Sabrina Victoria

Prepare to be swept away into this captivating episode of The Underdog Show Podcast, hosted by the dynamic Pamela Bardhi! Meet the unstoppable entrepreneur Sabrina Victoria, whose company, Human Better 365, fuels a thriving community called “Her Nation.” Brace yourself for a transformational experience as Sabrina empowers solopreneurs, unveils the secrets to self-confidence, and guides them to 6-figure success. With a decade of empowering others, she dedicates her life to helping people rise mentally, emotionally, financially, and physically, leading them to discover true wealth. Get ready for a podcast that ignites inspiration and celebrates the indomitable spirit of underdogs everywhere!

In this exciting episode, Pam leads the conversation as Sabrina unpacks her incredible journey. Some of the highlights of the episode are as follows:

  • What inspired Sabrina’s journey to where she is today?
  • What series of events happened that led Sabrina into the dark places?
  • Sabrina’s transition from the dark and toxic places to light
  • How to get out of toxic places and heal your inner child?
  • Sabrina’s advice to her younger self
  • Sabrina’s plan in the next coming months

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Sabrina Victoria’s Journey to Becoming an Empowered and Fearless CEO

Pamela Bardhi
Hello, everyone, and welcome to the underdog podcast. today I have an incredible guest here with me, Sabrina, how are you, my friend?

Sabrina Victoria
I’m doing absolutely fantastic. Thanks for having me.

Pamela Bardhi
Oh my goodness, it’s such a pleasure to have you honestly. we got on this call and I was like, I love your energy and love your hair.

I love all the things like can’t wait to dig into your story. You’re such a powerhouse. So thank you so much for being here.

Sabrina Victoria
Thank you. You’re great. And I could say the same about you.

Pamela Bardhi
Oh, thank you, it’s just like,what it was where they call it like the Divine Feminine rising. Like we’re just like, humping each other up. this is how it’s supposed to be when each other on cheerleading and all the things. It’s a beautiful thing.

But I’m so excited to hear your backstory. because I’ve read all the amazing things that you’re up to in the world. And I’m like, Man, I can’t wait to dig in and hear all the details on everything. So I guess I’ll start here. What inspired you on your journey to where you are today?

Sabrina Victoria
I’m where I am now is actually for real, a direct connection to my story. Any good any other time that you would have asked me that question. It didn’t always correlate. But now more than ever, it correlates. But those of you that are listening that don’t know me. my name is Sabrina Victoria, I was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness.

So I always say that I’ve been in sales since I was five. Talking religion, Jehovah’s Witnesses go door to door, and we sell religion. So are they sell know, immediately just kind of in the realm of building communities. Building a community in that case of religion, and everything was okay. until I got pregnant at the age of 20.

With no husband. And that’s what really pivoted my entire life. I was cast out into the world in that religion. if you sin a sin like that. they called you it’s called disfellowshipping. Or shunning where you are just kind of dropped like a hot potato. no one wants to talk to you. No one wants to associate with you.

And every person I knew, including my immediate family, cut off all communication. And when I say all communication when I finally gave birth to my son. I called my parents to tell them that their first grandchild was born. Not only did they not answer the phone, but they did not call me back. Wow. Yeah.

Pamela Bardhi
Holy cow. That is some strict ruling serious. Yeah. Serious shortly, like, even like,

Sabrina Victoria
what? Yeah, bad, real bad. So, um, I did my best to get back into the religion. I was going all the time I was doing all the things. They don’t talk to you. They don’t acknowledge you. But you do still have to keep going in order to get back in. And what happened was, during that time, where I have a little baby. I’m talking to nobody, including my parents, I have baby daddy.

I’m not married to going to the meetings or going to church with me. trying to get my status back as a Jehovah’s Witness. And maybe my son was six months or so. I was invited into the back room of one of the kingdom halls. which is what Jehovah’s Witnesses called their churches.

And I sat down with the elders and they’re like, you’re doing really good. Good job. We see that you’re committed. We see your comment, we see you praying, we see that you’re doing the work. Because they have all these articles. You underline your study, and they glance over. they make sure you’re like doing all the assignments.

And they’re like, but what’s going on with the baby’s father? Like, are you marrying him? Are you living with him? what’s going on? Because you need to get right with God. So they said you have to either marry him or leave him. You can’t just be doing this whole like playing house thing. So I didn’t necessarily love my son’s father. But like we were taking care of a baby together.

