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Welcome to another inspiring episode of the Underdog Show Podcast. In this episode, you’ll get to know Rob Rene, the founder of My Faith and Health Newsletter and QE Strong. Rob’s journey is as unique as it is inspiring – from his dreams of becoming a pro runner to a fateful encounter with a truck that led him into sales. He’ll share his battle with alcohol addiction and his quest to establish QE Strong, a company all about natural health solutions using frequency-based therapies. Rob’s insights into nutrition and his call for everyone to explore their health truths make this episode a must-listen. 

Join Pamela Bardhi and Rob for a chat about transformation and the pursuit of a healthier future!

The highlights of the episodes are as follows:

  • Rob’s inspiration for his journey to where he is now
  • Why and how did running become an integral part of his childhood? What events stopped him from being a professional runner?
  • How did the pandemic change Rob’s perspective on health? What are the problems we’re facing in modern-day medications?
  • Rob’s alcohol addiction and how he got out of it
  • Rob’s advice to his younger self

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Rob Rene’s Remarkable Journey on How to be QE Strong

Pamela Bardhi: Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Underdog podcast. Today I have an incredible guest here with me. Rob, how are you, my friend?

Rob Rene: I am so excited. Thank you so much for having me.

Pamela Bardhi: I am so excited to have you here today. My goodness, your energy is radiant. I’m like, I can’t wait to get into Rob’s story. I read your background and I’m like, oh, my goodness. the things that we’re going to get into today, I cannot wait. I cannot wait.

What genuinely inspired you on your journey to where you are today

Pamela Bardhi: So I’ll just jump right in because this is going to be an interesting question for you. because I really know where you’ll take this one. So, Rob, what genuinely inspired you on your journey to where you are today?

Rob Rene: Great question. I think literally the Lord inspired me because I didn’t have any inspiration in myself. the reason why I say that is literally, he has me on a journey. I was fighting that journey for a long time. And so I grew up kind of, I think, in the Aka Matrix. It’s like, okay, you have to go to high school. 

And then, when you graduate from high school, you got to go to college. Then after you go to college, you have to get a good job. then you have to get a good job. You have to save your money in a have to have children. And then you have to work, really hard to provide for your children. 

then you need to do the same for them. You need to make sure that they go to high school. make sure they go to college, make sure that they follow your same footsteps. And it’s just like this programmed matrix that we ourselves find ourselves in. 

I think it took me the pandemic to get me out of the Matrix. where I was in sales for a really long time selling enterprise technology. Kind of my story is I grew up as an athlete, so I loved running. And, my goal in life was to be a professional runner. 

And so I was really good when I was going through high school. I got a full ride running scholarship to a division One college, and I was real excited about that. Then I made the US. Junior Team. which is like, the 19 years and younger. I was the second best miler in the country. And then that next winter, I got hit by a truck, I was out running, got hit by a four x four truck.

Pamela Bardhi: Wow.

Rob Rene: and just super blessed to be alive, because I shouldn’t be. it hit me and threw me 36ft. I landed on my face, was unconscious, and had a bloody nose. Earlier in the run that clogged my throat. So I wasn’t breathing. I should have died, but my friend saved my life. by unclogging my throat till the paramedics got there. 

And that took me through another journey in my life. where it was like, okay, so running is not going to be it. then guess what? I got to provide for my family. so I’m going to go get a job. And then I started a sales job and had enjoyed that. 

But at the same point, I ended up, making a lot of mistakes from a habit of mine. which was a habit out when you’re entertaining people on a sales job. What do you go out and do? 

You go out to a restaurant, you have drinks. you want to take them out to a bar after drinks? And so you have more drinks. And then those drinks became more drinks. I ended up habitually drinking for 20 years, probably.

Pamela Bardhi: Wow.

Rob Rene: And so that’s obviously not good on your health. So, I don’t think, I was an alcoholic. I mean, I drank for 20 years straight. probably four years ago, I stopped that. And that was a great path forward for my health. So I can kind of get back to my youth of being where health was really important to me. 

and this is getting to a point, so I promise you no, I love it. It took me a long time to get to the point. but during the pandemic, I got kind of out of the matrix. I realized that there’s a lot of things going on in our world that I really wasn’t privy to. 

