Dr. Robb Kelly

In this episode, prepare for an uplifting journey as we explore the extraordinary life of Dr. Rob Kelly, the CEO of Robb Kelly Recovery Group. He is a genuine survivor who conquered alcoholism, addiction, and childhood trauma. From his humble beginnings in Manchester, UK, to becoming a symbol of inspiration, Dr. Robb’s story is about overcoming adversity and rising above it all.

We’ll explore addiction science, comparing alcoholism to excessive drinking. The hypothalamus plays a vital role. Dr. Rob shares inspiring thoughts on resilience and change, even in tough times.

If you or someone you know has ever dealt with addiction, this episode offers valuable insights and inspiration. So, grab your headphones, and let’s jump into this transformative journey with Dr. Robb Kelly!

Pam and Dr. Robb shed light on his life journey. In this conversation, here are the following highlights:

  • How did Dr. Robb go from homelessness and addiction to helping others with similar struggles?
  • Dr. Kelly’s miraculous transformation to find sobriety through a Spiritual Advisor
  • Understanding Alcoholism and Addiction. How do you differ one from another?
  • Dr. Robb’s Pep Talk on how to change your life

Here are some key takeaways from the episode:

  • Addiction is a complex disease that affects the brain and body. It is not a weakness or a choice.
  • There is a difference between an alcoholic and a heavy drinker. An alcoholic is unable to control their drinking, even when it has negative consequences.
  • Dr. Robb focuses on rewiring the brain and changing subconscious patterns to treat addiction.

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Dr. Robb Kelly’s Inspiring Path of Success and Victory Over Addiction

Pamela Bardhi: Hello, everyone. and welcome to the Underdog podcast. Today I have an incredible guest here with me, Dr. Robb Kelly. How are you, my friend?

Dr. Robb Kelly: Pamela, I’m awesome. Thank you for inviting me. It’s a pleasure and an honor. Great to see you.

Pamela Bardhi: So fabulous to have you, Dr. Rob. And you have such a beautiful energy. You’re out in San Antonio, Texas, living the dream. And I just can’t wait to hear your story. I’ve read up on you. The work that you do is tremendous, and I just cannot wait get into that.

Robb Kelly says homelessness inspired him to become a psychotherapist

Pamela Bardhi: And so I’m going to start with my first question to get an idea of kind of how you got into this realm. what inspired you on your journey to where you are today, my friend.

Dr. Robb Kelly: Well, the homelessness. after I lost everything, kind of inspired me. And, I was homeless for about 14 months. 

And I swore to myself if I ever got off the street. I would spend the rest of my lives helping people with alcoholism, addiction and childhood trauma. that’s what motivates me even till today. 

because we work with an array of people from all sorts of life. it inspires me to get up every morning to know that, I’m contributing to the world.

 instead of being left abandoned to die on the streets of Manchester.

Pamela Bardhi: wow. Oh, my goodness. So, Dr. Rob, where did you grow up? So you said Manchester in the UK.

A place called Moss Side in Manchester.

Dr. Robb Kelly: I do. Grew up, a place called Moss Side in Manchester. For those who don’t know where it is, it’s a bit like Beirut with lights.

 That’s the best way I could describe it. It was, rough, to say the least. 

My dad always jokes that he got his wheels off, his car stolen, in Moss Side. He didn’t mind, but he was going 45 miles an hour at the time.

 It’s really, really a terrible place to grow up. But I did. And then that’s where my life started. 

I always wanted to be a musician. I was on stage with my aunt and uncle at the age of nine years old. Was also when I took my first drink when I was nine years old. 

Had amazing plans to become this famous rock and roll star, but never happened. But I came close a couple of times, I should have been the bass player in Oasis. 

It was a loving family

That’s all I’m saying about that. But, yeah, just had fun. Grew up in a poor but loving family. We can only afford two pair of shoes, a year and two pair of socks a year. 

Never allowed to go on school trips. But, it was a loving family. Mum and dad were amazing.

Pamela Bardhi: Wow. Oh, my goodness. And so this was in the UK where that beautiful accent comes from. which is my love.

Dr. Robb Kelly: Thank you.

Pamela Bardhi: I love that.

I met Arnold Schwarzenegger back in 1979 after an underground movie came out

Pamela Bardhi: Oh my up I grew up in Europe, too. so I was born, in Albania, and then I moved to Rome when I was little. 

So what were some of the who or what influenced you from a really young age? You mentioned you had your first drink at nine.

Dr. Robb Kelly: Yeah, I think, of all the people around me, I have to say my Uncle Peter. He’s the one that taught me how to play guitar. 

He was getting a divorce at the time. so he stayed at our house and every night he was a truck driver.

 But every night he’d come home and practice songs for the weekend. So he’d take this shiny guitar, out. 

which I later found out was a Fender Stratocaster. And I would be in awe of him. And then he taught me how to play this bass guitar.

 My dad bought it me when I was about seven. Paid 29 pounds for it back in the day. That’s about three grand today, which he had to get a loan for. then there started so definitely my Uncle Peter. 

