Ian Clark
Today’s episode on the UnderDog takes us deep into the realms of health, healing, and self-discovery. Get ready for an inspiring conversation hosted by Pamela Bardhi that will challenge your beliefs and ignite your passion for well-being. The guest is Ian Clark, a true underdog who turned his health challenges into an empowering mission.

Ian Clark’s story is one of resilience and transformation. At 46, faced with life-threatening health issues, he embarked on a global quest for natural remedies. This journey led him to establish Activation Products, a platform that has empowered tens of thousands to take control of their health. Today, we delve into Ian’s extraordinary life, from unconventional beginnings to groundbreaking discoveries in holistic health.

Key Takeaways:

  • Personal Health Journey and Natural Healing: Ian Clark shares his unconventional life journey, including a pivotal health crisis at 46, and explores his experiences with natural healing methods, notably the discovery of marine phytoplankton.
  • Holistic Health and the Benefits of Marine Phytoplankton: Ian reflects on a transformative near-death experience and takes us through his journey of holistic practices, emphasizing the remarkable impact of marine phytoplankton on health.
  • Health Improvements and Research Investments: Ian’s entrepreneurial venture, starting with selling bottled water, led to significant profits, which were then invested in research, resulting in the disappearance of heart and liver issues.
  • Aging and Health with a Focus on Self-Care: Ian emphasizes the importance of self-care and personal growth, encouraging listeners to learn new skills for a fulfilling life.
  • Holistic Healing and Natural Remedies: Ian shares his rapid recovery from pancreatic cancer through holistic healing, with an emphasis on the importance of breathing techniques.
  • Diet and Nutrition Misconceptions: Ian discusses the importance of saltwater and fruit juice for health, dispelling misconceptions about fat intake. He then shared his personal experience with dietary changes.
  • Activation Products: Ian discussed Activation Products and its dedicated health enthusiasts with a shared belief in the healing power of clean, fresh, and pure superfoods.

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Ian Clark’s Healing Journey and Unlocking the Keys to True Wellness from the Inside Out

Pamela Bardhi: Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Underdog podcast. Today I have an incredible guest here with me, Ian. How are you, my friend?

Ian Clark: Really good, Pamela. Fun to be here. Let’s get into the conversation. It’s going to be awesome.

Pamela Bardhi: Oh, my goodness. I am so excited to have you, Ian. Oh, my goodness. I was telling you right before this call, I’m like, I’m so looking forward to meeting Ian and hearing the story of how he got to where he got to. I’m super into the holistic realms. So when I saw your shop and was looking you up, I was like, oh, my goodness. I can’t wait to meet him and hear his story of how he got to where he got to. It’s incredible. It’s incredible. We’re in a whole new age of healing and all of that. They call it what the aquarian age, I think is the term super exciting. I can’t wait to get into it.

Ian was born at the tail end of the baby boomers

Before we get into all of that, I always kind of like to reverse it back all the way, if you will, and kind of ask you from the beginning, Ian, what did you want to be when you grew up as a kid?

Ian Clark: Well, I didn’t really have a clue. I was born at the tail end of the baby boomers, and I was the youngest out of five in the family. All my brothers and sisters went through school and graduated with degrees and medical doctor, PhD, et cetera, master’s degrees, and I just kind of cruised along. I just sort of bumped along the road and wanted to be directed. I really didn’t know, and I didn’t go to university. I did extremely well in school, but I didn’t like it because it was too slow. I found it actually really boring, and I didn’t understand why I was being taught what I was being taught. It didn’t seem very applicable. And when I was 18 years old, I decided to hitchhike out west.

I was born in Ontario, Canada, and my cousin, particularly, had gone out to Alberta to work in the oil field. So I thought, oh, that sounds interesting. Let’s try that for the summer and then go back to university after that. And I hitchhiked out west, fell in love with working in the oil field, which was kind of weird because it’s a very blue collarish kind of place and very challenging, all working outdoors and in the most harsh conditions. But, it was just kind of a rock and roll fun time, and so I didn’t make it back for 26 years. I spent 17 years in the oil field, and I came back to home to visit every so often. 

But I met my wife in 1981. We had seven children together out there, and so we’ve been together for 40 years. All our children are crows grown up now. Our youngest is 26. But all the way through the journey, it was just, like, nonstop. I’ve never had a boring second in my life. It’s always been, like, high action. But I ran into a bad situation when I was 46 and hit the wall with a health crisis with a big tumor in my body, that was growing between my legs under, like, right in that area where you don’t want it.

And, I also had heart disease symptoms, and I didn’t know at the time, but my liver was really messed up. I was just kind of shocked. We went to the medical doctors in Toronto and specialist, I had to do all these different things, surgery and drugs or whatever. My oldest brother was a medical doctor for 30 years. I would call him when stuff would happen, and he told me, look, this is genetic predisposition. You look like Uncle Don. My two uncles died when I was 20 years old on my mum’s side. They were 51 and 54 years old. They both died of cancer.

Pamela Bardhi: Wow.

Ian Clark: And they ended up doing everything the doctor said. One died within a year, one died within three months, and that totally shocked the family. It turned me right off. I was like at 46 years old. Now it’s my turn. I don’t think so, because we’re not in 1978 anymore, we’re in 2004. There have to be things now that we know that are different than that garbage, because it was horrible to watch them go. They went down so hard, and they suffered so much on the way out. So I decided that it must be something other than what I was being told. I didn’t know what it was, though. I didn’t have any knowledge.

So I suggested to my brother, I said, I think it must be me. That’s the problem, and he said, no, that’s not the problem. If you start blaming yourself, it’s going to make it worse and you’re going to get all stressed out. I said, well, no, I think it’s me somehow. And as it turns out, it was 100% me, and it was what I didn’t know. I was so programmed, you can imagine being in the 50s, what that would be like. Like,  born in 1958, just totally thrown into the matrix. Like, okay, you’re going to be program to the max in the. Where the programming was, and I woke up one morning and I realized there were people on the earth who had great knowledge about how to heal naturally.