But I was just so desperate just to like get right with God. I was so desperately, my parents and my mom. That I broke up with him. And I didn’t really think of the repercussions of that. Like I was just kind of naive and kind of stupid. And I broke up with him not realising our money. So he got super pissed at me and he left and I lead from that point.

My son was young. I mean, I don’t even want to say what six months. I’m gonna say it was more like three months. but I just let the stereotypical single mom broke ass life with no money. literally no money, I always had a rolling balance of negative $172 in my bank account.

car getting reported, a parking lot eviction notices on my apartment door. wanting to commit suicide dealing with postpartum depression anxiety. sin unworthiness just hate just hating everything. And lie I met a guy.

Pamela Bardhi
Oh, my goodness, oh my goodness, Sabrina. thank you so much for for sharing that. I know. It’s never easy to go back to those moments in our lives. But then you when you realise without it. our lives wouldn’t be what they are today. Like those dark places. I remember going back into those dark places with toxic exes and just horrible, horrible moment.

but like, you look back, and you’re like, I needed this for this lesson. And now you look back on it. Now, during the time being you’re like, What the hell. I’m sure right, like anybody would who’s struggling through anything. But now you look back and you’re like, you know, this was part of the puzzle.

This was part of the journey and needed that in order to elevate to the next level. Yeah. So you met a guy. Okay. So let’s get into that, like, how did the transition go. from going from all of these kind of feelings of despair and unworthiness. and that just the circumstance in general, into stepping into that world? Because that’s like a quantum leap, you know?

Sabrina Victoria
Yeah, I thought so, too. So, this guy had money. I thought he was given to me by God. Like, literally, I ignored all the red flags. Yeah. So again, just young and dumb, just didn’t know anything. I couldn’t pay my rent. I’m literally getting kicked out of my apartment, like every other month.

I mean, just horrible. So anyways, he comes to me, we’re we’ve been dating for a few months. And he’s like, Hey, why don’t you just come live with me. you can just take care of the house. keep up clean, and you don’t have to pay for rent. You just take care of the house. I was like, Oh my God.

Thank God. God, like, thank God. So I move in. I’m all excited. There’s red flags everywhere, but I’m just totally ignoring all of them. Then soon after that, he’s like, I’m barely making any money at my job. I’m making like $9 an hour trying to support a baby car gas. I mean, I’m finally pulling myself out of debt and paying off some of my credit cards. because now I don’t have rent.

And he goes, just dump the job and work for me. We’ll build an empire together. Like, we’ll just pull our forces together, and we’ll build this beautiful thing. And again, just fell for it. hook line and sinker. I was like, okay, cool. Yeah, I’ll do that. 100%. So quit my job. I didn’t ask him how much he was gonna be paying me. So he paid me nothing.

And what happened? Well, this is what happened. So what happened is I’m working. working working a week, two weeks, three weeks, four weeks. And I have no money like, all my money’s gone, literally no money. I have my car payments to do my phone is due. like I’m trying to buy childcare.

So I finally was like, I guess I have to have an uncomfortable conversation with this guy about money. He’s just not paying me at first. I thought he was like forgetting to anyways, I sat down with him. I was like, Hey, I’m like, what? He’s like, don’t worry about the phone. We’ll put the phone in my name. So you don’t have to worry about that.

Don’t worry about the car. We’ll put the car in my name. And I’ll pay 200 bucks a week to pay for the rest. Yeah. So I’m working 14 hours, 15 hours. 16 hour days for real. Making 200 bucks. This pays for necessities and groceries basically which we’re both eating. Plus, I’m totally taking care of the house plus cooking.

Plus, I had to keep my physique up plus be mom. Okay. Still in debt. Still no money, still living paycheck to paycheck. Eight years down the line, mental abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse. Just times 10. Just worse and worse and worse over the years.

Eight years in I will never forget the day I was on the floor in the bathroom. having a total mental breakdown just so confused because he’s like, Any girl would dream to have this. by this point eight years and we have gone from a townhouse with an office in his house. Five houses paid in full 12 cars paid in full.

We’re working You’re in four different states, eight different offices. I’m running everything. And nothing is in my name. $200 a week still. So I did a Google search. I’m on the floor, just having a total breakdown. Like I’m dying. I’m work to death. I can’t even breathe. I’m so effing tired. I’m getting raped, like, multiple times a week.

