Dedric and Krystal Polite

Curious about how underdogs can rise to the top in the competitive world of real estate? Tune in to the latest podcast episode of The Underdog featuring Krystal and Dedric Polite. This powerhouse duo has gone from childhood dreams to starring in their reality show, ’50/50 Flip,’ available on Hulu.

It all began with a chance encounter at a Boston gas station, where a simple exchange of business cards led to a journey of entrepreneurial triumphs and life-changing opportunities. Now, through their real estate coaching program, the Polite Wealth Portal, they aim to empower the next generation to build their legacies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Importance of timing and patience: The couple emphasizes the importance of timing, patience, and allowing each other to grow individually before committing to a serious relationship. 
  • God’s timing is perfect: Krystal and Dedric received mixed opinions on the foundation of their relationship. The couple persisted and mentioned that what is for you will be yours. God is going to make sure that that happens.
  • Faith, perseverance, and continuous learning: Their dedication to learning, hiring coaches, embracing opportunities, and mutual support in their relationship contributed to their success. 
  • Personal Mission: It’s not just about the money for Krystal and Dedric. They want to elevate others – to share what they’ve acquired, and to help people break free from generational poverty through their real estate coaching program, the Polite Wealth Portal.
  • Empire expansion: the Polites are also venturing into the world of family entertainment, bringing joy and connection to communities. Their next big project? A 40,000-square-foot Skyzone Trampoline Park that promises to be a haven of fun and family memories.

The Polites remind us that with the right mindset, a solid plan, and a heart for giving back, anything is possible. 

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Dedric and Krystal Polite’s Story of Faith, Timing and Destiny, and Building an Empire of Wealth and Impact

Dedric Polite: Hi, I’m Kevin Harrington, an original shark from the hit television show Shark Tank, and you’re listening to the underdog podcast.

Krystal Polite: All we know is, over time, barking like the underdog. Underdog. Underdog.

Dedric Polite: Underdog. Underdog.

Pamela Bardhi: Hello, everyone, and welcome to the underdog podcast. Today, I am honored and privileged to have crystal and dedrick polite in the building. My fellow Bostonians, we’re holding it down all across the United States of America. How are you guys?

Dedric Polite: Yes, thank you, Pam m. We’re doing great. Thanks for having us.

Krystal Polite: Hey, Pam, how’s it going?

Pamela Bardhi: Listen, we’re having a good time. I’m just blessed. I mean, you guys are literally dropping season two. Today.

Dedric Polite: Is the launch day. It’s on Hulu right now. All ten episodes of our second season of our house flipping reality show, 50 50 flip, is on hulu right now.

Pamela Bardhi: Oh, my goodness. We were just talking about God working overtime, and I’m telling you where he is, and especially through you both. I mean, I’ve been watching you, and I’ve been hearing your story where it’s in the same mastermind and family, and I’m just like, every time, I’m like, man, they’re just amazing. That’s a power couple right there. They’re just out there cranking it. And while you’re doing good for the community, right, like, everything that you guys are super focused on helping other people elevate.

Both of you dreamed of becoming real estate moguls when you were young

And there’s just so much that I want to hear about and ask you today, just about your journey, your story, and all the things for both of you, and I always like to take way back. I’m a throwback kind of gal, but this is, like, way back. So, growing up for both of you, what did you both want to be when you grew up? What was, like, the childhood dream?

Dedric Polite: Of course, sports was big for me, so I wanted to be an NFL player or NBA player, but secondary to that is, I wanted to be a real estate mogul. And I remember I was born in a small town in South Carolina. My mom moved to Boston in the better opportunities, and we would drive up I 95, going down 95 to visit family every year, and we would drive through New York City. I’d see the big skyscrapers and all the massive buildings with the big names on it. I’d be like, one day, I want to own one of those buildings. I want to be in real estate, and as God would have it, 30, 40 years later, here I am. M as a real estate investor and.

Krystal Polite: Developer, mine was nothing of the sorts for me. It’s crazy. Since I was born, I wanted to. My mother said from birth, I’ve always said I wanted to be an attorney. Actually, I wanted to be an attorney. I wanted to own my own law firm, and I wanted to hire homeless people to train them and staff them, because I’m very huge on helping the homeless population. So I’ve been saying that since I was, like, four. That was my goal all the way up until I got into college. And I would say, like, my freshman year, by the end of my freshman year, I was a professional dancer at a young age as well.

So by the time I got into college, I was dancing already professionally, and I got into modeling from dancing, that natural progression. And I had ended up writing, producing, and directing my own stage play around, my freshman year in college.

Dedric Polite: Right?

Krystal Polite: In college. From there, I was like, I love this. I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur. So I knew from day one I was never going to be able to work for anyone, so I just thought it was going to be law. I ended up changing my major to business because I wanted to get into business. After doing my stage play, taking it on tour at 18, of course, I got Rob blonde, you know, business partner.

Dedric Polite: From a business partner, 10,000, 20,000 a show, right?

Krystal Polite: I was coming in with 500.

Dedric Polite: He was handling the money, but I.