I didn’t know how that was going to work. I just knew they had to exist. I didn’t know who they were, where they were, how to find them. So I asked to be lead. I said, I need help. I need to be lead to these people. You could have given me $10 trillion. I would have never found them. It wasn’t about having money. I’d actually had gone into bankruptcy in 2004, because I’ve been kind of an entrepreneur my whole life, back and forth had a couple of small failures. That was a big crash, and where I lost everything. Our youngest child was only six years old. And, I’m having not only financial meltdown, but physical meltdown. It just couldn’t get any worse.

And so I thought, well, I’ve only got one place to go, and that’s up. So let’s see what happens. It’s like, live, die, sink or swim. I’m going to either make it or not, and I’m totally willing to do anything it takes right now to do what I have to do to support my body’s ability to get healthy. And it was just a very slow motion thing. The trajectory I was on then was about 36 months left to live. I thought, okay, so that doesn’t mean I’m going to be dead in 36 months. Let’s just flip the script, and I’m going to use that 36 months, and maybe I could get five years, and if I can get five years, maybe I could get ten years and so on. It was like that kind of a process.

Pamela Bardhi: Yeah.

Ian Clark: I didn’t have anything left to lose. It’s like people say, well, how did you have so much courage? Well, I really didn’t. How did you have so much willpower? I actually really didn’t. I just didn’t have anything else, anywhere else to go. And it would be super embarrassing and humiliating from a selfish standpoint, to go down in flames and die. Before I was 50, with seven children to raise, and my older sons were just coming into their adulthood, I thought I was going to live for a long time. My mom actually lived till 100 years old. She died in 2022.

Pamela Bardhi: Wow.

In 2007, I found out about marine phytoplankton

Ian Clark: Her mom, the mother of my two uncles, who died in their 50s, she lived till 102 and five. Yeah, five months shy of her 103rd birthday. She died in 1995. I just thought, well, I’ve got nothing left to lose. And I’m so happy to tell you right now that I turned 66 in June coming up this year, and I’m actually healthier than I was when I was 21. What I found out is, once you have the keys and forget about what anybody else thinks or what anybody else does, that’s irrelevant. I found out that you can get your body to a 25 year old biological health and structural health, bone structure, connective tissue, cartilage, joints, everything, and maintain a 25 year old status, ongoing indefinitely. But you have to have knowledge.

And that knowledge did come in, and I did meet the top people in the world in each health category, whether it was brain health or endocrine system, respiratory, digestive, circulatory, you name it, every system. What I learned along the way is that your health is like a chain link. It is strong as the weakest link, so you have to look at every single category. Like you mentioned, holistic health. And so, holistically, I had knew that each place had to be strengthen, and I knew that I didn’t know. So the people who I met did know. It was just one at a time, and I was able to cherry pick all the very best of the best.

In 2007, which is only three years into this, I found out about marine phytoplankton, and nobody had heard of marine phytoplankton. And I thought, well, what is it? I bought some from this guy. It was totally remote guy out of Vancouver, Canada, had some. And so I started taking it, and you just put it in your drink, and it’s a microalgae from the ocean, and it has all the nutritional molecules known to historical data in it, and it made me feel really good. Even though I was still very messed up and the numbers were all messed up, I still had a tumor in my body. It just made me feel good, and it gave me some mental energy that I’d never had before, and there were no stimulants in it, so I started telling people about it.

And in Canada, for some reason, people weren’t interested. They’re like, ew, algae. One person called it pond scum. I’m like, this is not pond scum, okay? This is super sophisticated. It’s heirloom. It’s an original strain, two strains of marine phytoplankton that is grown in Europe in a photobioreactor in perfect, clean, pristine condition in real ocean water that’s purified and sunlight. I said, just give it a try. And they wouldn’t even try it, so I went to California to a health expo, and I ran into some hippies down there. They looked like hippies, and they were totally interested in health, and they’d never heard of this stuff either, and so I told them what it was and they go, well, let’s try. So they tried it.

I would give like a drop on the back of your hand and you can lick it off and it’s super strong. So normally you just put it in water and drink it or juice or something, and it tastes fine. But anyway, they would take one drop and then come back in 15 minutes and say to me, like some of them, not everybody, but some of them said, is this legal? Am I supposed to feel this really, is this real? And I said, yeah, this is definitely, and so that caught on, and they started asking where I could get it. I told them, well, I actually have it. I can get it. And I knew exactly where it came from.

I got a hold of the people in Europe, and they told me that they would protect me if I were to tell people about it in North America. And so, that’s how it went. They just started ordering bottles. The first order came in like as 100 bottles, and then it went up to 1000 bottles. We ended up selling about $2.8 million worth of product in the first 24 months. It was out of the basement of our house because we didn’t have a company or a facility. But I knew you had to have it clean. So we set up a clean room so it was very sanitized, and our children helped us all the way down to a six year old. We had little funnels and beakers and pouring things in a printer.

We were making labels, and we bought these bottles locally, and we just started shipping it across the border, flying stuff from Australia to Europe, because the base material came from Australia, the marine phytoplankton came from Europe. And then we would have a ship to Canada, and when that happened, all of a sudden we had a bunch of money to work with. And I thought, well, wow, it was the first time we ever had that kind of money in a bank account. I woke up one morning and realized that that money was not mine. I know it wasn’t mine, and I thought, well, maybe it’s the company’s money, but we didn’t really have a company set up, but it graduated to realize that that money was not earned by me.

It was earn by each individual who had made their money, paid their taxes, paid their bills, had some disposable income, and they were investing in themselves. They were taking their money and trusting us. They would give us their money, and then we would give them something in return that had a profit margin to it, and so we ended up with profitability, and that’s why we ended up with extra money. And so I thought, well, what I’ll do is we’ll start investing the money, because we weren’t cheap or anything, but we were pretty frugal. When you’re raising seven children, you learn how to make the dollar a stretch. So we didn’t start any kind of lavish lifestyle at all. We just started putting the money back into research, because I thought, if we found this one thing, what else is?

