get through that.

And then they grow up and end up having egos and misunderstanding.

Of how to work with other people and not understanding that we’re truly connected in every way.

And they take that trauma. and pass it on to the next generation or go to other countries and do some horrible things. So that’s what’s happening in the world. So if my goal when I was 10 years old. is to be a heart surgeon on children.

You know my role today is to help heal. help liberate the hearts and the minds of so many people that are being held back. that heart of that 10 year old.
is broken inside of every 30 40 year old man or woman. if we can help that heal. then we transform not only their lives, but all of mankind,

Pamela Bardhi
I completely agree with you, I completely agree with you. And that’s the hardest work to do. A lot of people push that off to the side and know that the inner child work.
that doesn’t exist, I’m fine. I’m totally alright like, it’s in you. And I know that that’s, that’s not the case.

And I’m so interested in how you got to this conscious awareness. because you’ve built up some incredible things like so you built your fun.

So you had this centre, you sold over 20 million. And then you bought into the fund and what was kind of your journey throughout this.

like getting into the trafficking world and helping save those ship. because I’m just like, I know, something amazing happened during that time.

that really transformed you. because I can tell you’re passionate. and I can feel it as you’re speaking and I can’t wait to hear about it.

Paul Hutchinson
Well, I got super passionate about charity work in my early 20s. Number one with the attacking anxiety and depression programme that we worked with.
it was like an impact investment. I was making money while still making a huge difference in the lives of others.

But I also realised that there were people who really needed the help. that were super like, without the ability to do anything on their own, specifically children.

I realised that a nine-year-old is in a position completely outside of any of the choices that she made.

Maybe I served on the Make a Wish Board of Directors. helping children who had had life threatening illnesses.

And I served on that board for seven years. and a lot of other different charity organisations that I served and spent time with over that time.

I had made a decision in my early 20s. That I would donate upwards of 20% of my money. and 20% of my time to making a difference.

a powerful positive impact in the lives of others. A lot of people are like, okay I’ll give five bucks here and there.

the average is roughly one to 2% is what most people donate. and give in their money and less of their time many times.

But I believe that one decision in my early 20s to donate. a huge percentage of my time and money to helping others. I believe that one decision is what made all the difference.

in the success of all my companies. You can call it karma, You can call it God you can call it the universe.

You can call it Allah you can call it whatever you want to. there’s a higher power very interested in us doing good.

And I can pinpoint every single time that I made a huge contribution and massive things came back to me.

I had a very popular TV radio talk show hosts 50 million plus followers. that wanted to same as Glenn Beck. he wanted to launch his anti child trafficking campaign from Bangkok, Thailand.

it was gonna cost roughly $100,000 to get him and his team. and the plane and everything else to make all of this happen. at the time the charity we’re working with.
we had a bunch of grandmas that were donated In five $10 a month. that was kind of sacred money, I didn’t want to spend 100 grand on this trip.

And so we talked with some of the guys at the foundation. and decided that I would write that check myself. and a partner named Don. who’s also business partner in the fund.

We flew to Thailand, bunch of video and whatnot. On the way back, as the plane landed. there was two voicemail messages on my phone.

One of them was from the owner of one of the largest hotel chains in the world. And he said, Paul I’m super interested in putting another $10 million into your senior housing fund.

this other one was the owner of some of the biggest gas station chains in the US massive company. And they had even a bigger number.

My income from those two voicemail messages, multiples exceeded what I just put into the charity. and it happens every single time. so if you have your goals, and you’re working hard in your business goals.

I had decent results when I worked hard, because I worked my ass off. But if I worked really hard and tried to have a powerful positive impact in the lives of others. my results in this all my other financial goals just exploded.

And so I tell people, I am not that charitable. God does a better job running my companies than me. So that’s why I do this.

Pamela Bardhi
You know, what’s crazy with what you just had followed. which is like one of the phrases that actually changed my life. First time I heard it was that business is a spiritual game.