Because I hate this guy, right? Like I’m getting to the point. He’s so mean, you’re ghetto. You’re disgusting. You don’t know anything, You never went to college? I say, do you need to be grateful? You have no business? No business model. Like even I’m running his entire business. He’s continuously telling me that I’m stupid and dumb.

And I don’t know anything. And that if it wasn’t for me, I’d be you know, who knows? So I did a Google search in the bathroom. So I go from like, totally freaking out and crying and screaming at the same time. I feel like I’m dying on the bathroom floor. I did a Google search. The Google search was Why is my boyfriend bullying. because I didn’t know any other vernacular other than the word bully.

And just like He’s a bully, he’s been mean to me. And the whole world of narcissistic abuse, toxic relationships, financial abuse, emotional sexual coercion, just hits me right in the face. I’m like, Holy fuck, are you serious right now, I didn’t even know any of this stuff.

So immediately within, like, I’m not even kidding. within 20 seconds of having a full blown out, breakdown, bottom of the barrel. all of a sudden, every single light in my head turned on. And I’m like, I gotta get the hell out of here. Within a very short amount of time, I opened a secret bank account. I started three online secret businesses, it took me four years.

But over the four years, I was able to collect $50,000. And literally run away, I took my son, our clothes, and my bicycle. That’s it, I left everything else behind. I started all over again, with a mattress on the floor. And everything that I do now, in my business revolves around building community.

I really believe the reason I was in such a dark space for so long. because of the lack of community, the lack of being able to ask questions, the lack of curiosity. the lack of being able to say is this normal to anybody kept me in that dark spot. And that’s part of being in a relationship that’s toxic, they keep you isolated.

They don’t want you talking to friends. They don’t want you hanging out, they want you sitting with them all in their house, just you in them. And now I’m all about that’s expand. Let’s meet everybody, let’s ask all the questions. Let’s hear stories like this, in order to learn from other people. so that we don’t make the same mistake.

Pamela Bardhi
So when I’m kind of speechless over here, I’m just like, amazed at your grace, and what you’ve been through. And still being able to stand tall and found a way and just like found a way out. Because I’ve heard so many stories of women in situations like this. and it like shatters your whole heart to hear it.

But all of us one way or another we’ve experienced a toxic relationship depends on the extremities, right? For sure. But like, it’s so crazy how common it is. And you’re absolutely right. They gaslight the shit out of you, and then make you feel like you’re the problem.

And if you threaten to walk away, then they threatened. a whole bunch of other things that you’re like, Oh my God, that’s even worse than me leaving. So like, it’s just like this constant. You’re stuck in this in this constant.

And it’s not just you know, physical abuse, like you mentioned, there’s sexual, there’s mental there’s all these other elements in that community had you had that sooner may have been able to pull you out sooner, like you said. So sticking together is definitely the biggest thing.

and sharing these stories and really talking about it. So I really appreciate you sharing that because it’s extremely powerful. And I’m in awe of you that you were able to make it and do your thing. now you’re using that to elevate others at the highest level. So I absolutely love that. Absolutely.

Sabrina Victoria
100% You know, and a lot of you know as far as using the story. I don’t know if you’ve done any work or heard anything regarding inner child work.

Pamela Bardhi

Sabrina Victoria
Yeah, well to work on. Yeah, so anyone that doesn’t know what it is. it just like anything, right, it’s a concept. It’s a theory that you can or cannot believe in. And just like anything, just like God universe, you have to have faith. You have to like, truly believe it. this is a concept that, for me, resonated so beautifully. for me that it’s real, like it is real for me. And the concept is you are every year you’ve ever been inside of you.

So I believe that I have a one year old, a two year old. a five year old and eight year old, a 13 year old, a 17 year old, a 22. or 2944 year old inside of me. And every single one of them has lived for one year. every single one of them went through trials and tribulations. Some of them are way worse than others. And the reason that this concept resonates with me so much.

And the reason that I strive for greatness now where I am in my life. because there is a 23 year old inside of me and a 27 year old who wanted to commit suicide. She woke up every day hating life, She was raped. She was all by herself, She had nobody to ask questions to. And she wanted to not live anymore.