The Amateur Bodybuilding Association

As I got into my teens, I started bodybuilding boxing and all that great stuff. But I met Arnold Schwarzenegger back in 1979. 

just after an underground movie came out called Pumping Iron. And because we belonged to the Amateur Bodybuilding Association. 

we got to pick him up from the airport and take him to their hotel. And, this changed my complete outlook on mindset. because I was a bodybuilder. 

so I had to watch what I eat and train. But I was talking to Arnold, obviously. He was kind of nobody back then, He’s into bodybuilding. He was very big, but he wasn’t famous.

 I remember asking him that the bodybuilding is great. but what know, you can’t do this for rest of your life. Doesn’t really pay that much back in the day. he says, he didn’t say I liked it.

 He said, I’m going to accomplish three things. And I said, okay. He said the first, I’m going to be the highest paid actor in the world. 

Well, we nearly fell off the chair because he was broken English. Nothing like today,I mean, he was really broken English.

 That’s just not possible, Arnold. Anyway, what’s the second one? And he said the second one. I want to become a governor of a state in America, preferably California.

The Meeting with Arnold Schwarzenegger

 Well, we fell off the chair then laughing because that was crazy. That was impossible as far as we were concerned.

And out of curiosity said, what’s the third? And he said, I’m going to marry into the Kennedy family. Check and check. after that meeting, I truly believed and proved possible with me. 

over 8000 patients that you can be and achieve anything that you want to. if you want it bad enough. that changed my outlook and got me into Eventually University. which I studied psychology because of him.

Pamela Bardhi: Wow. Oh, my goodness. And when did he make those announcements? Like, when did he say that? 1979. Yeah.

Dr. Robb Kelly: 19 78, 79. Yeah, definitely around that era. And then, obviously, we saw him in a film. We were proud of him. next thing we knew, bomb, bomb, bomb, all done. And I always tell that story.

because it’s like somebody saying to you. especially back in the day, when he’s nobody is. I’m going to win the lottery three times in the next four weeks. 

The chances of doing that is, I don’t know. one in 50 billion, maybe. That’s what he was saying to us. yet it all came true. 

Started to delve into behavioral science, neuroplasticity, neuroscience.

So then I started to delve into behavioral science, neuroplasticity, neuroscience. and really got to know how the mind works. 

this is why we have a 97% to 99% success rate. where everybody around us has a two to 10% success rate. 

because we went far more advanced into the psychology and the science behind making champions. 

And we’ve worked with the most famous people in the world government, pop stars, movie stars, TV stars. it’s proven to be the case every time. we love what we do because we do what we love.

Pamela Bardhi: I love that. That is so crazy. So to back it up into your story a little bit before we get into this neuroscience. 

because I am all over that, I think tremendous what your mind can do. and it can be your best friend or your worst enemy at the same time. And so we have to choose accordingly.

Dr. Robb Kelly: Right.

Pamela Bardhi: And it’s literally a free choice.

Rod was homeless for 14 months after getting married and having two children

Pamela Bardhi: You had mentioned homelessness. How did that play into? Walk me through the life story a little bit and what happened there?

Dr. Robb Kelly: Well, I got married, had the, two children. I was heavily drinking at the time, I always remember when we were pregnant. it was time for the birth, and I was drinking every day. 

And I went to the hospital with everybody and watched the birth. And the baby got put to mom, I held the baby, and I give the baby back to mom.

 put my hand on the Bible and swore to my wife, to the doctor, and to God. 

that I’d never drink again because I have to be responsible. lasted about 4 hours, and then I had to drink.

 then the second baby come, I took two Bibles to the hospital. I swore to my babies, to my wife, to the doctors, and to God. 

I’d never drink again,that ring the bell

Both hands on Bible, I’d never drink again. It was the worst 6 hours of my life. So that should start to ring bells, I had a problem, but it didn’t.

 there’s a lot of stuff in that, house that happened from the outside. Two brand new cars, BMWs and Jaguars. And the house was huge, and it was all beautiful. 

But inside, the house was chaos. I remember stabbing my wife three times one night. because she won’t let me finish my bottle of vodka. 

I remember falling downstairs and nearly killing my child. remember taking it to the movies and leaving him there. so I could go and have a drink in a liquor store, get some. 

The Charges

By the time I got back, the police were there. All the lights in the movie theater was on. I mean, just on and on. The stuff I used to do. But eventually, I fled to Spain after stabbing my wife three times. 

And three months later, all charges were dropped. He came back home, and then she left. She took my babies with, ages one and three, charlie and Abigail. 

I’ve never seen since she was one years old. And, I got them back the next day from my attorney. then three days later than that, I was found drunk out my mind in the living room.

 The police kicked the doors in, the children not being fed for two or three days, and no diapers changed. 

And they kicked me awake and served them with unfit father papers. I staggered to my feet, and I saw my little babies being taken out by the police. 

my wife was there. Mother in law was there. Childhood services there. Child, protection Services was there. 

The, police were there. And I remember this scene that always stuck in my mind is, she had Mommy’s hand at the door. She’s only three years old, so she’s got holding Mommy’s hand.  they’re walking down the path.

 I stumbled to the door, crying, and just felt horrible. My daughter, she turned around and says, daddy, Daddy, please don’t go. 

I was, homeless.