I wasn’t aware that the things that are going on in our world. that, I started doing a lot of research about what’s going on in our world. and realized a lot of things that really bugged me about that. I felt that I’d been deceived for many, many years of my life, about health and about. just the way you’re supposed to do things. 

so the reason why I say all that is, I believe the Lord led me to help the organization. I call it QE Strong as the name of the company. And it’s a company that is doing these all natural health solutions based on frequencies. And during the pandemic, I, had done research on the health industry.

 Like, what’s going on with our health? What is this pandemic? What is this virus that they’re talking about? I just did a ton of research, and I found out a lot of things. that were really nefarious back in the early 19. Hundreds of our health system really kind of got taken over. It’s like I was always interested as an athlete in nutrition. 

Nutrition was very important for my success in running. I read a book early on called Eat to Win. and that eat to win taught me everything I put in my body. helped fuel my body to be a better runner. And I think that was one of the reasons why I was pretty decent at, running. when I was younger, was because, one, I trained smart. but I also fueled my body really well. 

And so I was able to outperform people who maybe didn’t do those things that I had done. So I knew that that kind of the foundation of your health is what you intake. then I started looking at what was happening. And most doctors, and most even nutritionists are teaching you the wrong things.

 They’re not teaching you the right things. I’m like, why is that? Why are we doing this? And so I did a lot of research back early on and was like. oh my gosh, our medical system was kind of taken over in the early 19 hundreds. the Rockefellers, owned all of the petroleum, organizations. and they hired a gentleman named, Flex. 

They created a report called the flexner report. They hired can’t remember the gentleman’s first name. but his last name is Flexner. So they created this report called the Flexner report. And that flexner report, wasn’t bad in and of itself, in the respect. It kind of did analysis of the whole medical industry at that time. in the early 19 hundreds. 

And it was really disparate. There was all sorts of all natural health doctors. There was medical doctors, there was chiropractors, there was lots of other things. and it was really, hodgepodge of a lot of things. But the fact that 50% of the doctors back then were all natural health doctors. 

So they’re doctors who are teaching you about nutrition. they’re teaching you about the nutrients that you eat. help you fuel your body, things that I’m more comfortable with. as kind of the foundation of your health. And, then the other half are MDS who go down into learn. medicine and learn your body and function how it works. 

But then the way that they develop these medical schools. is they only teach things based upon the pharmaceutical medicine. and then they created these medical schools that only taught their way of doing medicine. And then the bad part that I really found out. that really bugged me was they vilified all the all natural health doctors. 

And so you’ve, heard the term quack before.So if you do the research on where that term came from. it came from them, vilifying all natural health doctors and chiropractors back in the day. because that was kind of the people who were doing all natural health were chiropractors. 

they called them quacks on purpose. And they literally vilified that whole industry. if you were in that industry, you, were sued, and they, had literally did law. You’ve heard the term lawfare before, I’m sure. 

The lawfare where they will sue you just to get an end result that they want. versus you maybe didn’t even do anything wrong. but they’re going to try to sue you anyway.

The average senior is on eight prescription medications, according to research

Rob Rene: So all natural health doctors ended up losing their jobs and they couldn’t find jobs. because no one would go to them because they weren’t an MD. They, didn’t come from the medical school systems. And so anyway, at the end of the day, really large majority of our medical system. and all natural health doctors are Minsky. 

If you look at the percentage of all natural health doctors today. it’s in the 1% or 2% off instead of 50%. And, I think that’s a really big problem. I love all doctors and nurses and health practitioners, love all of them. but I think that unfortunately, they’ve been specialized.

So when there’s a cardiologist and the cardiologist is great at that. but there’s a foot doctor, a podiatrist, he’s really good at the foot. so you have a foot problem, you go to the foot doctor. But one of the things I did find through all this research. was that our average senior is on guess how many medications our average senior is on? Eight. 

Yeah. 14. It’s twelve to 14, depending upon the research. But, it’s a lot, right? So you look at that and like, why is that? My just simple estimation is that you go for a problem, maybe it’s a heart problem. And they help you solve your heart problem by giving you a medication. 