And there was something inside of her that knew she just had to make it one more day. If she could just make it one more day. she was betting on the future Sabrina, to make a difference, to learn, to grow, and to teach others. And I believe that with all of my heart, and I believe that because there was always a little burning light. or like a gut feeling of this is not my life. This is not where I’m supposed to be.

There is something bigger, and there’s something greater than this. For me, I didn’t know what it was, I didn’t know what it looked like. And I still don’t know Because we’re always evolving. But I am so grateful to the Sabrina’s that lived for their time period. and never giving up waking up every single day with a positive attitude. we can every up every single day and doing whatever it takes.

waking up every single day and working really hard, consuming, learning, building. upon what she already knew in order to make better decisions. And because of that, I am now in a position. where I am now where I am now mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, and really recognising. that I have a duty and an obligation, not only to the women that I am pulling towards me. but also to the Sabrina’s inside of me, that got me to where I am today.

Pamela Bardhi
I absolutely love that, I love Sabrina. this is one of the things that I’ve been kind of harping on the last two to three years. especially right and realising this inner child work like you said. these Sabrina’s that are working inside of you and recognising them. because if you keep them off to the side, and you never heal them. they’re just gonna keep manifesting in this lifetime and through different relationships, situations, all of that stuff.

But healing that and going back from that is huge. And I love that you shared that that’s those Sabrina’s no matter what always had that little burning passion. just one more day, keep going one more day. and I know that they’re grateful for future Sabrina now. which is so incredible, oh my god as chills everywhere. when you’re speaking my goodness, so powerful, so powerful.

And but this inner child work is such, you know, for anybody who’s listening. that kind of hearing it for the very first time. it’s something that you really need to look into your inner child is the unhealed versions of yourself. as Sabrina was explaining, like, you have all these different versions of one year old, two year old, three year old. and you have experiences throughout those years.

And there are things that could have traumatised you. or affected you that you don’t even realise have affected you. And it’s I mean, this stuff gets deep and a lot of the times our brain. because it’s trained for survival doesn’t want us to go into fight or flight. or stress mode or send your nervous system going bonkers.

So it kind of represses that. However, in your subconscious mind, this inner child lives that if you don’t heal it. it’s going to show up in your relationships. So we see this constantly, right? Or there’s generational trauma with things like this. We live in this life consistently. If we are just like, imagine yourself on a train, don’t know where you’re going.

No awareness, no spatial awareness as to where you’re going. how are you going to know what stop to get off that? Yeah, you’re not life can just pass you by and that train is going to keep going, keep going, keep going. So if you don’t have this inner awareness of like, man, something’s going on. What is it that I need to heal? Right? It’s a whole deep, deep journey. but what Sabrina’s talking about is real powerful stuff. Because if you can set your inner child free, right, it takes work, believe me.

And it’s not pretty either. It’s not like rainbows and sunshine. It’s crying, mental emotional release. I mean, there’s a whole lot of a whole lot of process that goes behind that, Sabrina. I’m sure you know what this it’s not ready. But yeah, but it’s absolutely worth it. And then you can break those cycles in your life. especially when you start to see patterns.

And a lot of this happens in relationships. Right? So growing up, if there was like a broken family and stuff. you see it often where it manifests into the children. And it continues until someone breaks that cycle, right heals that inner child. So That’s insanely powerful
stuff. Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness.

Sabrina Victoria
Yeah, definitely. Yeah, whenever triggers are popping up. So for those of you, you know, who you’re going around going about life. and then somebody just says something and you find yourself crying. we’re just flying off the handle, we’re immediately irritated. That’s an inner child. That is a child inside of you who got triggered. because of a past experience that he or she experienced. and they’re immediately on the defence.

And we all do defence different, we either cry, or we scream. or we do the silent treatment, or whatever your go to is. But it’s not you. That’s what I always say, it’s not you. It’s you giving power to one of your pass Sabrina’s. Yeah, because we know, right? Because we always have to say sorry. So we know that we weren’t supposed to do that. which is now we have to have an uncomfortable conversation.

Now we have to sit down and like explain why we did the thing. which if you don’t even know the inner child work. then you don’t even know how to explain it, you’re just like, I don’t know, I just happened. Sorry about that. But when you can start to connect to your inner child. then before you fly off the handle, you can check your 17 year old or your 32 year old. And you can check you can check them before they take control or take over power. you say I saw what I was doing.

