Dominique Bertoncini

Have you ever been so captivated by a story that it feels like a trance? That’s the power of hypnosis, and it’s exactly what you’ll experience in the latest episode of the Underdog podcast featuring Dominique Bertoncini.

Dominique Bertoncini, known as Dom The Hypnotist, has an impressive professional background, having collaborated with 17 NFL athletes, 15 UFC fighters, and two Olympians, including a gold medalist. His journey from a young boy in Madeira, California, with dreams of basketball stardom, to the realization that his destiny lay in hypnosis is a captivating narrative. Dom shares the twists and turns of his life, from his early aspirations as a professional athlete to his unexpected entry into the world of hypnosis. 

The episode explores his initial skepticism about hypnosis, debunking myths and revealing transformative experiences for himself and for high-profile clients in sports. Beyond the glamour, Dom’s story is relatable as it delves into the universal search for purpose, the determination to find one’s place in the world, and the courage to embrace the unknown. 

Here are the key takeaways:

  • Hypnosis and Personal Aspirations: Dom’s childhood dream didn’t involve athletics. Later in life, he tried hypnotism with his mother’s encouragement after facing challenges.
  • Influences on Work Ethic and Success: Dom discusses the impact of mothers on work ethic and success, sharing anecdotes about his mother starting a business and instilling discipline.
  • Unique Work Dynamics at Google: Dom recounts a unique workplace experience at Google, where he was among the few white employees, detailing an unusual atmosphere and a confrontation leading to job loss.
  • Transformative Hypnosis Course Experience: Undergoing a transformative hypnosis course, Dom shifts from skepticism to passion and personal transformation which eventually helped him quit his previous jobs.
  • Hypnosis in UFC Training: Dom highlights the impact of hypnosis in UFC training, wherein he helped Khalil Rountree’s mental breakthrough before the match and won. 
  • Hypnosis Misconceptions and its Potential for Good or Bad: Discussing the dual nature of hypnosis, Dom explains its potential for both good and bad, particularly emphasizing the ease of hypnotizing strong-minded individuals.
  • Upcoming Events and Free Live Hypnosis Sessions: Dom invites engagement by offering free live hypnosis sessions, recommends attending upcoming events, and encourages listeners to experience the power of hypnosis firsthand.

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Dominique “The Hypnotist” Bertoncini’s Transformational Journey of Finding Your Purpose and Aligning Your Life for Success

Dominique Bertoncini: Hi, I’m Kevin Harrington, an original shark from the hit television show Shark Tank, and you’re listening to the underdog podcast.

Pamela Bardhi: All we know is over time barking like the Monday all we know is over time barking like the underdog underdog. Underdog. Underdog. Underdog. Underdog. Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Underdog podcast. Today I have an incredible guest here with me, dom the hypnotist. Dom, I don’t know if you’ve hypnotized me yet before getting on this call or what.

Dominique Bertoncini: How do you know you haven’t been hypnotized the whole.

Pamela Bardhi: Exactly. Exactly. Oh, my goodness. I’m so excited to meet you, my friend. As I was mentioning before this call, I was like, man, I can’t wait to hear, like, how you got into this world. I have a feeling we’re going to break through some myth busting of being hypnotized and things like that, because just society thinks you’re in this weird room with this round little black and white circle, and it’s dom’s world, right? I’m excited to hear where it all kind of comes from. So thank you so much for being here, my friend.

Dominique Bertoncini: Yeah, I’m excited to be here. Yeah, no, before I got into hypnosis, I had all the same kind of like, oh, is it real? Is it fake? What is it? And most of the time, when you think about hypnotists, it’s like, oh, it’s probably some old white guy with, like, gray hair and a mustache with glasses, and he’s going to exactly what you said, stare into my circle. You’re going to be hypnotized, and it’s not that.

Pamela Bardhi: I absolutely love it. I mean, it’s totally not. I’ve met people in this realm, and it’s as opposite as you could get, but it’s super cool. So I can’t wait for everybody to kind of learn about all of that and what it is that you do.

As a kid, what did you want to be growing up

But before we get into all that, I’m going to reverse it back quite a bit because we got to take it from the beginning. So I’m curious, dom, as a kid, what did you want to be growing up?

Dominique Bertoncini: What was your know, I think as a kid, a lot of athletic kids, we think, oh, we’re going to be a basketball or baseball or this or that. And then as you grow up, you quickly realize, like, oh, wow, I don’t even have the attributes, the physical attributes to do a lot of that stuff. I mean, I’m a big guy. I’m six foot, 3240 pounds, but that’s not a basketball player, you know what I mean? So I didn’t really have any aspirations or other than that, I wasn’t thinking, like, I want to be a doctor or firefighter.

I just was like, I knew I always wanted to make money. I mean, from the time I was a little kid, I was the kid, like always scrounging for change and dollars at, ah, my dad’s house, just flipping up the couches. I would go around our neighborhood, and my uncle had a card business where he sold cards at the time, and he had a ton of cards in our garage. So I would take my little brother and we’d go around the neighborhood and try to sell cards to people, I had the lemonade stand, like the typical entrepreneur. A lot of entrepreneurs kind of have that story of selling stuff when they’re a kid, so I was always like that, even as a kid.

Pamela Bardhi: I love that. I love it. Did you have a lemonade stand, too? This is, like, an entrepreneur story.

Dominique Bertoncini: My dad’s house, right on the. He had a. He had, like, a corner. He still lives there. He has a corner lot. And we would just put up, like, I don’t even think we had a sign. I think we’re just out there with a table and, like, some lemon. The lemonade probably tasted like trash, you know what I mean? But we were trying, giving it our best.

Pamela Bardhi: Well, I mean, that’s prime real estate. Corner lots are the best for that.

