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Welcome to a brand-new episode of The Underdog Show! In today’s episode, we have the pleasure of introducing you to my esteemed friend, the incredible Chad Warren. As the CEO and co-founder of ZenMoose Capital, Chad’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. Beyond his role as a business leader, he embodies the essence of a conscious investor and a real estate expert, actively creating positive change. From being the youngest teacher of Transcendental Meditation to pioneering ventures like SmartMoose and United Tiny Homes, Chad’s narrative beautifully weaves together business acumen and compassionate purpose. Join us as we delve into Chad’s story – a harmonious blend of strategic ingenuity and a heart-driven mission.

In this episode, Pam and Chad talked about inspiring stuff. Among those are as follows:

  • Chad’s inspiration on his journey to where he is today
  • How did Chad started his meditation career at such a young age?
  • Chad’s experiences that led him to the business and entrepreneurship space
  • What’s the significance of not having all your eggs in one basket?
  • The best pieces of advice from Chad
  • The importance of delegation and trust

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Chad Warren’s Shares Path to CEO Success

Pamela Bardhi
Hello, everyone, and welcome to the underdog Podcast. Today I have an incredible guest here with me Chad Warren. how are you my friend?

Chad Warren
I am awesome. I love being with you. Oh my gosh,

Pamela Bardhi
We are here in Southern California, enjoying life. And it’s incredible. I have had the privilege of being with Chad last couple of days. And I was like, man, you want to come on the podcast got to hear your story. I am so intrigued by Chad, incredibly like Your transcendental meditation. Teacher. By the time you were 13 years old. like I cannot even what I am gonna save that for you guys. because there’s so much to his story.

And you absolutely have to hear it. So, Chad, thank you so much for being here. It’s fun. It’s an honour. What? Oh, my gosh. So I am going to ask you my first loaded question. which I love tremendously. but it’s so necessary for the journey, I guess. What has inspired you on your journey to where you are today? I told you, it would be

Chad Warren
Where did you start? How many? How many of these things do you think? What motivated me? Yeah, like what inspired you to fire me and my journey? Well, I was born first. This was a good starting point for this study. I was born to a metaphysical family. My grandmother, my mother, was spiritual and steeped in Eastern philosophies. And you know, that type of Vedanta’s theosophy. all these spiritual journeys and paths. My grandmother was known to get many people on a spiritual path.

so I was raised in that environment. And that in probably reading a lot but so, yeah, I mean. my mom would take me down to like the ashram and Ducati Mexico when I was eight or nine years old. I studied with Indra, Debbie, who was really one of the most famous people for bringing Hatha Yoga to the United States. She was a disciple of Sai Baba. And she was actually, interestingly enough. she was a Russian Countess woke, yoga. Yeah changed her name to injury, Debbie.

She had an ashram to cut Mexico just over the border. And anyway, so my mom, I would do yoga and do all. because when you are 19 years old, you can get into every complicated position. Yeah. And so, they would have me up on that on the front. doing all the to positions, because I was, you know, credibly. Let us say, I was a lot more flexible than I am now. I cannot do those anymore.

So that’s kind of what started, and then my mom took me to Italy. One day, she said you want to come with me. you know what, I am going to a teacher training course in Majorca, Spain. I am going to Europe, do you want to come with me? And I am like, sure, why not? You know what, I have got nothing else to do in the eighth grade. So, we did, we went off, and it was to a little place called fugi, fonti.

Adaline was like 2000 people, and this little town. they meditated 12 hours a day for four months, three, and four months. And Marsha was also doing these lectures. they called them symposiums of all the top, like experts in every field. So, you had, like top neurophysiologist, a person who just done their thesis in Dante’s Divine Comedy. at the head of AC T out of San Francisco, get up and do his silver liquids.

And, I mean, just all these top, every discipline. I just remember at that time thinking that’s what I want to do. this is the level of knowledge that I want to be involved with. it’s like, I was already over Junior High in high school, I was ready for college. I wanted to study every discipline as it relates to consciousness and to our own experience. And, it was incredible.