And that medication has side effects every time you listen to the TV. You see, a pharmaceutical advertisement. they spend five minutes on all the side effects of every medicine. So there’s tons of side effects for any medicine that you take. And then that causes maybe not immediately.

but maybe three or four weeks down the road. you all of a sudden develop something else wrong. So then you’re like, oh shoot, my arm hurts. I need to go to the arm doctor. And the arm doctor says, oh, well, I can fix that. Here’s another thing. You need to put this rub on. 

And this rub on you put on causes another problem. you’re like, oh shoot, I need to go get that problem fixed. And then they give you something to fix that problem. then at the end of the day, the average senior is on a ridiculous amount of medication.

 And I see that as a big problem in our world. I, want to help solve that. So that’s why my story is something that I never would have thought I would be doing. because I never envisioned myself being where I am today. 

But right now, I’m the founder of an exciting ecommerce organization. that’s the foundation is to help people get off of big pharma drugs. We want to help people naturally. We want to help people, with either supplements. or these quantum energy frequencies that we’ve, created. and the solutions we’ve created that are just all natural. 

It literally has nothing, no medication that goes inside the body. and it’s using natural frequencies to help you solve common medical issues. So one of the issues, that’s really prevalent today that you’ve probably heard of is the pain management.

 Pain management is a really big problem in our country. and a lot of people solve it with the prescription drugs. these prescription drugs are very addictive. So sure you’ve heard of those. And it’s just, one of, my brother’s best friends. two of his best friends have committed suicide. because they couldn’t get off of the painkillers. 

And so it’s really an epidemic in our country of people that, are normal people. they have surgery, maybe as something they go in for surgery. then they give them the pain medication. And the pain medication helps a lot to get through the problem. but then they can’t get off of the pain medication. 

It’s addictive. It’s highly addictive. they have a really difficult the problem isn’t taking it. the problem is getting off of it. And they just end up finding bad ways to get the same drug and they end up. having a difficult time getting off of it. 

And some people just never get out of that cycle. So we just hate that. And, we want to help people naturally. So that’s what’s been really a huge blessing for me. is, able to find these solutions and craft some unique ways of using them, to help people. so that’s my goal.

Your body’s made up of energy, and it interacts with external frequencies

Rob Rene: All right? I want to help people. Anybody that has pain, I want to help you in an all natural way using my solutions. And we’ve doing it in, a faith based way as well. We kind of have a faith based aspect to, our product. as you can tell, I’m a Christian. but it doesn’t mean anything other than that I love Christ.

 But I’m also trying to help people in a way that I think is different. We, include prayers in our, we have a prayer guide that we like people to use. it’s really similar to intentions. If you like intentions and you like energy and you like things, you’re going to understand it.

Because what it is the research I’ve done. and found is that what you think literally has a physical impact on external things. which that’s amazing to me, right. Have you ever of, yes, I.

Pamela Bardhi: Have dr. Bruce Lipton and all the amazing. My goodness, quantum.

Rob Rene: It’s exciting, right? So you see, you start understanding how real that your body. Your body is made up of energy, and it interacts with external frequencies. so when you start understanding that you’re like, oh, my gosh, this is really cool. And the stuff that we don’t get taught. When you go through school, nobody teaches you. 

Your body’s made up of energy, and it interacts with external frequencies. The stuff you have to research yourself. They don’t want you to know this stuff, unfortunately, which I think is really tragic. And so I’m trying to help solve that. I’m trying to at least get the word out that frequencies are good for you.

 There are bad frequencies, by the way. five G and some other negative frequencies have a negative impact on our body. So you need to figure out ways to help with the bad things. But you can do really positive things with positive intentions and positive frequencies.

 And, so what we’ve done is packaged up these skin patches. that have these positive frequencies on them. And when you apply, it’s really simple. It’s a patch like this. You take a simple patch and you apply it to your body. So the frequency is embedded in the ink of this patch. 

I just put it on the back of my neck just because it’s simple and easy and out of the way. But, now within 5 seconds, it connects to the energy system in your body. and it has the positive intentions, it has the frequencies in there to relieve pain. This is a pain relief example, and it’s really fascinating that it will connect when someone’s in pain. 