And my health just kept improving continuously. So between 2004 and 2011, all these symptoms went away. My heart disease totally disappeared. Any symptoms of it, and my liver cleaned up completely. The tumor finally dissolved itself out of the body. It was just a very slow motion thing, and it didn’t scare me because I refused to be afraid. I knew that fear would drive me to do something that would be incorrect if I was driven by fear. And I just said, I’ve got nothing left to lose. Who knows? I’ll just let my body do the work. It turned out that that tumor was a series of fungal infections, heavy metal overload, that I was poison so badly.

When I worked in the oil field, it was lead, mercury, and cadmium, and it was over the top. My numbers were so severe, it was ridiculous. I even had sores coming out the front of my shins, as if I smashed my shins on a table or something. But I didn’t. That turned out to be lead, and I found out how to do a lead detox. It took me six months to get that out of my system. And then in 2011, when I was totally in the normal range and safe, I thought, well, let’s see how healthy we can get, because now we can have some fun with it.

And then we generated around $100 million in revenue since the beginning of this whole thing. Over the last. I call it 20 years because it started 20 years ago, but the revenue really never started till 2007, and we ended up having around $40 million that we were able to put into research. I knew that I didn’t want to be the researcher scientist. There’s no way I didn’t have the credentials or the time, but I just started researching the people who already did the research.

The first key I got on structural health was getting your organs dialed in

So I was able to then cherry pick all these wonderful things that people had discovered and simply see if they worked. And the good news is that leading up into 2017, to start with, was the first key I got on structural health and getting your organs dialed. In 2022, I found out how to turn your body into a very high volume blood production facility because your body produces blood all day, how to get your bone marrow dialed in. And then I found out in 2023, towards the end of 2003, I just reflected back on all the journey of all the people I’ve met, all the things I actually did. You know how people try stuff? I didn’t try stuff. I did it.

If I found out there was a protocol, like vegan or vegetarian or carnivore or keto or paleo or macrobiotic or mediterranean or whatever you want to call these things, they have certain protocols, and I literally did each one of them for a period of years at a time. At the end of 2023, on December the 20 eighth, my brain did this weird algorithmic thing on its own, and I just started to put the final pieces together that made perfect sense logically and scientifically and mathematically, and it changed everything. So that was only short time ago, that third key. I call these things keys, because if I have a key that will unlock a lock for you, my job is just to give you the key. You actually don’t need me. You need the key. And in this world, people want you to need them. Right?

Follow me. I’m the guru. I’m the expert. No, actually, you are the expert. You are living in your body. You know yourself, and you care about yourself more than anyone else. I learned that to take responsibility and get into the self care revolution is what this is all about, because you love yourself more than anyone else loves you other than God. You are in a position where you’re responsible. You’re the one who pays the price if you do the wrong thing. You’re the one who gets the reward if you do the right thing, and so all I wanted to do was find out for you and everyone else what the truth was that actually makes your body feel fantastic. I’m not talking about feeling good. I’m talking about feeling absolutely fantastic. And there’s a thing called the key performance indicator everyone talks about in business.

Well, there are key performance indicators in your health, and the only key performance indicator you have to concern yourself with is that as you are getting older or as you are chronologically getting older, I know how to get healthier every single day. A little bit healthier every day. Whereas the normal paradigm, and we all believe the wrong thing because it’s all fraud, is that the older you get, the more problems you should have, and that’s validated by society having more problems as we get older. So if I say, well, I’m 50 or 60 or 70 or 80, you immediately calculate in your mind what that must look like based upon what the general world is doing. Well, that is where the deception is. That’s fraud. It’s actually not true, because if you were to, do you play any musical instruments?

Pamela Bardhi: I used to be, like, singing, dancing, all that stuff, and I used to DJ. I don’t know if any of those is an actual instrument, but big in music, for sure.

Ian Clark: Well, DJ for sure. I mean, you’re cranking a whole bunch of instruments. Well, I like to use this analogy. What if you decided today that you wanted to be a violin player, and you came to me and said, hey, I’m really interested in learning the violin? I don’t know. I just got inspired, and I want to learn that, and I want to bring pleasure to people around me with this. I say, well, guess what I found out. I know exactly the perfect violin, the best violin in the world that you can get. I also happen to know the top ranked teacher who teaches violin on the entire earth, and they have a slot open right now, and it’s affordable. Actually, they don’t charge a whole lot of money. And would you be interested?

And I think I know the answer. It would be yes, and you would then get that violin, go and be taught by that super powerful, the best teacher. You would learn the fastest, you would become the best violin player in the soonest amount of time, and every single day going to the future, you would be better and better and better and better at playing that violin. You would always be continuously improving. So the longer you were playing the violin, just like your body, when you find out that there is the best information that you can employ and use and integrate into your life, and you’re going to get healthier every single day in the future, would you be interested? And the answer is yes.

So everyone talks about longevity and living a long time, and they brag about all these things. That is not what we’re interested in. We’re just interested in getting healthier every day at around a 25 year old status, maintaining that into the future indefinitely, because then you’re going to be happy to be alive. Look at all the people who got old. We’re little kids, and we watch our grandparents get old, and they wither up and they die. And then we look at our parents as we become adults, and they get old, and then they eventually die. Both my parents are gone. They died in 1996, in 2022. So it’s validated. Oh, that’s what happens. Well, that’s only what happens if you don’t know the truth, right?

Pamela Bardhi: Power lies within.

Ian Clark: That’s right. And people perish from a lack of knowledge. I was perishing from a lack of knowledge. I almost died in my happened. I was like, are you kidding?

Ian says he was conditioned by his parents to question everything

Pamela Bardhi: Question for you, Ian, because I’m fascinated. You were so many parts of your journey, and you said specific words that really stuck out to me. Like being stuck in the matrix. Right? So basically, for anybody who’s listening, that doesn’t know what that means. Ian, can you elaborate on that? Because for me, I’m always about this, that I’m like, listen, the society is going to tell you the things that it wants to push forth, right? Don’t forget that everything is a business and so is health care, period. I was always the rebel in this, and everyone was always like, pam. And I’m like, no, there’s definitely a different way. I was the 7th grade kid that said to the catholic priest, hey, so the Bible says that you’re supposed to live modestly, and I see you driving a brand new Lexus.