After that, I went back and by myself, when I was 14. I flew up to Humboldt and spent a month there with marshy and studying. then, I came back and then you know, all through high school. my mom and I, we taught transmittal meditation, all through high school. and we ran the TM Center in San Diego, actually out in La Mesa, he sent it to county.

We also taught yoga in La Jolla YMCA every week. So you know, it’s kind I have one of those things where, the funny thing. I was gone for four months in eighth grade came back and got straight A’s. That’s crazy. Yeah, I did not miss anything. Yeah, and

Pamela Bardhi
that’s a B, oh my gosh.

Chad Warren
And it’s like, I knew is that, because they had in Italy. they created Maharishi international university, they started a new university. And I just knew that that’s where I wanted to go to college. so my focus was on making that happen all through high school.

And which funnily enough, when I was 19. I actually use my college money to go to Europe. do another long term meditation course with marshy and sweats in Switzerland. and which was also an incredibly powerful, expensive college, you know, experience.

And I had some very powerful experiences with Maharshi. And travelled through Europe and the whole thing, and came back. I spent my college money. but I knew that I was gonna go to college, the next year. I was gonna go there, I don’t know how we’re gonna pay for it.

Funnily enough, my dad walked in one day. and he goes, a friend of mine just donated his silver mine, to BYu. they accepted it for college tuition. or do you think your college would be open to that? I said, Well, let’s call them. And they did.

So that’s how I went to college, my dad donated a part of his silver mine in Nevada. And when you’re moving towards your goal, you don’t think about what is the how. you just know that you’re going to accomplish it.

It’s amazing what shows up to support it in ways that you would never have otherwise. Expected or even thought of. And so that, that’s kind of a theme of my life. where I have no idea how I’m going to do something and things show up to support it.

Pamela Bardhi
The universe conspires for you absolutely

Chad Warren
conspires for me, and my daughter, she used to think that I was explained life. She calls it living a synchronistic life. There’s so much synchronicity, and so many things that happen out of there that are so disparate. and yet come together in a very synchronistic way that she used to think. I was lying about all the things that were happening in my life.

And it took her many years to finally realise who I was and what was happening. And she just would shake her head. she goes, Well, that’s my dad. it’s like, just stuff happens and he gets supported. Miracles come together in ways that nobody would ever expect.

So from there I went to college, I went to marshy and Russian River University in Fairfield, Iowa. Now, having grown up in San Diego and Orange County. Iowa was a huge adjustment going into the Midwest and during the snow and the ice and wind and all these seasons. you know, humidity, crazy stuff. that you shouldn’t have to deal with in life. Yes.

So, but most people do. So I did, I did six years there, and I was able to go spend time with Buckminster Fuller. If anybody doesn’t know who Buckminster Fuller is. I highly recommend that you really check him out. He was one of the greatest minds of the 21st century. a total Renaissance Man invented the geodesic dome.

He invented the term synergy, and you could read one of his paragraphs. like 17 times and every time you’ll get something deeper and different every time read. it is like he’s he’s so prolific and he’s so brilliant. And the fact there’s a whole business programme called money that’s based on those principles. and there’s a business entrepreneur, business school for entrepreneurs.

It’s also based on his principles, and my partner moraine, our faculty at that business school, it’s very cool. But anyways, I digress. I was I started off as literature major. because I’ve always had a passion for film and first story. I’ve been a voracious reader since I’ve 12. You know, I probably read, I’ve read 1000s of books.

And then halfway through, I mean, partly through, and I loved it. I love literature. But I shifted over. I ended up doing a degree in quantum physics and math. bwith a minor in Sanskrit in the Vedas, so again, science and consciousness. And because When you actually describe the unified field, as described in quantum physics.

the description of the unified field matches exactly the descriptions of consciousness. as found in the Vedic literature’s and many of the great scriptures. You know, there’s no accident, I mean, that unified field is consciousness. and that that’s where everything comes out of that. It is we each have within us access to an infinite reservoir, creativity, intelligence, bliss, love, and we just forget.