You’ll see, we’ve done some studies with the EEG technology with your brainwave. So when your brain is in stress, it’s like going like this. It’s having a problem. And it’s like when you’re in a lot of pain, you have a hard time thinking.

You have a hard time doing what you need to do. because your brain is overactive and it’s struggling with trying to resolve what’s happening with your pain. so you’ll see someone’s brainwave that is in pain. and then we introduce our technology onto their body. and within a few seconds, you can visually see the connection to the body. 

And then over time, the brainwaves start equaling out. so instead of this, it’s like they start equaling out. because this frequency is interrupting that pain signal to your pain. and your brain is no longer having to deal with that. So it’s really cool. We’ve done some studies with these muse, devices that measure the brainwaves in your body. 

And you can see the difference between people before and after using this product. Wow, that’s been exciting. So anyway, there you go. there’s kind of the beginning of my journey to where I am today. And if you’d have told me I’m doing what I’m doing today, ten years ago. I’d have said you’re absolutely crazy.

Rob King wanted to be a professional runner when he grew up

Pamela Bardhi: I love this Rob, for a lot of reasons. I want to pull apart, quite a bit of what you mentioned there because it’s super mean as a kid. What did you want to be when you grew up? I’m just curious.

Rob Rene: I literally wanted to be a professional runner, and I know that that’s really weird. Not a lot of people wanted to be professional runners when they grew up. But my brother was four years older than I. He’s my mentor. My mom took him out to one of those fun runs on the weekend. when we were young. And he did this, like, ten K. And my mom took me there. 

And we’re sitting there at the beginning of, this race. I noticed this young kid that was like, my age in a singlet and in running shorts. and running shoes and running around getting all warmed up for this race. I looked at my mom, I’m like, hey, can I do it? she’s like, you want to run the ten K? I’m like, sure. So I had no idea what I was doing, I was in, jeans and regular shoes.

but hey, I saw that kid warming up. I’m m like, hey, if that kid can do it, I can do it. And, so I ran that ten K, and I ended up beating that young boy. that I had seen at the beginning of the thing. so it just ended up finding out that I was just naturally gifted at running. So from then, it was like one of those things when you find your passion. that became my passion was running. And, I was good at other sports and stuff, so I played basketball and other things. but running was just the one that I was way better at than other things. 

And, so then I’m like, okay, if I’m good at this. then, jeez, maybe I should try to make something of it. When I was in 9th grade, I won national, cross country championship. it was the best in the country. When I was in 9th grade, I was like, wow, I might be pretty good at this. We’ll see. So I kept going and, got through high school, did really well. and got a full wide running scholarship, like I mentioned to that school. So I knew that that was my passion. I was like, hey, I’m going to be a professional runner. 

And so that’s why when I got hit and when my career goals ended. I was devastated for a long time. I’m not going to lie. It was really difficult, I couldn’t even be around people who ran. I couldn’t go near a track, I couldn’t watch the box, a marathon on TV. That was my life, That was my goal. That’s what I wanted to be. And then to just see it taken away from you was, man, it was tough. haven’t shed, a tear in a long time for something like that. 

But I was really passionate about it.That was, a tough period of my life. but anyway, I had a family, and I was married at the time. And so I was just like, okay, I’ve got to do what a man’s supposed to do. Man is supposed to go get a job and get a job and take care of my family. And I did that, I’ve raised a wonderful family. I have a beautiful hers, mine, and ours family. So, I’ve remarried and got a wonderful family. 

So God is great in that respect. But, jeez. Yeah, I was going to be an ecommerce company of, a health solutions company. Going to help people get off a big pharma drugs. It was like, come on, you’re nuts. I would never do something like that. But it’s exciting helping people. It really is. And some of the testimonials that we get from people. it’s so moving that it’s like, okay, this is why I’m doing what I’m doing. and so it’s really an interesting product. 

That’s different. So people are like, hey, what the heck? Frequencies? I’ve never heard of that. I’m not sure that’s something for me. But then when you realize, when you tell people frequencies aren’t strange. guess what this is, right? This is a little device and how does it communicate? How does it communicate to the tower, right? 