Krystal Polite: Wouldn’t change anything because it taught me so much in life. But from that point, I said, you know what? I want to get into business and owning my own. I didn’t at that point, I wanted to get into producing as well and directing, because I was doing it now.

Dedric Polite: With our tv show, right. You were pretty much the executive producer.

Krystal Polite: My executive producer, Mickey, he’ll tell you, okay?

Dedric Polite: He’s from Boston, too. He’ll be like, I’m the showrunner, but Crystal runs your show. Everybody knows.

Krystal Polite: So I guess I lived out my dream a little bit, too.

Pamela Bardhi: Look at you. That is incredible. That is incredible, because you both are living it out in your own way.

Krystal Polite: Right, which is m. Yes.

Pamela Bardhi: Magic. And so it is, they say, right? So it’s like, when you say it, when you work towards it, it’s like nothing stopping that. Nothing’s stopping that.

Dedric Polite: God is good. It literally came full circle from our childhood dreams. We’re now doing what we dreamed of.

Pamela Bardhi: That’s incredible. That’s incredible. And that’s the most beautiful thing to see, because that’s when you’re living in your purpose, you’re living in flow, you’re living in all the things. And that’s when everything else manifests as it should. Right?

Krystal Polite: There you go.

Pamela Bardhi: Which is incredible.

Crystal and Dedrick met at a gas station in Boston

And what I would love to know is how you two cross paths, because it sounds like destiny to me, because, listen, you’re both living out your dreams, and now you’re able to do it together as a union, which is even more beautiful. So I would love to hear, because, crystal, I heard you tell the story at family before, and I was laughing so hard, on how this was going down, so how did you.

Dedric Polite: All I got to say is, on High Park Ave. In Boston. Anybody knows in Boston, high park Ave, how do they,

Krystal Polite: And a lot of people forget that we are from Boston, right, except for the people here. So especially with me, they’ll hear. I try to not sound so bostonian at times.

Dedric Polite: They hear her accent.

Krystal Polite: They hear the accent. But we met in Boston because that’s where we grew up. So, high park Ave, at the gas station at the corner of High park and Cummins highway. Never go to this gas station, because I was like, every time you go, ain’t no gas here. This is a drug front.

Dedric Polite: They would never have fuel at the gas station.

Krystal Polite: Never, and the only reason why I stopped that day is because I was on e. Normally, women usually run it till you can’t run it no more underneath e. Yeah. And, ah, I was on below e. I said, I got to stop or I’m going to be pushing, and I’m too cute to push, so let me go on to stop. I stopped the guy who gas and Dedrick actually was on the other side of the pump, and I tell people, pump six.

Dedric Polite: I never stopped there either.

Krystal Polite: And we were literally at pump six, and he came over and started talking to me. We started talking. We exchanged business cards with each other, and I only did that just to let him know where my head was at the time. Right. It’s easy to be like, oh, he had put my number in your phone. Yeah, I put my number in.

Dedric Polite: He gave me her business card. I gave her my business card, yes.

Krystal Polite: And did ask her.

Dedric Polite: She had some shades on, and she was absolutely beautiful. That’s why I went up and talked to her, she has some shades on. I did ask her to take off her shades, and she asked me later, why did you ask me to take off my shades? I was like, I wanted to make sure you didn’t have a wandering eye. I’m like, everything else is straight. I got to make sure that that eye wasn’t wandering. And we good to go.

Pamela Bardhi: Literally.

Krystal Polite: He did.

Pamela Bardhi: You know, what’s hilarious about this? I can picture this whole thing happening because I know exactly what gas station you’re talking about. It’s across from Atlas liquors and it’s massive gas station for absolutely red trail for absolutely no reason. So I can picture this whole thing going down and crystal literally passing you.

Krystal Polite: The card, be like,

Pamela Bardhi: Here you go.

Dedric Polite: Yeah. And the crazy thing is that she called her best friend right after we met and was like, I just met the man I’m going to marry. I called one of my best friends like I just met the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.

Krystal Polite: And it wasn’t because he just blew me away, it wasn’t because I was like, oh my God, he’s the one. That’s not why I caught, I said that I called her because I’ve been dreaming about him for probably 1015 years and I never saw his face. Never saw his face. I knew what his body looked like, I knew what his legs, his arms, I knew what everything looked like but this face. And I’ve been dreaming of this guy for probably 1015 years, and then when he spoke, I knew the voice. So as soon as he spoke and we were talking, I was like, m and literally in the middle conversation, he probably don’t even realize I was just like.

And so that’s why when he left, I was like, holy crap, that’s him. That’s the dude I’ve been dreaming of all these years, and I had already in my dreams, it was manifested. So I knew that this was the person I was going to marry because it was already in my dreams. It was deja vu, so when I called my girlfriend and I had already been proposed to multiple times. So when I called her, I was like, yo, you’re not going to believe this. I said, I just met the guy that I’m going to marry, and she’s like, what?

Dedric Polite: Girl?

