Today is 2.22 and finally, we’re launching Revelution!

As many of you know, I recently launched my newest venture called Revelution. But what you may not know is the deeper spiritual journey that led me to this innovative housing solution company.

For years, I found fulfillment and success in real estate development. But a few years ago, I had an epiphany – as impactful as my work was, I felt called to serve and help on an even larger scale. I went through a period of deep soul-searching and listening within to discern what form this could take.

That’s when the idea of modular construction first came to me. As an experienced developer, I was aware of the inefficiencies and delays plaguing traditional building methods. I saw an opportunity to streamline the process through prefabricated housing. This aligned with my values of sustainability and accessibility.

As I researched options like mobile homes and shipping containers, I was struck by the environmental benefits. By reusing materials already in circulation and minimizing site impact, we reduce waste and our footprint. With over 23 million containers being discarded each year – we aim to give them new life through our designs.

Most inspiring of all has been the potential social impact. By offering affordable, customized living spaces that are quick to install, we hope to help address the housing crisis and empower more people to pursue their dreams. Whether it’s multigenerational living, additional rental income, or workspace for small businesses, our goal is to support communities.

This journey has been spiritual – following signs to find innovative solutions rooted in service, sustainability, and positive change. I’m grateful for the opportunity, and hopeful that together we can revolutionize real estate for good.

The doors to Revelution are OPEN, and registration is officially LIVE! Check out So what do you need? Just these 2 things:

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P.S. No need to stress – this isn’t a sprint. I’m not expecting slots to vanish in a heartbeat. But, if you want to be the trailblazer, snag your very own shipping home container, and grab first-hand guidance from me and the team, then don’t hesitate. Secure your slot now:

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Revolutionizing Real Estate Through Revelution

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the underdog podcast. It is 222, and the revolution begins today. What does that mean? That means I am releasing my newest business. my newest venture. that I’ve put together with some of the most incredible souls in this universe. And I can’t wait to tell you all about it. So to 22 First, let me get back to you on why I chose this number. This number really stuck out to me because the numbers 222. are believe to carry a profound message of balance, harmony and spiritual alignment. It signifies the harmony between opposing forces, and encourages us to find peace in our lives. Now, the big word here is alignment. Let me tell you guys why I really started this new venture. For those of you who don’t know, revolution is my latest company.

That is a modular housing solution company that provides creative housing solutions. like accessory dwelling units, backyard offices, sheds, mobile offices. all of that stuff, all built out of shipping containers. And we do this all across the United States of America. essentially, we work with different individuals, we work with homeowners. we work with builders and contractors, we work with real estate agents. Most importantly, we have a development side of this. where we really have a strong focus on building intentional communities, and conscious communities. which were team up with an incredible team. in order to really lay out these types of communities across the United States of America. So we’re super excited. I mean, some of you guys have heard about it. some of you have seen it on my social media.

I mean, this is the company that has come straight from my soul. It’s the intersection of my construction, my development, my coaching. my love for small business, my love for people. my underdog background, like all of that intersected all in one place. And there’s a million and a half reasons as to why I chose this. so it’s been funny. I’ve been studying everything in the shipping container realm in modular construction realm for a long time. I mean, being in development, for the last 10 years. I’ve learned a lot being boots on the ground construction. also putting the deals together. And real estate strategy, you know, with everything I’ve done on the brokerage side of things, too.

So between the construction development and brokerage companies. I have learned different elements of the real estate game. and really, struggled to find a way to make it accessible for the people. Now, I’m big on accessibility, because this is the United States of America. this is the greatest country in the world and in my opinion. the reason we’re so great is because we have access. My parents were able to come here and build a life and a legacy based on their access to knowledge. to basically have an opportunity to have a leg up through owning a small business. and then owning real estate, and so on and so forth. But the point is they had that accessibility right. Without that accessibility, I wouldn’t be here speaking to you today. And they enabled me to get an education and all of that.

So the root of all that I do, and I’ve said this since I was about seven years old. I said I want to become super rich one day, and I want to become super rich. because if you’re super rich, then you gain the money. And with the money, you can do good things with it. Money in the right hands changes the world. it changes the world, and that’s exactly what we’re doing with my newest venture. We’re literally starting a revolution in real estate. we are going to put a massive dent in the housing crisis. we are going to change millions of lives. And I’m sure of it, especially with our capability to scale all across the United States. with some incredible partners that we’re just beyond grateful for.

