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In this episode of the Underdog Show Podcast, Pam and Neil sat down to discuss his journey to success. The topics are as follows:

  • What inspired Neilon his journey to where he is today?
  • What inspired him to be a holistic practitioner?
  • As a young kid, what did he want to be when he grew up?
  • According to Neil, what is the relationship between the quantum field and finding the core of the problem?
  • Why are diet and exercise not enough to keep us healthy?
  • What is the role of emotions in our health?
  • How do you look for blessings despite diversity?
  • The benefits of meditation and pranic healing.
  • Based on what he knows now, what would Neil’s older self tell his younger self?
  • Coming up in the next few months for Neil.

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Neil Cannon Journey to Healing and Vitality

Pamela Bardhi
Hello everyone and welcome to the underdog Podcast. Today I have an incredible guest here with me live from Baja. Neil, how are you my friend?

Neil Cannon
I’m very well. Thank you Pamela. I’m excited for our conversation based on what we’re just talking about really excited for this.

Pamela Bardhi
Oh my goodness, I’m so excited to have you. It’s so funny. We were just talking before this call. how small the world is. It’s so funny like, right like You’re like I’ve never met Neil before we’re here we are. We have so many mutual connections and mutual so many crazy.

And I’m like, I always am intrigued and in love with anyone that does Holistic Health. I think it’s like one of the coolest topics ever just like learning the body nature. all the things and why things are what they are. And I’m like, oh, man, I can’t wait to hear Neil’s story.

See how he really dug into this realm, this unique realm. And I’m going to start with my first question. So we can kind of have like the first bookmark if we will. So, Neil, what inspired you on your journey to where you are today? My friend?

Neil Cannon
Yeah, great question. And as I’m sure you’re aware, just about everyone I know. In fact, everyone I know who works in holistic health without exception comes with their own story. of some kind of healing journey or recovery. or they know someone close to them who’s been through something.

And that’s my story ultimately. So I had eczema for about or that’s not my story. The story is coming. I had eczema for 30 years. I was always given these symptom masking treatments. which meant they would always come back.

So steroid creams which have left pigmentation on my skin. steroids, antibiotics when it got really bad prescription moisturisers as well, which are full of harmful toxic ingredients. That was a treatment protocol for 30 years. And it wasn’t until my father suffered a stroke. when I have my wake up call.

So it was quite weird that it’s kind of a roundabout way of happening. But I remember a few years prior to his stroke, he has chronic inflammation. he was diagnose this by his sister, my aunt who’s a naturopathic doctor.

And around the time of his stroke, or just afterwards, I remember this conversation. that I had with him in the kitchen. he was making tea and making the family tea and he told me how there’s chronic inflammation.

So around the time of his stroke a few years later, I remember this conversation. And I think his stroke was avoidable. And I had this kind of innate knowing it was like my innate intelligence telling me. he didn’t have to have the stroke.

And I just kind of entered the world of holistic health. because I’d written a book on increasing testosterone naturally for guys, which is obviously about hormones. And I’d seen this word inflammation. but I hadn’t really got a fully on full understanding of what it really was.

So I started researching chronic inflammation as reading about it in various books, watching documentaries, watching interviews. and really understanding what it was. And it became very clear to me quite quickly. actually, that it’s the underlying cause of just about every chronic illness that exists. including the stroke that he had the hypertension that led to the stroke.

and the asthma they did have since a 12 at the age of 12. which is a fully reversible condition, contrary to popular belief, and also the eczema I’d had since a toddler. So what I did was I went about changing my diet and lifestyle. I ultimately switched to an anti inflammatory diet and lifestyle is not just what we eat. and very quickly, my eczema went away.

shortly after that, I started coaching people that was around early 2015. I started coaching people, but someone just asked me to coach them. I had no intention to be a coach. And I started doing it and that my very, very first client had elevated inflammatory markers. She had cholesterol, overweight, by polar.

And in the course of a matter of months, we balanced blood levels and really a lot a lot changed. And then I worked with other people. I realised that the same principles can be apply to just about every chronic illness. or any inflammatory illness or symptom rather, I call illnesses, chronic symptoms of inflammation. They’re like a chronic symptom of a chronic underlying cause.
So when we get to the cause we can reverse just about anything within reason. but it’s I believe that the body is a phenomenally powerful self healing machine. We just need to give it what it needs and take away what is harming it.

So this kind of it just built over the years. I was coaching them or I was Learning or just learning, learning, learning, learning coaching, learning, coaching, coaching. what started off with just anti inflammatory nutrition and lifestyle back in 2015. has evolved into what I call the physical, mental, emotional and energetic pillars of vitality.

And I call them that because my last book The Vitality secret. My next one is called the vitality code that is going to be publish in about four to eight weeks. So I talked about the physical, mental, emotional, energetic pillars of vitality in case you didn’t get that.

then ultimately, it’s about balancing the body around all of these pillars. and taking away the toxins in reducing the toxins. and then replenishing with everything we need across all of them. It sounds simple, and it kind of is, in a way.

It’s not easy, because it means changing a lot of our habits and thoughts and beliefs. but it’s rewarding, and I love helping people heal themselves. So that’s kind of my story. That’s a long, that’s a long story. But um, there we go. And that was how we got to where I where we are today.