Why is that? And then I got detention. Like I was that kid, right? So I’m the kid who is always questioning everything, everyone, or playing devil’s advocate. Well, why not? How do you know that that’s the truth, right? So I’d be super curious for you to kind of elaborate on that, and if there was a spiritual awakening that you had throughout the process, because it sounds like there was, based on what you’re telling me, and how you really opened up to kind of the other side and kind of gaining that inner awareness to say, like, hey, yes, I actually have this power. I can heal myself through these different methods.

So I’d love to hear a little bit more about that, because I think that’s incredibly powerful, because, especially when it comes to cancer, heart disease, I mean, these are the things that are killing us on the daily, right? And they always say, you got to go to the doctor. Whatever the doctor says, it’s like, well, what about, have you thought about maybe not listening to the doctor? This isn’t medical advice, guys. But I’m just saying that if you’re listening and your backs against the wall, because you’re trying everything that the doctor said and it’s not working, or you’re seeing a loved one going through it, this could be something that could really be transformational in what you hear. So I’d love to hear from you on this, Ian, as I think it’d be super powerful.

Ian Clark: Most people we run into in our life are doing the best they can with the knowledge they have, and so doctors are really trying to help you, and they’re only able to help you based on the level of knowledge they have or how much they were either misinformed or informed. And I love the younger generations because we raised millennials right, and it was question everything, and that’s good. Definitely bring the questions, guys. You’re totally allowed to ask questions. An inquiring mind never hurt anyone. A second guessing mind will kill you.

When I talk about the matrix, it means that I was condition by thinking from my parents, conditioned us, because that’s all they knew, right? They were coming out of that second world war area, and I was the youngest out of five. So by the time I showed up, my parents were at least a lot more events than my four oldest sister had to go through. But as I went down the road, I started to realize there’s flaws in everything, but I was sort of conditioned. Don’t question. Because if you question too much, you may look stupid, and you would say, what kind of a question is that? That’s a stupid question.

It’s like the little kids when they’re in school and the teacher asks a question, everybody has their hands up. Pick me, pick me. I want to answer it. And by the time they’re in grade seven or eight, it’s like there’s no hands going up. Because by then they’d been told, yeah, that was wrong, and they felt stupid. There’s nothing stupid about inquiring is so awesome. Just like you asked the priest a really good question. They’re like, we’re not having this conversation, young lady. As a matter of fact, who do you think you are, questioning me? Well, wow. What’s up? You had detention for asking an awesome question.

Pamela Bardhi: I did. I got in so much trouble, right?

Ian Clark: Reality is reality. No matter what we think, or it doesn’t matter what I believe, if it’s not aligned with natural wisdom and natural truth and spiritual wisdom and spiritual truth, I’m just simply off the rails. And I was so off the rails. That I was going to have my body taken away from me. So what I found out was that in my world, I am the asset, right? And the asset I have, that’s the most important is my body. Because my body staying in this dimension keeps me connected to everything on mission.

Our vision, ah, the things that we’ve worked for, the things that we’re serving other people with. And you lose your body, you’re out of here. So in this world, this physical world we live in, your body is your biggest asset. People are trying to tell me what to do. They’re trying to take over and say, no, you don’t have responsibility. You don’t know what you’re doing. You have to take the surgery. You got to do the drugs. My brother phoned my mom. When I told him, I said no, I think it’s me, and I’m going to seek alternative things.

And he phoned my mom and he goes, well, just get ready. Ian’s committing suicide. He’s being a total idiot. He’s going down the garden path, he would say, and there’s no double blind, placebo controlled, randomized studies in that natural world. There’s nothing but snake oil out there and a bunch of people hawking some garbage that they’re trying to get you to do. That doesn’t work, and so it was a breakout from that. When that happened, I told my family, okay, I need about a 24 month window here. Please don’t ride my case. I’m exploring something new. Let’s see how it goes. Because in the physical world, seeing is believing. I can’t fake it.

Ian Clark: I’m either going to get better or I’m not, and I thought, if I’m going to die, I’d rather die at my own hands than give my life to someone else. And then go under general anesthetic where they literally make you unconscious and shut your body open and take pieces out. Wow. I watched that happen with my uncles. So the realization that you are responsible, every thought you have is your thought. If I deceived you into thinking wrong thinking, and you accepted those thoughts, they’re still your thoughts, you might blame me and say, oh, that guy misled me. I was asking honestly good questions and he lied to me. But that doesn’t help you because they’re still your thoughts.

Your body is internally hyper intelligent, you are super intelligent

So everyone has, you are super intelligent. Everyone listening, this is super intelligent. But in school, they tell you, did you know that the scientists discovered that you’re only using 10% of your brain? And everybody goes, really? Oh, wow. Why would you believe that? You’ve got 100% use of your brain. You’re super intelligent. Not only that, your body is internally hyper intelligent. All your job is to do is to support your body, to get well and to feel fantastic. And if you find out that this is poison and that’s bad for you, and this is contaminating your body, and you have a solution. To be able to stop all that and to bring really good elements in through fueling your body properly, everything changes.

Like, I can’t sit here at, ah, 65 years old and actually have a measurable body around 25 years old and pretend because it’s actually measurable and you can see. So my appearance, because I started so late, I have the gray hair and I have a few wrinkles around my eyes, but I’m like the healthiest looking 65 year old I’ve ever met. And my skin is actually starting to reverse back to what it will look like, ah, at 25 years old, which is miraculous, but it’s not really a miracle. It just seems like it, because that’s not supposed to happen, but that’s actually happening. All the injuries in my body are all repaired, all naturally. I did them all myself. I found out how to repair all my joints. My knees were totally messed up, as my shoulders were.

Also, this shoulder was broken in four places when I was 16. I’ve had three torn rotator cuffs on this shoulder, one at 24 years old, one at 51 years old, 52 somewhere is in there, and one at 62, and it’s perfect. It was repair by eight five minute treatments that visibly showed up exactly what was going on. Within one week, my shoulder was entirely healed. I had both my knees. My left knee was crush in a rig accident where, 800 pound firewall fell over on top of me. I got away from it, but it trapped my leg in the ice that was about this deep up in northern BC, and it crushed my knee badly.