And when you’re in your car and you’re driving down the road. and you want to turn on some music, what do you do? You turn on the dial. What’s that dial doing? It’s turning on a frequency. That frequency is connecting to a radio tower. you want to change the radio. What are you doing? You’re changing the station, but you’re changing the frequency. So frequencies are just everywhere.

Pamela Bardhi: Everywhere totally are.

Rob Rene: Once you understand that, then it’s like, okay, so one frequencies aren’t weird. Frequencies are everywhere. And, then you do a little bit of research and show people that, hey, this Dr. Imoto is awesome. His experiments are so cool because you can visually see the impact. on what he’s done with water and what he’s done with rice. In fact, I even have his, book here. 

This hidden messages in water. I love this one. This is the water crystal that he does. So he does these experiments where literally external influences. like intentions and even prayers. That’s one I like, Just being a Christian. That’s really cool. a physical intention can have a physical impact on an external thing. 

And when you realize that is true and proven out through thousands of studies. that it then becomes okay. So that’s not strange either. So one frequencies aren’t strange and impacting an external entity. a physical thing aren’t strange. Then why is it strange that I can’t put together a technology. that encodes those onto a patch that then helps you? then people are okay.

Rob has hundreds of testimonials from people who use his skin patch

Rob Rene: All right, rob I’ll try my good. That’s all I wanted you to do, right? Just try it. Because we have a money back guarantee. Hey, if the product doesn’t work, send it back, right? We’ll give you your money back. But, the cool thing is the impact it’s having on people. One of the most recent ones I received, just like last week. was somebody who had two major medical issues. 

I remember the names because there were just names that I hadn’t heard of. Medical conditions. They’re pain related. And she’s like, I’ve been in chronic pain for 20 years. then all of a sudden, I using your patch and I’m no longer in pain. This is the most incredible thing ever. So to get that relief that people ah, have when they’ve dealt with something for so long. and then all of a sudden resolved with something so simple. as a skin patch, that they’re just over the moon, right?

They’re just, like, so excited that it’s helping them. And so we’ve been able to do that with hundreds of people. We have hundreds of testimonials of people that it’s just had a huge impact on their life. And so that’s where I get up every day going, okay, good. I’m going to do, what I do, and I’m going to continue to try to help people. I’m going to try to make a difference in this world. I don’t think that being a professional runner. I wasn’t going to make an impact for anybody other than Rob. Renee right.

Pamela Bardhi: I love that. 

You mentioned that you had an alcohol addiction for 20 years

Pamela Bardhi: Well, the many things that you mentioned. you also mentioned something that’s really powerful that somebody who’s listening right now could potentially be going through this. You mentioned that you had an alcohol addiction as well, for 20 years. And that’s something that is the hardest drug to come off of. Well, one of the hardest drugs to come off of. because our society doesn’t even really look at it as a drug. because it’s such a drinking society. Right?

Rob Rene: That’s right.

Pamela Bardhi: What were some of the most important things that got you through that, Rob? I know, obviously, with your new company and QE Strong. you’ve created these frequency patches and all of that stuff. So I’d love to hear how that all helped you and kind of how it all intertwined together. and how you really surpass that, because that is a huge win. Somebody listening right now that’s like, hey, listen. I’m struggling with an addiction as well, or somebody I love or somebody I know. How can I kind of help them navigate these waters? Because it can get super dark.

Rob Rene: It can? Yeah. literally, it was one of those things where I had just gotten really tired. Is this really who I want to be? Do I want to be this person? Do I want to be this person who drinks every night. who’s overweight who just doesn’t eat healthy. Obviously, drinking unhealthy. And I’m just not physically healthy. Is that who I really want to be? And do I want to be known for that. I literally found myself one night. 

My wife, she’s blessing for me that she’s been with me through all these things. We’ve been together, 24 years now, so it’s been a lot of fun. But, she supported me when I did drink. but she wanted me to stop drinking forever. you can’t ever stop until you want to stop. And so I finally got to that point where I’m like, laying in bed one night. I told her, I said, I’m going to stop drinking. She about thought of the bed, right? She says like you’re. What? I said, yeah, I’ve made a decision. I’m done. 