Pamela Bardhi
We humans mess things up all the time.

Chad Warren
So, you know, enlightenment is just remembering that and having full access to it. So of course, you know, then I got pregnant and had kids and had to go make money. And so I was like, really comfortable, I spent all these years really focused on spirituality. on, on consciousness, on the infinite nature of self and the bliss within, right.

And that’s like a core element of who I am, as I’m anchored in that bliss. You know, the nature of consciousness is concentrated happiness is that bliss consciousness. And so that’s always that’s always there. But I was not really I didn’t have couldn’t make a lot of sense out of the relative world. I kind of just assumed everybody else thought the way I did.

And in which I was, you know, soon disabused of that notion. so I had to go out and learn, business and struggles and ups and downs and money. And really learn about how we treat money, how we approach money, how we approach business, and each other. how we deal with each other, how we don’t really say what we mean. or we feel and there’s all these layers.

And like, when I started realising, Oh, crap, people are saying stuff. but they’re actually meeting something else, what a concept. so that’s been a lot of my journey was kind of like going through. and learning all this elements of dealing with people and money and business.

then eventually coming back around, you know, and I’ve had success. I’ve made millions, I’ve lost millions, I’ve travelled the world. And I’ve, then I was homeless, in my Jaguar. if I’m gonna beat the homeless, at least, it was hard to do. Yeah, to that 2008 2009

Pamela Bardhi
their real estate. Yeah, real estate.

Chad Warren
I was a developer, I was developing, I had multiple properties that I own throughout California. and we’re developing a 600 acre project in outside of Birmingham, Alabama. And we were backed by regions bank, we did, the whole nine yards. And my partners, had run out of money.

So I basically ended up funding, almost, all my money into funding this thing. And, yeah, big mistake. Thinking I had also real other real estate I had bought it with enough discount. that I felt was enough to get through any adjustment. because we looking at the history adjustment, nothing has ever gone beyond, 15 or 20%.

And so, and of course, it went down 50. So, we lost all our properties, and nation’s bank all of a sudden pulled all their funding for any development. even the ones you know, they kept commitments to. So we literally lost millions overnight. And that’s when I learned don’t have all your eggs in one basket.

And so luckily, I had a really nice vondom Plus, Jaguar. I had my exercise 24 Hour Fitness paid up for the next three years. So I was good, you know. I mean, I was only homeless for a few months. but I thank God, I had family and I had relatives. and I was able to pull myself back out again. but still once you’ve done it, number one, you can do it again.

But number two, it also gives you a compassion for those that you know. it’s like I used to look at people and say, they’re a bit that goes grace of God. because it’s like if I didn’t have the support system that I had, and the friends. it’s like, I could see where you know people end up on the street. Sir and, you know, crazy situations.

And so you have a lot of compassion for that. So anyways, from there I rebuilt again and luckily when I stayed in real estate, commercial real estate, land, entitlement work. all that kind of stuff. But then I met my partner, Maria, and Ray and I look to each other. It’s like, you know, it’s time for us to do our legacy work.

Let’s, let’s look what is it that we really want to do? And because I had also just come out of. I forgot I was ended up in a wheelchair for six months. I had, it was a five year delayed reaction to an auto accident I had been at Oh. and I woke up one day and couldn’t walk right. Oh my god.

So I found a doctor down in Tijuana, Dr. de la Vega. who had been studying in Japan, and he injected me with embryonic calf cells. So this is, you know, before stem cell became a big thing. Back in the 1950s, they would treat people injecting embryonic sheep cells.

And he was doing calf cells, which he felt was much closer to the human physiology. Well, then three months I was healed and my back’s been fine ever since. so, again, so that also led me to reevaluating. What am I really doing. And I realised that even though I love creating things. I love seeing things built, real estate was not really my passion.

And my passion is really raising consciousness and seeing how we can make a difference. a big part of that is through again, back coming back to story. And to the impact of story to raise people’s awareness and consciousness can be quite profound. it also can be scaled globally, a lot quicker than a lot of you know, most things.

