Brad Chandler
Welcome to The Underdog Show Podcast, hosted by Pamela Bardhi. In this latest episode, we follow Brad Chandler’s incredible journey to self-love and its transformative impact. As the President of Brad Chandler Coaching and cofounder/chairman of Express Homebuyers USA, Brad’s successful exterior belied his internal struggles. Triggered by a revealing Zoom call with a transformation coach and his persistent blinking tic while discussing his childhood, Brad embarked on a quest to heal unresolved trauma. Despite achievements, failed marriages, and business setbacks, his pursuit of authenticity persisted.

Join Pamela as she unveils Brad’s story, highlighting pivotal moments like a life-altering retreat. This episode underscores the power of healing past beliefs, offering a roadmap to authentic transformation.

The highlights are as follows:

  • Brad’s inspiration on his journey to where he is today
  • The biggest mistakes Brad had in the past
  • Brad’s take on childhood trauma, and its importance on business, career, and relationships
  • Why Brad emphasizes being addicted to self-love
  • The steps to improve one’s life
  • Brad’s advice to his younger self based on what he knows now
  • What’s coming up in the next few months for Brad

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Brad Chandler Journey of Happiness and Transformation

Pamela Bardhi
Hello, everyone, and welcome to the underdog Podcast. Today I have an incredible guest here with me today, Brad. how are you my friend?

Brad Chandler
Oh, I’m awesome. Thank you.

Pamela Bardhi
Oh my goodness, you’re beaming light over there and I just can’t wait to get into your story. Through family. We’ve been blessed to meet each other, which has been incredible. And you’ve always just been such a guiding light and just like. How’s Brad doing Brad’s awesome.

You just like it just a radiates on you. And it’s so beautiful. As I’ve been intrigued since day one. I want to hear all about Brad’s story and kind of how Brad became the bread of who he is today. So I’m gonna start off with my first question, if that’s okay with you, Brad. Yeah. What inspired you on your journey to where you are today?

Brad Chandler
Wow. So different things inspired me really. For the first 47 years of my life. I think fear inspired me. Fear of not being enough. Fear of not being unworthy, fear of not being lovable. That’s what drove me. And now what drives me is making an impact. I went through such a profound life change two and a half years ago. and I came home from this visit in Park City.

And I looked around and I was like, Oh my gosh, like, did I just find the secret to life? And is this why so many people are struggling in this world? I was like, I think I did. I think I did. I found it. I don’t want anyone to feel the way I fell for 47 years and I want to help them.

So for the last two and a half years, I have been doing nothing but helping people and their suffering. I’ve been studying under some of the best people I spent 1000s of hours. My real estate business fortunately, pretty much runs without me. I work an hour a week. And I’m just blessed to wake up every day and shine my light. and let other people come to me that want to change and want to find a better life.

Pamela Bardhi
That’s amazing, Brad, my goodness. So first, before we dive into all of that. as a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? Like what was Brad’s dream?

Brad Chandler
Brad wanted to ride one motorcycles. That was his wish, every single wish ever was I want a motorcycle one a motorcycle. So I guess I wanted to draw ever raced motorcycles. And then it was in ninth grade when I read a book in how to buy real estate with no money down by Robert Allen. who’s in our mastermind.

I can’t wait to talk to him and tell him that he hasn’t been at the last few masterminds. And yeah, so since ninth grade, I knew I wanted to do real estate investment. I now realise why it was around money. And I knew that I could make a lot of money in real estate. thought by making a lot of money would prove my worth and I would find happiness.

Pamela Bardhi
Hmm. It’s the endless chase that we all seem to just be so enamoured by, right. Like, that’s the number one question: Why do you want to get into real estate? Well, I want to make a lot of money.

And then you get deeper and you say, Okay, well then why? Right? Why do you want that money? And then people go like, if your instance like Did anyone ever ask you like. why did you want that money, Brad? Like, what was it for?

Brad Chandler
I don’t recall. And you said something profound a second ago. What did you say? Oh, the endless Chase. When you don’t fit when you don’t feel enough? Nothing is ever enough. Nothing is ever enough. So you could make million dollars $100 million. That’s why we see people worth $100 million taking their life. because it’s never about the money.