Krystal Polite: Please. I said, no, I really just met the guy I’m going to marry. I said, this is dude I’ve been dreaming about for like ten plus years. I was like, holy crap, I just met him. She was like, where? I said, at the gas station. So of course she was like, girl. And I remember when desire and I got together and you know, which is funny because y’all hear it and be like, what? We got together, went out on our.

Dedric Polite: First business Joe’s, and indettem Joe’s on route one, all american grill. That was our first date, a business luncheon.

Krystal Polite: And he had literally said to me, he was yeah, you know, we’re talking getting to know each other, and I was going to,

Am Am was dating a man when he asked me out on first date

What’s your credit score? Okay, what’s your three year goals? What’s your five year goals? Are you an entrepreneur?

Pamela Bardhi: Oh, really?

Krystal Polite: What are you doing? Entrepreneurial realm. Okay. How’s that been going for you? How long have you been doing it? Do you plan on staying in Boston? Forever? Because anyone who’s planning on being with me has to be prepared to move. I said, I won’t be here in the next couple of years. So we went back and forth over real stuff.

Dedric Polite: This was our first date, and it was like an interview, so she was interviewing me, and I was interviewing her as well, right? Because, of course, the physical package, we were both attracted to each other, but we were like, she had to make sure she knew where my head was at, and I have to make sure I knew where her head was at and that we were equally yoked.

Krystal Polite: And it was after that he came to me. He was like, oh, I want to be with you. I said, no, you’re not ready.

Dedric Polite: I wasn’t ready at the time. I was 28, still used to being a bachelor, living my best life. I wasn’t ready. I was still kind of getting that party out, my system. And she was right.

Krystal Polite: I told him, I said, listen. He was like, no, I want to be with you. I said, no.

Dedric Polite: Of course. I protested. I was like, no.

Krystal Polite: I said, you’re not ready. I said, come back in a year, and we’ll revisit this. I said, listen, I want you to go off, enjoy your life.

Dedric Polite: She said, so your royal oats.

Krystal Polite: Sell your royal oats.

Dedric Polite: Literally.

Krystal Polite: I said, I want you to party. I want you to travel, ride your motorcycle, sleep with other girls, go out there, pop bottles. I want you to have fun. Come back in a year, and if you are still interested in being with me, then we can revisit this. It took him a couple of weeks to see that I was serious, and then he was like, oh, she’s for real. And then he finally went off and lived his life, and that’s because I knew he wasn’t ready. And I knew if I would have forced it, then you wouldn’t be speaking to us today, because I’m not the type of woman who would have. He still had too much plane.

He need to get out of his system, and I was okay with that, right? So it wasn’t to me about, oh, let me rush him to being where I’m at right now. I met him where he was and understood where he was. And I said, it’s okay that you are right there. I’m not going to force you to be where I’m at. Let me let you live your life, and then if you are still wanting to be with me, circle back and we can pick up from there, and we can revisit this. Most people be like, oh, so you waited around? And I’d be like, nowhere in that.

Dedric Polite: For the record, she did not wait for me. I went and lived my best life and travelled and had a lot of fun for about a good year. And then when I was ready, I came back. I was like, all right, I’m ready for us to start dating. She was in a whole relationship with someone else, so my whole face was cracked. I said, well, damn, okay, this is what we’re doing. So when I came back, she wouldn’t pick up my phone calls, she pretty much ghosted me because she was like, look, I’m in a relationship, so this never happened to me before. She went pick up my phone calls, not answering the phone.

So I literally showed up at her apartment in Roslyndale, right on Conway court, right next to Roslyndale Square. And I see her car outside, so I’m like, I know she’s here, and I’ve never done anything like this before. I go up, and I’m, like, knocking at her apartment door. I know she’s in there, but I’m like, I’m not hearing anybody. I got my ear to the door, so I’m like, am I crazy? Am I doing some stalker stuff? That’s how I knew I was in love, because I’d never done anything like that before. Then finally one day, she picked up the phone accidentally, and she hasn’t been able to get rid of me ever since.

Pamela Bardhi: You guys are incredible. I love this whole story.

Crystal and Ded met in their late 20s, about 2021

And I have some questions for you on these, because this is, like, first off, how you manifested each other, I think is insane, because I’ve heard people talk about this in the past where they’re like, no, I know what my life partner looks like. And it’s like, how did you envision it? Especially for you, Crystal, because you were mentioning you knew exactly what he looked like. Everything except for his face, even down to his voice. How long were you seeing that image before you actually met him?

Krystal Polite: Ten plus years. I’ve been dreaming about him. specifically, probably about close to. Since I was 20. I was dreaming about him since I was about 25.

Dedric Polite: So I am the man of your dreams.

Krystal Polite: Yes. Around 25. I started dreaming about him, and it continued all the way. And I met you. How old would I. No, not even. I say about 20. We met in our late 20s, about 2021. I started all of a sudden having these dreams.

Dedric Polite: She’s a visionary, so she can see things before they happen. It’s an amazing gift she has. Amazing,

Pamela Bardhi: Oh, my God. And how did you know this was the woman of your dreams? Had you seen her also?