Paul Hutchinson
It really is. There’s so much more to it than just the logical everything. In fact, I have a book coming out in the next couple of months. called Are You Listening? With my hand on my heart?

Not Are you listening with my hand on my ear. but in my heart and it talks about that spiritual connection. that tuning into your intuition. that still small voice of truth that each one of the rescue missions.

I wasn’t following logic and protocol, I was listening. and was led to where the children were and was kept out of danger. And when it came to building the company. the same thing, in being led to the right people.

in the right circumstances that brought everything together at the right time. That created some beautiful success and the opportunity to hire. and give jobs to so many people, which is absolutely

Pamela Bardhi
It’s absolutely incredible. And everything that you’re saying I’m like, oh my god. this is such a beautiful example of watching it all come together like hyper successful. It’s a $42 billion funds at 48

Paul Hutchinson
billion now. Yeah, 48 billion now. It’s funny people call me and they say, Paul, I have questions on real estate.

And I tell them, I don’t know anything about real estate. They’re like, wait a minute, you have this massive Real Estate Fund.

I said, No, the thing that I did right, is identify the right team. And by listening here, and identifying people who are powerful superstars. in their space and bringing them together with that vision.

back to the spiritual end of it as well. People ask John, my business partner, how did you guys get so big?

What was the transition in the beginning and he would tell a story. he said we were just getting started.

we have this company called bridge loan capital is doing short term asset based lending. And, we would have a deal where we needed like an extra $25,000 By Friday.

and I’m on the phone, I’m making phone calls. trying to raise this extra money.

Come on, guys, come on, guys invest with this is a great deal. And I’d hang up the phone, and I turn around.

I’d say John we’re going to be a billion dollar fund someday. And I put my little pinky by my mouse or a billion dollar fund.

And he would say, Paul, but we just need $25,000 By Friday. So being able to see that and visualise where we are going to be.

is he gives a lot of credit to where we ended up to what happened there in the beginning. and seeing that when other people couldn’t.

And it all is tied in together. It’s the anxiety and depression company and helping people change their thoughts.

Everything starts here. And giving them the belief that they needed with a personal coach. that belief was so vital.

As we were building the company in helping my partners see where we could be. and holding on to that vision and that belief we call it you know what. it’s not just the Law of Attraction.

like I said, it’s a law of creation, your your actions, create your words create, and your thoughts create as well.

And so in doing we’re able to create this beautiful abundant opportunity that we have over 50,000 families.
and apartments that we own. and create you’re building business. it’s more than just First, if you can’t figure out how to create a true win win win. then it’s then it’s not worth doing.

And it’s not just saying, Okay, can I have? Can I have a win for my employees and a win for my investors? No, you could literally create a true win win win win all the way across, right?

For example, as we were building the fund, we would buy properties that were apartment complexes. that were kind of rundown and we would go in and say, Okay. what if, if I was living here right now? What is it that I would want.

I’m not going to put gold towel rods in it, and it’d be class neighbourhood. But we realised that a lot of our tenants in these $1,000 month apartments.
especially in this that areas near the border and stuff. a lot of our tenants were Hispanic, and they didn’t play tennis.

There’s a bunch of tennis courts from the 70s that were still in these apartment complexes were like. how about we turn these into soccer fields instead. So that’s what we did, because that’s what the tenants wanted.

We brought in English as a second language. we brought in the bookmobile, we brought in a tutoring programme. did Taco Tuesdays things like that. that made it a really fun, safe place to live, and a place that they can raise their children.

And in doing so, we were able to take the occupancy up to 97%. and stabilise the property, and then sell it for a great return for our investors. So you can create a win win win, you don’t have to be a slumlord.

you can create value for your tenants and value for your investors. and value for your employees and even value for the banks. that you had to take over the property for it. because now they have the liquidity they need.