Pamela Bardhi
I absolutely love that you’ll absolutely love that. And I love that it was something so connected to you. it’s almost like that’s when like the flip switches. You’re like, wait. Yeah, like by accident, you’re like, thinking through things logically. And you’re like, wait, it’s inflammation.

At the end of the day, it’s the root cause the inflammation that causes the mucus. which mucus is also one of like the biggest culprits, of all the things. but nobody, it seems like nobody ever wants to get into the root causes of things.

And I’m sure we’ll dive into that a little bit later. But in this world of healing and health, so like, I’m just wondering. when you were a kid, like, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Neil Cannon
Formula One racing driver? Really? Yeah.

Pamela Bardhi
Did you ever did you ever start racing?

Neil Cannon
Well, I did track days, and I did rally driving. but I never got good enough to be to do that. Had a few accidents in my teenage years. Yeah, I was kind of known for that guy. at one point, I wanted to be a policeman, I think when I was very, very young. but that didn’t last too long.

And then I guess, late teens, early 20s. I wanted to be a real estate developer. Did a business degree in in Brighton in the south on the south coast of England. I was kind of in real estate for a while. But yeah. My dream was to be some kind of racing driver.

Pamela Bardhi
That’s so awesome. And you grew up in the UK? Yeah.

Neil Cannon
I did. Yeah. I’m still growing up. I wouldn’t say I grew up in the UK. Sorry.

Pamela Bardhi
We all don’t you know, we’re still growing up. I tell everyone, I’m like I’m 31 now. but honestly, like, I still feel like a kid some days. You know, I feel like I’m the same person. You’re the same person as before. Like, yeah, just the number, just the age increase.

Neil Cannon
sometimes I talk to my nephews or nieces. And I think you’re the same age as me. We’re not?

Pamela Bardhi
Oh, my gosh, I love that. I love it never grow up. That’s rule number one. Yeah, in your earlier years, who or what influenced you the most throughout your life experience?

Neil Cannon
At university, I started getting interested in entrepreneurialism. I did a business degree, because I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. when I went to university at 18. In fact, I just picked a degree that was going to get me to Paris.

So I did a business degree that got me to Paris for half a year. every year for four years, although I only did one year of that particular course. And then that changed for various reasons. I’ll spare you the details. I failed. I was trying to do a business degree in French. and I didn’t really speak very good French by that point.

so then I changed to doing a business degree in England. and it was much easier doing a business degree in English. So I did that. But yeah, who influenced me Richard Branson was one of my, definitely someone I looked up to.

And I read his books. Pretty early on. Sorry, there’s a worker here and his phone’s going out. You can’t hear him. Hear that? And quite who else has came to mind? Robert Kiyosaki?

Pamela Bardhi
Hmm, it’s that early 20s

Neil Cannon
Robert Kiyosaki was for some reason I started to get his letters through the mail University. So I started to think outside of the box early on. but I definitely didn’t want to work for other people. That was, that was definitely in my I was gonna say my bones a lot when we graduated. a lot of my friends went to university.
a lot of my friends got their, got their degrees and went to work professionally. in organisations in London or Germany or wherever. And I had no desire to do that. So I did a couple of seasons as a windsurfing instructor. and a snowboard industry or snowboard guide.

and just did everything but get a real job because I always wanted to do something myself. But by that point, I had no desire to be in health. And I that was not on my list at all. So I just ended up in health because of my own challenge and my dad’s challenge.

Although interestingly I reflected on this a few days ago. I used to drive a speedboat when I was 25. as part of this wind, surf instructor course, or job in Corsica in France. and I remember just daydreaming a lot on that boat when I had nothing else to do.

And I think this is how the quantum field works, we plant seeds, and I was thinking. if I could find the solution for eczema, I’d be a very rich man. I was quite money oriented. And I also thought, if I could find the solution for cancer, I’d be a very rich man.

20 years later, I pretty much feel like I’ve done it. I’m not saying I’ve got the cure for cancer. I’m talking about a completely new perspective on what it is. And I have helped friends not professionally. but friends more, with it, and recover from it. and have a completely different perspective. on what it is compared with what we are told it is in the mainstream.

the point of me bringing that up was I was daydreaming on that boat. And then 20 years later and brought the answers. So eczema, I’ve helped a lot of people get rid of eczema got rid of iron. and it’s just a symptom. most illnesses are symptoms. So we just need to change perspective and understand where they come from. get to the cause, and the body can heal.

Pamela Bardhi
I absolutely love that. You mentioned a couple of things that we’re going to definitely dive into you said the quantum field. which I definitely want to hear all about your experience with that. And then also, how you’ve gotten into finding the core of the problem. when it comes to things like eczema and in these things.

because, again our system, unfortunately now on a global scale, pretty much is very symptom. or how do we treat the symptom? How do we make that go away, which then, ironically, leads you to maybe another symptom that you didn’t want. because it’s a side effect of what you just took to get rid of one.

then it’s this continual cycle of dominoes. And you get to a point where you’re like. What the hell am I doing? So I’ve seen it time and time again, with a lot of people and in myself. and that’s why I’m like, I try not to even take Tylenol if possible, like die.

So I definitely want to dive into all of that, and kind of your life experiences with that. But the quantum field, talk to me about that. because that’s something that is starting to get introduce into society. I feel like you’ve got Dr. Bruce Lipton. and we’ve got these incredible Joe Dispenza.