Dedric Polite: Yeah. So how did I know? I mean, it was just everything about her, obviously, she was extremely attractive. She was intelligent, she was ambitious, super ambitious. And also she coached football, so I’m a big sports player, and I found out she was a football coach. I’m like, this girl has a total package. I wasn’t ready to settle down, but I’m like, when I’m ready, this is the one. And God, definitely he knew what he was doing when he sent crystal m my way.

Krystal Polite: Now, we don’t be full transparency. He was nowhere near ready. Okay.

Dedric Polite: No, because men mature at, ah, different, slower rates than women.

Krystal Polite: Ah.

Dedric Polite: So I’m in my late 20s. I’m still living a bachelor lifestyle, where she was more mature at that point and ready to settle down.

Krystal Polite: Yeah, much more. And I’m only a year older than him, sugar mama. But I knew at that point what I wanted out of life, and I knew that if I rushed him, I would ruin it.

Dedric Polite: And a lot of women, when they hear the story, they’re, you know, what were you thinking? What if he didn’t come back and crystal, tells him? She’s like, well, you would be just talking to another guy standing right next to you right now. She wasn’t worried about me not coming back. Circling back around, right?

Krystal Polite: It had been said a dedrick. It had been Mike, Daryl, debris, Joshua. It don’t matter. He has still been in the same position.

Dedric Polite: But a lot of men appreciate her perspective as well.

Krystal Polite: Yeah. I’ve had so many men at conferences come up to me. I’ve had men crying coming up.

Dedric Polite: Yeah. Like, when they hear the story, they literally get emotional break down because they.

Krystal Polite: Will listen to the podcast, and a lot of them listen to the podcast that we had done first time we ever explained how we met. And they come up to me at the conferences, and they’d be like, that podcast changed my life. It made me have some real conversations with my wife. One guy came up to me, and he says, for Easter, him and a bunch of their friends from college always get together couples, and they got together and we were at a conference in Charlote, and he said, I made everyone sit down and watch this podcast, and everybody’s like, oh, God, not another real estate.

And he was like, no, I want you to listen to this one particular couple in their conversation. He was like, and then it ended. They all had, for the first time, real deep conversations with their wives. He was like, and it was crying, it was yelling, it was hugging. He was like, every emotion was in the building, because for the first time, we were really transparent with each other. And he was like, and I told my wife I was him. I was Dedrick. I wasn’t ready when we got married, but I felt know the pressure you was putting on me, it was either now or I was going to lose you.

Where had you just allowed me to know a little bit more time and for me to get some stuff out my system, we wouldn’t have had so many problems the first four or five years of our marriage. He was like, you know, there was a lot of infidelity, and he was like, it wasn’t until I heard you speak that it explained why and how something like this could have been different had someone would have given me the choices that you gave your husband. He was like, and then from me saying that, everyone, all of my friends had those conversations.

Dedric Polite: Yeah, me too.

Krystal Polite: With their wives. And was like, if we’re going to be honest, me too. He’s like, and then he was like, of course. Our wives was like, oh, no, that was not you. And then they were like, well, how are you going to tell me how.

Dedric Polite: I’m supposed to feel?

Krystal Polite: I was feeling, And I tell people there’s no right way or wrong way. That was just my way. When we met, I knew he wasn’t ready, and I wasn’t going to force him to be something that he wasn’t. What God had for me was for me. So I wasn’t worried about him not returning.

Pamela Bardhi: I love that. I was just about to say, because from a woman’s is.

Crystal says he knew from the day he saw him that God was guiding him

That’s incredible from a man’s perspective, both ways that you look at this, and what I’m interested in hearing a little bit more on crystal is like, how did you have the strength to kind of recognize that and be able to put that boundary out there and to say, like, hey, listen, no, you’re not know, because that takes an extreme amount of strength, and confidence within yourself and within God. Right. To know, like, hey, what’s mine is mine, and if it’s meant to return, it will return. Right? So you have that level of faith that’s like, unshakable, which is so incredible to see. And I feel like that had a lot to do with it, but I’d love to hear kind of your perspective on that.

For the ladies listening that are like, oh, my God, I could never do that. They’d be like, nah, he’s not going to be with any other girl. Right. But it’s like when you really love somebody, you give them that space to grow and then you let it manifest as it should. Right? So I would love, love to hear your thoughts on that. Oh, there’s ladies listening right now that are like, oh, hold on, crystal.

Krystal Polite: Yeah. Because I heard from a lot of.

Dedric Polite: Them, they dm were too, like, you need to get your head checked.

Krystal Polite: I heard from a lot of your.

Dedric Polite: Face would have been cracked if he didn’t come back.

Krystal Polite: I’ve heard it from women who was like, I really appreciated hearing what you had to say because it made me think of stuff differently and how I was conducting myself. And then I heard from women like, yeah, well, your face would have been cracked if he ain’t come back, and you don’t know what he was doing when he wasn’t with you. I said he was doing what I told him to do, which is, I don’t care what you do. Get out there and live your life. I told him, party, travel, ride your motorcycle, sleep with girls, pop bottles.