So everything that you’re doing, it’s money is energetic. it’s you create value for the world. you want to be a billionaire, you create a billion dollars worth of value for the world.

You want to be a millionaire create a million dollars worth of value for the world. but figure out how to use your mind, your thoughts and your words to be able to create value. And you’ll have abundance throughout your life.

Pamela Bardhi
I absolutely love that Paul. I absolutely love that. You said something super key. you want to be a billionaire. that you bring a billion dollars worth of value to the world. Right and right when you said that.

one of the founders of the company that I with. which is exp Realty and merged my brokerage with them. And the founder Glenn Sanford. like he has created millionaires across the world.

And it’s like, That man deserves to be a billionaire for that reason, because he’s changed. So like the millionaires that were created. what about all the generational. all the generations that come from that, right? Like that is power.

So right, when you said that, like that is the truest thing ever. those who truly are wealthy. it’s because they’re bringing so much to the world and beyond.

it’s not just a money thing, it’s a value in that money is energetic. I always say that to him, like money is just an energy exchange at the end of the day. It’s just, that’s all it is, when you think about it.

Paul Hutchinson
And I think I think unfortunately, things are going to happen in the near future. that are going to shake up the financial system as we know it. And it’s important that we all release our addiction to money as we know it.

But understand that you will always have what you need to survive. what you need to flourish as a family. as long as you are creating value in the lives of others. So just finding ways to create that value.

And whatever happens in the financial markets with inflation and the bank failures, everything else. those things won’t affect you.
If you can make sure that you’re in a position where you can continue to add value to those around you will you’ll be supported.

Pamela Bardhi
As you mentioned the markets, or financial system. there’s so much happening right now there’s the bricks Federation. there’s all kinds of things that are being formed. and just different things that are happening in the world.

And I’m sure in building these companies. Paul, you’ve probably experienced a whole significant amount of challenges. what are some of them and how did you overcome them.

And then on the flip side, I also want to know some of the biggest pieces of advice and how you got to all these wins. You’ve kind of shared one of them with the new creating Win Win situations with tenants and that kind of thing. So it’d be awesome to hear both sides.

Paul Hutchinson
You bet. We started John and I started bridge loan capital in 2004. And by 2006, we had hired some guys. who were very knowledgeable in international financial markets. things like this and one of them Don artemon came into my office in late 2006.

And he said, Paul, we’re in trouble. I said we are the company he goes no We are the whole country. probably the whole world.
we’re looking at a multi trillion dollar problem. this was a year and a half before the 2008 crisis real estate crisis. we’re looking at a multi trillion dollar problem.

if you don’t change, you’re going to be upside down with everybody in your space. at the time, we were doing hard money lending bridge loans, to companies and real estate etc. so we had to, we had to change our model dramatically.

And the people who didn’t ended up getting just eaten alive in the downfall in the market. And so we said, Okay, what do we need to? Do we need to pivot and strategize. Okay, if indeed the market is going to crash.

What asset classes can we want to be in? Where’s going to be the opportunity to create value? And it’s been said many times that money is made.

when there’s blood in the streets? Well, that’s true. But I don’t like to make money from the blood in the streets.

I like to make money by creating the first aid kits, if that makes sense. Yeah. So by looking in advance and saying, Okay, where’s the writing on the wall.

And the time Don had all these third order polynomial equations that were way over my head. that kind of analysed where we were. from a banking cycle crisis and everything else.

And he saw that a year and a half before it happened. we were able to position ourselves.
to make the biggest positive impact. Well, the same thing today is you’re looking forward and saying, Okay. what things can happen in the market?

And what can I do to create something that’s going to be a value for those people. who weren’t thinking ahead. that weren’t aware of what was going on in the market.
so that I can create value at that point, create those first aid kits. when there’s blood in the streets, so to speak?

What Would Paul Older self Tell His Younger Self

Pamela Bardhi
I love that one. Thank you, your mindset shifts on all of it. It’s like, oh, money doesn’t have to be made from the blood in the streets. it can be absolutely transformed.