And he’s incredible humans who are kind of projecting this into the world. in a way it’s never been out there before. But it’s still a very new concept. So to help walk me through that. then let’s get into the holistic health side of things in your practice. and your pillars and all of that stuff.

Neil Cannon
Yeah, so the quantum field. I think this is the reward we get. Once we go down the holistic path. We go down the holistic journey, the holistic medicine, natural medicine. get to the cause, do our problem solving. It’s almost like sickness is our gateway to consciousness and a whole elevated way of living. And I have attended a few Dr. Joe Dispenza. Advanced retreats. I love that guy. He’s phenomenal. Have you been to any of his events?

Pamela Bardhi
I have not. I’ve watched so many of them. No, and part of Facebook and yeah.

Neil Cannon
Yeah, he’s got a great series on guy rewired Yeah. He’s a remarkable man. Just got goosebumps as I was thinking about it. In fact, I interviewed someone on my podcast this week. who reverse a number of illnesses with his practices and tools.

And I have witnessed what would normally be regard as miracles being those things, those events. So what what Joe Dispenza is doing is he’s bringing to light using science and data. principles of spirituality that have been around since the beginning of time.

And there’s practices which we should really all know about, since the moment we are born. There’s tools that we have available to us. there’s energy tools that we have, we are energy, we are 99 point, many nines. and sorry, empty space, or energy, and 0.000. many 01 matter, we are much more energy than we are physical.

And it shouldn’t come as a surprise to us that our thoughts. and our emotions are going to impact our body and our reality as well. Because we are literally all energy, we’re all interconnected. Quantum Entanglement has scientifically proven we are literally interconnected.

So we’re living in a fascinating time right now. when all of these ancient principles are being supported by data and science. And Joe Dispenza has so much data on what happens in the body during meditation. during visualisation during heart and brain coherence.

And it’s remarkable, and I always use one of his favourite stories is. he will he gets he worked with scientists, and for many years, they’ve been measuring blood work. And they often compare novice meditators with advanced meditators.

And they can show over a period of seven days. are the blood work changes between the novice and the advanced. And interestingly, novice, novice meditators have a very quick change in their blood. almost as much as advanced meditators. But with the main point I wanted to say is over the course of seven days. we have all this new information in the blood.

Blood current information is why we go to get blood tests. so to see our state of health, so it carries information. And during the meditations, or during the week, people experience. or rather their blood tests for a whole new plethora of information. like 2000 Plus metabolites, anti cancer metabolites. for example, new immune markers that weren’t there before.

And I can’t remember all the names of these are very long, complicated words. but there’s phenomenal evidence, which shows what’s happening in the body during a seven day meditation retreat. And Dr. Doe will say to the scientist, and he has on stage or calling in on Zoom. can you just confirm that there’s new information in the blood? And the scientist says, Yes.

And then between Day Zero and day seven. then the sign and then Dr. doses to the scientists. can you just tell us where that information has come from. And bearing in mind, this is like day five, or six. where we’re meditating, a lot of the time in a day.
And the guy, the scientist said, focusing on nothing, apparently. Because that’s what is happening. We’re just becoming this channel is wide, open, resistant free channel to download information from the field. which we connect with, and is a part we are a part of. So it’s remarkable. I just got goosebumps. Again.

It’s remarkable what happens in the body when we connect when we meditate. And it’s the whole time we’re learning this stuff. And what I like about Dr. Joe, obviously, it’s not there’s not just Dr. Joe. I want to be careful with that.

There’s many types of meditation, we don’t have to just follow one person. I’m a personal fan of him, because I just love the way he teaches. I love the way he helps to reprogram your mind, what you reprogram your mind. But the way he helps to just bring it so clearly into your mind’s eye. to make sense of everything.

I don’t know anyone else who does it as well as him. I just want to say that there’s lots of other forms of meditation. we can go for a walk in the park and that’s meditate. Do you ever swim, that’s meditating, you know, there’s lots of types.

So, we are living in exciting times, to be alive when there’s the likes of him. Nassim Haramein, Dr. Bruce Lipton, who you mentioned Gregg Braden, marrow mirroring, married, marrying spiritual principles and science. The bridge is being build.

Pamela Bardhi

Neil Cannon
So we’re getting to experience that now. For people who are ready for it. And it often requires going down the healing journey. If you Well, to discover the magic that we have. like we have superhuman powers, or some would just argue.

you’re just a human that’s always been available to you that’s not superhuman, you should be able to manifest whatever you like in your existence. That’s just your God given right to heal your body with thoughts alone. But no one knows it was we’ve we don’t need to go into why we don’t know it.

I’ve done a bit of a lot of research as to why we don’t know this stuff. But we don’t need to talk about that. Now. Let’s just say, there’s, there’s been some wool pulled over our eyes. we are far more capable have far more power than we’ve ever been allowed to believe. So we are living in very exciting times right now. I think it’s a good time to know that as well, with everything that’s going on.

Pamela Bardhi
Absolutely. And there’s a whole lot that I cannot with that one of my spiritual adviser decennia Joselito. She talks about how everybody’s gifted. everybody, it’s just a question of, are you tapping into it?

Because society has taught us that, it’s out of the blue. if you have intuitive sense, or Salem Witch Trials. and all that kind of, you know, what I mean? Like society has made like, this whole. like, woowoo thing against it, and like, tapping into yourself as almost like a sin, if you will.