So yeah, the money. No one ever asked me that. But I’ll tell you one of my major mistakes that I made in life wasn’t a failure. But it was a mistake as I started a Keller Williams team in 2008. And I wanted to be the first agent team to ever sell a billion with a B dollars in one year.

That was my goal. So no one ever asked me why I just said because no one else has done it. I want to be the first to do it. Well, that was part of five mistakes that cost me $9 million. In the first 17 years I was in business. I started out with a negative $80,000 net worth my first house I bought.

So yeah, I cost us a million dollars on that venture. because all I was focused on was higher, higher, higher, spend more money, spend more money. because listen, my subconscious I didn’t wake up and say this. but my subconscious that controls 95% of my behaviour and your behaviour.

said if you can get to a billion dollars, you might be worthy. Forget 100 million. That’s for that’s that doesn’t show you. Let’s go for a billion and we got to $120 million. And I my partner was like. Do you realise we probably would have made a million dollars more if we hadn’t started this business? Just if we just stuck to flip fixing and flipping? I was like, who looks at financials? I’m just growing this shit. Right?

Pamela Bardhi
Right. Oh my goodness. 120 millions for chumps, apparently. Yeah, um, you’re in Wow. Holy cow. Whoa. And it’s so crazy. You mentioned that you mentioned the subconscious mind, which is super, super key.

And most people don’t realise this. you know, from zero to seven years old your brains in theta state. and you’re absorbing everything and 95% of your brain today is from what you picked up from zero to seven. which is nuts.

And then we wonder how things progressed throughout our lifetime. And if you don’t unlearn certain things, they become programmed.

So you said like it showed up in your business, like it shows up in your business. It shows up in your career, shows up in your relationships, shows up everywhere. You don’t want it to show up. Like, which is everywhere.

Brad Chandler
It’s everywhere. shows up everywhere. It sure does. I call it childhood programming. Yeah, I use a lot of people like to call unresolved childhood trauma. But the reason I stopped calling it that. because so many people would check out when they heard that word. Will trauma.

I didn’t have any trauma. I bet you if you ask 9.5 out of 10 of my clients, they’d be like trauma. No, I don’t have any trauma. And then we get to talking and they’re like, Yeah, my childhood was good. Then we get to talking. And I’m like, Ooh, no, you didn’t have a good childhood.

a good childhood doesn’t mean you had every day of your life was misery or you’re locked in a cage. What it typically means is that your childhood needs weren’t met. Very few people’s needs were actually met. So what happens as a child when your needs weren’t met, you come up with a story.

That story gets buried in your subconscious mind. while you’re in that theta state between zero and seven years old. And it’s stuck there forever until you do the work. So if you got spanked as a child, I could come up with 1000. Let’s just you spank, you get hit with a belt.

You got spanked as a child? What do you think that six year old little boy or little girl is saying as we’re being spanked? Why is this happening to me, we got to figure out why it’s happening to me. Well, I must be bad. I must be bad, which also equates to not good enough which equates to not worthy.

Which equates to wait. My mother father who’s beating me. They’re the one person my life is supposed to protect me. Love me. And wait, they’re inflicting pain and shame on me? Oh, god, there must be something really wrong with me. One of my mentors says something when a child believes a parent doesn’t love them. They don’t stop loving the parent. They stop loving themselves. Yes.

Pamela Bardhi
Oh my goodness. And like I said, all of this shows up in relationships, it shows up in Korea. Like it’s so crazy. it’s like, alright, if you don’t want to do the work. So like you said, Brad, like, if you don’t want to do the work. you’re gonna see it pop up left and right throughout your your lifetime. And in your case, you saw it and you saw it in your business. I’m sure there’s many more examples. But

Brad Chandler
two failed marriages. Yeah, two failed marriages, the use of alcohol and weed to feel comfortable in social settings. Yeah, the list goes on and on and on. But I wasn’t the person who was afraid to face it. I didn’t know it existed. If you’d have asked me my shirt says be addicted to self love.

So this programming, and the story that we tell ourselves. that we’re not good enough, leads us to lack self love. Well, lack of self love, in my opinion, is the cause of 99.9% of every problem on this earth. from the war in Ukraine, to terrorism, to child trafficking, to molestation to obesity to the divorce rate. I mean, on and on why 30% of Americans or 33% are on an SSRI antidepressant or anti anxiety drug.