And then I’m crying, one of the police officers crying. then halfway down the path, she turned around again and said, daddy, Daddy, please get better. as she got to the gate, they opened the big gate for her. 

just before she went through the gate, she, turned around one more time and said. daddy, Daddy, please stop drinking. I couldn’t do it for them. I couldn’t do it for, myself. 

then three or four months after that, everything had gone. And I was on the streets thinking to myself. where the hell did that just go all wrong? 

But it was the alcohol. Still didn’t think I had a problem, though. Pamela. 

Still think I could control it, but, yeah, I was on there for 14 months. Got in some terrible states. 

Fought every day for my life to stay alive. It’s a very rough part of town. And, yeah, there I was, homeless.

Alcoholism at the time was an underground disease.

Pamela Bardhi: Oh, my goodness. Dr. Robb, thank you so much for sharing that. Because looking at you today and your success rate.

 and the people that you’ve helped and all. know you would never think you had gone through such a thing.

 And what’s important is that there’s somebody listening right now. that either they’re going through it or somebody they know is going through it. 

And this will help somebody realize, like, hey, if Dr. Rob can make it through this traumatic experience. I can too, right? It gives a little bit of courage. 

So I really am grateful for you sharing that. And I know it’s not an easy one to talk about.

 so I appreciate that tremendously. because you just never know who you can help by sharing these types of stories. 

thank you for that. at that point, it sounds like everything transformed in your life. it was a process to get there.

 how did you bounce back from that point? Because you mentioned four months kind of back and forth with all of this.

Dr. Robb Kelly: You have to remember that alcoholism at the time was an underground disease. Nobody understood it. 

Nobody wants to know. They used to stick people like me in Sanitariums back 30 years ago, 40 years ago. 

You have to imagine the actual state and the area which I am. So latest statistics came out about ten years. 

after I got off the streets, that 97% of people in Manchester who are homeless die on the streets. So I was one of 3% that got off. 

If there’s a God up there, I can’t do this on my own anymore.

And this is what happened. monday morning, sunday night, 02:00 a.m in the morning. I’m walking around where the factories are. 

There’s no people there ah all businesses. And it was pouring down with rain and I dropped on my hands and knees.

 I was sobbing like a child from my stomach. The rain was coming round my face as I’m looking towards the ground. 

They mixed with my tears, and they hit the cobbles on the floor and turn purple. I remember looking up, 

and I remember thinking to myself, this is really hurting from the belly. because I was crying. I wasn’t crying because I’d lost my wife, my children, my money, my family, my sister and brother. 

No, I was crying right there and then because I realized I couldn’t stop drinking. And it took all of 14 months for me to have that breakdown.

 I looked up to the sky as a non believer, and I said. if there’s a God up there, I can’t do this on my own anymore.

Rob had seven suicide attempts before meeting recovering alcoholic Derek

Dr. Robb Kelly: And Pamela, 30 seconds. 40 seconds later, a guy walked around the corner. He had a little BIVE in his hand.

 He’d missed his last busel from Bible study. He came a shortcut that he’s never been before. 

because he’s never m missed a boss back to his house. came across me, asked, me, do I want help? I said yes. I’m dying. This is after seven suicide attempts. And on two occasions I died.

 And he brought me back to life. I had a beard down here, vomit all down my front. I was just a mess. So he took me back to his house. he let me bathe for the first time in about nine months. 

And he gave me new clothes. he told me he was a Christian, he’s also a recovering alcoholic. 

if I went to meetings within AA meetings, I could stay in his house for as long as I did. That is when my life changed.

Pamela Bardhi: Wow. 30 seconds later, after you asked that.

 Things will change after the twelve weeks.

Dr. Robb Kelly: And that’s not the crazy part, Pamela. because when I went for that meeting, he wanted me to go. That night I met a guy called John and I asked John to sponsor me.

 And he said no, but I will be your spiritual advisor for twelve weeks. So every Wednesday I had to be there for 07:00. 

So I left the house, walked all the way there, seven, spent an hour with him. walked all the way back home for 09:00. 

I’m sleeping on a bloke mattress in this guy’s basement. But I’m so grateful for it. After twelve weeks, this guy told me all sorts. He told me I’d come to America.

 He told me stuff that was impossible, just impossible. He said that things will change after the twelve weeks. Things will change from tomorrow.

 And the next day I’m at home. because I was doing the cleaning around the house. while Derek was at work. 12:00, I heard the door going, who the hell’s that? 

And he was Derek. He said, hey, the guy sweeping the floor and cleaning up. has just walked out of the job. Do you want that part time job? I got it. So everything he told me came true. 

My first paycheck.

So after the first couple of weeks, I got my first paycheck. It was cash, stamped to an envelope. And I went to the gas station and bought John a little teddy bear and a card. 

And I wrote in the card, john, thank you for introducing me to God. Because he capital H, took the compulsion away to drink. I went back to that man’s house that I’d been twelve times before. 

 Where’s John

And when I got there, the house lived in. So I’m banging on the door and the right hand person came as a lady. says, Can I help you? And I said, yeah. 

Where’s John moved to? And she said, John? I said, yeah, John lives here. or there’s, nobody been in there for at last six to seven months. that I know of while I’ve been here. 

So I let her close the door, went on to the other side and knocked on the door. And this big guy come to the door, what do you want? can you tell where John’s relocated to, please? And he said, what are you talking about? 