And there’s different belief systems and a whole lot of things that structure around that. And all of that is coming down, which is really, really cool. Because now everyone’s more tapped in than they ever have been.

Like people are following their intuition more. There’s more entrepreneurs being built in societ. people are realising what’s actually important. I mean, like, it’s so cool to see this, like massive awakening throughout the world. It’s

Neil Cannon
totally, I just got goosebumps when you said that. ASCII is particularly as like a global awakening. It’s shaking, a lot of people up, people are going, Whoa, whoa, whoa, what? What’s happening here? Okay, that’s not okay. That you’re literally abusing the body.

It’s, there’s so much is happening. There’s just jolting people into a new way of thinking. And it’s happening in a way where people are getting harmed. it’s causing people to think very differently. then wouldn’t way and then a good way. So we get to experience his awakening.

And that’s exciting. Imagine everyone knew what they could do with meditation. by connecting with their heart, what happens if we connect with love. and we know that we’re all interconnected? You know, I once heard that the reason for all suffering is the illusion that we are separated.

But when we know that we’re all interconnected, there’s no competition. There’s no rivalry. There’s no war, there’s like, that’s, it’s so ancient or this. horrific way of, you know, war. But why? Why are we at war with people? That’s crazy. All the time. If we

Pamela Bardhi
were saying about, like, the interconnectedness. like everybody, understanding what happened. when you just understand that you’re just connected with the other side, far more than you think. you know, so many miscommunications and all of that stuff. And it’s fascinating.

So in this arena of awakening, you know, how have you built your own pillars? And your whole like, process and model like, you were talking a little bit about that earlier. And I totally want to dive into all of that, because I think it’s super important and amazing.

Neil Cannon
Yeah, so I think it’s just been a gradual organic growth and expansion over the years. You know, I mentioned earlier I started off with anti inflammatory nutrition. And if you talk to me in 2015 2016. I’d say most illnesses could be reversed with diet and exercise.

You know, as because so many people were getting results from skin condition. do Sariah survive, or psoriasis is a skin condition, gout, diabetes, pre-diabetes, type two diabetes, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, Parkinson’s. people are getting results with mostly diet.

So I was thinking we’re just eating a toxic diet. If we real food again, then we can get our health back. And then as my time went on, my time went on. As the years went on, I started to realise that it’s more than just diet and exercise. our thoughts, our emotions, our how we are connected with the world.

The Earth has a lot to play with. It has a lot to play. So are a big part of play. So, you know, I just stumbled upon various teachers. we talked about Dr. Jerry Tennant earlier the reason I discovered him. and the Body Electric and principles of the Body Electric and healing is voltage.

It’s because in 2017, I got sick, my immune system crashed. And I know this because I had a cold for more than a month and I never get sick, reading it. if I do, I seem to beat it within 24 hours. And I couldn’t shake up a cold I was living in LA.

I was living a very anti inflammatory life, food, exercise, yoga, vegetable juicing every day, grain free sunlight ocean, I was. And yet I still could not shake off this cold. I actually spoke to my business partner at the time. And he said, You should go and see this chiropractor Doctor down in Costa Mesa.

So I 10 minutes, this guy said, he tested me and he said, these three teeth on this side of my mouth. where I’d hold my phone became depolarized. And I looked at him like he was an alien. he said, these three teeth are connected to your immune system. your teeth are like circuit breakers. And we’re wired up like a house with different organs on different circuits.

And those three teeth is very specific, or connected to our immune system. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to use lasers on your teeth. And we’re going to rebalance that way. So this was new to me. that’s where he did in two sessions. I lay on a bed, he shined scalar energy lasers on my teeth to flip the polarity back.

So they were net negatively charged, because then they’re meant to be a net negative charge. all of our cells in our body 50 to 100 trillion cells, net negative charge if they’re operating correctly. And this is according to the teachings of Dr. Joe Tennant. And also this guy that was saying at that point. So lasers got rid of the problem.
My cold went away reflecting on that now. can you imagine how many people now have EMF poisoning and have no idea about it? They we you know we’ve gone from? Well, we’ve got electronic technologies started a long time ago. But more recently, we’ve gone to three. four 3g 4g, up to 5g in the last two and a half years launched in 2019.

And of 2019, just before something else happened. In 2019, I got very, very loud about 5g being launched without any biological safety testing. I thought it was the craziest thing I had ever seen in my life. I was I was all over Facebook go what is going on. They have not even tested this. And they’re chopping down trees and putting these radars outside your bedroom window.

And people these group I started a group which got filled up very, very quickly. And people would complain, you know, once it launched, nosebleeds, headaches, all kinds of new symptoms were arising. they were getting censored and all the fact checkers and I’m doing this. because they’re not fact checkers, they’re not independent and not fact checkers.

They started flagging all this information on Facebook and I was going hang on what you know. there’s so much data there’s, there’s 10,000 studies showing about the effects of EMF on ourselves. Yet, technology and tech giants are just pushing forward. governments are pushing forward without any care for our biology.