It all comes down to lack of self love. Lack of self love comes from childhood programming. and the stories that we tell ourselves to get us through our stressful situations. But I was one of those guys. That was just like, from the outside world. I had my 42 foot boat,I had a nice car, I had a lot of houses. I was living the good life.

But there was just something off and I didn’t know what. but if you’d asked me do you have self love? I would have checked out because I was like, if this shows self love, I got self love. I love myself and I don’t care what others think. Well, I really did care what others think. hence why I had to drink and smoke weed when I was in social situations.

So circling back, I wasn’t one of those people that was afraid I didn’t know. So now I developed this like three minutes self love quiz. that anyone can take at Brad forward slash quiz. And in three minutes, you’re gonna find out if you have a lack of self love, mild self love or extreme self love?

If you got extreme self love, I bet your life is hitting on all cylinders. If you’ve got lack of or mild, your life probably isn’t going so great in one or multiple areas. But the good thing is if you score one of those. you should look at it as a positive because your life can change profoundly for the better.

Pamela Bardhi
Yes, absolutely. And it’s crazy how it shows up in our adult lives, right. Like, we don’t normalise this, a lot of people check out when you say trauma and all that stuff. And when you break it down, and you say, No, it’s your needs not being met. That is gold.

Because that is something that everybody can relate to. I mean, we don’t have perfect parents. We’re all human, right? Like they’ve got their lessons to learn. We’ve got our lessons to learn. It’s a question of the awareness of that. So like, you were the guy that had it all been? Pretty much right.

Brad Chandler
I thought I was actually missing the most important piece.

Pamela Bardhi
Yeah, walk me through that. So how did you get to that realisation

Brad Chandler
I went to get my son help for anxiety. And wow, it may imagine my son has anxiety. I don’t feel great about myself. So I had two failed marriages, and I use weed and alcohol and other things, other behaviour, losing money. And I have kids, right? So how could my kids not be affected? I’ve been a single dad for 12 years.

And I was the dad that showed up to you. Last year, the year before, my daughter played volleyball. I was the only parent that made every volleyball game. I get up with my kids every single morning, I would get them to the bus. I’d be home for dinner at night. 9.5 out of 10 times. did everything doctors, I did it all because I was a single dad.

I gave them love, I gave them affection. But yet my unworthy feeling. made both of them have anxiety. So if you have a child or multiple children with behavioural issues. and you want to know where they’re coming from. just grab your spouse and walk into the bathroom and look right in the mirror.

And this is no indictment on you. Just like I’m not indicting myself. you don’t see me sitting here saying I was a shitty father. I did the best that I could, knowing what I know. And in two years, my relationship with both of my kids has transformed profoundly. we’re so much closer, we have so much more deep conversations.

My kids know exactly the source of their pain at 15 and 20. Are they ready to do something about it? They’re both not quite ready. My daughter doesn’t feel the pain, outwardly, but we know it’s there. And I can tell by her behaviours. I use the analogy with her that she’s got a back issue.

It doesn’t feel like any pain, so she doesn’t need to go to the doctor. she’s gonna either need to go to the doctor and get it fixed now or in three years. the pain is going to get really bad. She’s going to need to get to the doctor.

So I’m hoping she does the work before the back pain before it gets really bad. But yeah, so you’re the question, the question you asked was, What happened? I went to get my son help for anxiety. I was on a call with a performance coach.

And she said you have a tick. I was like, What are you talking about? She goes, when you talk about your childhood, you blink like crazy. You might have some unresolved trauma that’s affecting your son. Do you want to come out and work with my husband. and I my ex Navy SEAL husband, and I said sure.

And in three hours Pamela, my life changed forever. I walked out of that Airbnb, bedroom, just a completely different person. I felt lighter, I could breathe, I could see the world in a different light now. And since then, I’ve just continued to build on it.

I’m getting to a place now in my life. where my goal is no one can negatively impact me no situation. And I’m getting closer and closer by the day. So you’ve said a couple of times how this lack of self love. and childhood programming affects every area of your life.