And it took me months to be able to walk and run, but I would never be able to snow ski or water ski because I couldn’t have my knee twisted for 39 years. When I was 60 years old, I found out how to repair it with the same treatment. Totally repaired my left knee. My right knee was damag in a snowmobile accident. That’s all repaired, and I’ve got knees like a young man. You can’t fake that. I can do whatever I want. Now, I’m not restricted in any physical way, so, mobility, flexibility, agility, strength, power, endurance, stamina, they’re all back like I was a young person again. Mental energy, emotional intelligence, and then the physical body working really, really efficiently where my respiratory is. Like, I got more lung capacity than I’ve ever had in my life.

I breathe in. It’s just totally clear, because I found out how to get all the stuff out of my lungs. I also found out how to get everything out from inside my body. Because you breathe 11,000 liters of air a day, and nobody thinks about that. You have to breathe 11,000 liters a day is 4 million liters a year. So if you take a 20 year old and a 60 year old, the difference is the 60 year old has breathed 160,000,000 liters of air, more than the 20 year old. And in the air is all the obvious contaminants, like tire dust. There’s 10 billion pounds of tire dust released in the atmosphere in the United States every year. It’s all measurable.

There’s no rubber on the ground. It’s a mile and a half above all the highways, and it’s nanoparticles that are floating continuously. It goes on the food, it goes everywhere. You’re breathing it, and it goes into your system. That’s just one thing of over a thousand different items that are invisible in the air that you can’t see, but, you know, they’re real. Brakes wear out on all the vehicles. That’s nanoparticles of heavy metals and compasses. And you’re breathing it, so it goes in, and your blood system starts to deposit it throughout your whole body. People talk about immune system, especially over the last few years, right?

Pamela Bardhi: Oh, absolutely. I mean, the health has become this big. I feel like there’s been a massive awakening in earth when it comes to especially physical healing. Health has been. I feel like in the last 510 years, really been a huge focus. Like, Yoga started becoming more of a thing. Then we’ve entered this whole new spiritual age. New age, they call it, and all these things that consciousness and healing and all of that.

And it’s just fascinating to hear you talk about the holistic healing element of it all, because I’m sure there’s people listening right now, Ian, that are like, how did he heal that? What did he do? Right? How did Ian do this at 65 with seven children? Which is incredible. I think I told you right before this call, I have twin girls that are five months old, and I’m imagining seven in my mind, and I’m like, I don’t know. It feels like you’re getting younger.

Your health is your wealth. If you don’t have your health, that means nothing

So the secrets. Everyone, I’m sure, wants to know. This is powerful stuff. Your health is your wealth. You can make all the money in the world. Great. Awesome. If you don’t have your health, that means it’s zero, zip, not. Look at Steve Jobs.

Ian Clark: Yep, that’s right.

Pamela Bardhi: Perfect example.

Ian Clark: The man had everything, all the money in the world.

Pamela Bardhi: Six months, I think. Right? Pancreatic.

Ian Clark: M. Yeah.

Pamela Bardhi: Right. Yeah.

Ian Clark: Ah. He was taken out. It was again, a lack of knowledge, and he got over a threshold that he couldn’t come back from. If I went back to Steve at that time, and I gave him the knowledge that I’ve learned, he would be completely out of that within six months. He wouldn’t be dead in six months. If I went back to myself in 2004, right now, it would be maximum six to seven months to get rid of all that problem. I don’t know if the tumor would have dissolved out that quickly, but it would have been put into a dormant state by then. The tumor was dormant for a couple of years before my body finally dissolved it out. But that’s the exact point.

So the younger you are right now, the sooner you get to start with these particular keys, the easier it’s going to be for you. I went through challenges that were very intense, but I made a commitment. I said, I will do whatever it takes. And I did suffer a lot because I had to go through certain detoxes that were kind of rough. But when I went through them and got through them, when I was going through them, I thought, man, I’m never glad. I didn’t know it was going to be this bad, because I might have opted out. But I’m so glad I got into it, because once you’re investing into it, you go all the way through. It’s like going through a firewall. You don’t stop halfway, okay? If you stop halfway in the firewall, you’re going to be burn to death.

You move and you move through as quick as you can, knowing you’ve got to get through. The cool thing is, there is a way through, and there is an end of the firewall when you get through it. And when you get through, you look back and go, that was so good. I’m so glad that happened. I don’t regret anything. I don’t regret being born in the 50s, being dump into the matrix with all the wrong programming. If that hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t be anywhere as able to be able to see and know what people are facing right now and have empathy for people and actually have the keys that unlock you out of that matrix. It’s not red pill, blue pill, it’s just knowledge and wisdom.

Pamela Bardhi: I love that.

Ian, are you able to share at least one of the keys to healthy health

Ian, are you able to share at least one of the keys of kind of like, where the magic lies and how you can genuinely heal yourself? Truly? I mean, all of these things that you talked about, your mobility, your air intake, I mean, all of these different elements to our health that nobody really thinks about on a daily basis. Right. It’s just like, let’s just go to the doctor and see what medication they’ll give. Yeah, but then they have side effects that goes to one thing, which then leads to it, and it’s like a whole domino effect. Right. Then you might have something worse than what you had when you started and just continues it.

Ian Clark: That’s right.

Pamela Bardhi: So I’d love to hear some of those keys, one key, two keys, however many keys you want to leave us with, for sure.

Ian Clark: Yeah. Well, it would take quite a long time to go through all of them, because they are methodical and they’re mathematical and scientific. But I can tell you one that’s really easy to get your head around is the breathing thing, so when you’re breathing all this stuff in, you have no choice but to absorb it in. You can’t change the air you’re living in, so anybody can point out the problems, but if you don’t have a solution to it, then what’s the point? So when you have in your body, there are five liters of blood, right? Now, if you were to have all the blood taken out of your body, it would amount to five liters, which is five quarts per se, depending on which system you’re on.