Sit down, sit down, because they need what they need you to do as the current person is they need you to lead. They don’t trust you to lead. That’s the problem. They’re not trusting you, you’re not trustworthy. they’re scared that you’re not going to know how to handle that. So they jump in real fast, and they take over your entire body. And they now control the situation, but they have to learn to trust you.

So you have to tell them to sit the fuck down. And that you got this and that you can handle it now with the tools that you have learned through healing. which is what you know, Pamela was just talking about different means of communicating. staying calm, breathing, box breathing, meditation. things that you can do in order to calm yourself to be able to have a more mature conversation.

Pamela Bardhi
Amen. Sabrina. I mean, it’s a whole, it’s a whole thing. And people think it sounds crazy. And I’m like, as I’m telling you, you said that under childfree. So much is gonna shapeshift inside your life. like you don’t even realise how much it affects you till it affects you. So you become consciously aware of like, holy crap. This is a pattern. And it’s like, why are you gonna break that?

Sabrina Victoria
When did you learn about inner child work? How long ago Oh, my

Pamela Bardhi
God, about two, three years ago, my spiritual adviser was just like, yeah, you still got things to heal. And I’m like, but I’m positive. And I’m like, no, like, Pam. First off, you’re a Scorpio, you’re deeply emotional. lots of the step number one, they’re like in step number two is your trauma responses to certain things. I can see it and then there’s triggers and stuff.

She’s like, you’re human, we all have stuff to work on. You know, and I’m like, inner child work. I’m like, but I had a great, like, family. There’s parts of you that I’m like, sitting down. like it’s almost like when you’re forced to see how it manifests in patterns in your life. You start to realise how connected they are and you’re like, oh my God. and they really can hold you back. Right? Like that subconscious mind if you’re not consciously aware of that.

Sabrina Victoria

Pamela Bardhi
It’s just gonna continue over and over and over, you know, until you break that cycle. Yeah, so powerful. So far, but especially in relationships, it manifests in crazy ways. But it manifests in other parts of our lives too. Because then you can get into like, Oh, God, like, how emotions get stored in the body. and all this stuff and how disease manifests itself. Now they’re even, you know, holistic, doctors are talking about. you know, disease shows up in your auric field before it even shows up in the body. Because it’s all mental first, and then it manifests in different parts of us.

Sabrina Victoria
buddies that see, wait, say that again? Where does it manifest first?

Pamela Bardhi
auric field, work field, electromagnetic field that that surrounds us,

Sabrina Victoria
outside of me. So feelings, feelings manifest in an Oracle field outside of me, before in me

Pamela Bardhi
your electromagnetic field that surrounds you, because we’re all energy now. Right?

Sabrina Victoria
I can feel it. I can feel it before I feel it.

Pamela Bardhi
before it enters into your body. These diseases? Yeah, they’re studying a whole bunch of stuff on that and creating machines that can actually read this on you before. So before Imagine knowing before, you’re gonna get like a disease or something. because it has to do with with a trigger an emotion, which is so wild.

Yeah, there’s so like, oh my gosh, like, And, guys, if you’re hearing this for the first time, about emotions. being repressed into certain parts of your body like it is, I’m telling you. I know a whole bunch of holistic doctors, and I’m always keeping up with them. Even though I am as polar opposite to the medical field as you could possibly, possibly imagine. I just, you know, in performance coaching.

I’m always looking at ways to elevate people’s lives and studying this stuff’s fascinating. because your health is the number one block to you. If you feel like shit, guess what, you’re probably not. Not gonna go ahead and do anything. Like this hurts. That hurts or whatever, your health can really pull you back a lot. But it’s fascinating. So and it stems from the emotions they said, and then capture into the auric field.

And there’s a whole lot of stuff, but that that inner child work is key is super key. because that’s all the emotions that you’re repressing inside. And if you can heal and release those, right? Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Okay. I love that. Sabrina. Oh, my goodness. in your pivot to being out on your own and building your empire? Can you walk me through that transition. like the different things that helped you throughout this journey when you finally stepped away? And then you began building your own empire? on your own?

Sabrina Victoria
Things that helped me? In what way?

Pamela Bardhi
Like trends like the transition? Or how was the whole transition, kind of leaving that toxic relationship, starting your own thing? And like, What helped you along that journey?

Sabrina Victoria
It was super scary. And super empowering. Yeah, super empowering. You know, the way that I did, I actually had put money on a home or rental. Before I left, I was living in two places for about two months. before I actually had enough guts to totally cut it off. But yeah, I mean, I remember the first night when I stayed at my place. because I was I did not ever stay at my place because I was living with him.