Why are you always upset? you always pissed off in traffic? Why do you take things personally? you get upset when someone critiques you? There’s no need for any of that. There is a possibility that you can live your life where you’re never upset.

And people like all that’s bullshit. No, it’s not. It can happen if you want it. and you want to do the work and you want to work at it. It doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t have to be in conflict and be like fighting and yelling with your spouse.

Pamela Bardhi
Absolutely, absolutely. And that’s the first step is awareness. But first off, are you open to it? You know, that’s the super hard part. Now. If we can go back to your childhood a little bit brighter. then kind of touch on how you went through that process. Like who was somebody who inspired you growing up. who or what should I say? Or it could be multiple combination?

Brad Chandler
who inspired me there was a local real estate developer who owned a golf course. and he had no local real estate firm. He inspired me, but it was all about money. Money inspired me because my parents fought all the time about money.

So I thought as a child, I probably had one of my mentors. As Marissa Pierre calls learned helplessness, my parents are fighting about money. And I’m like, Well, if I only had money, I could solve this and there wouldn’t be any fighting. And I wouldn’t have to live in this like caustic environment.

And so my dad only knew how to show his love through money. So I was like, Oh, you have a lot of money. there’s going to be love, you don’t have money. it’s going to be it’s going to be bad, it’s going to be bad, bad, bad.

So I was always inspired, I can remember all just talking about money all the time. I was going to make a fortune because I think that was me looking for the Tylenol. The Advil was money, I thought it was money.

Pamela Bardhi
And it’s interesting, because I had a similar experience growing up too. because I said it since I was young, I’m gonna be super hyper successful in business. and all the stuff in you know, because money in the right hands changes the world. So that was like, that was my whole mindset.

And it also did the same thing. The money programming, it was like, scarcity mindset, if you will, right. And I had to like, unlearn all of that stuff. Because coming over to the US, when I was five years old. watching my parents build everything from the ground up.

It was like, nothing was ever enoughnand that scarcity mindset was really like deep in green. And I had to unlearn so much of that, kind of, throughout this process. to getting to where I got to like, I had my restaurants and then, you know, real estate development.

and then eventually had to face this, I had to face this monster that I had within. that I didn’t even realise that I had, right. But it was from programming when I was little. And I mean, I have the greatest parents on planet Earth.

But it’s just crazy how little things you can pick up as a child. and now all of a sudden, it’s affecting everything that you do, right. And I found myself super intrinsically motivated for a very long time. I never even asked myself, like, what do I want this for?

I remember, I got to my first net seven figure year. I was like, Well, this is cool. for like, two days. And then I was like, it had that little God tap. God’s like, bam, doing great things for yourself. What are you doing for the world? It’s not all about money.

And I’m like, oh, like, well, it’s like this big, massive smack in the face in the best way possible. Like, what do you do with that at that point, right. It’s like, this is what society tells you, work hard, make a lot of money.

You know, like, retire down the line, go explore the world after like, all of these things. And then you realise you get there in certain areas. And you’re like, this is this is not, this is not cool. You know? So like, same thing with you, you had that realisation you’re like, and now what?

So I would love to pop back to that. And like how you came to that realisation? Because here you are the guy who has it. All right, from society and society standpoint. you had the money, you had the boat, you had this, you had that. Like, how did that all shift for you?

Brad Chandler
It was through that exercise that I did. where I learned that the story that I told myself was that I wasn’t enough. based on how my father treated me. And it shifted me so profoundly that I didn’t know why I was on this earth.

I mean, I was like, I don’t know, I’ll figure it out one day. And on that day, I figured it out. Because I came back, and I started talking to people. and I started seeing the stuff that I was telling them was starting to impact their lives.

And I was like, wow, how many lives could I possibly impact and I love this work. I mean, I did a deal with a guy I’m still waiting on. It’s been longer. It was a partition lawsuit in Miami. and I lent a buddy some money, probably well over a year ago.

And it was an interesting way of financing that we set it up. And you think that a guy who had been in real estate for 17 years, 20 years at the time. 19 years would have thought, oh, let’s read through this.

Let’s learn this. I had to push myself to get through these legal documents. But on this side of the business, I’ve read 4546 47 books since February of 2021. If I had nothing else to do, you could put me in a beach chair with an umbrella. And I could literally read books eight hours a day on the subject.