Anything that makes you happy, I want you to go do, and it is exactly that, Pam. My faith is too strong in what God has for me. I don’t ever want what someone else has, because it was never meant for me. If it is, God is going to put it in my path. And with Dedrick, I knew from the day I saw him at that gas station that God had already put him in my path. My story ain’t changed. Everybody who knows me know the story has been the same. What year do we meet?

Dedric Polite: 2009.

Krystal Polite: 2009. My story ain’t changed. It’s been the exact same story. I dreamt of him since I was in my. When I heard his voice, I knew who he was. So I knew God had at that point. Now, Dejuk and I, Boston people, you know, but people who aren’t from, they don’t realize Boston is small.

Krystal Polite: It really is when you see big cities, because the circles are small. So we come to find out Dejik and I were at so many of the same events, so many of the same. We were on boats.

Dedric Polite: know, they masquerade these events as.

Krystal Polite: Networking events, and never ran into each other. Never ran into each other, and we were on some of the same boats, parties, never saw each other and I told him that was because God knew it was not our time to meet. He also knew had we met any other time, we would have immediately been drawn to each other, immediately. So he knew at those times that wasn’t the time he wanted us to meet, so we didn’t. And the time, which is weird, out of all the places we know now, it’s been at least ten to twelve events that we were at the same event, same exact event. So we never crossed paths, and it wasn’t a, happenstance at a gas station pump. Six, out of all places. I said that was nobody but God who did that.

Krystal Polite: So I tell women this, what is meant for you will be yours, and whether you give this man a month, two months, six months or a year, if he is meant to be with you, God is going to make sure that that happens. But rushing him or rushing her, if she’s not ready, because had he met me, probably a year before tables would have been turned, I wouldn’t have been ready at that point, right? I’m a realist, and I’m probably one of the greatest realists most people will ever meet. Because a lot of the stuff that comes out my mouth shocks people that this is how I think, but I believe in meeting people where they are. And for Dedrick, if we would have gotten together one day sooner, it would have ruined what I knew we were destined to build.

That’s why when we sat down and we had that conversation, I didn’t care about his favorite food because I wasn’t cooking it. I didn’t care about his favorite color. I didn’t care about none of that cute stuff that you think about, all that stuff of non substance on date. I didn’t care about that. I was trying to get to know him. Surface level. Now, we’ve been 1819. Oh, that’s cute. What kind of sneakers you like? Okay, what’s your favorite movie? No, in our late twenties at that point, I was trying to build, and I was in Boston, and I was trying to get a nightclub in Boston. At the time, I wasn’t there anymore. My mindset wasn’t on being cute and looking cute as look, I don’t got.

Dedric Polite: That type of time now.

Krystal Polite: My clock, I’m ready to build, and that was the clock I was talking about, because I wasn’t thinking about kids, I was thinking about building something. And you have a short window at times of, when you got that energy to run these streets, and that’s what I was thinking of. So that’s why I tell women, don’t ever worry about whether or not he’s going to come back. I can guarantee you he ain’t going to come back. If you put him in a position or put her in a position as to where they’re not ready when you do get together, you’ve already set yourselves up for disaster.

Pamela Bardhi: It’s so, true, crystal, because you could have the right partner, but if it’s the wrong timing, you could destroy it all.

That’s it. Timing is everything. It really is. That’s, uh, powerful stuff

Krystal Polite: That’s it.

Dedric Polite: Timing is everything.

Pamela Bardhi: It really is.

Krystal Polite: Oh, my.

Pamela Bardhi: That’s powerful stuff. My goodness. My goodness. And I’m just like, I’m amazed.

You guys are building an empire together through Airbnb, which is incredible

So after Dedrick came outside your house, when you answered that phone call, so how did it go from, like, how did you guys get from that, right. You being in another relationship and then now to getting to where you are today and building, because you guys are literally, quite literally, building an empire together at this point, which is incredible. You’ve got your show. You’re out there cranking it out with the flips. You’re also coaching and educating people and helping them elevate as well.

So from all fronts, you guys are just doing it and you’re doing it together, and it is so inspiring to see. And I just absolutely love that, and I love that from day one. It came from a place of realness and authenticity where you recognize what was what at that point in time and the timing as well, and then was able to kind of go on and build this, which is incredible, because I think real estate was something that was new for both of you. Yeah, in the beginning, yeah.

Dedric Polite: I mean, we both came from corporate backgrounds, but when we got together, I always wanted to get into real estate, but I was more of an entrepreneur. Right. She was a true serial entrepreneur. So I remember when we first started dating, I had a three family in my outer pan. I lived in a basement, rented out the top two floors. I bought it when I was 25. She was renting an apartment in Rosindale, she was always over my place. And I’d heard about Airbnb. This was 2012 from a co-worker. He’s like, yeah, when I go to New York, I make money on my apartment every weekend, so I had just gotten laid off. I was working at a HubSpot in Boston and had just got laid off. And I was all depressed. Right.

Because my educational background, like, getting fired, it was like people don’t talk about that. And I was all walking around depressed, and she finally gave me a kick in the pants. Was like, all right, forget that job. They lost you. You didn’t lose them. She was like, go ride your motorcycle. Clear your head and I want you to focus on what you’re really passionate about, what you really want to do and I was like, hey, you’re always over here. Your apartment is sitting vacant. How about we rent out your apartment? We can make some extra money. I was like, no, well, matter of fact, we can’t do that because your brother is staying there.