That five liters circulates every 60 seconds through your entire body, your immune system lives inside of your blood. People say, oh, the immune system is in the gut. No, it’s not. How could it be in the gut? The gut doesn’t roll through your whole body, the gut health affects your immune system, but it’s not your immune system. So the blood that is use by your body to deliver oxygen and nutrients to every cell in your body 24 hours a day, your entire life, is bringing in all the oxygen and all the nutrients that you’re eating, plus all the contaminants, whether you like it or not. There’s the alveolis inside the lung that are measure. When they take lungs out of a person’s body. They look like big chunks of meat.

But when they actually analyze the surface area to get the oxygen instantly into your bloodstream. It’s over 100 sq mi. That’s a big surface area. So all these nanoparticles go into your blood, and your blood delivers it to every cell in your body. And that’s why a person who’s 20, who has 100% kidney function, by the time they’re 60, if they don’t know what they’re doing, they have 35% kidney function. And that’s considere normal for a 60 year old. Nobody’s freaking out about that, but they should be. It’s like, what? Why would the filter, the main filter that cleans my blood, be working at 35% efficiency at 60? That’s mess up. That shouldn’t be that way, but the problem is that your body, although it does produce blood all day long, doesn’t produce near enough.

So that five liters kept getting fill up more and more and more, because it’s not staying ahead by producing more clean blood. Therefore, your filters get plug up, your kidneys and your liver, and they lose their efficiency. When you start losing your efficiency, you’re on a very fast downward spiral. A person at 60 can often look pretty good still, right? Yeah, they look okay. Look at them. When they’re 80, they don’t look so good. In that next 20 years, they look worse and worse, faster and faster, and then they’re usually dead, because the average life expectancy, which we don’t bother with anymore. But the reality is, in the mainstream matrix, the average life expectancy of a non health conscious North American is 74 to 79 years old. A health conscious one is between 75 and 85.

So, obviously, being health conscious is not enough. I watched experts and gurus in the health space die at one, at 58, one at 71, at 82. I’m like, why did they die? The only reason they died because they had health problems. Why do they have health problems? Because they didn’t know how to deal with it. They didn’t know how to remain healthy and get healthier every day. It’s not their fault. I’m not blaming them. I’m not calling them down. I’m just saying they never got to that access point to know, so what you can do is simple. Your blood is, and your body is 80% fluid. It is not 80% water. Water is h 20, which is nothing but h 20, clean water, like distilled water, reverse osmosis water. That’s really water. Your body is filled with electrolytes.

And if you cry a tear, what does it taste like? Tastes like the ocean. If you have water, splash in your mouth from the ocean, very similar to tears, very similar to sweat. So you have blood and lymph, you have five liters of lymph fluid as well, that you pump by moving. And you have mucus and saliva and tears and sweat and interstitial fluid, and intracellular fluid, and extracellular fluid, and on and on it goes. But anyways, 80% of you is fluid, so what I found out was that the only raw material on earth that you consume nutritionally has to come from the ocean. Because the distilled water has been raining on the earth our whole life for thousands and thousands of years, and it washed all the minerals out of the soil. Out of the surface soil.

So the place where all the vegetables grow, where all the grass grows, that’s the surface. That surface soil is also being contaminated by all the follow to all the pollutants in the air, which is over 1000 different things. And because there’s no proper minerals, then the vegetables don’t have what you need anymore. They don’t have the essential elements, and the animals don’t either, because they’re eating the grass. Animals eat grass. And then they make beef and lamb and chicken and turkey and whatever. So the element that you need is in the ocean. Because all the minerals got wash down into the water table, out, into the streams, rivers and tributaries, and ended up in the ocean.

Well, if you take ocean water and make it one third strength by adding two thirds water to it, that’s very similar to your blood matrix. And in the world wars, when soldiers would need blood transfusion and they ran out of blood supply because too many people got injured, they could go to the ocean, get the seawater, knock it down to what’s called isotonic, which is two thirds water, one third ocean water. So it brings the salinity down, two thirds down. There’s 35 grams of sea salt in every liter of ocean water normally. And they would inject it intravenously, this diluted ocean water into the skin, into the veins of these soldiers, and within two weeks, they would have a perfect blood system again. It’s like, why did that happen? That should have been a big clue.

When I started taking the right amount, within one year my body changed dramatically

So all you and I have to do is go and get a small amount of unrefined sea salt, and we have concentrated form in liquids. We have this product called oceans alive. It’s called oceans alive because the life from the ocean gives you life in your body when you consume it and when you take it into your system. Now you have the raw material your body needs to produce way more blood. Instead of just producing a little bit of blood, you produce a lot more. And so once I had the right formula, which I didn’t even get the actual right formula till 2022, because I knew about the sea salt, I knew about the sea minerals in the marine phytoplankton. I just wasn’t taking enough of it.

When I started taking the exact right amount, within one year, my body changed dramatically, because now I’m producing so much new blood that I wasn’t relying on my filters anymore. My body was able to dump the dirty blood into the toilet. I had liquid bowel movements for the first three months, and the blackest, nastiest stuff was coming out of me. It was amazing. But that was all the dirty blood that was dumping into my bowels that my body could dump, because now I have so much new, fresh blood, which I’d never had before, right? So then that clean blood went and cleaned out my kidneys. That’s why my kidneys are back like a 25 year old, because it cleaned it out, got it all unplugged.

Same with my liver, same with my pancreas, same with my brain, same with every organ in my body. And every bit of my tissue from the inside out has been cleanse by my clean blood production, and people have no clue about this. But the only way you’ll know, Pamela, is when you actually do this, and then you’ll go, oh, that’s. Wow, that actually works, and you’re young, so you starting is going to be a much better ride than it was for me. I had to go through a temporary time where my blood pressure went up because I had all this hardened stuff in my body that became soft and supple within eight months. So my blood pressure went up above normal. Then it went back down to normal after eight months.