Dominique Bertoncini: Type of traffic right there. Well, he lives in the hood, so, in his neighborhood, you got the elote man, which is like a little mexican dude that rolls around with, like, a corn, and then he puts, like, mayonnaise and cheese on the corn, and they sell those. Then they have a little ice cream man, the ice cream man rolls around with the little mexican ice creams that are like, coconut and mango. Really good stuff. So we had some fierce competition, is what I’m saying.

Pamela Bardhi: I think it’s complimentary because they could get the drinks from you and then go get the corn, and then they have.

Dominique Bertoncini: Yeah, that’s true.

Pamela Bardhi: Three course meal right there.

Dominique Bertoncini: That’s true.

Pamela Bardhi: Oh, my goodness. Where did you grow up?

Dominique Bertoncini: So I was born in Madeira, California, and so my parents had me when they’re in high school. My mom was 15, my dad was 17, and my mom’s side of the family, her mom, my grandma had my mom when she was 16, and then my great grandmother had my grandma when she was a teenager as well. The joke I always tell people is for those of you who don’t know, I’m half Mexican and that’s proof there. Three generations of teen moms growing up.

My parents, they didn’t stay together and when my mom was 18 she joined the military and so right around, I think it was like three, four years old, I ended up moving to Maryland with my mother and her new husband now. And then we moved to, after living there for a few years, we moved to Hawaii and we lived there for a few years, then we moved to Washington, then we lived there for years and then we finally came back to California. I kind of grew up all over the place. But my main roots was, it’s. Right, it’s a southernmost city in the Bay area, considered the Bay area in California. So that’s where I grew up, and then since then, now I’m in Vegas and I’ve been here for about seven years.

Pamela Bardhi: So that’s amazing. Las Vegas. Oh my goodness. In California too.

Who was your biggest source of inspiration growing up

I love that you’ve kind of been like all over the place.

Dominique Bertoncini: So you’ve experienced the east coast.

Pamela Bardhi: I’m in Boston, Massachusetts. I always cry over the weather. This is what we do on the east coast. We cry over weather all the, that’s super, super cool. And so Dom, like, who was your biggest source of inspiration? Like growing like who or what, I guess you could say or it could be multiple people, multiple things.

Dominique Bertoncini: Well at the know you don’t realize it, but definitely my mom had a huge role in who I became as an adult because when she had me and she’s a kid, she had to figure out, okay, how do I provide for him? And then later on my brothers and Sisters. So from the time I can remember, my mom was just like a hard, hard worker. Again, she joined the military, she was there for a few years and then she got out and she started doing other things and then eventually she went on to start her own state farm insurance agency like a little bit later in life. I think it was maybe twelve or so.

Not only did she work all these jobs and provide for us and everything, she also got her bachelor’s and her master’s degree all throughout those years as well while having kids. Just seeing that it just instilled such a work ethic and discipline in myself to be able to go out and make stuff happen and definitely the work ethic has paid off, dividends. So yeah, I would definitely say my mom was a huge.

Again, when you’re a kid, you don’t realize it. You’re just seeing it and you’re taking it in subconsciously and you’re kind of learning things. But looking back as an adult, that was a huge thing, because again, she had me. When she was 15, she could have very easily went in the opposite direction of staying at home and just living off the system and just being lazy, because that does happen to a lot of people. But she decided to make a better life for us, thankfully.

Pamela Bardhi: That’s amazing. Oh, my goodness. I love that. Dom. I love that. Ah, the tenacity is next level. I mean, at 15, to have that kind of mindset is absolutely incredible. And to go on and go get her bachelor’s or master’s work in the military, then open her own business, that speaks volumes. Yeah.

Dominique Bertoncini: Now she owns two state farms going on her third one, and not many people even own two, let alone going on the third. So she does well for herself.

Pamela Bardhi: Oh, my God. Go, mom. I love that. I love that. Oh, my gosh.

So then when you guys went back to California, after you moved,

So then when you guys went back to California, after you moved through the different places, and when you got back to Cali, what age were you at that point?

Dominique Bertoncini: Twelve. Okay, 1213. It was 7th grade. Whatever age we are in. 7th grade, I think 13, 12, 13.

Pamela Bardhi: Got you. So, walk me through those years, and kind of where did dom go throughout those years when you came back?

Dominique Bertoncini: Remember I was saying, like when I was a kid, I wanted to play basketball and all this stuff, and when I was younger, I was really good at sports. And then, looking back again, I didn’t realize this was happening at the time, but every single time that we moved, it affected my confidence, because now I was like the new kid coming in, and I didn’t really have that momentum. So every time we moved, I just kind of got a little bit. I just lost a little bit of that little bit of, Again, the confidence in sports. Right.

So when I moved to California, that was the first time, like, wasn’t a starter on the basketball team and all that kind of stuff, and it was just kind of a weird thing. But the kids were just better than me. Right. And again, it was that anxiety of like, oh it’s a new school. I have to meet people. You don’t want to stand out too much because at the same time, you might get picked on all that kind of weird stuff. Again, not knowing this as a kid, this is just me as a 35 year old man reflecting back on my life, kind of what happened there.

Then I started skateboarding. Skateboarding was like one of my loves for probably four or five years, I would do that every day. Skateboard basketball, skateboard basketball, those are my two favorite things. And then when I was in 10th grade, I was on the basketball team, and I was just a fucking asshole to my teachers. Not all of them, but a few of them for sure. One day I made this teacher just cry because I just wouldn’t shut the hell up just in the back of the class, just being a fool, being a class clown or whatever, and so that led to me getting kicked off the basketball team. So once I got kicked off the basketball team, I just kind of took a little bit of a different turn.

And so after that, I started selling weed. I think I was like 15 or 16 years old, and that was kind of my. After the lemonade stand and all that, that was my next entrepreneurial journey. This is back when weed was illegal, or really illegal, at least back then. So nowadays it’s like, yeah, whatever. But back then it was like a huge risk, so I was looked at as like the bad kid, right? I was supplying everybody, all my basketball friends and all the athletes and stuff with weed and that kind of stuff, and then there was a series of events that happened with all that kind of stuff.