And never I promise you never ever get bored. I have never been so purposeful or passionate, passionate. So I’ve scaled the business. And now I’ve got passion and I’ve got a desire to help people. So I don’t know where this is going to lead right now.

It’s you know, I’m coaching on a small level, I take five to 10 new clients a month. but I’m gonna figure out a way to take 100 or 1000 a month. not to go make a bunch of money. so I can buy a bigger boat, but just the impact.

because when we’re laying on her deathbed we’re not going to be counting our money. We’re going to be thinking about all the people that we impact. and when you impact one person you impact the entire family. so yeah, that’s my plan.

Pamela Bardhi
That’s it. Amazing. That’s amazing, Brad, I absolutely love that. And so, take somebody that was listening to this podcast right now. who is probably like, I can kind of resonate with what they’re saying. I feel like there’s a missing block or they are super successful.

but per society standards, they just don’t feel fulfilled like, what do we say to that person? What would you say to that person? Up to bring them some conscious awareness of. what’s going on with them? And kind of like the next steps?

Brad Chandler
Yeah, that’s a successful person. It’d be interesting to ask them if this is just a byproduct. But are they working? Still, despite the money that they have? Are they still working, working? Working? Because as I said before, if you’re not enough. you can never work enough.

Like you’re, you’re just going to keep working and working. So what I’d ask that person is. I’d say, what are the results you’ve gotten in your life? Are you in a deeply connected, committed relationship? Do you have a really passionate relationship with your spouse where you’re safe?

And you can say anything? Do you? What’s your health? Like? Are you happy with your health? Are you happy with your weight? Do you? Do you stay in a constant state of peace? Or are you all constantly triggered? And I would just get them to see the results that they’ve had in their life?

What is all this money doing for you? Do you wake up every day? And like, you can’t wait to start your day? Or do you wake up and be like, I can’t believe I gotta face this again. And just, I would say, is this the way you want your life to look 20 years ago? Did you imagine looking in the mirror and feeling this way?

And if you didn’t, I can promise you it has something to do. Every single problem that you have in your life right now is a thinking problem. You’re thinking the wrong thoughts. And it’s not your fault. because you’re thinking those thoughts based on something that you had to endure as a child.

And you didn’t know that those are very deeply your subconscious mind like it should have. It’s doing its job, right. This is millions of years of evolution. our brain is protecting us from death or harm. because we’re staying in that trauma.

So I would ask, Hey, do you want to do the work? It’s not that hard. It doesn’t, you know, I’ve taken I was in therapy for 30 years, on and off. I went to probably 5060 Different marriage counselling sessions with my two ex wives.

And in three hours, I made 10x 100, exponential growth. and I did hundreds of hours of therapy. that’s what I see with my clients, too. I’ve tried everything out here. I’ve gone to therapy, I’ve done this. And then they work with me.

And it’s just like, and there’s, I’m not touting myself. It’s just my process that I’ve learned from some of the other great people. So that’s what I would say, Do you? Do you want to change? Do you really, really want change in your life? And are you willing to look at things from a different perspective?

If so I can help you, I can help you radically change your life. I think one of the greatest things that come from getting out of this fight or flight. with the lion chasing you is that I think it’s really easy to find your life purpose. When you got a lion chasing you, and you’re trying to make the millions.

all you’re doing is focused on that at the expense of relationships and health and a lot of other things. But once that once we kill that proverbial lion. you can look around and be like, what do I really love to do? What did I love?

What did I really want to do when I was 789 years old. and then you can start doing that? I think the greatest thing you can do in this world is make an impact. So I’ve shifted from making a bunch of money in my life.

how do I create the biggest impact in people’s lives. And the irony is that I know the money is going to come. it already has in my real estate business, the money is going to come more than ever.

because I’m focused on the right thing. I’m not focused on money for the sake of making me feel better. I’m focused on impact, and how do I help more people?

Pamela Bardhi
I absolutely love that, Brad, I love your mission. And I love the process. And so many people need this. I mean, like, I feel like the world has gone since COVID. this massive spiritual awakening, and people are waking up for the first time. and saying like, oh shit, like, what am I doing with my life?