So at night, I was with him. But the first when we broke up and I stayed at my place, for the first time. I remember this feeling of like, freedom. And not like knowing what to do. Because I was like, I don’t have to do anything. Like I can do whatever. I know, there was always so many rules.

all the things, you know what I mean? Like when you’re in a relationship like that, it’s just a constant. It is a constantly doing doing doing doing doing doing. Which I’m still in that state of mind. but now it’s just natural. I’m doing what I want to do and it’s nice. but yeah, super empowering.

As far as you know, the change and everything. I mean, I just I went headfirst into my business, and growing my business. started out in one to one coaching. I did that for, I don’t know, eight to 10 years or so. then kind of The flipped into what I’m doing now. which I’ve been building my community now for two and a half years. It’s called her nation. And basically what happened is I just collected so many basically women. started out coaching in the narcissistic, abusive arena, which is all women.

And then it went to emotional mental health, predominantly women. then it went to time management organisation, being a mom, being an entrepreneur, mostly women. And then I just had all these women. What am I going to do with all these people. I have to put them somewhere. So I literally, I was organised, thank God, just naturally. I started a Facebook group. At that time, it was called something different.

But I started a Facebook group and I literally emailed everybody. I didn’t have a CRM back then. So I literally emailed everybody, one, by one, not even kidding, wow. And, you know, dropped them into this community. And it’s more sense than I mean, it’s now. an amazing group of women who all support each other. the entire premise is teacher student. So we’re all teachers, and we’re all students at the same exact time. I believe that I have so much to learn.

But I also believe that I have a lot to teach. And I believe that everyone is like that. So it’s a very teacher student atmosphere where people ask questions, and everybody gives feedback. So there is a student who is wanting to learn something is wanting some feedback. And then the women who understand or want to give feedback. or show up as the teacher can show up as the teacher.

And that is a community predominantly created, out of what I wish. I would have had, in my past. if I would have had a community telling me that I am worthy. And that I’m not a sinner. And that having a baby is a miracle. Not something to be not something to feel ashamed of. My life would have gone a lot different, right? A lot different.

If I had women that were empowering me, and saying Good for you. good for you for making a choice. Not saying that either choice is good or bad, I am pro choice. but good for you for making a choice. Sticking with your choice, and doing whatever it takes, and you are worthy. And people do love you, and people are cheering you on and people do want you to succeed. That is what my community is now.

What Would Sabrina Older Self Tell Her Younger Self

Pamela Bardhi
I absolutely love as of right now. I love that I mean, the community, the support, the resources. all of that stuff is, is all next level and to have that makes you feel like you’re not alone. And I think that when you feel that you can get through anything. That was, you know, in my hardest moments in business and in life. And I would always be able to tap on someone who’s gone through something. if not exactly, you know, something similar or knew somebody who did. be able to tap into that person and being able to just vent and say, Okay. how did you deal with this situation. then kind of let that manifest on its own like that always helped get me through?

Because I’m like what, if this person went through it. then I, I have a shot, right? Like I have a shot to make it through that. So I love the work that you’re doing. I find it absolutely incredible, especially for women. Because oftentimes, like we feel alone, especially Norris. Jesus like you can’t really talk to like I love my friends. But one of the things is like when it comes to entrepreneurship. you can’t really talk to everybody about everything.

Because they don’t get they just don’t get it. They don’t have their own business. Not that they’re trying to bring it down or anything. You know, absolutely not there. I love them, I adore them. It’s just a different, you know, it’s a different mindset. And they just don’t know what to tell you because they haven’t been through it like innocently. Like they’re just trying to help but having that community is literally everything and the key to elevation.

So I absolutely, absolutely love that. Sabrina. Oh my goodness. And I mean, this is my favourite question. And so I’m interested to see what you’re gonna say about this. because I know there’s a lot of lessons that you’ve had throughout your lifetime. But what would your older self tell your younger self based on what you know, now. what would be the number one thing

Sabrina Victoria
I mean, my mantra that I’ve had probably since my late 20s would probably be it. And that is, and I still say this to this day is everything’s gonna be okay. And it sounds so like, really? That’s what we’re gonna say. That’s how that’s how we’re going to answer this question Pamela. But, for real like Think of the power in that when you are down and out, anxiety, depression. not want this is for entrepreneurs to not wanting to do it anymore. This is too hard.