And anyway, you could probably send some anger come up just then for me because I experienced it myself. And I’ve experienced it and witnessed so many other people become sensitive to these EMFs. Some people I know can’t even go into a coffee shop without getting a headache.

because of all the Wi Fi and they have to they have to wear protection or they’ll get a headache. sore or they’ll get depressed or they’re the main ones actually ringing in the ears is another big one. But a lot of people are suffering from the EMFs without having any idea about it. And the only reason I really got into the Body Electric was because of my own situation.

So recently a friend of mine I’ve been supporting with his reversing and cancer journey. he became so sensitive to EMF, so he has to wear a beanie now. which a beanie hat, which is a Faraday hat. And he wears Faraday protective clothing. Now, if he doesn’t protect his home, his body is so sensitive. because he’s been flushing out his body of all these toxins for which he had built up over the years with cars.

And that’s probably one of the main reasons he got cancer. because of all these chemicals and toxins that his skin was absorbing. So as he’s cleaning out his body and chelating, he’s becoming more and more sensitive. and one of the sensitivities is now actually EMFs.

So there’s, maybe there’s a weird bonus about not being completely clean. in that we can be less sensitive to these EMFs. But it’s just indicative as to the effects the EMFs have on the body. if we are sensitive, and how much we have to protect ourselves if we are not particularly sensitive. And then I see people wearing the Bluetooth headsets and next to their brain, and I’m thinking I’ll get it. So that’s that’s a long story. I keep on going. I keep on going off on one bring me back, if I talk to

Pamela Bardhi
you, we’re discussing the toxins and kind of things that we’re exposed to. and EMFs for those who don’t understand its electromagnetic frequency, correct?

Neil Cannon
Yes, electromagnetic fields.

Pamela Bardhi
So and these are things that could be affecting us. that we’re not even aware of our biology is not equipped to handle all this Wi Fi and all these things. And these are some of the toxins that lead into. really how you build your practice in your models and your pillars.

Neil Cannon
That’s the point. Yeah, this was one of the pillars. That was my answer to that question. That’s part of the physical is EMFs are an environmental toxin. which we need to be aware of. So we’ve got the diet, we’ve got the exercise, if we get grounded. that’s a very good way of balancing the electron flow in the body, sunlight.

I did a pranic heat energy healing course two weeks ago. actually, and learned about the three types of prana he got the solar, sun, and Earth, electrical energy. When I had someone treat me by the way. it just felt like I was being plugged into a power supply. It was remarkable. I won’t talk about that now. But it was I just thought I’d throw that in there.

As I discovered the mental piece. It was through my own realisation that my thoughts were affecting how I was in my body. also just researching and researching just stumbling upon all these different pioneers. the likes of Dr. Jerry Tennant, Bruce Lipton, Gregg, Braden. And Joe Dispenza really helped me to understand the role of our emotions in our health. and our thoughts and how we can be the conscious observer of our thoughts.

We don’t have to just let our thoughts run a while, you know, do their own thing. We can actually do it to a degree, have an influence over our thoughts, and our emotions. I never knew that we could control our emotions. Actually, that was Tony Robbins back in 2015. I did date with destiny with Tony Robbins. And prior to that, I think I started to listen to his stuff around 2011 2012.

And I think entrepreneurs typically have a very keen interest in personal growth or development. whatever you want to call it human potential. We are we need to think differently. Well, that’s the least the conclusion I reached. So I was presented to Tony Robbins, I think in 2011 2012. And we’re going to his event was remarkable. I already did UPW Unleash the power then.
So understanding really how our emotions we are in control of our emotions. and how we respond to events is a huge thing. You know, it’s our perspective. Bruce Lipton talks about how our perspective has a huge impact on the environment in our body. And I often refer to how Bruce Lipton is the fire father of epigenetics. Yeah, he’s a brilliant man.

And yeah, if everyone knew about epigenetics. and how our thoughts and our emotions influence our environment. we’d be more conscious of our thoughts and our emotions. how we respond to events. You know, Tony Robbins was one of the main people who taught me. how I was a victim before when I moved to LA. I thought I was out of a victim state by the time I left for LA in 2014 2012.

But last night, there was still part of me angry and other people are. various things that I’ll spare the details, but are still angry at others. And it wasn’t until I realised that I could change my perspective on anything. And I can also look at how life was acting or happening for me, not to me. I can also look for blessings in every adversity. it’s a work in progress even to this day, you know.

So I often use the example of a traffic jam. it could be in a traffic jam and two people can respond very differently to exactly the same circumstance. So how we respond to life’s events is completely our own choice. And how we respond if we are over reactive. It’s typically because we haven’t resolved former from the past we have unresolved trauma. and that’s in the body like electromagnetic bundles of energy.

Dario Tennant talks about this Dr. Bradley Nelson particularly. have you heard of Dr. Bradley Nelson, I have the Emotion Code. one of my favourite tools in my coaching. he discusses how emotions are stored like electromagnetic bundles of energy. And they can get lodged in organs, they can get lodged in joints in your lower back. they can get stored anywhere in the body.

And one of my favourite sayings is the organs weep the tears, the eyes refuse to shed, William Osler. and Woody Allen said, I don’t get angry, I’d grow a tumour. So the point is, if we don’t release this energy. what actually happens from a body electric standpoint. it drops the voltage to our organs. So we can get this, this energy can be trapped in our organs. it can be trapped in our liver, or lungs, or stomach or anywhere, brain. And we can actually release this energy very quickly.
Most people don’t know this. And the energy world is normally the last place people go to if they go there at al. when they wanted to reverse an illness. Because it’s so far removed from society, from what’s been ingrained into us. Most people won’t go to the very thing that were made of.