And, I said, I have no idea how I’m going to do this. I actually read a little bit about it and it is dangerous. if you try to get off of alcohol without any help. So I’m like, I sat down, I thought, okay, should I go through a program? Should I go through I’m such a stubborn prideful man that I didn’t want to do know, I’m stupid probably for feeling that way. That I should have just given up and said, okay. I need help and I need to go seek help and I need someone to help me do it.

So I recommend that, right? I would recommend that to anybody who is struggling. AA program is phenomenal. You get an accountability partner, they walk you through the steps. And the steps, they’re important. Each step has a reason and why you should do it. And I’m such a stubborn idiot that I just said. I’m going to go do this myself. but thank God, and I think that was part of it. I really prayed a lot and I just said, I want to do this on my own.

 And, my wife helped me, the Lord helped me. And, I got through this. I actually did go to a doctor, though. I did say, okay, I don’t want to die doing being this stubborn. so I’m going to do this on my own. But is there something that I should take medically. that will help my body get through that period of time. where the addiction gets weaned, whatever they call that.

 I went to a doctor and he gave me some medication for a couple of weeks. and he said, take this much now, and then after another week. you take a little bit less, maybe a little bit less. after a few weeks, if you’re still come see me and we’ll talk about it. we’ll see how your body is doing and, if you’re okay, then we’ll just wean you off of that. And so over a few week period of time, I was able to. Stop. 

I think that did help me with my cravings and things that I had. and the jitters or whatever you get when you get off of alcohol. I don’t even remember because it’s been four years, and I’m just blessed. I’m, almost to five years, coming up pretty soon. 

Pamela Bardhi: Amazing.

Rob Rene: Yeah, it’s been such a blessing. It’s like, man, everything about my life has gotten better since then. Everything. Not one area of my life has been worse because I stopped drinking. So just think about that. Anybody that is out there, I encourage you, your life will be better. and your life will be more healthy. You’ll feel better, you’ll think better, you’ll perform better. you’ll have better relationships with your spouse and with your children and with people around you. 

You’ll be a better person. So do it. If I did it, you can do it. You can do it as well. We actually do have some cool technology and products that we sell that would help people through that process. We have an antianxiety product. Help get through that period where you’re stressed out. Because it’s stressful. You’re like, okay, can I do this today? 

 it’s a day to day thing, as they always tell you, can I not drink today? And, it’s stressful. So we have an antianxiety patch that just helps people be cheerful and happy rather than stressed and bummed out. that’s an exciting product. And so we have an immune boost product. We have a general wellness product that helps. So we have a number of things that would help people through that problem. But anyway.

Dr. Jerry Tennant says our body is all electrical and we have voltage

Pamela Bardhi: Have you heard of Dr. Jerry Tennant?

Rob Rene: No, I have not. Who is is?

Pamela Bardhi: he is a doctor, he’s based in Texas. And he has healed a lot of individuals and a lot of really big name celebrities. But he’s had awesome hid behind the scenes. He was a practitioner for 40 years in traditional medicine. And then he got really sick and traditional medicine couldn’t help him. So he went to western medicine, he did research and he realized that we are energy. So our body is all electrical and we have voltage in our body. 

He found through his research that when our voltage was low. our body has the ability to regenerate itself. Regenerate new cells for healing and all that stuff. It just needs like, a battery. Just like a battery needs a charge, then a car needs gas, you need to charge up. so he found that with the voltage. he actually created, a biomodulator M machine that essentially can increase your voltage. So that that way you can regenerate cells and bring everything back. and you can actually measure each part of your body. and see what’s low and what’s affected.

Rob Rene: that’s awesome. I love this man already. I don’t even know him, and I love him.

Pamela Bardhi: He’s amazing. Dr. Jerry Tennant. And so very similar to what you’re saying is the frequencies our bodies are already operating in, we are energy. So anything like you said, like those patches and everything that you started. the frequencies make sense because there’s certain frequencies that align with us and some that don’t. And if you look at brainwave patterns and all that stuff, it’s all frequencies.