Fuck this, I’m just going to be a manager of target. like reassuring yourself, hey, everything’s gonna be okay. And you can calmly say that and remind yourself of all of the shit that you’ve already done. Like, this is nothing like, look at all of the stuff you have done. Everything is going to be okay. And just those simple words, right? It’s not this whole long plethora of things. it’s just the simplicity of you can do hard things.

And everything is going to be okay. Resetting, and then taking action, just take some frickin action in the inner direction. that will pull you out of whatever that is. it might be eating a tub of ice cream. I don’t eat ice cream. But whatever it is, right. It could be bingeing on Netflix for two hours, it doesn’t have to be like an option. Sabrina said, take action, I have to sit down at my computer and write a list of things to do.

Is that my go to Yes, my go to is I’m obviously super overwhelmed. Let me write a bunch of crap down on a piece of paper of exactly what I need to do. And then I’ll pull the first you know, two or three things that make the most sense. And that is what I will set start to get to work on. because movements movement calms us leads me movement calms me. I should say. But other people that might not work. So like, what is your thing? What do you need to do? Check in with yourself? What do you need to do, don’t let too much time pass.

Before you start being productive. Again. Don’t let yourself fall into like a wall of depression, right? But allow yourself to do whatever you need to do in order to regroup. And then hit the ground running again. Life is all about like walking and running. We don’t we’re not always sprinting. Sometimes we are just walking along. That’s okay.

Pamela Bardhi
Absolutely love that. I absolutely love that rowing, you mentioned everything’s going to be okay, Sabrina. I reminded me of this billboard. I don’t know why they’ve been putting so many of these up in Boston. So I’m in Boston, Massachusetts, they’ve been putting these billboards, and I see them like on the highway. often now than it says everything’s gonna be okay.

And that’s all it says. Literally. And I’m like, and I remember every time I drive by it, I’m like, That’s so powerful. Like, it sounds so, so cliche, but like you said, it’s super powerful it is. That’s all it says. It doesn’t say sponsored by anything. It doesn’t take nothing. I’m like to keep wanting to think who it is. But I don’t know what it is that also.

Sabrina Victoria
Oh my gosh, I love that so much. Can you take a picture of that?

Pamela Bardhi
I will. And I’ll send it to you. Because I’m like, every time I see it. I get so happy because I’m like, This is so good. Like, somebody’s gonna need me to see that today. And I don’t know who it’s gonna be. But yeah.

Sabrina Victoria
love that. So you literally have no idea how much I love that. I’m not kidding. Like, this is a thing that I would say to myself. When I was going through all that shit. I would just have to be like, everything’s gonna be okay. Yeah, it’s gonna be okay. That’s gotten me to where I am now.

Pamela Bardhi
I love that. It’s powerful. It’s not cliche. Orderly, powerful. So I will send you a picture of that for sure. Absolutely. Oh, my goodness, you’re so you’re so amazing. what’s happening in Sabrina’s world? Next, like, what’s that? What is actually up in your world in the next like, few months? Like, what are you up to? What’s your community up to what’s happening?

Sabrina Victoria
Yeah, there’s a lot. It’s, I love that you’re asking this because I’m actually hosting my very first. So I run a mastermind that runs parallel to my group. So my group is all females who are looking to break the cycle. They’re stepping into their power, their confidence, they’re no longer playing small. And then parallel to that is very similar mindset. but strictly for female entrepreneurs.

You mentioned the word lonely. So that’s our thing that we really hone in on. It’s like we’re working together as a team, even though we’re all in different niches. We’re all selling different things. We come together every single week we talk business. because our friends don’t like to talk business. So we come together, we talk business, we expand. We use each other, to network to collaborate, to build to do podcasting panels, conferences together.

And this week, next week, is our very first Open Meeting. I’m hosting Where I’m pulling in all of my or whoever can call my mastermind ladies together. And we’re doing kind of like a brainstorm on what are we doing? Like, what is this community? What is it going to? What is the vision? Because I have my vision, right? I have my vision of what I would like it to be.

But again, community, so the women who are investing in it. the women who are here for the women who are fully committed to it, what are their visions? What are their thoughts, and having us come together to create an expansion. vision for us and being able to pull from each other. and make this just something absolutely brilliant. So super excited about that. But yeah, big things. I mean, I have a 12 year plan for the community that I’m building and where I’m taking it. you know, right now, concentrating on just females.