So that’s when we started to then lose capital and then lose capital. The whole idea was raising consciousness through media technologies and that kind of an avenue. And we’re, and we had a friend of ours. Actually, you want to love Susan, she’s no longer with us anymore.

But Susan, she had been the Senior VP of Finance, no senior senior technology, vice president of American Express. She was also a Buddhist priest, she had studied with the Dalai Lama. She studied with him for a year in India.

And so she actually called me and said, I got another production company funded $100 million for their fund. And I know you have a slate of films. Because I had been working on a film I actually was partners on a film about Robert Johnson. the great bluesman, and which was all about really transformation. lightness and dark and it was actually pretty cool.

His grandmother had was Robert Johnson’s cousin. And do you know Robert Johnson is Robert the blues? The first inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Anyways, so as you said, I know you have a slate of films. And so we first got approved for a $200 million line of credit. Wow.

And so we were working with a hedge fund, they wanted to do it again. They really liked entertainment. as we’re going through that process, the head of the hedge fund was skiing in Aspen. and he fell down, hit his head, and we played her die. so they, they came back and they’re like, we’re still going to do you.

And then a month later, it’s like, no, we’re going to close down the hedge fund. And the next month later, I’m going to bring you with me to another hedge fund. Anyways, it all fell apart. But by that point, we had put together a whole financial model. we put together our whole team, our whole, you know, portfolio of companies.

And we’re like, Okay, this is what we’re here to do. We’re here to really make an act because in that process. we had created something even greater than what we had originally thought. And we created a whole process to go out there and have a huge social impact using the ventures. or just vehicles to make an impact and make a difference, and so on.

And the team of people we connected to were a lot like incredibly intelligent people. and very conscious people who thought they were off. they’re all thought that they are out there by themselves, disconnected, nobody else.

There’s nobody else to talk to. There was, you know, spiritual and also in business and successful at the same time. And so they started bringing people together in that way. And they no longer felt alone, they’re part of a family that created a whole dynamic. which was really, really exciting.

So we started on the search of finding the right financial vehicle to do that. because we’ve raised money for other projects. and other companies and other things like that, we’ve, we’ve seen so many of them,

you know, go off track, or, you know, they don’t stay to the business plan, or whatever it is. And we realise in, you know, especially in entertainment media, in order to really have the most impact and have profit is we needed to be the bank, we wanted to be the bank for transformation. So that’s what we set out to do.

So the past five years was that journey. And we tried multiple different types of structures, we ways of funding it. Until we finally met these two guys that have developed his methodology the past 20 years. that was a real win win. let’s pick let’s protect the investors protect their principle give them upside potential.

and also upside, participation in different ventures while keeping their principal safe. And so next month, we’re actually coming out, after four years. we’re finally coming out with a billion dollar ppm. that will actually put that, that structure into play.

So it’s a billion dollar ppm, bring in restricted stock rather than cash. and then using, we monetize it, and then we cover their taxes. we preserve the principal, and we give them and we invest in ventures. and give them up upside potential of doing that without having to come up with any cash.

And so that’s like, it’s a win win type of scenario. what is done is it’s created, we’ve created a regenerative funding source for venture capital. And now that becomes a vehicle for us to invest in companies that could support the 17 SDGs. that can have a huge social impact and raise consciousness.

And now we can have the opportunity to work with people. in a way that helps them as entrepreneurs and their teams grow. create more bliss and more joy and more consciousness in their own lives. and also in those that they are serving, the impact that they’re having. So that’s, that’s really the buildings.

So it’s like the whole arc of my life has really been taking the consciousness and go out of business. And also, I got a master’s in spiritual psychology. So I did a lot of deep work and worked with trauma with healing.

I was a trainer and thought field therapy, which a lot of people have heard of EFT. EFT came out of thought field TFT, or thought therapy. which was invented by a psychologist by the name of Dr. Callahan out of Palm Springs, I studied with him. And I became a trainer, I was training other psychologists and therapists and stuff like that.