And what kind of frequencies are you sending into your brain? that’s going to affect whether you’re going to be focused. whether you’re going to be distracted, whether you’re going to be this, whether you’re going to be that. So energy is everything. And then that know, basically your physical state then affects your internal state. which then affects your mental state. 

And then that’s how all this stuff is super connected. And it’s all science at the end of the day, which is really, insane. So Dr. Bruce Lipton talks about this kind of stuff and the environment that you’re into.epigenetics and all of that stuff. So it’s really fascinating that you found this technique in what you do. I think you’ll really enjoy dr. Jerry Tiny.

Rob Rene: I now live in Dallas, Texas. So, I’m excited to oh, my God. Yeah, you have to find him.

Pamela Bardhi: He has an institute there, He has like an actual clinic that you can go into. And he does emotional healing, emotional release healing. He does all kinds of incredible work all around the energy centers. so what he’s done is he’s combined Eastern and Western together.

Rob Rene: Yeah. That’s so awesome because that’s literally what he’s doing is amazing. Because like you said, our body is the energy. If you can figure out a way to help it do what it needs to. God gave us an amazing body, right? He gave us an amazing immune system. All we need to do is feed it the right things. And so if we can feed it the right things and then you heal the core. what’s the core of your body? Energy. Right. And the core of your internal body is your gut, right? 

So if you can heal your gut first, then all of a sudden. that’s where a lot of problems start, is within your gut. You have a bad gut and then like, leaky gut, and a lot of nutrients that you take get taken away. But if you can heal your gut, then you can start feeding your body with the right things. And then it’s amazing what you can do just with nutrition. So you can start there and then you can expand out and do the things.obviously it sounds like he’s got some amazing technology. that helps shortcut a lot of the time to get to the healing. which is amazing. 

And so that’s like, what our products do is just help people get off of pain medication. get off of allergy medication. We have a, brain boost, product. that helps you with one of the biggest, side effects of COVID is brain fog. so lots of people had COVID. I had COVID. Millions of people got COVID. But one of the problems that you have from it is brain fog. And so we’ve got a product that really helps people think clearly and perform their jobs better. just by having a small patch on their body that helps them think, more clearly. 

And so it’s been so much fun to do this. we’re trying to add supplements and other things to complement what we’re doing. because at the end of the day, I don’t care what it is. I just want to help people. so we’ve been doing research on all these crazy red light beds. and $15,000 beds that you can lay in that help and regenerate. one of my favorite topics is grounding. Have you ever heard of Grounding Panel mhm? Yes.

Pamela Bardhi: Dr. Tennant talks about that a lot.

Rob Rene: Too portable, he’s talking about, because it’s all about the energy. And, they sell these $5,000 mats. These mats are flipping amazing. You can lay down on this mat and it helps you regenerate the cells in your body. It takes, some of the alkalinity out or increases the alkalinity in your body is actually what it does. But the coolest thing about that, I’m going to save you $5,000 today.

Instead of buying that $5,000 mat, you take your socks and shoes off and you walk out on your front door. and you go to your grass and you get your feet on the God’s given earth. and walk around on the dirt and the grass for 15 minutes. then you’re literally grounding. you’re doing your body a huge favor just by grounding. So just do these simple things that are going to help you that jeez.

Western doctor is going to tell you to go ground, right? but my gosh, why not? If you look at the research, it helps you tremendously. And, it helps regenerate things within your body and get rid of toxins within your body. It’s like, why would you not go do that. so many people, including me, I’m the worst. I have to have socks and shoes on when I go to the beach.

I’m grounding every day now because it has so many benefits

Rob Rene: It’s like, my feet are so sensitive that, if, I try to walk across the street. it’s like my wife laughs at me because my feet are so sensitive. But I’m grounding every day now because it’s just like, wow, it’s so many good benefits. And my wife loves to give me a hard time. because she’s like, I’ve been telling you that for years. I’m like, I know, but I’m a stubborn man. I don’t like to listen.

Pamela Bardhi: No, it’s amazing, all the biohacks that your body can utilize. and it comes down to the end of it is know, remember that you are. You know, all of these things, like your products with the frequencies, grounding. all of these things are what’s going to help regenerate your system. And this is all natural and it’s all around you.