Because for the first time you were pulled out of your routine. Like, first time you were forced to slow down. you were forced to think about it because you were hom. and really think you really sit down and think. I feel like so many people are in this massive state of shift right now.

and trying to understand why is it, what are all these conscious feelings that are popping up? Like, how do I deal with these emotions? How do I release. how do I release a trauma, maybe from the past or an experience. like, how do you how the hell do you do that? Right?

Like it’s I feel like so many people are shifting. They’re like shifting gears right now and trying to focus on a more fulfilled life. rather than the money which is beautiful. It’s absolutely beautiful.

More people are working remotely so they get to spend more time with their families. there’s all these things going on. And I’m sure you’ve noticed the trend as well, Brad, like, in your opinion.

like what has been your experience was kind of watching everybody.and kind of where where they’re going, where the world’s going, if you will.

Brad Chandler
So I question that a lot, because it’s like the red car theory. you go by red car, and then you see all the other red cars. And I, I often asked myself, is it? Is there a bigger movement? I think there is, or is it just that I’m just more aware of it now.

because Facebook is bad as Facebook is. I was the guy commenting politically, and I was the guy looking for negative news. I haven’t watched, I haven’t watched news in like two and a half years. it was one of the best things I’ve ever done.

But my Facebook feed has completely changed. Now I get served up inspirational things, I get served up stuff about childhood programming. And so I see it so much more. So I don’t know the answer to that. In my heart, I believe that there is an awakening happening right now.

And that there’s a higher power. That is that knows better than we do, and are making a shift. And what I would suggest everyone does is just constantly question. Why do I feel this way? Why am I thinking this way? Why am I acting this way. it’s almost like become your own therapist. by just constantly reflecting on why you do these things.

Because you shouldn’t be in a state 10 times a day where you’re pissed off or angry. or you don’t want to come home or the kids. You know, the kids make you angry, which is impossible.

No one can make you angry. So if you’re like, those kids are driving me crazy. I don’t know what I’m going to do. Look at yourself in the mirror. because no one can really make you angry. No one can break your heart.

So just constantly question and look for the truth. Why am I feeling this way? And it can make profound shifts in your world and life and relationships?

Pamela Bardhi
Absolutely, absolutely. And like, I mean, of course. they’re gonna want to connect with you after this, Brad, for sure. But, you know, like, after you have that conscious awareness. like what is the next step and like understanding.

Okay, I know, I’ve got some stuff I got to deal with. how do you release these things? Right, like you said, within those three hours, your whole entire life shift. And that’s like 30 years of therapy within like. a short amount of time, like how does that happen for someone.

Brad Chandler
So I do it through something called RTT, rapid transformational therapy. And it’s a combination of neuro linguistic programming, cognitive behavioural therapy, and hypnosis. And so in that two or three hour window, we just help get you in a deeply relaxed state, you’re conscious.

And it’s not like the typical hypnosis where you’re chasing animals around on stage. it’s not that at all, you’re just sitting in a chair on your bed with some pillows propped up. and you’re just relaxed, you’re deeply relaxed. It’s everyone goes into hypnosis. every day when they’re in the shower. or they’re driving or taking the train to work.

That’s just like a programme and they’re just kind of in like lala land. So that’s what we get you in. So you’re super focused. And basically, we just ask your subconscious mind. what is the source of the pain?

What’s causing what are some scenes in your childhood or in your life. that are the cause of the problem today. whether it’s OCD, depression, anxiety, working too many hours. whatever it is smoking, drinking, drug use. and your subconscious mind is going to go right. to a scene that has all to do with why you’re feeling this way.

And then we figure out, what was the story you told yourself about that scene. Because as Gabb are meant to Gaborone, Matteo says. The trauma isn’t what happened to you. That’s the traumatic event. The trauma is the story that you tell yourself about that event. So we figure out the story.

And then through neuroplasticity, I make a recording that you listen to in an alpha wave brain state. as you’re going to sleep at night. And you literally can recode your brain to Greek to grow new neural pathways. which will change your thinking and thus radically change your behaviour.

So it sounds so simple. And it really is so simple. It’s not completely easy. But it’s a simple concept. You are the way you are because of flawed thinking that happened as a child. So we identify that flawed thinking. we make you aware because like you said.

all change begins with awareness. And then we tell that brain, that beautiful brain of yours, a new story. and then we just recode it and rewire it in your brain. then you get to live a joyous and free life the rest of your life.