But we were just eliminating trauma within one to three sessions very quickly. And so, again, I was all of that came together to come back to now. where that integration of science business and consciousness, right,

Pamela Bardhi
which I love and psychology, which you love, tremendously.

Chad Warren
Yeah. And then, of course, along the way, we we also want to join COVID. Because we had nothing else to do. Actually, nobody was raising money during COVID. Right. So but we had the opportunity to start. we really were concerned about the affordable housing crisis.

And my bottom array is like, what about tiny homes? I think that’d be really cool. And I’m like, Okay, that sounds good. That’s, I think that’s a great idea. Let’s explore that. So she started putting together some ideas and all sudden her friend of 20 years called her. Can you help with financing of tiny homes? That’s so cool.

So we started a tiny home manufacturing company. Next thing you know, I’m spending two, three weeks every month in Phoenix, Arizona. helping this started a tiny home company that just explodes on us. I call it our accidental unicorn. Because it was a side deal that exploded. But it’s like it’s so needed.

Oh my god, right. Oh, yeah. And it also became even a like an opportunity for us to see some of the things. that we’re wanting to do or we’re seeing how working with like, the workers. The workers have you know, our team is having them do like, what do you call it?

Like vision boards, once a month, so local club, now they have a soccer team. but it’s like, creating a culture, an environment where they want to be there, they feel honoured they feel heard. And they feel like a valuable part of the family. because of that, we’re they had, they want to bring other people in. and other people want to come work for us.

So we don’t have any, we’re not having really any problems finding workers. but a lot of other people are, we keep hearing, oh, we’re having problems, we’re having problems. We’re not having that problem, you know. So we have a lot of people that like, they want to come work for us.

So, again it always comes back to the people. You invest in the people, you don’t invest in a project, you invest in the people, there’s a million projects. But if you don’t have the right people, the projects are not going to go anywhere. So you invest in the people in terms of the projects. you also invest in the people within the project.

And just like you also invest in yourself. So one of the things that is also motivating me is I see a lot of entrepreneurs, that start businesses. or do all these things, and the last person they take care of as themselves. Right, they always think I’ve got to work hard, or I’ve got to sacrifice, I gotta do this.

And which is furthest from the truth, because you need to invest in yourself and your team. So that you can really create long term success and quality of life and joy along the way. Because why what’s the point, right, you’re doing this to have more, not just more money. but more happiness, more fulfilment, more of a life for you and your family and the people around you.

So we’ve seen a lot of entrepreneurs that think that they have to hide anything that’s wrong. You know, we had an incredible music company, we were a platform. the guy was brilliant, he’d written 700 lines of code, he built the software platform for Walmart. wholly, right, their whole banking software.

And he puts it together as a brilliant thing. all of a sudden, we find out that he’s really ill, and he passed away, as we’re doing due diligence. And his team really didn’t have what they needed to keep it going. He was really the driving force, but he didn’t tell anybody that he was sick. You know, it’s the type of thing that if people had known. there were things that he could have done to make it better.

There were a lot of places he could have gone to this treatment. seeking to add that it would have made a difference. But he hid it because he thought that people would judge him. wherever you see weakness didn’t want to be burden on anybody else. or all these ideas, but ended up the his, that everything just fell apart.

And it’s like, Hey, why didn’t you tell us and so this just happens a lot. And we see people don’t take themselves as important in terms of taking care of their health, or their spirit. You know, they may think, Oh, well, you know, I’ll go to the gym.

And that’s not they don’t, they’re not looking at the whole person. So it’s all about developing the whole person. You know, the all levels of, you know, mental, physical, psychological and spiritual. So whatever that means for you. Absolutely. That was a long answer to a very simple question. No,

Pamela Bardhi
I absolutely love that. I mean, like you have done I mean, you’ve been in transcendental meditation. Since you were young. You’ve done all this incredible work like quantum physics. And I mean, you’ve built these businesses. you’ve been a real estate made millions lost millions. Now, what would you say is the most important lesson. that anyone listening right now should hear based on your experience? or real estate realisation?