So people say, oh, salt causes high blood pressure. No, it doesn’t. But it has to be in liquid form, because you’re a liquid being. And that’s one major key that if you simply do that, and this is the salt water, it’s got 5 grams of unrefined sea salt in every liter of water. So this is only like, less than half a liter in this glass. It’s probably, I think, ten or 11oz in there right now. And why is it purple? Because I put a bunch of fruit juice in it, and fruit juice is very interesting because bushes and trees that grow fruit go as far into the ground as they are above the ground. You can get a tree, a 90 foot tree, it goes down into the ground pretty much as far as it is above the ground.

That means it’s pulling all the nutrients from deep in the earth, bringing it up. A tree has a thing called popularity. It brings all the water from the earth all the way up to the very top of the trunk, all the way up to the branches, and floods the fruit, using photosynthesis from the sun to make these amazing trace minerals from the deepest part of the earth. Not relying on the surface area anymore. And when you eat the fruit and drink the juice with the salt water, you’re going to get so changed so quickly, and this is this super fuel. It does not require hardly any digestion power at all. You use all of it and the glucose, which has been condemn, right, people? Oh, sugar is bad, salt is bad.

That’s what we’re taught. That’s matrix stuff. Okay? You absolutely need a lot of salt and a lot of sugar. That’s what your body runs on. But here’s the problem. This is what happens. Because I did all these weird diets, right? Keto and carnivore and high fats and all that kind of stuff. Every cell in your body is like a little sphere, if you could see it under a microscope, and the outside of the sphere is called lipid membrane. Lipid means fat. And your body needs just the tiniest amount of fat at all times. As soon as you start consuming any fat, I don’t care. They call it good fat, bad fat. Well, don’t touch the bad fats like canola and all these terrible seed oils. They jam everything with their death on earth.

But any fat, it could be coconut oil, which is supposed to be really good for you. As soon as you have any more than what you’re actually supposed to have, that fat begins to build up in the lipid membrane of every cell in your body. The more fat you have over the amount you’re supposed to, it inhibits the glucose from getting into the cell to be burn as the superfuel. When that happens, when you have something sweet like fruit, your pancreas releases enough insulin, equal to the amount of sugar in your bloodstream, to drive the sugar into the cell. But when it tries to, it gives, can’t get in. Can’t get in. Too much fat. Oh, shoot. Right.

So if you have 20% too much fat in your lipid membrane, you’re going to get 20% of the sugar that is not going to get in the cell. When you have free sugar and free insulin running through your system, it causes a crash. It’s like poisoning your system. It’s not supposed to be like that. You need all of that to get into your cell. If you’re on a high fat diet, with all these new trends like keto and carnivore and all this stuff, you’re going to be further inhibiting. You’ll get up to 80, 90% of the glucose is not going to be able to get into the cell. You stress your body out. You start producing ketones, and then ketones give you energy.

You think, oh, that’s good. I’m getting energy from that. And I feel way better when I have less sugar, so sugar is bad. So people on these diets, they have to have less sugar because I tried them, I did them for a couple of years at a time, and I found that every time I had carbs, it would crash me. It wasn’t the carbs fault. It was the fact that I didn’t know that I only have to have this much fat, not this much, and I wasn’t overweight. I just had fat in my lipid membranes buried in my organs, buried throughout my body, stopping the glucose from going in.

So I stopped all fat, 100% went to straight up carbs. And all the lights went on. Like I’ve never, like, the whole stadium, like, lights on, energy through the roof. And I was like, oh, that’s what it was. Of course I need fat, but just a little tiny bit. Well, I overfatted my body so much on this carnivore keto thing that it’s like six months to a year to clean it up, and that’s fine. But the moment you start, the moment I started, no more crashing. Now I’m consuming a ton of carbs, every fruit I can get my hands on, eating as much as I can, eating like drinking.

All the vitamins that are in fruit totally empower you to get rid of microbes

And I only eat when I say as much as I can. I only eat till I’m not hungry.

Ian Clark: And I’ve got the juice. All the vitamins that are in the fruit totally empower you to get rid of all the microbes that are in your system. They can call them viruses, bacteria, parasites, I don’t care what they call them. They’re not supposed to be there, and they need to go, and your intestinal floor that’s healthy can then rise up to the occasion. And then instead of your body fighting this ongoing battle with your immune system and your blood, trying to control and deal with all this junk without energy, which makes you age faster and get tired, that goes away. So it’s not about some old fruitarian, vegetarian, vegan. Forget it. Those are titles.

People like titles because they’re entitled, right? I was entitled. I like titles. I don’t want any titles. I’m done with the titles. Because the title will restrict you and put you into a box, and that’s your box. You get to own it, right? So that’s one major key. The unrefined sea salt consumed every single day, I drink it all day. It’s always there. Plus all the fruit juice. Now I’m producing volumes of super high quality blood because the blood is requiring all those minerals to do so, and I don’t just run to some electrolyte company selling electrolytes. Oh, I’m going to get that one. And no, that’s not even close to the right matrix. To fix the problem, you just need the unrefined sea salt, which we sourced, which is super affordable. Anyone can afford this stuff.

Pamela Bardhi: I love that key within itself. I just learned so much for myself. And right after this is probably when I’m going to go to your website and go check this thing out, because I’m like, it makes so much sense, right? It makes so much sense that the more blood that you have in your system, the more that you can keep things moving. Oxygen is getting into the cells. I mean, disease can’t live in an oxygenated body. It just can’t. It won’t survive in it. Right.

If your body’s acidic, then that’s where disease kind of thrives. Oh, my goodness. This key was absolutely magical. And everyone who’s listening right now is probably like, oh, my goodness, this is incredible stuff. I mean, I’d love to know in your world, like, what’s up in your world in the next few months. Do you guys have any research going on right now? What are the initiatives on your end?

Ian Clark: Well, that’s what happened at the end of December, because all of the keys were given to me. The last key was the nutritional key. I knew it wasn’t quite there. Everybody kept telling me, you got to write a book. You got to get out there. You got to write, okay, I guess. But I knew I wasn’t ready to write it quite yet because I still knew there were some things missing. So it’s a matter of now it’s just get the word out. Because my job is to give you the keys. Once you have them, you do what you want with them. You don’t answer to me. You don’t answer to anybody except for yourself. You do answer to you right? And so you want to have the good answer coming back.