What would your older self tell your younger self based on what you know now

Pamela Bardhi: And Rob, this is one of my favorite questions and I’m so interested to hear what you have to say about. what would your older self tell your younger self based on what you know now. if you had to narrow it down to one thing?

Rob Rene: Yeah, don’t be scared. I have always grown up of, being fearful of what other people thought about me. and being afraid of trying to do something different that other people might not do. And yeah, I would just say take a risk, go do something that is different and don’t be afraid. because people are going to be mean to you. people are going to say bad things about you. regardless whether you’re a saint or whether you’re a jerk. or whether you’re something in between. 

People are always going to have negative things to say about you and who you are. So just don’t worry about them. Worry about what God thinks of you. and just follow his lead and do what he says to do and don’t be afraid. So yeah, I think, that would be my answer.

Pamela Bardhi: Love that, Rob. 

Rob, what’s going on in your world in the next few months

Pamela Bardhi: And in your world, what’s going on in the next few months? What’s up in your world? Working on anything new, exciting?

Rob Rene: So many fun things. I mean, literally so many fun things. we’re coming out with some new products of ours that are going to be super exciting. but we’re also doing what I call the Trinity. I launched, a new newsletter. The newsletter is pretty awesome. It’s called So simple. and this newsletter really talks about, four topics. Got a faith topic and it’s got a health topic. And then a mighty man and a majestic woman. 

So every week I highlight a majestic woman, someone that I love and making a big impact. Same thing about, some man that’s doing something similar. and then a really important faith, topic and a health topic. So every week we’re doing that and then we’re going to be in, July. maybe late July, launching a podcast, ah, with a similar name. it will be basically really similar. My brother and I are going to be doing it together. I’ll, be the host.

 He’ll be my co host. And we’re starting that, podcast to just help get good faith based health content out to the world. Like the grounding discussion, right? Like the energy discussion. So I’m super excited to meet your doctor. I want to do research on him, for sure, I want to understand what’s going on. Because the good news is there are lots of people like that now. we need to highlight them, We need to showcase them. We need to amplify their message. But, our company, QE Strong, is amazing. and I’m super excited to work with you.

 if you go to and you buy any of our products, use the coupon code underdog. And, when you do that, we’re blessing your, show, as well as you’re blessing us. So it’s kind of a win win situation where, we want and we’re helping the customer. We’re giving the customer a 15% discount by using that code. And then, we’re going to bless you, with some help. then you’re obviously helping us as an organization grow. So it’s kind of win win situation.

 again, if the product you use let’s, say you use our Neuropathy product, for example. and, the Neuropathy product didn’t help you with your Neuropathy. send it back, we’ll send your money back, and, no harm done. But the great thing is, I’m pretty confident you’re going to look at one of the products that we’re going to say, oh, this is pretty cool. 

Let me try that one, and then when you try it, you’re going to see an amazing impact. we think you’re going to love it, and you’re going to want to come back. and buy some other product from us. So long winded answer to your question, but as you can tell, lots of things going on. we’re having a blast, and we’re really excited to help people with their faith and with their I love that.

Pamela Bardhi: Rob, thank you so much for being here today and for sharing all of that in your story. You’re amazing. I’m so excited to see where QE Strong goes and. how many people it continues to help all around the world, my friend. Thank you so much. And now you got to let everyone know where to find you and your awesomeness.

Rob Rene: Yeah, sounds great. So the most simple way is just go to and, find me there. and then the next best place is probably, Truth Social, which is interesting. but that’s where I have my biggest following is on Truth Social. You can also find me on Instagram at QE strong. And same thing about Facebook.

Pamela Bardhi: Awesome. Rob, thank you so much for being here once again. And, guys, you can reach out to Rob anytime, ask him any questions. He’s like an open book and is super cool and awesome. So thank you again, Rob, for being here today. Super grateful for you.

Rob Rene: Yeah. Thank you so much. So what a blessing to meet you.

Pamela Bardhi: Thank you. What a blessing to meet you.

Rob Rene: Thank you.

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