And then basically right around 18 and a half, 19 years old, I kind of decided like, dude, this is just too much. I don’t want to be because there’s a lot of shady stuff that goes on, at least back then, with that kind of being in the drug, quote unquote, world. I just was like, you know what? I got to do something that’s going to. I don’t want to be stressing about all the time, worried am going to get caught, what’s going to happen? So then I started selling life insurance, and that was my next sort of entrepreneurial journey. but more legit, right?

Pamela Bardhi: Lead to life insurance.

Dominique Bertoncini: Yeah. Well, here’s what actually happened. You want to know what happened?

Pamela Bardhi: I do.

Dominique Bertoncini: I was a fucking asshole back in the day. Maybe we’ll get into the other story. But I know we have limited time, so I’ll just tell you the story of how I actually started selling life insurance. So my buddy and I, we grew some weed at his house, and then we sold it, whatever. And that was kind of when I was like, okay, I’m done with this. I just want to get in, like do something legit so I could build my life, and so I actually got a job at Google through a temp agency. This is back in 2006, 2007 or something like that, and at the time we were doing Google maps.

So what we would do is they would take a satellite picture of a zip code or whatever, and then there was just a room full of people just going through and making the outlines of the streets and stuff like that. And then there was another division, like double check, and then there’s another one, so we were doing Google maps back then. I think we’re doing Mexico, if I remember. Now, here’s the funny thing about Google at this job. You would think it was like a bunch of nerds and a bunch of people that are just like skinny little dorks or whatever, but it wasn’t.

It was a bunch of hood people up in this. Up in, like, we had bloods, we had crips. You know what I mean? Like, just people that were in gangs. Not everybody, but there was like, a good amount of people that were in all these. You had, like, the Tongans of Simone, all this stuff. It was almost like a mini kind of prison kind of thing, if that makes sense.

Pamela Bardhi: I’ve just been visioning, like, you walking in, and it’s like, you got bloods, you got crypts, you got this, you got that, and you’re just like, am I at Google?

Dominique Bertoncini: Well, because Google is in Palo Alto, and right across the bridge there’s East Palo Alto, and then you have all that area right there. There’s a lot of bad neighborhoods, right? And you’re working through a temp agency, getting paid $12 an hour, so you’re not like getting college graduates, right? You’re getting people that are just like, just barely trying to get a job. Whatever. So I was like, one of the only white dudes, and back then I had hair. I didn’t have a beard, so I was just, like a pretty boy, right? I was like 190 pounds, way smaller than I am. And now.

I’m telling you this because it has relevance to the story that I’m going to tell you how I got into doing Google. So one day I’m sitting next to my. I made friends with this giant tongan guy. Tongan is like, basically samoan, right? But it’s a different island in that area. And he was a blood, so that’s what his thing was and whatever. Well, then there was this guy, so it was me. I’m sitting here, he’s sitting here. Then there was this other guy who was an Asian guy, I think it was cambodian.

How did you go from Google to selling insurance

And he was in, like, an asian gang. He was like, always wearing blue. But I don’t think they had a conflict with. I don’t know, it was weird. It was just weird. I don’t know how to explain it. So, anyways, one day we’re kind of like busting balls, meaning we’re just joking back and forth, me and my tongue and buddy, and I’m making fun of him, he’s making fun of me. We’re doing our Google maps or whatever, and I notice every time my tongue and buddy would make a joke at me that this guy over here, who I have no idea who he is, he would start finally, but then when I would make a joke, which were funny, he wouldn’t laugh.

So I kind of leaned over. I’m not going to repeat what I said because it’s completely unnecessary, but I said something that really hit home for him, and he just got up in my face. It was like, what? You don’t know me. Blah, blah, blah, this and that, blah, blah, blah, ah. Just flaring up on me, right? And he basically was calling me out. Now, again, you got to remember this is kind of like a little. Again, it’s not prison, but it’s like that kind of mentality. I’m thinking if I let this dude punk me right now, everybody stopped their work because he just got up and started yelling in my face. I’m like, oh, shit, if I let this dude punk me right now, everybody’s going to think I’m a you know what.

So basically, I stood up. I was like, all right, let’s go outside then. And then he kind of paused. I don’t think he was. Wait. Because again, I was like one of the only white dudes in there, and I was a pretty boy. He was expecting, like he was just going to punk me and I was just going to back down. At the end of class, I waited outside for him and it was a whole scene. Everybody came, so the next day, long story short, I got fired, right? Now, here’s how I got in insurance. Two days before that, I got a call from like a random number, and they’re like, hey, do you want to do this job interview for this company? Da da da. It was on Friday at 10:00 and I was like, yeah, okay, sure.

I didn’t start work till twelve at Google, so I was like, okay, yeah, whatever. And I hung up the phone, I wasn’t even going to go. I was like, I might as well just book it just in case. I don’t know, whatever. Maybe I’ll check it out. Well, I got fired on a Thursday. So Friday morning, I was like, all right, I got no choice. I got to go to this job interview. I went to the job interview. The guy sold me on it, and then I started selling insurance a few months later after I took my test and all that. So, that’s how I got into selling insurance.

Pamela Bardhi: That’s hilarious. I thought you were going to say you hypnotized everybody and all this.

Dominique Bertoncini: I didn’t know anything about hypnosis back then. I was just always getting in fights and just being an asshole. Now I’m completely different. You’d have to really do something to take me to that point of being upset with people. So I’m more Zen, you know what I mean?

Pamela Bardhi: How did we get from life insurance to the Zen?

From 18 to 30, Rob sold life insurance. My journey was probably having success and losing it

I want to hear the stories.