Chad Warren
20. I think we get so caught up in what’s wrong or in the now or in the stress of the moment? One of the things is that there’s a couple of things number one, this too shall pass. I mean, the reason is, no matter what craziness is going on. Just be with yourself.

Because it doesn’t matter what the situation is, only matters is how you react to it. And that’s a difference between really understanding what the situation is. versus what’s your judgement about it. it’s like, okay, something happened, like, I lost money. Well, the judgement is, that’s bad. I fucked up.

This is really screwed. I’m toast, whatever it is, we have all these judgments, I’m a failure, all these things. The reality is, is you just lost money. That’s the objective reality of what happened. Now how we are now we, it’s important to step back. and allow yourself to forgive yourself for all those judgments that you have. not only about the situation, but also for yourself.

For number one, I think that’s the huge thing. always love yourself and forgive yourself for your own judgments. Okay, that’s number one. Number two, realise that you’re not alone, you are connected to everybody. And you have within you an infinite reservoir. you’re not cut off there isn’t like this.

Like you can’t run out of love. Okay, you can’t run out of energy unless you put an arbitrary barrier around yourself. So you have an infinite source of creativity and intelligence, and joy within you. if you’re willing to be open to tapping into it.

Always stop and take the time to breathe. And love yourself and tap into those inner resources that everybody has. So and then, you know, the other thing I would say, is well. I think the key is love. No. love unconditionally love yourself, and others unconditionally.

And marshy used to say, the fact that I love you is no concern of yours. Because ultimately, love is always directed back towards the self. Always. so the more we love ourselves, the more we’re able to love each other. And give and love with an overpowering you know, cup.

We keep thinking we’re pouring it out, we deplete ourselves, because we’re not connected. keep refilling yourself. So you can give with the extra. Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. I think that’s probably the biggest thing. And also just know that it’s never as bad as you think it is. You know, we get so hard

Pamela Bardhi
on ourselves. So oh, my gosh, entrepreneurs especially, it’s like a friggin meltdown. You know, there’s always solutions, just get it. don’t get reactive, like you said, just really focus on the objective. and how can you create a solution to that as soon as possible.

Chad Warren
And sometimes we get so obsessed about it. we we don’t see outside our box, right. So sometimes it’s just even stepping back and taking a break. Whether we, I think everybody should meditate should do things that will give them an opportunity.

whether it’s doing some kind of breathing exercise. or meditation or prayer or whatever it is some way to connect to that higher sense of self. and take a break from whatever it is you’re obsessing about. it’s amazing how answers will come forth when we’re not so focused on it.

And yeah, so that’s a big part, I think is knowing when to stop and step back. And also ask for help. You’re not alone. So many people try to go do it on themselves. They don’t even know how to receive it. They don’t know how to ask for help.

So that’s another thing. It’s like, ask for help. Always ask for help. You know, it’s like the last I’m saying I’ll be 65 next month, no way. Yeah. And so it’s like, and I’m just learning how to have an assistant. I love that. I mean, we had to go through three to get to the one that worked.

But, you know, my partner, Marie, she’s used to buildings, teams. I’ve always been my, always on my own stuff. I’d negotiate with lots of people and put deals together. but never had a team like supporting. And so having to learn how to delegate. Yeah, was a huge stretch for me.

But you know what, as long as we’re still alive, schools in session. so it’s constantly learning, we don’t ever want to stop and stagnate. We always want to stretch ourselves and learn. And that brings a richness to life, Brings richness to life. And that’s really what it’s all about.

And so, you know, like, I’m learning a lot. I’m learning about NF T’s. I’m learning about blockchain, I’m learning about all this stuff that is like 10 years ago. they tried to tell me about it. I was like, yeah, don’t get anyone to know about it.

And now I’m like, gonna stretch my brain again. I’m actually glad I’m doing it and learning how to have a team support me. And I think that’s so crucial learning how to just receive, how to ask for help. So many, especially a lot of business people don’t always know how to do that.