And she was like, hold on. He was staying there. Let me make a phone call. So she calls her brother and was like, hey, listen, you got to move out in two weeks. He was like, no, I’ll start paying rent. He hadn’t been paying the rent. Right now he wants to start paying rent, so he moved out. We furnished it, we put on Airbnb, and within, like, three or four months, we made like, 30 grand on Airbnb, so this is when we first were just dating. That was our first business venture together and from there, we had multiple other businesses. A lot of them failed, but we learned to work together and that was the start of it.

Krystal Polite: This was his dream from the start, was real estate and this is why I tell people in understanding us dating. I think we might have been dating. Might have been dating about two months in when he had gotten laid off, and he was definitely depressed. And I was like, lord have mercy. Oh, my God.

Dedric Polite: After a few days of me moping around, she was over.

Krystal Polite: I’m one of the people who I’m on go all day long. Women, we don’t have time to just sit and sulk. And for him, with his educational background and know when you go to Ivy League schools, this just don’t happen to them, right?

Dedric Polite: No one talks about it.

Krystal Polite: Nobody talks about it. At least for me. Look, I try to time mine. If I’m going to get fired, do me right before the summer.

Dedric Polite: You can enjoy your summer.

Krystal Polite: I can enjoy my summer with my unemployment check. Okay? That’s how I was in my told Dendrick. I said, look, after I gave him a good week, I struggled to do that. I gave him a good week. Let him be to himself. he come back, still got them same clothes on.

Dedric Polite: I guess I really was depressed.

Krystal Polite: Oh, he got the same robot looking.

Dedric Polite: Like a homeless man.

Krystal Polite: Yes. I came in, I said, okay, look, we ain’t going to keep doing this. These are my words. I said, f that job. Job lost you. You didn’t lose no job, okay? You ain’t going to sit up here and tie your self worth into your net worth. You are bigger than that. I said, let me tell you something. You’re going to get your ass up off this sofa, change these clothes. I said, and you are going to now live out Dedrick’s passions in life. You’re going to do what you want to do. You’re going to find what you were meant and God ordained you to do in life, and it was not this. I said, otherwise, you’d still be there. And he’s, yeah, yeah, you’re right. I said, you’re going to get out there. You’re going to ride that motorcycle, clear your head.

Two months in dating, we just started building from there, building what our future was

I said, and do what you do. You are going to manifest what you now want to do in life. And I told him, don’t worry about these damn bills. Don’t worry about none of that. I will handle that. You worry about you.

Dedric Polite: And that’s when I knew she was a keeper. She’s like, you got a mortgage. Don’t worry about it. I’ll hold this down, and I’m like, man, there’s not many women who would do that. A lot of women would be like, you got fired. I’m out of here.

Krystal Polite: But what he did, and I’ve heard women with the backlash when they heard that part, they was like, oh, well, you’d have been upset if he’d have sat there and did nothing and you’d have been paying all these bills, and he’s out there living his best life. I said, I would have never known because that ain’t the type of man I go for.

Dedric Polite: And I want a ladder pay all the.

Krystal Polite: But it ain’t about that. I don’t go for them type of men, so that would have never been me to begin with. You got to understand the type of men that you attract. I would have never attracted a man who was willing to live off a woman. So I already knew that wasn’t him. He got up. Next thing I know, within not even a week, he was coming to me like he had already incorporated his own business. He had already had speaking engagements at.

Dedric Polite: Harvard, Harvard innovation lab. I was speaking there. Consulting.

Krystal Polite: Already had a whole consulting business built. Then came to me with Airbnb, all within a week’s time of him now focusing on his God given purpose for being here. And people talk about, oh, what if he ain’t? No. What if he. He did exactly what I knew was in him, he just needed someone to believe it and to push him in that direction. And from there, we literally started building. Two months in dating, we just started building from there, building what our future was to look like.

Pamela Bardhi: That’s amazing. Oh, my gosh. The crazy thing is, I can literally envision this whole thing going down now from when you first met and then now up until this point. And I can picture you guys is, like, renting out the Airbnb, giving out the lockbox code for that, everything, like, all that stuff coming together. That’s incredible. That’s incredible.

Krystal Polite: It was 2012, too.

Pamela Bardhi: That’s crazy. Oh, my God. I love all of this, man. This is incredible, and I love how you’ve built each other up on both. And crystal, what I love so much is how certain you are in your faith, which basically ensures that every element of your life is situated right. You’re like, I already know that you would never do that. I would have never attract that type of man.

Dedric Polite: Right.

Pamela Bardhi: That would live off me. You just knew already. So it’s not even anything to be bothered. Like, that is strength at the highest level that I’ve ever seen, period.

Krystal Polite: Hm.

Dedric Polite: And of course, there’s challenges, there’s ups and downs, there’s tribulations we’ve had to go through throughout the process. But again, her faith and our faith has definitely got us through.

Pamela Bardhi: Amen.