I said, John in the next apartment. He’s stupid. He said, you’ve known been there for at least twelve months. 

He’s Derek, you can’t walk into it, it doesn’t have a floor. So the same day, that night I went round to the meeting. that I’d met him three or four months before. 

when I went in, I went for the chairman. He goes, hey, Rob. I said, God, you recognize me? He’s like, yeah, thank God for that. 

Can you tell me where has John been back? And he said, John? I said, yeah, I was over near the coffee machine. 

was having this conversation know, life. He was like sponsoring me and stuff. And he said, I’m confused, Rob. I said why?

They couldn’t find him.

we were smiling because you were over near the coughing machine speaking to yourself. Never found that guy.

 In fact, when I got wealthy, I put the best private detective in Manchester trying, to find him. 

And nobody could cope up with everything. But everything he told me and 70% to 80% of my program today came from him. Absolutely phenomenal.

Pamela Bardhi: Oh my goodness. They couldn’t find him. And he was the one that was your spiritual advisor for twelve weeks? Yeah.

15 years ago.

Dr. Robb Kelly: And when I went back and looked, started reading the Bible many years later. seven and twelve are the other numbers to look for. 

Well, I was born with seven to the 761, which is seven.he looked for him for twelve weeks and there was twelve disciples.

 And I would not tell that story, Pamela, for about 20 years. because I knew people think I was crazy or making it up. So I only started telling that a few years ago. And from there I flourished and flourished and flourished.

 And then I got the opportunity. When the internet kind of the chat rooms first came out. I met a lady on there who invited me over to Plano in Texas. 

to talk to the Youth Ministry on alcohol, crack cocaine and drugs. So I came over, for two weeks only. That was 15 years ago. I never went back.

Pamela Bardhi: Oh, my goodness.

Dr. Robb Kelly: Yeah.

Pamela Bardhi: I’m still mind blown about the story about John.

Rob believes there’s a spiritual connection between oneself and something up there

Pamela Bardhi: That’s a guardian angel right there.

Dr. Robb Kelly: Now, I wouldn’t make that for 20 years. Don’t be silly. No, Robbie, no. Sorry, I’m not having that go away. There must be a rational explanation of this, but I can never find one. And then what I’ve seen with working with over 8000 patients is this. I’ve seen that there’s no such thing as coincidences and angels. 

God really do succeed and they will protect you and guide you. But I had to go through stuff. I had to go through that homelessness, Pamela. 

I had to go through the loss of the children. I had to go through all the traumatic events, childhood trauma to do what I do today. 

So when people go, Would you change your past? My homelessness was like a semester at Harvard University. There’s things I’d learned from that 14 months that I now go forward because people say.

 like, you did, I can’t imagine you did it. So you don’t know what it’s like. Dr ought to be homeless. Sit down. Let me talk. 

To lose your kids sit down. To have your teeth kicked at center. He’s talking through all of this to be here. Now, I’m not saying God. 

God puts us on this earth  for a purpose

What I’m saying is Uncle Jimmy, spiritual God, whatever, it does make a difference. But I believe there’s spiritual connection between oneself and something up there.

 And, I am living proof. But the more I work with patients and see miracles almost daily in front of me. where people have given up on alcoholic drugs.

 where movie careers have dropped because of alcohol and drugs. and they’ve been restored to sanity, convinces me that that’s how the world works. 

So that, about ten years ago is what got me into neuroscience.

Pamela Bardhi: That’s absolutely incredible. Dr. Rob I mean, they say a lot of times that we’re put through these lessons. and they say that God puts us on this earth or our, higher selves. 

Whatever you believe in, puts us on this earth for a purpose and puts us through specific lessons. because we’re meant to then teach other people how to.

Dr. Robb Kelly: 100% agree with that Pamela from my experience. because I go on to educate, teach people. and when you see them going on to educate, teach people, it’s phenomenal. So my one year old at the time.

I’ve never seen since. 30 years later, 32, 33, you’d never seen her. But four years ago, I’m in bed with my wife, and I got to leave. Messenger is the only time you get hold of me. Everything else is switched up. Ping 03:00 in the morning. I was like, oh, my God. 

 My daughter, Charlie Kelly, contacting me.

So I was fast asleep. I grabbed my phone and looked at it, and the locks startled me like this. because it was my daughter, Charlie Kelly, who was contacting me. And he said, dad. I’ve just called me dad. 

Pamela, after all them years, she called me dad. I’d ever not hear that for so long. I was crying. 

Said to my wife, oh, my God, oh, my God, look at this. And she got up, and we’re both excited. We’re dancing around the room, and, she asked me to come over.

The Heartwarming Reunion

The next red eye, we went over there, and she said she wanted to show me something. and tell me something. she didn’t believe all the rumors that she’d heard.

 So we went around, and I stood on that doorstep. Pamela and I went through it was like the life of abandonment, to my children and all the stuff I’d missed.

 I should have been there for them. And I was crying. I’m just about to knock out of courage. she opened the door. We fell into each other’s arms, and we hugged. After all this time. 

Pamela we hugged and we cried a little bit. then she said, Come on, dad. I’ve got something to show you. So we went into a living room, and she handed me my three month old granddaughter.

Pamela Bardhi: That’s beautiful.