There was a Nobel Prize winner said treating humans without the concept of energy is treating dead matter. In other words, we’re missing the main piece. Yes, diet is going to work. Yes, exercise is going to work. Absolutely, we’ve got to get the toxins out of our body. we’ve got to replenish ourselves, because most people are deficient in cell fuels.

So that’s all essential. And if we’re not addressing the energy component. most illness is rooted in trauma as my belief now. And the great thing is, we don’t have to go and do a year’s worth of talk therapy to go and release it. we can do it in a matter of minutes. It’s so fast somatic therapy can get rid of trauma very quickly.

And the Emotion Code is one of those that I use. There’s many ways to do it. So yeah, it’s it’s been a learning curve, just learning more and more and more. and I think I’ll continue to learn until the day I die.

Pamela Bardhi
Wow, that Neil, I love that. And so I’m gonna be like a practice client for you for a second. because I want to see like how we go through the process. So like, say, I’m someone that’s coming to you with like an auto immune disease. Or like Allard, what are allergies considered autoimmune? I don’t even know.

Neil Cannon
They’re not considered autoimmune. They could they related to inflammation.

Pamela Bardhi
So maybe I’ll pretend there’s two clients, there’s two PAMPs, two separate ones. So first one is coming to you with allergies. And the second one is coming to you with something like say like psoriasis. something like an autoimmune disease. How, how would you what would you recommend for both?

Neil Cannon
To start off with, with allergies. I’ve had a few people on my podcast who have just taken out gluten and dairy and their allergies go away. Real is some for some people, not for everyone. For some people, it can be one or two dietary tweaks, and it solves it. One of my friends actually he had asthma. and he said his asthma and his allergies went away when he eradicated dairy, particularly gluten less so dairy just went away.

So for some people going back to your question. what I normally do is start people on an anti inflammatory diet. just to see how a few tweaks can make any changes. And normally in a week or two, they will notice some changes. And as that’s happening, we started doing a bit of testing. To see microbiome testing for example, I suggested microbiome test. to see what foods they can tolerate and which ones they can’t.

And the results will tell them that it takes away the guessing. But really, I’ve started to incorporate a friend of mine who works with these energy vials. she can get to the root cause much faster than I can. there’s these quantum vials that she uses. and it’s used as applied Kinesiology. I use a bulk of the Kinesiology as well, you can actually do you know about Kinesiology?

Pamela Bardhi
No, I’ve heard of it. But I’ve never dove into it. So definitely, I’m all ears.

Neil Cannon
So I think this is the way of the future as well as energy. medicine, applied kinesiology helps to, you can ask the body yes or no questions. So let’s say coming back to your first question. Someone’s got an allergy to something. Or there’s an intolerance somewhere. you can ask the body a series of questions to get to the answer. because the Body Keeps the Score.

And the body gives a yes and no answer depending on what the question is. So simply put, the body has a stronger response to a yes and a weaker response to a no. And you can also use a pendulum for this, believe it or not. So with a series of questions, you can ask the person questions that will help you to get to the cause.

If someone has an allergy, believe it or not, is often rooted in trapped emotions. From any point in their life, you can often release emotions and allergies can get clearer. There’s so many there’s so many weird intricacies in the body. It’s amazing. I mean, the more that I learned, the more I’m amazed how well, complex we are.

But at the same time, we’re not complicated. I say the human body is not designed to be conflict. I don’t think health is meant to be complicated. actually, if we take our hands and take our health into our own hands. we can actually get to the cause very quickly. with a bit of problem solving and a little bit of intellect and just intuition.

And there’s various formulas and flowcharts that we can follow to get to the cause. Don’t think it has to be complicated. at the same time, the way that we’re put together. and the way everything overlaps is very interesting. So why while some people can have an illness rooted in trauma. someone else might have it rooted somewhere else. That’s what I’m trying to say. It’s just there’s just varies from person to person.

Pamela Bardhi
So fascinating. That’s almost from trapped emotions, allergies, that’s insanity.

Neil Cannon
Yeah. It’s crazy. It’s um, unless there’s a major toxin that could be a major toxin might be EMFs, or a parasite in the body. Could be chemicals, your house isn’t next to toxicity and trauma is really where illness comes from. The ultimate causes or toxicity and trauma from can really simplify everything.
And that means cancer as well. With the science of epigenetics. we know that it’s the environment in the body that signals the genes. it’s not the genes that trigger the illness. So and this is true for about 95 to 98% of the population. I thought was around 95%. And Joe Dispenza recently said it’s actually around 98%.

So what that means is, epigenetics is like the software. which means above Epi means above, and genes are your hardware. So the epigenetics above the hardware, the epigenetics is the environment. the environment that signals the genes, which then signals the health of ourselves.

So we are in control of our environment, for the most part 98% of people roughly 95 to 98%. And around 2% there’s a small proportion of the population who are born with so called defective genes. and off genes that are fully penetrant.