Dominique Bertoncini: Yeah. So from 18 to 30, for the most part, I sold life insurance. There was a couple of things. I tried to start a solar company. It failed. I tried to do a couple of other things. Didn’t work out. My journey was probably, like most people just, like, having success and then kind of losing it. Having success and losing it or just getting complacent sometimes. And I worked really hard, I was a very hard worker, way harder than I do now. If my younger self would look at me now and be like, dude, you are lazy, bro. But that was my journey.

Well, in the first five years, I was really excited about it because I was like 2021, making like 110, 120 grand, which was back then 15 years ago or whatever. That was kind of like a lot of money, right? That’s like making a quarter of a million now as a 21 or 20 year old. So I was like, yeah, I’m doing it. But then I kind of lost my steam, and then I took some time off. I tried to do these other ventures, didn’t work out, so I’m like, okay, usually when we’re in fear, we just go back to what we know. I went back to selling insurance, and the last two years that I was selling insurance, I freaking hated my life. I was just doing it to make money, you know what I mean?

That was all I knew from 18 to that time. And so what would happen is I would drive around every day and I would just think to myself, like, man, am I really going to be doing this for the next 2030 years? This can’t be it. You know what I mean? There’s got to be something else out there. There’s got to be another way, and I always knew, I don’t know why. Maybe it was my ego or something, but I always knew I’m meant to be somebody. Like, I’m meant to be somebody important. That’s how I felt, right? Like, I’m meant to be somebody that people come to for advice or that teaches and leads people. So I always knew I was meant to do something more. I just didn’t know what it was.

So, one day my mom calls me, and she’s like, oh son. I went to this course, and they teach you NLP and hypnosis, and oh my God, it was so amazing. It helped me so much. I feel so great. Like, you got to do it. I was like, yeah okay, cool. How much is the course? And she’s like, oh it’s $3,500, right? So I was like, okay, yeah, sure, yeah, I’ll think about it. I’ll let you know or whatever, right. I didn’t tell my mom this at the time because it was embarrassing, but the month prior, I got myself in a bunch of debt and all this stuff, trying these other business ventures that didn’t work out. A month prior, I had to call up the bank.

I’m like, hey, I can’t make my $600 a month car payment. Come get the car, because I had too much. My ego wouldn’t let the bank come and repossess it. I didn’t want them to show up at my apartment with a tow truck. That’s so embarrassing. So I had to call them. I’m like, hey, just come get it. I’ll just give it to you guys. I let all my credit cards go because m, it was like 40 something thousand. And I just said, okay, I just got to let all this shit go and kind of restart and build myself back up, so my point of all that is I didn’t have $3,500. You know what I mean? I had a couple of hundred or whatever at the time.

Then fast forward Christmas of 2018. My mom, her Christmas gift that she got me was not the same course, but it was an introduction course. So it was like a two and a half day hypnosis certification, right? I was like, oh, this is cool. I’ll go to this course, and maybe I’ll learn, like a cool party. Like, grab somebody’s hand and go sleep, right? Or the other thing was, I was like, okay, maybe I could. Because I heard about Rob dirtek getting hypnotized for success when he was younger, so I was like, oh, maybe I could get hypnotized for success, and I’ll actually be able to level up in my business, in my insurance business or whatever.

I go to this course, and I have zero desire to become a hypnotist. Like, when I say zero, I literally mean zero. It was the furthest thing from my mind but when I went to that course, I think I said in the beginning, my idea of a hypnotist was some old, scrawny white guy that wears a collar shirt and glasses, and he’s like, oh, you’re getting sleepy, right? So I’m like, those are just dorks. Like, I don’t want anything to do with that. But anyways, I went to this course. No offense to the dorks out there. Hey, it is what it is. But, I went to this course, and in those two and a half days, I just completely transformed as a person. Like, when I got out, I walked different, I talked different, I looked different, I felt different.

Everything about me was different. I just felt excited and this sense of passion, finally, I hadn’t had of that in a long time. And so when I got out of that course, I said, you know what? This is it. This is the thing. When I’d be driving around thinking, there’s got to be something else. There’s got to be another way. I’m like, this is the thing I’ve been looking for, and I’m like, this is what I was put on this earth to do. If I can help people feel like I feel right now in two and a half days, and I could get paid to do it, sign me up. So initially, now, that’s cool, right? I’m all excited and gung ho, but I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. I went to a two and a half day course. I don’t really know.

I quit selling insurance to focus on doing hypnosis full time

Number one, I did know hypnosis a little bit, but not enough to be confident enough to go out and do it with strangers, right? I did it with people in the course, but they paid to be there, and I didn’t know how to actually monetize it and make it, like, sustainable income for myself. So I made an initial goal. I said, hey, six months or sooner from today, I want to transition over full time from selling insurance to doing hypnosis now. I was so fed up with insurance at the time that I literally was like, dude, I don’t even care if I make the same money. I would just be happy if I could pay my bills. Because when I let all my cars and all that stuff go, like, my bills dropped down, right?

But I was like, okay, if I could just pay my bills, I’m cool with that. So over the next two weeks, I went out, and I just started posting on my instagram. Hey, who wants to get hypnotized for free? Who wants to get hypnotized for free? Who wants to get hypnotized for free? Right? And within those first two weeks, I hypnotized over 100 people. Two weeks to the day I woke up, I had ten appointments to go sell insurance, and when I looked at my schedule and my calendar, I was just like, dude I can’t do this another fucking day. I’m done. I messaged my assistant, who’s still with me till this day, and I said, hey, call everybody on the schedule. I said, tell them I’m not coming in today, and I said, that’s it.

I just made a declaration. I’m never selling another insurance policy ever again in my life, and I quit. And then my first two clients, I called up my little brother. I was like, yo, I’m not selling insurance anymore. I’m going to do hypnosis full time. I need your help. I’m going to hook you up with a deal. I’m going to give you two sessions for $200. My little brother, he’s probably, like 2021 at the time. He don’t got money like that, and he’s like, oh. man, I don’t really have any money. I’m like, bro come on, fucking help me out, dude, I need your help. He’s like, He’s like, all right. So I got them to do it right. I kind of just big brothered them into it.