My lead therapist in my Manchester, UK. Office.

Dr. Robb Kelly: Right there. And then, this was only four years ago. I knew that I had changed the world. I knew that I’ve helped millions of people with the ripple effect. And this was God saying, Good job. 

Now, because he wants to go back to school. so he’s paid for it to go back to school. Now, as of about eight months ago. she’s my lead therapist in my Manchester, UK. Office.

Pamela Bardhi: No way.

Dr. Robb Kelly: Yes, ma’am.

Pamela Bardhi: Oh, my God. I just got chills everywhere.

Dr. Robb Kelly: God is good.

Pamela Bardhi: Oh, my wow. Wow.

You’ve done it for a reason

Dr. Robb Kelly: So the message from that is, doctor, I don’t care how far down the scale you’ve gone. I don’t care what you’ve lost, I don’t care what you’ve been through. 

You’ve done it for a reason, and everything will turn out good. once you’ve learned the lesson or been picked by a god. and, been chosen to be teachable. 

And you see the kids you’ve lost, you see the wife, you’ll get them all back. If you want them, you’ll get them all back. I’m telling you. 

I guarantee it. With all the money I have in the bank, I guarantee that you will. You’ve just got to do the right thing, You’ve just got to help people. 

Rob Kelly Foundation

So now we’re all wealthy. We’re great. What we do is 25% of our work is pro bono. to people like me that couldn’t afford it. And last year and every year since we’ve been in Texas, san Antonio, we still live in Dallas. 

Four years ago, me and my wife give $150,000 back into the community to help people. One parent, families who need a lawyer, dad’s trying to see the kids, suits for interviews, for a job, legal fees. 

We started all that. So just two months ago, we started my foundation, which is the Rob Kelly Foundation.

Pamela says you were sent on this Earth to help others overcome addiction

Dr. Robb Kelly: And that’s just extra money to give. We just I think giving if you give to the right cause, you’ll never go broke.

Pamela Bardhi: Amen. That is so powerful. Oh, my goodness. This is, like, the number one underdog story I’ve ever heard. And to see it go full circle is so beautiful.

 It’s so, so beautiful. And the thing is, the work that you’re doing on the daily I mean. this is America’s, crisis.

 The opioid, the alcoholism, you name it. Everyone’s addicted to something, and how do you break. So and I truly do believe you were sent on this Earth to go through that. 

and to help other people go through it. because how could you help somebody if you hadn’t gone through it yourself?

 Nobody’s ever said to me.

Dr. Robb Kelly: bang. No one’s ever said that to me. Pamela thousands of these I’ve done, all the TV I’ve done. Nobody’s ever said to me, if you can’t do unless you’ve been through it. Like, if I go and see a therapist.

 and she’s the most accredited therapist and got PhD and everything. If you haven’t been through what I’ve been through.

 you don’t understand why I would stab you in the face repeatedly if you stop me having a drink.

 I go to other counselors, they go, oh, yeah, I’ll do exactly the same. because they’ve been through it. So counselors who haven’t been through it specialize in all the other great stuff you do. 

You cannot help people like me. because you don’t know the way I think. and react to certain things that’s beyond my control.

Pamela Bardhi: Right? Absolutely. And I really do think that’s why you were sent on this earth. because again, you understand you’re able to pull them out.

So I’m born an alcoholic, so I’m researching neuroplasticity

Pamela Bardhi: So I definitely want to talk about your work and what you’ve started and the revolution that you have. 

I mean, now your daughter’s leading it in the UK, which is incredible. and then you’ve got it here in San Antonio, Texas. 

So walk me through that. because I think that’s so powerful to see what you’re doing in the world.

Dr. Robb Kelly: Well, we have five offices around the world. We only take on six patients for me, and then the other five staff obviously had patients. So I died on a couple of occasions with my alcoholism. 

Alcoholics don’t get married, they take hostages. And I took my wife hostage for twelve years, so I knew there was something more of it.

 because all he said to me, Pam, is, just stop drinking because of your kids. That’s my dad’s favorite line. What’s wrong with you? Pull yourself together. 

And I couldn’t.  yet I saw friends of mine stop drinking who drank more than me. They stopped drinking, so I knew there was something there. 

So we started studying, and this was like, 1012 years ago. we started discovering about neuroplasticity way before the hit came out. 

We’re far more advancing other people and childhood trauma and the way we can neuroplasticity. we can remould the brain. so we can change neural pathways from bad to good.

look at the subconscious mind and the conscious mind fighting each other. So the prefrontal cortex is our decision maker. 

We come up with a solution 

The only job it has is to come up with a solution as quick as humanly possible. To my problem nine out of ten times, it does a great job.

 The only problem with that, it doesn’t have to be the right answer. 

So when I have to come up with a solution here. I draw from the subconscious mind. where all that crap is that I went through all that unhealed trauma that I went through.

 when I should be drawing from the conscious mind. 

So we studied that, and then we came across with our trials, tests, and, exams that we did. Examinations we did with people is a couple of things.

 So alcoholics are. Born drug addicts are made, and that blows people’s mind. 

Alcoholism predisposition. It’s passed down from generation to generation. Only alcoholism does this. So alcohol and drug addiction slightly differ. but it’s very important we find out why they differ. I’m born an alcoholic.