I’m using air quotes for listeners, which means that we don’t have the power to influence the environment. which can then signal the health of our genes and then ourselves. So there are people who might be born with a gene that is activated into a cancer. where If they had no control over. That’s not to say they can’t reverse it. Environment is the science of epigenetics tells us that providing we create an environment in the body conducive to healing. Every the body can heal anything organs can regrow. Going back to Joe Dispenza, the last event of the last day. he was telling a story about how some of his team or one of his team members had told him. about someone regrowing their thyroid.

and what’s the medicine you know the treatment is for an overactive thyroid, they call it graves. They basically destroy it, they radiate it. there’s a few different ones, but they destroy the thyroid. and then put you on hormone hormonal medication for the rest of your life. Apparently, that’s medicine. I’m doing air quotes again.

So Bye the way an overactive thyroid isn’t. that’s an autoimmune condition, which is a result of leaky gut. And when you get rid of leaky gut and you solve it and you heal it. then your autoimmune condition can go away. And that means your thyroid can start firing correctly.

It means there’s not enough voltage going into your thyroid. as a result of probably enough nerve voltage going into your gut. Also, you know a bit of reverse engineering can help you get to the cause of why that happens. We don’t need to go and destroy an organ.

That’s not intelligent. That’s a really antiquated way of looking at the human body. And barbaric. Anyway, he could probably hear that anger coming up on me again. I just I’m just aware of it. You know, when it comes up, because I’m witnessing people get harmed by what people call medicine. It’s extraordinary.

And anyway, Joe Dispenza there’s people regrowing organs. the Polaroid regrew, and even he was when he was told that he was his face was going what? Because even he was surprised he repaired a broken spine. Like he had a spinal cord injury and he was told he’d never walk again. And through visualisation, repetitively every single day, he managed to walk again.

So he’s done the unthinkable, hence why he’s in the authority or has the authority to teach what he’s teaching. So when he heard someone regrew their thyroid, even he was blown. His mind was blown. It’s proving the science of epigenetics, which Bruce Lipton is pioneering.

What Would Neil Older Self tell His Younger Self

Pamela Bardhi
Right, which is incredible. And all of these things, and seeing how they’re interwoven and all connected together. I mean, there’s a bunch of realisations I’m sure that you’re like, holy cow.

This is insane. But this is one of my favourite questions and you can answer. like business personal life or health whatever applies to you. but what would your older self tell your younger self based on what you know now?

Neil Cannon
I would say remember, you are more energy than you are physical. I say that because it impacts every area of our lives. Does everything and if we yeah, I’ll leave it at that.

Pamela Bardhi
you’re absolutely right. It’s literally everything. I mean, perfect example, Steve Jobs all the money in the world. but doesn’t have a self right there yeah. Like you said, it’s the connection to anything and everything. So understanding that and how to navigate that. how to channel that energy is incredibly key.

Neil Cannon
In Tesla, one of my favourite quotes is Nikola Tesla. if you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration

Pamela Bardhi

Neil Cannon
We have 369 I love that guy. My goodness. He’s someone I follow closely on YouTube now or not him. but people who are presenting his his findings and studies. Yeah, we can heal the body with thoughts alone. We know that we’re the placebo effect.

And we can also change our environment we can change who attract we attract into our lives. We can attract situations and serendipitous events and certain synchronicities. and it’s it just gets more and more exciting. the more that you tune into this world of energy.

Pamela Bardhi
It totally is in speaking of the world of energy. what’s new in your world in the next like two to three months. Neil, what’s happening in your realm?

Neil Cannon
Good question. I mentioned I’ve just done a pranic energy course like a just a two A course. I want to go deeper with that. And I’m going to be doing that over the next few months, although I don’t have a date yet. But when I was able to feel the energy field coming off another person.

do you know about Kirlian photography? No. Curling Kirlian photography was able to detect the energy field that surrounds the person. And now we have technology that enables you to actually see the energy field. But I’ve got a picture of my own energy field.

Pamela Bardhi
Aura the aura? Yes, yep, yep. Yep, that’s so yep.

Neil Cannon
Exactly. So when you see your own energy field, it just brings it more to light. it makes it easier to comprehend what’s going on. I’m trying to bring it up. There we go. Can you see this?

Pamela Bardhi
Bio? Wow,

Neil Cannon
this is my biofield, also called an aura, that’s using a gdv. Bio? Well, that’s my Instagram. I, the technology is amazing. Like the way it’s advancing, you can put your fingers your fingers emit light. And it basically converts the energy that comes off your lights into this field. and then it interrelated to all of these different organs.

So when I have mine done the guy that was you had the machine. He said, he actually says Bob average my energy field, and he said, I can tell you a meditator. And I was giving myself a pat on the back for that one. then he said, I said, Is there any? Is there any weakness? And he said, not really. But if I were to go into one weakness, it would be around your eyes.

So around my, if you were to look at this side. and you feel there was a slightly slight dip in the energy field. by my eyes, and I’ve got 2020 vision right now. That’s not to say that something not in the energy field. it’s about the indicate something. So this brings me on to a really important piece.

And this was what we learned at the pranic healing. also Joe Dispenza represents showed this study. that showed how disease is first demonstrated in the energy field before it’s made manifest in the physical. And there’s a number of books I’ve got that have said the same thing. pranic said that says the same thing, diseases, energy field first that is in the physical.

So wouldn’t it be great if we could actually detect first in the energy field. if there’s imbalance imbalances, so we can then balance the imbalances? I’m going to try and quote this relatively well. Joe Dispenza talked about this study many, many years ago. I think it was in the 40s, or something like this. where there was a study with 1000s of women. a portion of which a portion of whom had uterine cancer.