And then I call my little sister. I’m like, hey, I gave her the same pitch. She’s like, okay, she was more like, okay, cool. My first two clients, my little brother and sister, I made $400 my first day doing hypnosis, and I worked with them. Then I hit a series of just lucky thing. Like, one thing after another, just bam, bam, bam. So a few weeks later, my buddy, so I do jiu jitsu, and I live in Vegas. Vegas is the fight capital of the world, so you get a lot of UFC fighters. A lot of MMA guys are. My budy, my buddy calls me, he’s like, hey, man, do you want to go to the UFC performance institute to have lunch, with one of our training partners, julian. He’s in the UFC. I was like, hell, yeah, dude. I’ve never been there before.

So I’m like, I’m stoked. I’m like, dude, I get to go to the performance institute. Hell, yeah. We go there, and we’re having lunch with my budy, and I don’t really know him that well. I just trained with him or whatever. He’s like, hey, man, so what’s the whole thing with this hypnosis stuff I see you post about? He’s asking me, what is it? How does it work? And I said, rather than me telling you, why don’t I just show you? We go upstairs in this private room at the performance institute. I hypnotize them, do my thing, whatever. Well, as we’re leaving, we’re walking down the stairs, and we end up crossing paths with one of his former training partners.

They start chitchatting back and forth, like, oh, what are you guys doing? Blah, blah. And my budy’s like, oh, man, I just got hypnotized by my boy. Like, you should do it. I feel fucking great right now. Blah, blah, whatever, so I exchanged, numbers with this guy, and it just so happened he had a fight coming up the very next week on the biggest pay per view card of the year. So for the UFC fans, it was when Israel adesanya fought Kelvin gasolum, so the guy who I’m talking about, his name is Khalil Roundtree. We exchange numbers and we do some sessions leading up to the fight, and what was going on with him is, and he had lost his last two fights, and the last fight that he lost, he got brutally knocked out.

Like, he got elbowed and just felt just completely unconscious. And when a fighter goes through that, it really messes with them psychologically, right? Because now they’re afraid they’re going to get knocked out. He was going into his fight, like, dude, he thought he was going to lose. He was just like, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to perform. So, anyways, we did a handful of sessions next week, rolls around, andbI’m sitting there with a bunch of my buddies and stuff, my training partners, and nobody else knows except me that I work with this guy. He comes out, and again, it’s pay per view is like the third fight on the card.

He starts walking out, and I’m like, I’m so nervous. I’ve never been more nervous in my life. Literally, even fights that I’ve been in, I haven’t even been that nervous because I’m sitting there and I’m watching. I’m like, oh, my God. This is a defining moment. If this guy gets knocked out right now, that’s it. I’ll probably never be able to work with a professional fighter again because they’re going to go, well, fuck. That shit didn’t work, right, right. So he goes out, and he ends up putting on his best performance in his career. Like, even still to this day, he’s had knockouts and stuff.

Khalil Khalil got hypnotized before his first UFC fight

But, like, skill for skill performance, his best performance ever. What was interesting was, as he was fighting Joe Rogan and Daniel Cormier, the announcers literally said this word for word. Oh, my God. This is the best Khalil roundtree we’ve ever seen. It’s like he got over a mental block. So I’m sitting here watching this. I’m like, oh, shit. I helped him with that mental block. You know what this is? This is surreal to me, because you got to remember, six weeks before that, I was selling insurance, hating my life. Now I’m working with professional fighters at the highest level, helping them perform.

So, anyways, he destroys the other guy. Like, he just beat the crap out of him. And he ended up winning a $50,000 bonus. Cool. Well, then two weeks later, he did so good in that fight that Joe Rogan had him on his podcast, and Rogan asked him, he’s like, yo, what did you do to prepare for this fight because you were a different human being? He’s like, yeah, I got hypnotized in Vegas by this guy named Dom, and so they talked about, he’s like, yeah, man, I just thought I was going to lose. I was super anxious, and we did our sessions, and everything I visualized came true in the fight.

Here’s the best part of the whole story, is the guy that he beat up was listening to the podcast, and he heard him talk about how he got hypnotized. So then he ended up getting a hold of me through some mutual friends. Matter of fact, my first buddy, the guy I told you about, we went to the performance institute. We jump on a call, and he’s like, yo, man, he goes, whatever you did to him, I need you to do it to me. He goes, I’m on a three fight losing streak. That was my worst performance in my entire career. He goes, if I lose one more fight, that’s it. Like, the UFC is going to cut me, so I said, okay, cool.

So I work with him leading up to his next fight. He goes out, knocks out his opponent in a minute, and 19 seconds in the first round he wins a $50,000 bonus, and he secures his job in the UFC. And then after that, having those kind of back to back things happen. My credibility just shot through the roof. I started working with more UFC fighters, NFL athletes, Olympic athletes, and now the reason I share that is because that all happened literally, like, six to eight weeks after I got of the hypnosis course. My entire life just went shoot to this whole different thing. It was so crazy, and I’m not here to brag, because none of that really matters. That happened years ago.

I say that because it’s to inspire people, to give them a little bit of hope that, like, dude, I could just be one decision away from my entire reality changing from me just completely leveling up. And then now you and I were talking about before. Now, I have a team of hypnotherapists that work for me. We’re doing a live event coming up. We’re doing live events where we have hundreds of people come out. I hypnotize them in person. We do all this fun stuff, and we’re doing those multiple times a year and retreats and all that. It’s just crazy because all that happened in less than five years. It’s just like, boom.

Pamela Bardhi: It’s insane. I love that dom. I mean, this stuff is so. I’m just, wow, what a story. Well, I mean, it’s insane because, like you said, one decision away from changing your entire reality. But if you had not had the courage to move forward, you wouldn’t be here right now. And it’s interesting how it all kind of came about when you say yes to certain things and you show up. Had you never gone to that lunch at the performance institute, could this ever have happened?