Pamela Bardhi
That is beautiful. Oh my goodness, neurolinguistics programming has been one of my favourite things ever. When I tell people, your mind is one of the most powerful things on this planet. You know, you can programme it accordingly.

Like it can literally mean there’s all these things with quiet skipping quantum fields. and there’s Dr. Joe Dispenza that talks about changing your internal state. and really like focusing on that and then recoding the brain. how you can rewire it and everything you just mentioned. It’s fascinating.

I’m like, Guys, this is science like this can be done like, you. I remember I was in my training for neurolinguistics programming. And there was this one girl in there who was terrified of public speaking. They did like a 10 minute exercise on her.

She got up there and was just doing her thing. And she’s like, I don’t want to throw up when I’m up here. Like, you know, this has never happened before. Like, it’s crazy what your mind can do if you allow

Brad Chandler
I’m halfway through the placebo effect. Joe Dispenza. His book he wrote in 2013. And yeah, I knew some of it, but I didn’t know all of it. The amount of studies that are done so placebos were invented or whatever you want to call it.

because they wanted to test a placebo against what would happen in the way of testing a medication. They didn’t think anything would ever change in the placebo. They thought that was gonna be their control group. But every single time crazy stuff happened with people giving placebos I mean, crazy stuff.

Almost every illness under the planet has been cured. or greatly reduced by giving something to a patient and saying this is whatever in their brain think. it’s that and it does the same exact thing as the drug does. There’s been studies that the, what’s the Paxil? Maybe it’s Paxil.

It’s one of the main given acid antidepressants over the last 30 years. It’s in Tony Robbins lifeforce book, it’s got same rate of success as a placebo.

And so now you’ve got to start to think: does the antidepressant or anti anxiety drug work at all? Or is it just the brain saying it’s working? So when they get it, they feel better? I don’t know.

Pamela Bardhi
It’s fascinating. Yes, Dieter, that too, with Dr. Joe Dispenza, when they did like. all these new testings, and they said that as well. It’s like, your brain has the capability of healing your body knows how to regenerate itself.

It’s kind of programmed that accordingly, and the like all the different brainwaves. that things happen in you got like you got the beta. then the gamma, like just insane stuff. And I’m just like I never thought I’d be obsessed with science. And here, I am obsessed. This is like, this is the key to life.

Brad Chandler
The key to me, too, they talk about a study that was done in Japan in the book. where they took a bunch of participants. and they told them that they were rubbing poison ivy on their skin. The participants got poison ivy. But guess what, it wasn’t poison ivy, it was nothing.

They then told the participant they put some medicine on it. And they said, This is the best poison I’ve missed. And in the world, the poison ivy went away. So our brain can pretty much mimic any drug in the world. It’s insane.

So if our brains are that powerful, for all of you are suffering out there. know that your brain can fix it, whether it’s an illness. or I mean, Dr. Gabor Matej believes that most all illnesses at he’s a 600 page book called The Myth of normal. that almost every illness is from that childhood programming in the stress that people live with.

And he’s not the only one Joe Dispenza believes that. Bruce Lipton believes that on and on and on. that, yeah, our hospitals are filled with people. because of the way that they think and the way they feel about themselves.

And you can say, Well, what about diet? There’s a lot of people in the hospital because a diet. but why is their diet so bad? Because of their programming. A lot of people use food as a way to feel better when you’re 234 years old can you get in the car and drive to a local bar if you want to. like blow off some steam? No.

But you can go the frigerator and eat. Or if you’ve been or if you’ve been sexually assaulted. I’ve heard people want to gain a bunch of weight. So they think that they won’t be assaulted again. or they’ve seen their dad abused their mom and they say. if I can only be bigger, and your mind will give your body what you asked for.

So these crazy weight swings that people do all the time. when someone comes to me and said, Hey, I just lose lost 60 pounds. I’m like, really? That’s awesome. And I truly am like, I’m genuine.

But I gotta ask you a really important question. Did you figure out what caused you to put the 60 pounds on the first place? Because if you didn’t, it’s coming back probably plus plus a couple more. Huh?