It’s almost like alkalizing the energy right into something positive. kind of manifesting from there. which I love that. And I mean, I can tell you’re an absolute conscious creator. in all that you do throughout all your businesses. and everything that you’ve done is amazing.

That is amazing. And, honestly, one of my favourite questions in the world. and I’m gonna ask it to you, because I love it. I’m so interested to hear what you say on this one. what would your older self tell your younger self based on what you know, now?

Paul Hutchinson
I tell my whole bunch of stuff. How he says, don’t bring on that partner. be careful about that girl. I would have made sure that I was able to listen better from the heart. when it came to bringing on different partners and different people in my life.

because of how much time it took me to dig out of some of those holes. It was funny. Somebody asked me,we were in a guided meditation, kind of healing experience.

And I had been a facilitator for a long time helping a lot of people work. through some of their childhood trauma, etc.

And the facilitator co facilitator was with me at one of these end of last year. Polly said, Do you want to go back and revisit some of your shit and work on that?

I’m like, No, I kind of dealt with that. 10 years ago, he and I went did a lot of this work. He goes, Well, why don’t we try. And so we went into this deep meditation. and he took me to when I was being beat up at seven years old.

And I was trying to figure out what life looked like and I bought teeth. and I was kind of nerdy and whatever. he said, he said, What would you go and tell that seven year old?

If you had to kneel down right now and tell that seven year old something to make him feel better? What would it be? And I said, in my altered state of meditation. I said

I’d hug that seven year old and say, you don’t worry about those guys.

You’re gonna grow up to be a millionaire and marry a movie star. He’s heard a laugh. And so that’s a fun story. I, I, you know, I’ve gone through two marriages. and I’m getting married in the next three weeks, my third time and have an essay.

You can look her up on my ha da. Vanessa is her last name. She was a pretty famous actress in Colombia for a while. And at one point, you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing her face on a poster and whatever down there.

And then she came to the US. started working some other things in the US and we ended up meeting in Haiti. She was donating her time at the orphanage in Haiti. I was finishing up some child rescue work down there.

And I tell people meeting a beautiful Colombian actress is kind of cool. but when she is donating her time at an orphanage in Haiti, that’s amazing. And my real claim to fame, Pam, here’s my real claim to fame ready.

It’s not building a multibillion dollar company. It’s not rescuing 1000s of children with our Foundation. and others that we’ve started with Can. with my real claim to fame is this so?

Henry Carville, look him up he’s the actor who plays Superman, the Batman Superman stuff. He’s that modern day Superman Henry Cavell. Well, Henry was at Vanessa’s work almost every day for a while they started to date.

And she decided in fact he had on her phone his name was Henry Conville. My future husband, I changed it to Henry Cavell the fake Superman. So my claim to fame is I stole Superman’s Girlfriend. Well, so that’s my mic drop.

Pamela Bardhi
So the not the million multibillion dollar company or anything like that. Yeah, she’s so amazing.

Paul Hutchinson
I would tell my seven year old don’t worry about all that stuff. It’s all gonna work out. Great.

Pamela Bardhi
Oh, my gosh, I love that. It’s all gonna work out. Absolutely. Well, congratulations to you. For three weeks. That’s so exciting.

Paul Hutchinson
And here in Mexico, we’re going down to loom and finding a beautiful place down there. and kind of a low ping, we’re not going to have something huge.

Pamela Bardhi
I love that. Oh, my gosh, Paul, you’re amazing. So aside from your wedding coming up, like three weeks. what’s up in the next couple of months for you? What’s going on in your world?

Paul Hutchinson
My book should be coming out my first book. So I’ve been undercover for the last 10 years. and haven’t even had a social media, no podcast, anything. so just came out of that just a few months ago.

And we can talk about why in terms of transforming people’s lives rather than just rescuing the kids. But I was in deep meditation asking, Okay, how do we fix this problem? Because just rescuing the kids isn’t fixing it. we’ve got to change the demand.