 How am I born with it? Well, first of all, I’m allergic to alcohol. I’m allergic to the ethanol in alcohol, to be exact. 

Secondly, my hypothalamus, my basal ganglia and my amygdala. are different to anybody else in the world apart from other alcohols. 

What the basal ganglia does, and that’s our repetition, strength and confirmed part of the mind is.

 I’ll do everything great, everything will be fantastic. And about ten to the hour, I will self sabotage. With me, it was alcohol, drugs, sex, porn. 

whatever I get my hands on magazines, and stuff. And that will always happen until I clear the trauma up. 

The hypothalamus

So we learned that, then we learned that the hypothalamus that’s, a little part of the back. which is kind of our survival instinct. 

it tells newborn children that it needs to eat and drink water to survive. That’s why they’ve either got the hand down the mouth, they’re hungry.

 or they’re holding near the belly because the belly is hurting. At a certain point of an alcoholic’s drinking career. 

the hypothalamus turns around and tells the alcohol to drink alcohol only. That’s why alcoholics can go days and weeks without food or water. 

So we’re onto something there that, nobody knew before. That, that’s why the real alcoholic can’t stop.

 because the mind is telling it to drink now, to layman. You drink every day, you’re an alcoholic. That is not the case. 

You can’t drink yourself into becoming an alcoholic. Are, people mind blowing? No, you can’t. An alcoholic and a heavy drinker or what? There’s a difference.

 On a Friday night, a heavy drinker and someone who abuses alcohol should go to jail for the night. Alcoholics should go to treatment for the night.

 There’s a huge difference. It’s beyond our capability. 

Alcoholism classed as a disease

That’s why in 1999, the World Health Organization classed it as a disease. We have no control over the chemical reaction when I take alcohol.

then when I take alcohol. the mental obsession, it’ll be different this time. 

Things will change. I’m only going to drink two beers. We drink it now, the physical allergy starts. So I get sick until I get alcohol in my body. 

and I go into fits and all sorts of crazy stuff if I don’t. So the cycle continues with drug addicts. Both show up the same. But with drug addicts, the drug addict has the addictive personality.

 This is where we see Mamas going for painkillers and the doctor cuts them off. Shame on the doctor for starting them on there, by the way.

 So then they have to go to the streets. 95% of women that come to us. 

Pamela, 95%, started in the doctor’s office and they’re all now heroin addicts started in the doctor’s office. Something going wrong here, guys.

 So we took the herbal. we took the non addictive medication out. and we don’t prescribe anything. But we have a way to change this. 

Change this, change your outlook, therefore change your behavior, therefore change your circumstances. That’s 100% guaranteed. 

We are the only company in the world that will give you your money back. 

if you relapse when finishing our program. as long as you continue to do the program, I’ll refund you. Mine never happened yet, because we know how to get over that. 

So when someone says, once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic. they’re not talking about the alcohol. 

Alcohol and Alcoholism

Alcohol has 1% to do with the alcoholism. Same with drug. I never had a drink problem. I always had a thinking problem. 

Not a drinking problem, a thinking problem. Once you start studying that, of how that all works. 

and once you get rid of the trauma and the alcohol. this is my personal findings and opinion. the alcoholic and drug brains are far more superior than every human brain on the earth.

Pamela Bardhi: Once they get clear, wow, that is so fascinating. Because most people think like alcoholics. they want more alcohol and all of that stuff.

And I’ve dealt with loved ones who unfortunately have had alcoholism. I always wondered, why can’t you just put it down?

 What is it about the drink that’s so you know what I mean? And it’s like, once they have one, they can’t stop. 

So it’s like hearing the science behind this is really fascinating and really helps break it down.

especially for loved ones that are like. how do I help my loved one through know? I guess that would be the number one question, dr.

Rob Kelly: First thing I tell anybody is dialogue about alcoholism

Pamela Bardhi: Rob is know if somebody is listening who has somebody struggling. or is struggling themselves with drug or alcohol addiction. 

what would you recommend? What are some of the first steps to kind of help them understand and.

Dr. Robb Kelly: Remember that alcoholism is still, swept under the carpet? No one likes to admit it. You don’t want to admit that your cousin or brother or father is an alcoholic. So it’s all washed under the carpet. 

We are gradually bringing it out. first thing I tell anybody is dialogue. Start that conversation with that person. Alcoholics will never think they’re drinking too much.

 I didn’t think anything that was go wrong until over a year on the streets. So the honest conversation. and I say this with parents and children as well, have that conversation. 

If there’s alcoholism in the family, start teaching your kids at the age of nine, eight, nine, and ten. about the disease in the family.

and then get seek proper help. There are many treatment centers out there that we absolutely adore.

 Psychologists, psychiatrists, 20%, 80% are in this for their money. They’re not going to help you. 

They’re just going to stick you in a treatment center for $30,000. And when you relapse, because you will, because nothing’s changed. they’ll welcome you back in for another 30,000. 

That’s not the way we work. 

So there’s a lot of charlatans out there. I would say 80% of people don’t know what the hell they’re doing. but they pretend they do. There’s no cure for alcoholism. There’s no cure for the common cold. 

There are certain ways around it to make sure I don’t get the common cold. Same with alcoholism, but people don’t want to do that.