Pamela Bardhi
Absolutely, absolutely. So that’s a key thing for the entrepreneurs listening is that delegation and trusting that team. and then that’s why you know, that’s how we move forward the best.

And I mean, what’s so exciting about what’s coming for you. you’re now working on your legacy zenbu. So, you’re about to create a billion dollar ppm, which literally guys like, as private was a private peering

Chad Warren
memorandum, or PPM private placement memorandum.

Pamela Bardhi
That’s what it is. Yeah, so private placement memorandum. So essentially, you’re going to be investing in businesses that have social impact around the world, which is incredible. So that includes like media projects, like different sustainability projects, and then a whole bunch of different,

Chad Warren
we have three specific areas, which is media, entertainment, media technologies, and media related real estate. The second area is green energy, basically having to do with creation and distribution, storage of green energy. And the third is health and wellness and medical.

So anything having to do with taking care of your health, prevention, healing. whether it’s, you know, nutrition, or modalities or whatever it is. So those are the three areas that we’re gonna be focusing on. And so we now have regenerative source of finance. once we do this first one, we can just keep duplicating it over and over and over again.

So the big thing now is, it’s a whole different level of marketing. because we’re not going out there and raising cash. we’re looking, we’re talking to large investors that have restricted stock. or they have a concentrated, law bases, stock positions, that they want to get working for them. but they don’t want to get hit for the attack by the taxes, they don’t.

Or it’s sitting there and they can’t really sell it. So here, we have given them an opportunity to exchange that stock for equity in our company. we cash it out, we give a distribution so they can cover their capital gains that was taken care of. we also invest so we can prove serve their principle, and that comes back to the next seven to 10 years.

And we have debt free capital leftover to invest in different ventures. So now they get the upside potential of that without having to have access to cash. So it’s a very unique, very disruptive. we’re all about disruptive business models. And making an impact

Pamela Bardhi
is incredible, and and you’re gonna help so many entrepreneurs are gonna help the world. you guys have so many amazing things in your pipeline. I don’t want to ruin it for anybody who’s listening.

but you must follow Chad and all the incredible things that are coming in the future. I know that’s just part of it. There’s a whole wave behind that coming. You guys are listening like you got to get connected with Chad,

Chad Warren
we’re gonna have a lot of fun.

Pamela Bardhi
Oh my god. Yeah, absolutely. I’ll be there for the ride with.

Chad Warren
You’re definitely preparing for the ride.

Pamela Bardhi
And that job working, can everybody find you and connect with you.

Chad Warren
I can find me on LinkedIn under Chad Warren. My email is Chad at Z EMC Like Zen mousse, capitals, EMC Also, our website is Zen mousse We have a lot of mooses. So you know, our ppm is compromised. And we also have smart nose.

So we have a lot of so what’s interesting is the moose is the same whether it’s plural or singular. That’s so great. So we call it the moose singularity. That means that even in the moose midst of a lot of mooses coming together.

you still retain your own individuality, while also being collaboratively integrated. Dude and supportive with each other in the ecosystem that we’re building. That’s so cool. Oh

Pamela Bardhi
my God, you are amazing. Chad, I want to thank you so much for being here today. like your story is unreal what you’re working on now is unreal. I just can’t wait to see it like, fully launch and then what comes after that, my gosh. I’m so excited for you, you impress

Chad Warren
I’m so inspired by your passion and your brilliance and the fact of at a young age, you see how much of a difference it is. or the difference is between making money and making impact and how you’ve really made that shift. and made that your mission in life. I honour you for being so brilliant at such a young age. It’s such a gorgeous soul.

Pamela Bardhi
Thank you so as you are such a beautiful soul and I just can’t wait for what’s coming. I’m just so proud of you and the work that you are doing is the next level of such beautiful souls. doing incredible things for the world. You guys are movers and shakers, and I just can’t wait to see what’s next. You do. Thank you. Easy. That was awesome.

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