And what do we do to change the demand? Well, I realised that we need to start taking people down a path of healing themselves. and billions of people to do so. I was told that step one needs to be helping them learn to trust themselves.

To trust their intuition to trust that still small voice of truth. that’s that every one of us were born with. And if we can help them, trust that and start listening. It just like in every one of my rescue missions. it wasn’t about following logic and protocol, it was listening.

And so my first book is called Are You Listening and that will be coming out in the next few months. Other things we’re working on the next few months. we’re actively looking for property here in Latin America, to build some Healing Retreats.

There are some existing properties that we’re putting together some some protocol for and whatnot. but having and we’re looking at living down here. part time full time in building out that opportunity. to help people heal these healing retreats are different than that.

The safe houses, the safe houses for the children are things that are Foundation. the child liberation foundation, you can go to liberate a or liberate And the child liberation Foundation helps to pay for a lot of the safe houses for the kids. and then the rescue missions etc.

But beyond that, the Healing Retreats are more for adults. people who are dealing with deep seated trauma. some issues from when they were children.

And we have helped and I have hosted and facilitated over 40 guided meditation. fully immersive transformational healing opportunities in the last six years.

And so we want to kind of put together a protocol and a full time thing. where every single week we’ve got people coming in from around the world. and getting the help that they need to transform their life.

Pamela Bardhi
Absolutely love that. I absolutely love that for the next few months looks busy for you. you’re reading your books, and these retreat centres. which are going to be completely transformative. for so many people around the world and I agree with you listen.

I’ve been on many retreats and that is what has shaped me. because I started going into life in high school. and it really helped develop everything. and all that I am in business and life and everything that there’s nothing like it.

There’s nothing like it. So I’m so excited and now Paul everyone’s got to know. where to find you and your awesomeness my friend.Like where could they reach you?

Paul Hutchinson
So right now you can go to Paul Hutchinson I bought soul healer double o just because it’s easier to type you type in that. and it’ll take you to the Facebook page and some things that we’re posting a lot of things.

but we’re just barely rebranding with the domain liberate dash Liberate humanity And that’ll be our hashtag as well. And a lot of the social medias liberate humanity.

Because that’s really what it’s about is not just liberating a child in a trafficking situation. but it is helping people liberate the child within them that has been stuck. that’s been dealing with this trauma for so long.

If we can help them heal, then we change the vibration of the world as a whole. help people pull out of this negative rut. this hole that they’ve been in for such a long time, change our perceptions of ourselves.

changing our perceptions of other people. changing how we approach life and dealing with stress. and helping people let go of fear. let go of anger, let go of guilt, let go of judgement.

let go of the things that do not serve them anymore. and change to a new vibration of infinite love, and forgiveness.
that’s what’s going to really change the world. And that will rescue millions of children. including the ones within ourselves.

Pamela Bardhi
Absolutely. Paul, I love the mission. Just everything. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for your time today. Paul, you have been absolutely mind blowing.

I adored the story, everything that you’re up to just everything. Thank you so so much.

Paul Hutchinson
for having me on. And if you want me on some time again, in the future. let me know if your people want some more questions.
if you want to go in deeper as to the actual child rescue missions.

and I’ve got hundreds and hundreds of those stories. of finding the kids and getting them back to their families.

But that’s not nearly as important as figuring out how to help people heal. moving forward changing how they see themselves and other people.

Pamela Bardhi
Absolutely a man call Absolutely. Oh, we’re definitely doing a part two. That’s without a doubt. because I want to hear all about those visions and all of that for sure. For sure. Yeah. Thank you, Paul.

So that’s it for today’s episode of underdog. catch us next week, always dropping on Thursdays. And remember, if you’re interested in real estate.
or want to learn how to create more money and magic in your life. check out meet with and let’s chat sending you so so much love


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