From Boston to South Carolina, how did 50 50 flips start

And then moving down to South Carolina, when did that whole thing go down, and then how did you start on the 50 50 flips and how did that manifest into everything?

Dedric Polite: Yeah, so in our first date, she asked me, do you see yourself staying in Boston? And I was like, no, I’m not tied to Boston. She was like, good, because I’m not going to be here. So a couple of years later, her mom, who was from North Carolina, I was like, I’m going back home, and she’s a mama’s girl. She was like, well, honey, I’m following my mom. I can’t leave without my mom, so I’m moving to North Carolina.

And I was like, well, you ain’t going to leave me here in Boston. Ain’t going to hear from me, so I followed her. I’m like, we moved into North Carolina. We moved, right? So we packed up our cars in 2012, and we moved to North Carolina. And I moved here, didn’t have a job, but again, within 30 days of landing here, I got a job. And, we just started building our empire here.

Krystal Polite: Yes. And my job, I was able to work from home.

Dedric Polite: Ah.

Krystal Polite: From Boston. To here. I was able to take care of everything that we needed just on my salary until he got his, because, you know, the pay differential from Massachusetts to down south. So when we got there Dedrick was doing a little bit more research into the whole real estate thing, and he kept looking up people who were wholesaling. He was like, I found this thing called wholesaling on YouTube. On YouTube. And he kept telling me about it and showing me all these videos.

And the thing is, I’m not reading and I’m not watching no videos unless I’m doing it. I’m not going to waste my time on absolutely nothing unless I’m doing it. That’s how my mind works. So when he kept showing me, I just look at the uh-huh Uh-huh he was like, oh, look at. And the first person he found was a friend of ours, now NASA, the duru. And he was like, oh, this dude’s right in Charlote reached out to him, then he found Max, and then he was like, oh, look at this dude. He’s right here beside us doing it. I’m like, okay, it’s real.

Dedric Polite: When you see people who look like you talk like, you’re like, oh, they’re doing it. You can actually, this is legal. You can do it. It works. And that’s all I need to see.

Krystal Polite: He kept talking, kept talking. And I said, okay, so what are we doing? What are we doing? Are we doing this or what? So then I said, you know what? Don’t worry about it. I then started, you started researching, researching it.

Dedric Polite: And once she starts doing research, we doing, doing it, it, we. Next thing you know, she’s setting up, LLC. She’s like, we got marketing campaigns going.

Krystal Polite: We’re going to conferences. If I’m going to research it, we’re doing it. I’m not going to waste my time on it, because I’m about action. Like, I’m a serial entrepreneur, so if I could have a different business every day, I probably would. So we started doing conferences and we started going to meetups, and I’d inform our company and all of this and going on YouTube, university. And from there, we just kept educating ourselves and it took us a little over a year and a half before we actually closed our first wholesale deal.

Dedric Polite: We were trying to figure it out ourselves initially.

Krystal Polite: Right?

Dedric Polite: My baby’s frugal because I didn’t know the value of spending money on coaches and mentors. I’m like, why am I going to pay them $20,000? I got two nickels. We were just working regular jobs, living paycheck to paycheck. But once she broke it down, to me, she’s like, no, find someone that’s doing what you want to do not ten years ago, but now pay them for their expertise. That’s going to shorten our learning curve. So instead of it taking us five years to get there, we can get there in two years. And I was like, oh, so we invested in a mastermind. This is in 2017, we hired a coach. 2017, multiple coaches. We started hiring coaches and mentors to teach us different aspects of the business, from wholesaling to flipping houses to marketing.

Krystal Polite: Marketing, specializing, just marketing, creative, financing, all that stuff.

Dedric Polite: And people ask us like, what’s the secret? How’d you do what you did so fast? It was investing in our education. So seven, eight years in, we’ve spent over a, quarter million dollars just in coaches and mentors and consultants. But that’s allowed us to make millions.

Pamela Bardhi: Amen. Absolutely. You turn decades into days. That’s really.

Dedric Polite: Exactly.

Krystal Polite: There you go.

Pamela Bardhi: Decades into days.

Dedric Polite: I might have to borrow that one, Pam. Decades.

Krystal Polite: Decades.

You hired a coach to help you with your real estate business

That’s a bar, sis.

Pamela Bardhi: It’s so true, though, because it’s like when you’re hiring the best of the best, you really are taking their years and years and years of experience and you are condensing it in two days. So it’s like when you guys talk about coaches, I mean, that’s how it was with me, too. I got into the game in 2013, but I hired a coach because I was like, first off, there is no way I’m going to attempt to do this shit myself, okay? I was like, first off, there’s money at stake. There’s so much risk, and if something goes sideways, I’m screwed.

I was like, I’m not even going to attempt. Right? So I love that you guys did that, too. And you invested in yourselves and your knowledge because, look, you invest 250k, but you make million. Just the roi on that, right? Like, you ten x that, and that’s incredible. You’ve built as a result of that and your proximity because it turned into something incredible, and you’re continuing to build on to that, too.

Krystal Polite: Exactly.

Dedric Polite: Just getting started.