And not only are we launching the Container Company. but we’re also launching a financing company alongside it as well which is beyond exciting. So not only are you going to be able to purchase these containers fully built out. but then you’re also going to be able to finance them at a very Low downpayment. my team and I are quite literally changing the game. and changing the landscape of what the future is going to look like. in real estate and really putting a massive dent in it. So some people ask me, like, Pam, what’s revolution? Because it’s not spell the normal way. It’s actually spell as REVL, UT Iowa, and what does that mean?

If in case you guys didn’t know, I’m a very spiritual person, in my life experience. and I welcome all different thoughts and all different religions and everything like that. But in my experience I have always walked a path with God, the universe. whatever you want to call it, always being very intentional and always listening. and sometimes not listening to my intuitions. I am human, and sometimes I don’t listen. But essentially building this business being starting in it just even in the first place. I really came to a space where I was always trusting God. I went from, to restaurants to then diving into real estate development 10 years ago.

And now diving into this in 2020, I had this little God tap that basically was like, hey, Pam, you’re doing great things for yourself. What are you doing for the world? And at that point, you guys. I was already featured in Forbes, I was already featured in Time magazine. I had already hit massive seven figure year that was just out of this world. I’m talking net, not gross, so big difference. So I’m not saying this to brag, I’m saying this to tell you that even when you do get to a certain number that you’re like. Oh, my God, that’s my dream. It’s actually not a dream, because what happened to me was had this epiphany. where it was like, Oh, my God, I’m only serving X amount of the population, and it doesn’t feel right.

I know, there’s something out there for me, that I can help a tonne of people with. And what is that? So I literally have been soul searching and have been working on this subconsciously. for the last four years, and it’s insane how it all came together. I was like there’s got to be like a turnkey housing solution that we can really quickly get these units out. do them at scale, so that we can battle the inefficiencies of construction. Because all my contractors that are listening, and all my developers that are listening. or anyone who’s ever got renovations done to their house, knows, damn well, that nothing finishes on time. there’s a lot of delays, you know, one contractor is dependent on another one to show up. and that this whole process is what slows the whole timeline down.

And because of that, our labour costs increase, our holding costs increase everything increases. which is what makes real estate so expensive and almost impossible to create more units. Or if they are, they’re super expensive. So there was just all these things that I was studying in the space. really just, you know, that I started digging into the model of modular construction. I started looking into mobile home parks. one of those look like just any other alternative housing solution. that just wasn’t being look at. And like even conclusion coming across containers, I thought it was absolutely incredible. because for many reasons containers are on reel. and I didn’t know just how incredible they were until I really started diving into them. I mean, you’re talking about the here’s that here’s just like some benefit about it.

So when you’re using these containers, I mean, there’s a positive environmental impact. because when you’re doing excavation, it’s it’s not it’s very minimal, what you’re doing to the site. So you don’t have to be digging and going into creating basements and you can just create a slab. or just build this on like helical piles or piers to hold the container on for all four sides. so there’s the environmental footprint and sustainability. Now the sustainability factor of containers is that 23 million of these get throw out every single year. 250 million containers are circulating the globe at any given point in time right now doing importing and exporting. roughly 2020 was probably up to like 23 to 25 million. at this point of how many of them gets throw out a year.

And what happens to those beautiful steel structures. they just get throw and will often yards and what have you. So what we do is we take the ones that have been on the seas. just once, and they’re call the one trip containers. essentially, those are the ones that we build our units out with. so that they’re still in pretty good shape. And I mean, there’s a million different uses for them guys. we build this in a temperature controlled warehouse, the whole entire unit. So when it comes to you, it actually is fully built out. with like full kitchen, full bath, flooring, painting all that. When it comes to your house. we literally drop it off on the foundation and connect the utilities and that’s it, you’re done. Like within 24 to 48 hours you have a housing unit in your backyard.

It’s pretty damn amazing, and our warehouse production time is roughly eight to 12 weeks.  as I mentioned a little bit earlier. we were licensed builders in all 50 states and not only can we do accessory dwelling units. backyard offices and all this gorgeous stuff. We also can put these on mobile trailers so that they’re fully movable. and we can do like mobile offices, mobile pop ups, all types of stuff. which is really, really incredible. But the main thing about the containers are, I mean, you can stack them. you can use them however you want to, they’re structurally sound. And what’s really big is that they’re pretty much hurricane proof, tornado proof fire. all that stuff is really something that has to be taken into account when it comes to these. we build everything to IRC and ICC code.