But, you know, big vision hitting all humans. The idea behind it is, and this sounds so crazy. but when I was going through my tough time. I used to Google inspirational or motivational speakers. in order to like, pump me up right to like, help me get through the day. So I didn’t like, take my car off the bridge or something, spin my car off the bridge. So I joke now, but back then. I was saved by old white men, that who saved me, old white men. Because that’s what Google would populate.

Every time I would go to a motivational speaker 100, white men would pop up. And then I was just like, pick a white guy. And that guy would tell me that I’m awesome. He’d be like, you can do it. Everything’s possible, believe in yourself, and be like, Yeah, I do. But while I’m going through this, I’m like, we’re all the freakin women. I have to like, click and click, click and click, click to find a woman. then even that woman was like, older and just and guess wiser. but like, we are my women, like, where’s a woman that I can directly relate to.

And so the idea that I am, that I am manifesting is my company. which is human better 365 to transformational company that I’m slowly creating. that’s going to be filled with programmes and events. very much TEDx mixed with Mindvalley and have speakers. And the idea is because I am percolating all females right now. that when I move them into human better 365. it’ll be lopsided on the opposite direction, predominantly females with a few men peppered in. So that’s kind of the vision for it is just, we need a platform that is for all humans. when you go in, there is a plethora of females that are here to assist.

Pamela Bardhi
I absolutely love that. I love that Sabrina, I love where you’re taking your community and all the things. And like you said, you know, old white guys are the ones who have been inspiring you. And it was the same thing for me. I mean, whenever I was going through a hard time. like I would go on MySpace, and go look at like, inspirational quotes and stuff.

And that stuff got me through and then like any videos that you could find on YouTube,but you’re right. It’s a predominantly male driven field. So why not bring the women into this and add some more flavour? You know? And because even from what I see, too, same thing. Yeah, mostly, like, if it is women, it’s older women. And it’s like, where am I? Right? Yeah,

Sabrina Victoria
you need somebody to like you need somebody, just a few steps ahead of you. That’s that, that is saying you can do, watch me do it, you know, like your real estate. So it’s like being able to see somebody who’s just a few years older than you freaking killing it. That is motivation for you. Because you’re like, dude, I’m just right behind her. It’s like running like a, like a marathon.

You know what I mean? Like, if you’ve got some big, like, slender, muscular dude in front of you who’s running and you see. and you’re a couple miles between you, but you can see them. It’s like, Dude, there’s no way like, that’s a big guy. He probably, you know, works out every single day. and he’s been training for this forever. But if you’ve got a woman who’s your age who’s like one mile ahead of you. you’re like, I’m gonna beat this badge.

You’re not like that. But you know what I mean? You’re like, I can do that. I can do that. We’re similar age, similar body type, probably similar housing. kids, no kids married, not married, whatever your thought process is. And that’s more tangible, that’s more tangible. And that’s what I’m saying. It’s like, we need Did it to be tangible, where we can hear it. relate to it and say, Oh, I can take that step. I can close the distance easily.

Pamela Bardhi
Modelling. Yeah, having a model that will go to say, hey, if she did it, I can do it. which is oh my god, Sabrina, that’s so awesome. I’m so excited to see how that manifests. for I know, it’s gonna be beautiful and absolutely incredible. And I know there’s people listening right now that are like. Where can I reach Sabrina and her awesomeness and hear about all these fabulous things?

Sabrina Victoria
Yeah. My main website is easy. It’s my name, Sabrina, Sabrina And that has everything. So it has my story, my bio, all my communities, my social media. I predominantly hang out on Facebook, probably 70% of the time. My second it would be LinkedIn are my two like favourite places that I hang out. So if you wanted to follow me, those would be the two that you would want to click on. where you’d actually be able to interact with me on a frequent basis.

Pamela Bardhi
Love it, Sabrina, you are incredibly inspiring, incredible. And just all the things thank you so much for being here today and blessing the audience with your story. It was out of this world. Thank you.

Sabrina Victoria
Thank you. Thank you for having me. I appreciate you taking the time I know you’re a busy woman.

Pamela Bardhi
Oh my gosh, vice versa blessed to have you so blessed to have you. Thank you Serena



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