With a healthy body, that means your body is going to go to its exact weight that it wants to forget about losing weight, forget about gaining weight. Just let your body go to exactly where it wants. That’s you. You’re a unique person. Your body knows exactly where to go. So when you fuel it properly, then it can detox properly, because the clean blood is constantly being produce, washing all the garbage out. And there’s other things that we have that support it. We have a little thing called solaris.

It’s an ayurvedic blend of rosemary, clove, and thyme. And you just put it in your water and drink it. You can put it in your skin. It gets rid of all kinds of problems in the skin, and that just supports you, right. It’s not a miracle cure. It’s only a support mechanism. The miracle is that your body can heal itself. Like, if the leather seat in your car gets cut, it doesn’t heal itself. Your skin gets cut, it heals itself. It’s like, wow, how did that happen? Because you’re a living being. So when you have more life energy in you, more vitality, more strength, more power, and then this gives you super enthusiasm in your mental energy and your emotional energy.

You know, when you run into people who are just, like, totally happy for whatever reason, and even if the world’s crashing down around them, they’re still super happy somehow, that’s where you can go. And when you’re there, that empowers you. Joy is your strength. Enthusiasm drives everything, so I just got so enthusiastic. So the enthusiasm is to get this out to as many people as humanly possible so that you yourself can find out for yourself, rather than, oh, we got to follow Ian Clark.

Ian is very conscious about listening to yourself when teaching about health

No, you don’t. You need to follow you. And the more you bring yourself up, right, that way you don’t get sucked in by somebody.

Pamela Bardhi: I love that, Ian. I love that you are very conscious about listening to yourself, right, and not being like this person that’s like, oh, follow me, do all the things, right. That’s what happens sometimes in the health world, but I find it super powerful that you do that. You’re extremely humble, and I adore that. But I’m sure that people are going to be listening to this and listening to your massive key that you just dropped. And I’m sure you said multiple keys, so I can only imagine what else is coming, and then what’s going to be coming. It sounds like a future book, which I’m super excited about.

But what I know is everyone listening is going to be like, regardless of what Ian says, not to follow him or have him be the end all, be all, they’re going to want to follow you and connect with you and hear all about you and your awesomeness. So we’d love to hear, where can we find you in what’s the place to reach you? Websites, whatever you’ve got. Because this stuff, what you’re teaching, is incredibly powerful and can change someone’s life. Genuinely, if you can help somebody transform their health, you’re helping them transform their entire life. Once you feel better, then your relationships get better, everything gets better, right?

Ian Clark: Yes, that’s right. Healthy relationships, spiritual health, mental health, emotional, physical, domestic, financial relationship, health, environmental health, all those things are all combining to come together. So instead of using the word follow, I use the word share. I’m here to share with you. You are definitely going to have keys that you’re going to share with me as well that I didn’t know about, so it’s a sharing community of sharing the truth that you’ve actually experienced and you can measure and say, actually, that worked. And this is how I learned, by being open and not looking at somebody in any way other than saying, I think they probably have a golden nugget for the world that they could share with me and I would liste, and that’s how that all happened.

It was all these little tiny micro pieces of the puzzle that became big pieces, and my job was where Im  free. I could travel anywhere in the world. If you told me today, hey, wow, you know about that, or you need to meet that person over in France right now. I know this person in France who has a key. You got to meet him. And I go, sure, I could jump in a plane right now. I didn’t know when they shut the world down and the borders down, that was a little irritating because I couldn’t do anything they would require me to do to travel. I did wait until they stopped requiring those ridiculous things, so at any rate, yeah, it’s a sharing thing. So community building, and we are forming that right now. it’s not quite engaged, but we’ve been working diligently.

It takes a lot to build a community that’s really interactive, where we have little courses that you can get and you get a very affordable little membership. You get in to get the access. We also provide discounts for people because we’re always conscious about how much people have to spend time, energy, effort and money you want to spend the least amount of those things to get the maximum amount of results. That’s why the simplicity and the definitiveness is so important. So most of what you’re going to do for your health is actually free. And then you’re going to invest the right amount of money in the right place instead of spending all this money.

There are hundreds of thousands of little remedies out there in the form of supplements. And once you remove the problem, and the problem here, here, and here, you don’t need those remedies anymore. You don’t want to need remedies. Our job is to make sure you don’t need them anymore. Remedies are great along the way until you find out the truth about how to get rid of the problem. I needed remedies to start with. Wow. Did I ever. So, I’m not against remedies. I just say, let’s get you get yourself to the point where you don’t need those anymore. That’s the goal.

Pamela Bardhi: Absolutely. I love that, and I love that you guys are building this new platform. That is incredible. That is absolutely incredible. And I can’t wait to see when that drops. It sounds like it’s under the works and all of that, which is incredible.

Ian Clark launches activation products website and also publishes on social media

And where can we find you now, Ian? What are some links, some websites, your socials, anywhere that we can find you?

Ian Clark: Well, the main one right now is activationproducts.com, and the reason it’s called that is because these products do actually activate you to get feeling great and feel better. And then I’m also publishing. I don’t go on social media because I don’t have time, so that’s a bit of an issue. But I do publish on social media, so I’m publishing on TikTok. Just one, one and a half minute videos, also on Instagram. So it’s under Ian m activated on TikTok, and then Ian Clark activated on Instagram.

Pamela Bardhi: Absolutely. I love can’t. Well, I can’t wait to follow you on there, and I can’t wait for everyone else to engage with you there as well and see everything that you’re up to and learn more about these keys that you have. I personally can’t wait to learn more and to try out the fruit juice mixed with the unrefined sea salt. I mean, that’s just incredible stuff. Thank you so much, Ian, for being here today and sharing your story and one of your magic keys. I can’t wait to hear more and thank you for transforming lives through your work. My friend. Thank you so very much.

Ian Clark: Yeah, thank you for creating this platform. You’ve got to get this information out to people. It’s a big job to do that, and you’ve done an awesome job, so it’s really good.

Pamela Bardhi: Thank you so much, Ian. I appreciate you, my friend.

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