And there was another portion, and they showed a particular pattern in the energy field. then there was another portion of women. who hadn’t got the uterine cancer, but they had the same pattern. And then they developed it. The cancer, so they study showed was It was first in the energy field before it’s in the physical.

Wow, it’s been that much better than I did. But that’s kind of the synopsis. So anyway, back to pranic. Because I’ve experienced this myself. and I’ve had the I’ve had my energy field measured. I’ve had other people work on me. There was one I had this woman, do all the instructor work on me at the end of the weekend. And she cleaned up my chakras so I could actually feel with my hands.

We did all these exercises to sensitise our hands so we could feel the energy feel coming off people. We could feel their main. we could feel all the different energy centres also known as your chakras. And in Pranic Healing, they talk about 11 chakras.

So, we could literally feel after a bit of training. how if an energy field was too small, or too cold, depleted or too big, which is congested. and then we could clean out the energy and then re energise. then we balanced all the chakras, and I could feel it. So it’s one thing hearing about it. learning about it and doing chakra meditations for example. like Joe Dispenza has got one called the bursting of the energy centres.

I should just dedicate this whole podcast to gentleman sometimes I think I should just get paid by him. Talk about him so much. So he’s got one called the blessings of the energy centres. which a lot of people get phenomenal results with. The reason I did have that is because each of our energy centres, ie chakras controls vital organs.
So if the energy around those vital organs is reduced. or depleted or congested, then the organs suffer. So if you can meditate for 30 days with one particular meditation. which gets you to balance those energy centres. it starts to make sense how the energy is going to balance to enable those organs to function again.

So, with the pranic, energy healing, when I was actually feeling the energy and sensing it. it brought everything into more it brought it to life. and brought it into my reality more is less conceptual. So I want to go deeper. And ask your question, I want to go deeper into that. because the way the instructor worked with me.

and when she actually cleaned up after she cleaned out my chakras on my energy centres. and she was re energising my solar plexus. I felt like I was being plugged in into a power supply. was like it was it was nuts. I mean, I feel, yeah, there’s many ways that we can feel energised. instantly jump in, jump in the ocean, that was one of them.

Or an ice bath. Just before I spoke to you, I was in my eyes. But there’s ways that we can energise. but it’s just interesting when someone’s just directing energy onto you. and you feel the energy below, you basically, downloading prana and putting into my body. That’s basically what she’s doing.

Pamela Bardhi
I love that.

Neil Cannon
So we’re doing that so we can develop our energy skills and become Jedi. And I and that’s when things get really exciting. because this stuff wasn’t on my radar 10 years ago, or not even a few years ago. And I think once we step away from the mainstream way of doing things. all of these doors open up for us that are so exciting.

We go beyond linear and we go quantum. we start creating from energy, as well as with action. And we start aligning energy with action. we start creating with so much more momentum and magic. Absolutely. Yeah. I guess what. in terms of my own personal passion development, the word of energy.

I’ve recently done something called white dove. which is part of vibe revision. who were featured on the superhuman documentary. They teach people to see with their consciousness. So blind kids or, or even kids who aren’t blind and blindfolded of driving go karts.
You know, adults as well, and developing that third eye being able to sense extrasensory abilities. being able to break things with chi. It’s crazy. And this is the stuff that I’m exploring.

Pamela Bardhi
I Absolutely love that, Neil. I mean, like that. Like, we’re literally training how to go in and literally become jet eyes of our life. which I think is absolutely fascinating. This world of energy. it’s no joke, you know, it’s absolutely no joke. And now the bridge between science and spirituality is coming together. which is obviously very interconnected with health, which is incredible.

And I love that you’re on this journey. I love this stuff. And I could talk about it literally all day. because it’s so fascinating. some of it is just coming to light for the very first time now. I’m sure that a lot of people are going to want to connect with you as well, Neil. So you got to let us know where to find you and your awesomeness. like, we can follow along with your journey. because this stuff is magical. I want to learn how to become a Jedi.

Neil Cannon
Yeah, me too. We’re all learning Rajat. We’re all already Jedi as we just don’t know it. Yes. We’re just consciously doing it most of the time. Yeah, they could find me vitality And I offer coaching, private coaching and group coaching, group coaching.

And if you go to vitality forward slash book. you can download my last book, which is 2016, the vitality secret. And you’ll be notified of the next one. which is more about the four pillars of physical, mental, emotional, energetic. People have got results with that last book, just that book alone. not just by reading it, but implementing what’s in it. The next one goes much deeper into the mental, emotional and energetic pillars of vitality.

Pamela Bardhi
I love that. Neil, thank you so much for being here today. for sharing those incredible stories and so many different testimonials and new science and health modalities. All of these incredible things that are going to change the lives out there. because as you said, you know The first pillar is that that house. without your house no wealth no nothing like forget everything else if your health is not enlightened. so I absolutely love love, love being here with you today. Thank you so so so so much my friend.

Neil Cannon
Thank you so much, Pamela. I really enjoyed our conversation. I hope I didn’t wander, Brandon wonder too much.

Pamela Bardhi
That absolutely fabulous, my friend. It was amazing. Thank you so much.

Neil Cannon
Thank you so much.


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