Dominique Bertoncini: Yeah. No, it wouldn’t have. You know what’s funny about that is what happened was there’s a part of that story that I leave out because it’s kind of long, but what actually happened was, I called my buddy up. I’m like, hey, I need help getting a couch so I could have my clients. I lived in like, a shitty apartment, and I’d have my clients come to my apartment in, and I’d work with them. And so he’s like, all right, I got to do it. I think I said my buddy called me. I didn’t mean to say that. I called my buddy for help to get the couch. He’s like, all right, I’ll do it. But we got to be fast, because I’m going to the performance institute.

We go across town to get the couch. And the guy who I’m buying the couch from, he’s taking forever. So finally, after waiting all this time, we get the couch. He’s like, yo, man, I don’t have time to drop you back off home. Do you want to just go to the performance institute? I’m like, hell yeah, so had that guy been on time, the timing would have been. It was just literally, like, you couldn’t have scripted it even better. It just ended up being so perfect with the timing literally 5 seconds too early or 5 seconds late, we would have missed them and none of that stuff would have happened. You know what I mean?

So, I’m not even going to say I believe because I know that we all have a purpose in life, and your purpose isn’t necessarily your career and what you do for a living, it can be part of it, and I know everybody has a certain purpose. And I know for me, what happened was I stepped into my purpose without realizing it. Remember when I got on the course, I said it was like I had an epiphany. I’m like, oh, my God, this is what I was put on this earth to do. I’ve been fucking up the past twelve years doing this insurance thing.

Looking back on it, it wasn’t. But at the time, oh, my God, this is it. It was almost like I was kind of like born to do it, I guess you could say. And it was like, I’ve been searching for this thing my whole life and I finally found it and I’m like, oh, my God, this is the thing. This is the thing I’ve been searching for. So I know, and I’m being very particular because people will say, oh, how do you know? Or how do you prove it? Or belief or no, I know that when you align with your purpose, everything gets out of your way and it just becomes almost like a rocket to the top.

Dom says when things align, divine timing makes it happen

It’s like you just end up shooting out. So I just got lucky, I guess you could say.

Pamela Bardhi: Absolutely. I love that dom, and I love your passion for it, too. And it’s funny because, like you said, when things align, I mean, the universe is like everything out of the way, divine timing made it happen, and then everything just clears out. The minute that you decide to say yes and show up is when everything unfolds. For.

What are the biggest misconceptions about hypnosis and what are some of the benefits

I mean, regarding the hypnosis, I’m so intrigued. I’m sure there’s people listening that are like, okay, so what are the biggest misconceptions about hypnosis and what are some of the biggest benefits of. Yeah, because there’s all kinds of stuff out.

Dominique Bertoncini: So, so when I first moved to Vegas, before I got out of hypnosis, one of the first things my fiancee and I did is we went to a hypnosis show. And so I’m sitting there, I’m watching the thing, and I was skeptical, right? I’m like, oh, is this real? Is it fake? Whatever, so the guy does this thing, and he brings a bunch of people up on stage and sends some people away, and then there’s like, ten people, right? He’s having them do all kinds of stupid shit, right? Like just hump and blow up dolls and just wild stuff, right? 

And I’m sitting there and I’m watching this, and I’m like, man, these people are not actors. Like, I thought that’s what it would be, right? Like, oh, you got actors in the crowd. You pay some people, and they’re going to come on stage and pretend or whatever, but you could clearly see it in their eyes. Like, just everything about them that they weren’t acting. It seemed as though they were under some type of spell, right? Like, oh, my God, he’s doing something. This is black magic or whatever, right? So that was my initial thought, right? But when I saw it, though I knew it wasn’t fake anymore. I was like, oh, it’s real. I don’t know what it is, but it’s real.

There’s no actors, no nothing, so then when you actually learn about what happens in, the whole behind the scenes with those types of people. He does a hypnosis induction, a hypnotic induction with the entire crowd. So, I don’t know, maybe 200 people or whatever it is, out of those people, he invites a certain amount of people up on stage. There’s, like, 40 people that will come up on stage, right? Then out of those 40 people, he goes even deeper into an induction, and out of that, there’s only ten people, right? And then those are the ten people he has to do his thing.

Well, what I learned later on is that everybody can be hypnotized. It just depends to what degree, what level where they’re currently at mentally and how open they are in that moment. Now, that doesn’t mean that if they’re not open, then they can’t be open in the future. I’ll share with you what I mean by that in a second. But, what I learned is that the people that you have go up on stage like that. Those are typically people who are outgoing already. Like, they’re already kind of those people who like to be the center of attention and stuff like that. And what happens is, what’s his name? Howie. Who’s the bald guy that did the millionaire show? Howie. He doesn’t like touching people’s hands. Howie.

Pamela Bardhi: Oh, yeah, I know who you mean.

Dominique Bertoncini: You know what I’m talking about, right?

Pamela Bardhi: I’m blanking. Howie something.

Dominique Bertoncini: Yeah, that guy. Howie. So he actually had a guy hypnotize him and he doesn’t like touching people’s hands. Like a germaphobe. Well, when he hypnotized him, the hypnotist had him touch people’s hands and stuff. And then later on, after, he was kind of traumatized a little bit from it, he got over it, but the way he described it is perfect. He goes, it’s real. He goes, you know what’s going on? But what it feels like, it feels like you just had a couple of glasses of wine and your inhibition has just kind of been lowered, so you know what’s going on. You have control, but you’re just more open to doing it, and that’s what it is.