Pamela Bardhi
Absolutely. The root cause of all of it is like the thing that blows my mind about life in general. is that you we can continue to walk through it and not be aware. if you’re not consciously aware life literally just passes you by and I describe it. as you’re literally sitting on a train you don’t know where you’re stopping where you’re going.

You’re just sitting there and it’s just you’re gonna see everybody pass right by you and all that stuff. You’re not even gonna notice everything on the windows. because you’re so stuck right here and opening that conscious awareness. and being really intentional with Like, no, this is where I want to go.

And this is what I want to do. And it unlocks, like a whole level of manifestation in the mind. So I mean, this all correlates together, Brad. Like just ending your suffering, like you said. kind of like manifesting your dream life because that’s where you’re at. Now, right?

Brad Chandler
That’s where I’m at. Um, so I have a love for water. So now I realised I bought the boat because I love water. But I wanted to prove my worth. And then seven days after 70 days after buying this 42 foot boat. I never owned a boat. I’m like, I’m going to take it to the Bahamas.

I couldn’t even read a chart, Pam. But I got in the boat and I started getting I started heading for the Bahamas, I made it to the keys. And then I went through my life transformation. So I am building my dream life and my dream life is to talk to huge groups about this. which I’m doing right now with you.

And then I want to take people onto my boat. I want to take maybe couples who are really struggling. do like live transformations over the course of a weekend in the Caribbean or in Florida. I’m going to start doing it on the Potomac here in DC. But that’s my life.

So yes, absolutely. I am now crafting the life that I didn’t even know existed or was possible. because I was stuck in money, money, money, money, money, real estate, real estate, real estate. Well, real estate was never my passion. helping people and making an impact and changing lives was always I just didn’t know it.

So when we scrubbed off all these filters, boom, it shine through. And that’s exactly what I think happens with most people once they can kill that proverbial lion. And they can look around and say what I meant here.

because you were put here for a massive mission. You just haven’t figured it out yet. And the number one way you figure it out. is fix that flawed thinking in your beautiful brain?

Pamela Bardhi
Absolutely, absolutely. And with that broad question for you, this is my favourite question ever. What would your older self tell your younger self based on what you know, now?

Brad Chandler
You are enough, you always were enough. And you always will be enough.

Pamela Bardhi
I love that. Right? I absolutely love that. And I love the story and the transformation. And like just the realness and authenticity of it all. Thank you so much for that. like the super excited.

So you mentioned you are going to start these like almost weekend retreats. you’re building your dream life right now. Like, what’s life looking like in the next couple of months for you. like have any new launches coming up, got anything been coming up,

Brad Chandler
I’m going to launch a local meetup group. That’s going to be really fun, I’m going to somehow involve the boat. I don’t know how, and I’m just going to try to get more people out on the water. really haven’t spent a dime yet marketing this business. I haven’t spent one penny on ads.

So I’ll probably start running some ads. And just um, every day I wake up and I say how can I get my clients more results. So every day I’m just focused on and I think every day I make a little progress. I’m just gonna continue to work with people and change lives and learn from them. learn how I can do it better next time.

Pamela Bardhi
Absolutely love that. Brad, you are amazing, my friend. And I’m sure everyone’s been listening this whole time is like. I want to talk to Brad, how do I connect with him and his awesome this. where’s the best place to find your friend,

Brad Chandler
Brad And I put out a daily message on love and freedom and happiness almost every single day. And you can find me on every social media platform by going to Brad forward slash contact and it’s got my story.

It’s got a link to schedule a call. It’s got all my social media. So yeah, if you’re suffering, life wasn’t made to suffer. Life was meant to be joyous. And no matter what your situation is.

if you’re willing to change and change that programming that thing in your head. you have no idea how profoundly your life can change. in the next five years and frankly, in the next five months, if you want it to.

Pamela Bardhi
I absolutely love that bread. Oh my goodness. I love your mission and everything you’re doing for this planet. and just kind of what I get waiting to see you build everything that you are right now.

with such joy and happiness and how many people you’re going to help. So thank you so much for being you. Thank you so much for being here today and just being a total rock star in life and all the things.

Brad Chandler
Thank you so much for having me. That was awesome.

Pamela Bardhi
Thank you



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