 So what I always offer people is, call us.Rob Kelly group, call us a 1015 minutes conversation to give you some clear advice. 

Not going to cost you anything. It’s my people talking to your people. It’s my family helping your family. Now, if you want treatment, that’s a different thing. 

First of all, you can’t buy our services. You have to earn them. I need an assessment to make sure you’re ready. 

so I can guarantee mom and dad, husband or wife that you’re going to fully recover. and go on to change the world and do something amazing.

 Unless I can guarantee that, I’m not taking you on. Everyone thinks, that’s not a good business model, Rob. How do you do that? We turn down more people than we take on. 

Know what? We’re still a multimillion dollar company, because God rewards that stuff. You can’t come in. I’ve turned Britney Spears down 14 years ago, for a million dollars. because she wasn’t ready. 

Next day, she’s shaving her head in the papers. It’s like, you can’t buy any guys. You really can’t. I’ve seen enough miracles. 

and I’ve seen enough devastation. You can’t throw a checkbook at me. That’s not the way we work. 

We’ll give you advice

So start dialogue. Call us for that 15 minutes chat. We’ll give you all the advice and direction you can.

 Only thing we won’t do, guys, is we won’t refer. or come up with a, therapist or treatment. Said we don’t do that. 

We’ll give you advice as parents, as husbands or wives. we can give you advice about that.

 And it’s real simple once you get down to it. If your son or daughter or partner is a real alcoholic. and the way to say two things when you take the first drink.

Can you stop for six months or a year? My answer is no. And is there any alcoholism in the family? Trace back three generations. 

But be careful. By the time you get to granddad, it’ll be granddad. Like to drink alcoholic. 

Okay, and then what? Alcoholism is the only self diagnosed illness in the world. Ten DWIs do not make you an alcoholic.

 A warning from a doctor something happens her. e and then here when I drink, that doesn’t happen to the normal person.

Pamela Bardhi: Wow. Oh, my God.

Dr. Rob Anderson gives 15 minute pep talk to aspiring entrepreneurs

Pamela Bardhi: Well, it’s absolutely fascinating that you said you can kind of see these scenarios from day one. You have to be ready for the miracle right. And some people just aren’t.

Dr. Robb Kelly: So I want to say something real quick, guys. If you’re at home and you’re listening to this or watching it. 

and you’re in that place I’ve just described where you don’t think you’re going to amount to anything. you’re never going to think you’re going to be anybody and your life is hopeless. 

First of all, I want to apologize to you. Somebody’s put that there. Babies are born with million dollar minds.

 Stop hanging around tencent minds. And babies are only born with two fears the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. 

Everything else is man made

Everything else is man made. How many times have I told you, Robert, you can’t go to college like your brother. You’re too stupid. 

That stays with us. So if you’re that guy and I’m a crazy busy guy right now. but if you’re that guy I want you to call me on my personal cell phone number. 214-60-0210. 

I not staff. That’s my personal phone number. It’s not the office or my assistant. I want to give you a 15 minutes pep talk that will change your life. 

And you know if it doesn’t I’m going to send you $100 for wasting your time.

Pamela Bardhi: That’s incredible. Dr. Rob.

Wherever you want to be, you can be.

Pamela Bardhi: Did, you guys hear that? He literally just gave his cell phone number over to you. My goodness. Please take that. This is somebody you are somebody with such heart and integrity. 

and it’s just amazing the miracles that you’re creating out there in the world. You had mentioned 8000 patients worldwide. That’s incredible. Dr.

Dr. Robb Kelly: Rob, it’s the only way to go. If you ask somebody to do what I say not as I do you don’t come over as genuine.

 If you want why I have you got to do what I did. That’s the bottom line. And if you do I can guarantee you an amazing, successful. 

and whatever success looks like for you finances, great wife, best dad of the world. Get your kids back, find that job.

 buy that ten year old car, it makes no difference. Wherever you want to be, you can be, And quantum physics backed me up on this. 

We had a business

That you can really be. people used to always say to me years ago pamela, well I can’t be President of the United States. 

Guys, forget your political views for a second. We had a freaking business in running a country with no political experience whatsoever. 

We had a business. Don’t ever tell me you can’t do what you want to do. Dreams become reality. It’s all about this.

 If you can visualize something, you can hold it in your hand. So imagine a basketball court quads and physics says nothing’s real solid. 

It comes true once you visualize it and walk over and take it. 

So on that basketball court I can be twelve places at the same time. So I imagine myself twelve spaces in the basketball team. 

Where do I want to be today? Well, I want to be near the goal. when I get the ball.

 I’ve never played basketball. I get the ball, I’m going to put it in the net. I’m going to be in hero of the game.

 Okay, how are you going to get there? I’m going to walk over and take that position. 

I’m not going to beg for it, I’m not going to crawl for it. I’m going to walk over and take that position. because I’ve visualized it. 

and it comes true once you visualize it and walk over and take it. Guys, we don’t have time, by the way.

Pamela Bardhi: I’ll do.

Dr. Robb Kelly: it tomorrow. Is it? No, we don’t have time. Parents, how many times have you taken your child to kindergarten.

 and then, oh, my God, I was taking him to kindergarten one day. The next thing I know, I’m taking him to college. 