It’s like you go in, your mind is very like, we’re not in that relaxed state. We’re just like all there nervous, and then you relax and it’s like you had a couple of drinks and you’re kind of just like, fuck it, right? You’re like, I’ll go out there, whatever, and then you kind of play along with this thing, right? So that’s what it is. And again, one of the biggest misconceptions is that it’s like demonic and all this stuff. It’s funny because, not all christians, but I’ll have christians, they’ll message me, oh, hypnosis is demonic and this and that. I say, really? You’re grabbing somebody’s hand and you’re making them go sleep, which they’re not really sleeping. You’re putting them into a trance. It’s a completely different thing.

But my response to them is always this. I say, okay, jesus walked on water. He turned water into wine. He healed people with his hands. He fed people, thousand people, the loaf of bread. He performed all these miracles, which if I started walking on water right now, you would think I was playing with the devil’s, the dark arts, right? If I started levitating right now, you go, whoa, dude, this guy’s worshipping the devil. No, it’s none of that. It’s that, we all have these different capabilities. We’re just not really taught how to tap into them. And usually once I say that, they don’t even respond, and they go, oh, now, here’s what I will say about hypnosis.

Hypnosis is neither good nor bad. It’s just a tool, so can it be used to manipulate people in a negative way? Absolutely. There’s whole sectors of guys that use hypnosis to get laid and stupid shit like that, right? And they use it to manipulate women and all this kind of weird stuff. So can it be used for negative? Absolutely. But guess what it can also be used for? It could be used to save someone’s life and I’ve done it before, and not to say from an egotistical standpoint, I’ve had people literally come to me like, dom, I’m ready to kill myself.

One misconception is that only weak minded people can be hypnotized

I don’t know what to do. I’ve been to the psychiatrist. They gave me pills. I’ve tried this, I’ve tried that. I don’t know what to do. And we do our thing and what it is, they just got a lot of shit in their head that they don’t know how to get out, they don’t know how to resolve, and so their mind is so overwhelmed, they’re like, dude, if the only way I can stop these thoughts is to kill myself, that’s my only option. When you could take them through a process to clear all it out, suddenly they don’t want to kill themselves anymore.

So it’s not a matter of is hypnosis good or bad? It’s a matter of how is it being used again? A knife could be used to cut your steak, or it could be used to slit someone’s throat. Is the knife bad? No, it’s just a tool, so those are the common misconceptions. And then the other one is that only weak minded people can be hypnotized, and it’s literally the exact opposite. The most strongest minded people in the world are the easiest to do know. I’ve worked with NFL athletes, Olympic gold medalists, UFC fighters, Navy, seals, special operations, and they are the easiest to be hypnotized.

You know why? Because if somebody comes to me to be hypnotized and they want a specific outcome, they have to follow steps, right? They have to follow a certain process to get the outcome that they want. When you have a high performer, the high performer comes and says, I’ll do whatever it takes to make this happen. Oh, you want me to do this? And do that and close my eyes and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, I will do it. The weak minded person goes, they start having that experience and they go, oh, I can’t do it. No, it’s not working for me. No, that’s not how it works. The strong minded people go, oh, you want me to do this? Okay, I’m going to do it. Yes, I’m going to do whatever you tell me to get the specific outcome that I want.

Those are the main misconceptions, that it’s only for weak minded people or that not everybody could be hypnotized. Look again, if somebody’s willing to go up on stage and hump a blow up doll to make everybody laugh, I don’t know about you, but that takes some, you know what? So I don’t think that person’s weak minded at all. I think that person is very, ah, courageous and ballsy to be able to put themselves in that situation. I think it’s the people that sit in the crowd and they go, no, what are people going to think of me? I don’t want to. And I used to be that guy, so I’m not judging. But it’s like, those are the people that would be, to me, considered weak minded, so those are the misconceptions.

Pamela Bardhi: I love that. I love that.

Everything is hypnosis. So you had asked earlier, what can it be used for

Tom, thank you so much for breaking that down. And what would be your biggest piece of advice to anybody listening when it comes to hypnosis and that kind of thing?

Dominique Bertoncini: Yeah, so you had asked earlier, what can it be used for? So look, everything is hypnosis. Okay? If somebody’s listening to this podcast right now, and they found themselves imagining and wandering off in their mind, and they’re driving their car and they snap back to it and they’re like, whoa, this Guy, the way he talks, I don’t know. Or the way you talk, it put me into a trance. It kind of made me go somewhere for a moment. Guess what? That’s what hypnosis is. If you’ve ever been so engulfed in a movie that two, 3 hours felt like it went by in an hour, and there was moments where you were almost imagining yourself as the character, or you were imagining that all these things were real, or you were almost even wishing, like, how cool would this be?

If this is real, guess what? The people that are writing those stories, they use hypnosis in their scripts. The people that are using the music, everything, all that stuff is purposely done to suck you into the story. So when I say everything is hypnosis, everything is hypnosis. Hypnosis can be used to help improve with essentially anything. Now, is it like a miracle cure and stuff like that? I’ve seen some pretty crazy miracles in my time, so I would say yes. Now, does that mean it’s 100%? Like, if I have terminal cancer, can somebody just snap their fingers, say, sleep, and I wake up and it’s gone? I don’t know. Maybe. I’ve never seen that.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not open for possibility, because again, I’ve seen many miracles that I didn’t think were possible at one point. But for anybody who wants to, they want to get rid of shit in your head. Like, just, man, I just keep thinking about my ex from five years ago, or, man, I keep thinking about this business failure I had, two years ago. Or man, I keep thinking about this stupid thing that happened when I was a child, or my this or my that. And you want to get rid of that stuff, and you want to create a more Empowering belief system. You want to create Empowering habits, discipline, things like that, then that’s what hypnosis is used for.

Pamela Bardhi: I absolutely love that, dom. Oh, my God. It’s so cool to see how everything actually is HyPnoSis. Like, so many of these things are intertwined. It’s amazing.

Dominique Bertoncini: And this is my favorite, most hypnotic tools on the planet, all that kind of stuff.