So basically, and all the stretch energy codes as well. Everything is it’s built actually stronger than even your houses. six inches worth of closed cell insulation. I mean, there’s a lot that goes into these. but essentially, it’s pretty, pretty simple. You can move them any time, you can install them really anywhere. you can go to all 50 states or any port via ship. There’s a million different reasons why these containers are pretty awesome. But we’ve made the process really awesome as well. Basically, if you’re interested in one, you just submit the site review. basically, which is like your address, and then the goals. like what are your goals for having this container on your property? And what do you want it?

You know, what do you want it to do, we do the site review. then we get back to you with our thoughts. and then you help you arrange like financing options. then we place the order for the container. the container takes about eight to 12 weeks to be made at our warehouse. we bring it out to you within one to three business days. drop it on the site with a crane connected the utilities. and quite literally call it a day for you. And then you’re good to go. You’re not having to live through construction. you’re not having to live through any of that nonsense that comes with building. a whole new housing unit, and who is this for? Really, I mean, who was I thinking of when I was building this company out?

Now, I’m thinking about the families that have elderly parents. they both want their space, but they want to be together at the same time. I’m thinking about the families that have older kids, extended families. older kids that can’t afford to buy a new house or extended family that can’t afford to buy a house. but they still want to be close. they still want the privacy at the same time. families that need additional rental income to come in. in order for them to sustain and live where they are. Because housing costs have increased so dramatically. So these are the people I’m thinking of, I’m thinking of the middle class more than anything else.

I’m thinking of the entrepreneur who’s sitting in their backyard. that’s able to grow and scale their business a little bit. because they had this a little bit more space in their home to make something happen. I’m thinking about, especially about the middle class, and entrepreneurs when building this. And that’s really the heart of the company is really this. we want to give the power back to the middle class create affordable housing options.  then options that work for small business owners. And really, it’s from that space that we created this now. Revolution, as I mentioned earlier, so it’s not spelled how it normally is. So it’s r e v e l u t IO n. So it’s a cross between a revolution and the Book of Revelations.

Now, what does the Book of Revelations talk about in the Bible. and for all my Christians, you guys will know. So the Book of Revelations is full of visions and images that points to the return of Jesus as the ultimate King. and where we usher in new creation. Now, ushering in new creation is a big thing. For me, this is exactly what we are doing as a company. to put a dent in the small and this massive crisis that we’re having. how to kind of bring practicality to properties so that people can actually use them. like I said, like the accessory dwelling units, and these backyard offices and all these different things. the conscious communities that we’re going to be creating all across the United States as well.

I mean, the commercial uses that you could have for these units where you can put them on wheels. do pop up shops wherever you want. I mean, there’s a million and a half different uses for these. And I’m so excited to be one of the forefront runners in this and ushering in the new creation. of what real estate is going to look like for the future. I mean, quite literally, this is it. Then you can build these all at scale, you can send them anywhere in the United States. I mean, I am just so freakin thrilled. like you guys and everyone kind of makes fun of me with this company. because they’re like, Pam, you are so crazy. Passionate about this. I’m like, yes, because I’ve been in the game for 10 years. I have never seen anything like this.

And I have an incredible team that’s just going to take this to the moon and back as a unit. We’re going to conquer everything and we’re going to help millions of people. as I said earlier, to create different solutions for them, whatever, whatever they need via that. entertainer. So we’re just so excited to be one of the trailblazers in this industry. alongside some incredible souls and partners that we have. And as I mentioned, we have a finance financing company that’s launching right. alongside this that’s going to provide financing opportunities. for quite literally 5% down you guys. So like, we’re literally rewriting the history books and federal guidelines in order to make this happen.

Like, I am so ecstatic and honoured and just thank you guys for constantly listening to my podcast. When I first started, I swear I only thought a couple of people were gonna listen. And here we are 90 countries, and in the top 1.5% of podcasts in the world. and just for supporting all my endeavours for sticking with me throughout all of this. it has been an absolute journey. But this, this is my sole purpose. This is my legacy, and I’m so excited to build this with you. really just take life to a whole new level. so we can create a better world together. As I said earlier, money in the right hands changes the world. So let’s shift the game. Let’s shift the paradigm, and thank you. Thank you. 

Now let the revolution begin. Also, if you guys want some information on revolution and all of that. check my social media accounts for sure we’ve been posting a tonne of content on there. So Pamela underscore Bardhi on Instagram also on LinkedIn. That’s where we’re the most active and then check out for some more information as well. We are so excited for the revolution to begin and we are finally here. so that’s it for today’s episode of underdog catch us next week, always dropping on Thursdays. And remember, if you’re interested in real estate.  or want to learn how to create more money and magic in your life. check out meet with and let’s chat sending you so so much love know is over time.


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