We don’t have time. Date that girl. Date that guy. Buy that house. Buy that car. Take that chance now. 

Because if you don’t, you will not live a full life. And most people live between 40 and 55% of their capability. because they don’t think they’re good enough. 

Get the oxygen in

And as well listen. if you want to add five years to your life. and you want to make sure that your body is performing 100% oxygen.

 the presence of oxygen is the absence of disease. We only breathe in 25% of our lung capacity. Do you know why you feel so good going to the gym? It’s not the exercises. Okay, oxygen in. 

So I do 25 every morning. Get the oxygen in, get it around, clear the brain, ignite the central nervous system. ignite everything in your brain, and start living that ah, dream instead of dreaming of living.

Pamela Bardhi: I absolutely love that. I absolutely love that.

What would you tell your younger self based on what you know now

Pamela Bardhi: Dr. Rob, you are incredible. Seriously, you really are on so many levels.and the work that you do is tremendous. 

And this is my favorite question, and I’m so excited to hear what you say on this one.

 Business, personal, whatever comes to your soul. What would your older self tell your younger self based on what you know now? What would be the one thing nobody really cares.

Dr. Robb Kelly: And what I mean by that is, I used to do my hair and make sure my match is clothes. nobody gives a shit. Nobody cares. They’ve all got their own problems. 

So take risks. I would say stop worrying. 

Take risks. You’re going to be amazing. 

You get, that I’m going to love that inner child. You’re going to be amazing. I guarantee you that.

 And that takes a new prosperity on life. that’s what we should be telling our young kids today.

 You can achieve anything. You can be anybody. You’re going to be amazing. Stop putting our kids on Adderall at five, six years old.

 and making them zombies the rest of their life. Life is for living. Dads, start being dads. Moms, start being moms. 

Your kids are not your best friends. They’re your children set the boundaries. they’ll grow up right and make you proud. 

And one day, when you have to go to an old people’s home. they might even let you stay at their house.

The old English tea shop.

Pamela Bardhi: I love it. Dr. Rob, thank you so much for sharing that. Oh, my goodness. It’s so incredibly inspiring.

 Oh, man. I’m, mind blown by you, truly. And I’m really grateful for hearing your story. everything that you’ve been through and the incredible work. 

and how you’re changing the world literally on an everyday basis. helping people all around the world. So I thank you for that. 

On behalf of humanity, thank you. Thank you, Dr. Robb. When I’m excited to hear in your world what’s happening in the next few months. what’s going on, so I’m meeting.

Dr. Robb Kelly: Some of the best influencers in the world. In November. There’ll be big names. You’ll know them all. They’re all household names. 

And me on six yachts. We’re going to swap the yachts and speak to these people and really inspire them. I got a huge podcast coming out with, Eric Ware

. He’s got about 8 billion followers. I don’t know how many he’s got. He’s got loads. 

So we’re changing that. And then look out, San Antonio. We’re going to be open in the next six weeks. 

The one and only English tea shop. Stroke Cafe, the only place you’re going to get English food. served by English people in the same place. 

So look out for it. It’s called the old English tea shop. S-H-O-P-P-E. If you mention if you come in and go, hey, I saw you on Pamela.

 you can eat anything you want, I won’t charge you. How’s that?

We’ll take care of you.

Pamela Bardhi: That’s beautiful, dr. Rob. Oh, my God, I love that. That sounds, absolutely amazing.

 An English tea shop. Oh, my goodness. Next time I’m in Texas, I’m going to have to come by and come see.

Dr. Robb Kelly: We’ll take care of you. Believe it. We’ll change your life in a day. How’s that?

Pamela Bardhi: That sounds absolutely incredible. With some tea on the side.

Dr. Robb Kelly: Some tea on the side with the little finger up like this.

Pamela Bardhi: I’ll make sure to put a pinky ring that can take a picture together.

Dr. Robb Kelly: Excellent. Sounds good.

Pamela Bardhi: Oh, Dr. Rob, seriously, you are tremendous. I’m in such gratitude and awe of you. And just thank you so, so much for being here today.

 for sharing your story, for blessing the world and being who you are now. You’ve got to let everyone know where to find you and your awesomeness, my friend.

Dr. Rob Kelly launches Facebook page to help grow the world

Dr. Robb Kelly: Well, in case you’re just listening, not watching, I spell my name with two B’s. Robbkelly.com is the website.

 Jump on any search engine, just put Dr. Rob Kelly. Don’t forget the two B’s.

 And are there pages? pages will come up. Say hi, send us a message. Just keep us involved, and we’ll keep you involved. And just let’s grow and change the world as a group. 

Let’s do it together. It’s going to be freaking awesome, guys. So I look forward to it. I’m limited at 5000 friends but unlimited on followers.

 But for this show, because I knew you’d ask the question. 

I ticked off 30 old friends that I never really see anymore. So I have 30 spaces on my Facebook. 

Maybe you join now and friendly or whenever this comes out. I’m going to take yours. And off we’re going to go. You’re going to be one of my friends and we’ll go forward.

Pamela Bardhi: I, love it. Dr. Rob, thank you so much again for being here. I’ll make sure that I add myself into one of those slots of 30 to add you. Thank you so much.

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