Pamela Bardhi: So, yeah, that’s like me when I’m listening to Drake with the car volume on Max, no kids in the car. Like, as you were saying that I’m like that mother. I’m like, he probably has all that trans stuff in his music and all that because I always get lost in it. I always get lost.

Dominique Bertoncini: They know what they’re doing. Those guys go to school to become sound engineers. They know if I turn it to this frequency, this is going to make you horny. If I turn it to this frequency, this is going to make you pissed off. If I turn it to this frequency, this is going to make you tired. They know all the frequencies, how it makes you feel. They know all that. Know.

Pamela Bardhi: It’s so powerful, Dom.

What would your older self tell your younger self based on what you know now

Oh, my gosh. And this is my favorite question, and I save it for last because it’s my favorite one. So, Dom, in your whole life experience, what would your older self tell your younger self based on what you know now?

Dominique Bertoncini: The one thing, God, I say this all the time. When I got out of that free course my mom bought me, the guy offered up the $3,500 course right after the week. I was like, bro, I don’t got no money. The course was $3,500. I had $1,700 in my bank account. Remember, I let all my credit cards go, so it wasn’t like I could get a loan. Nothing. No credit cards, and I had $1,700, and I really didn’t because I had $700 was due for rent in, like, five days. So I basically had $1,000. And it’s funny, the guy’s like, okay, put $1,000 down, and we’ll make payments. I’m like, bro, you don’t understand. If I give you $1,000, I won’t have gas money to get me to work so I can get my next paycheck.

So, anyways, he said some things that really clicked with me, and I said, okay, let’s do it. I put, like, $900 down, and I made payments. And it was funny because every single. It was like a $600 payment or whatever. Every month, that payment would come out. Leading up to the course, I was like, damn, dude, I think I might just want to cancel it. It was tough, right? It was just every month scraping by. And by the way, I just started doing hypnosis simultaneously, right? I’m barely making it every month, making like $2,500.03 grand, so I didn’t have a lot of money.

But when I went to the course and I did the thing, the only thing I regret about any of that stuff, and I probably spent with that company $60,000 in going to different courses that they have, and every single one of them has been worth it. But the only thing I wish, if I could tell my younger self would be like, dude, you got to learn this stuff when you’re, like, seven. You know what I mean? You got to figure out how to go into your mind and learn how to communicate with yourself when you’re just a little kid and grow and learn and build your skill set over your entire lifetime, because it would save people a lot of trauma, a lot of just bullshit addiction and family problems and anything you can think of, and it’s all just people’s.

A lot of people are hurt and when you’re hurt, you do things to hurt other people, and it’s just like. So I would say, you got to learn, not even necessarily become a hypnotist when you’re seven, but just learn how to communicate with yourself. We have this beautiful computer of our brain, right? Nobody ever gives us the manual to this thing, and they just go, hey, there you go. You know what I mean? Have fun. It’s like, no. And that’s really what we do, and I do is help people understand how the computer works. How do we find files that are just corrupting our computer? How do we find the viruses? How do we find the old files from ten years ago that are slowing my computer down? How do we delete all that stuff? Okay, cool.

How do we upgrade our software? How do we use these things? That’s really what we do with clients. So that’s what I would tell myself. Figure it out when you’re a kid. My daughters are so lucky. God, they’re so lucky that I’m going to be able to know because I know how much every interaction, how much it can actually affect a kid when they’re young. That doesn’t mean I’m perfect, but it makes me such a better parent because I know, I’m like, oh, when this happened to me when I was two or three, that created this stupid belief, and I lived my whole life through that filter, and you know what I would do?

Pamela Bardhi: I love that. I love that. My gosh, I’m sure everyone’s listening to this and was like, oh, my God, this is incredible stuff. As they should, because I’m mind blown myself domin like, oh, my goodness. I just love it. I love hearing your story in detail, all of the things. Now, what have you guys got coming up that we can connect with you, and just like any links, you can drop anything like that. So that way, anybody who’s listening can touch base with you and check out all your amazingness and all the things.

Dominique Bertoncini: Yeah. So as of right now, this may change in the future, but as of right now, every Saturday morning, I do a free live hypnosis session. And we mostly focus on breaking through any fears, any procrastination, anything that you feel like, hey, I want to level up in this area, but I’m not doing it right if you’re not going to the gym, but you need to be, if you’re not eating healthy, you need to be. If you’re not putting yourself out there in relationships, if you’re not taking action as much as you want in your business, that kind of stuff to help you just break through to the ceiling. Most of the people that I work with and that we work with are business owners and salespeople.

And usually it’s like, hey, man, my business is going good, but I’m lacking discipline in my eating right, or I’m really good at eating. I got the discipline in my business, but for some reason, I’m not really putting myself out there in relationship or whatever. Or their eating is good, they’re working out, their relationship is good, but their business isn’t going how they want. Right. Maybe they need to expand higher, whatever. So anyways, I do a session on Saturday to really show people the power of it and so they can feel it for themselves, so I’ll give you a link and you can put that in your description or whatever. If people want to go to it, they just go register, and we do it on Saturday. I go into a little bit more about hypnosis as well.

And then right now we have an event coming up next week. We’re pretty much at capacity. I think we have, like 20 seats in person left, and those will be gone by this weekend. But we do have April, July, and October. I have a two and a half day event that I do. It’s a personal development event. So it’s not really like, I’m not teaching hypnosis. I’m more using it to help people. Kind of like a, so, yeah, so if anybody wants to go to that, they can contact us to get tickets again. I recommend coming to the Saturday call because you’ll get to actually feel it and experience it, and then you can find me on Instagram, YouTube. Just type in Dom the hypnotist, and TikTok. All that kind of stuff is just dom the hypnotist.

Pamela Bardhi: I love it. Dom, thank you so much for being here today. Appreciate you. Your story, all the things. Thank you so, so much, my friend.

Dominique Bertoncini: Thank you, Pamela.

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