Krystal Polite: Just getting started. And every day, and, like, we tell people we’re still learning. Every single day, we are learning something. We still have mentors, we still have people who coach us in different aspects of the real estate business that we’re still interested in learning. It just so happened that along the way, because of us documenting our journey, networks started to see it on social media, and that’s how for years, we kept getting hit up in our dms about doing tv shows, and we would ignore them because we weren’t interested. And we had two small kids.

Dedric Polite: You know, you get these spam emails. We didn’t know if they were real. Like, hey, we’re the casting director. We want to interview you guys for doing a tv show.

Krystal Polite: We’re like, yeah, I knew they were real, but I wasn’t interested. What people don’t understand is I’m a closet introvert, right? So I really am. I’m a closet introvert, and my family knows it.

Dedric Polite: Really? You’re on tv. How are you a closet introvert?

Krystal Polite: Right? But when I’m not on my choice, if you see, even when we’re, like, at the mastermind and stuff and family, people see Dedrick, if we are not in a conference room, or we are down together, where we got to learn and sit, I’m up in the room. Like, I’m literally someone who kind of likes to be with my kids in the house. I’d rather be cooking, playing with them, something. I’m just a closet introvert. But for me to be on tv, it was just like, I’m not doing that. No, people, all the business and stuff, I’m super private.

So Covid hit, and then we was like, oh, you know what? We should see how far we get. We knew they were looking at a lot of people, so a e had finally approached us, and they had been trying to get to us for about a year, and a finally, they finally got a hold of us. We got on a Zoom call with them. Me and Dedrick was like, oh, let’s just see how far we get.

Dedric Polite: We’re actually going to get it. We’re like, let’s see how far we can.

Krystal Polite: And we had no intention on doing it. We was like, yeah, we ain’t going to do it, but it would be fun to see how far we get. We can go, and then they call this girl interview.

Dedric Polite: After interview after interview. They’re like, well, you guys are in the semifinals. You’re in the finals. You’re one of the last few couples that we’re talking to and they called us like, congratulations. We picked you guys. And we looked at each other like, oh, shoot. We got a show we kind of.

Krystal Polite: Have to do is now, babe, I don’t really want to do no tv show. And at first, it was me who I was like, yeah, we’re not doing this, and let’s just see how far we can go. Then when they came and was like, yeah, we would love for you guys to do it, I was like, deji was like, babe, we ain’t doing no tv show. I was like, well, we kind of got to do it now because they don’t looked at all these people, cancelled them out for us. I said, we can’t kind of go back on our word now. I said, too much has been invested. He was like, so I got coffee.

Dedric Polite: At the last minute, but then we’re like, all right, this is the once in a lifetime opportunity. Let’s do it.

Pamela Bardhi: That’s amazing. Oh, my goodness, and I love that. But, hey, listen, it was all written. That’s all God, right? It’s God’s timing. There’s a reason it was you compared to anybody else, and I love that. And, I mean, you guys were grinding for years before that, because, as you both know, people think this stuff happens overnight. And you’re like, hold on a second.

Krystal Polite: Absolutely, girl.

Pamela Bardhi: It’s 2012, right?

Krystal Polite: Thank you. Thank you. And they look at it and be like, oh, no. Years.

Dedric Polite: You guys did this. No, you just decades.

Krystal Polite: Saw it when we started documenting it. And the only reason why we even did that is because in a mastermind, and that’s why I tell people for us, had never done a deal. And we went to a marketing boot camp in St. Louis from one of our other coaches, who advised us to go to this marketing boot camp, learn how to do marketing for wholesaling. We went and it was like, oh, we have a mastermind. You guys can join. How much was it?

Dedric Polite: It was $16,000 to join this mastermind. We hadn’t even closed the deal.

We didn’t have $16,000 in the bank but we did have business credit

We didn’t have $16,000 in the bank, but we did have business credit, so I was like, you want to do this? And she was like, it’s the only way we’re going to fast track our learning curve, so I was like, all right. Plunked it down on the business credit card. So once I invested that $16,000 in that mastermind, I was like, we got to do this now. Because I was like, my credit score is almost 800. I’m not ruining my credit. We got to actually make some money at this now, so I started taking it a lot more serious, and that was kind of the leap where we burn the ships, and we were like, we’re all in on this.

Krystal Polite: Yeah, but we were trying to figure out, how do we get private money to take down deals? And I’ll never forget, we were on a zoom call and the guy, from the mastermind, the head of the mastermind, damon, was like, you guys need to start documenting your, like, he was like, you guys are a beautiful couple. He was like, why are you not on social media documenting your journey? So people can see that you are, in fact, doing this business day in, day out.

And then they’ll feel more comfortable with saying, oh, shoot. Okay, you guys got this property. You got that property with loaning you money and desk, like, because of my wife, she won’t FBI, she don’t like. And they talked me into it and I was like, all right, fine. Then he just started documenting everything we were doing at that point. But it was to originally attract private investors to be able to take down a lot of these properties, and in return, it also attracted a bunch of tv networks.

Pamela Bardhi: That’s incredible. I love that. All things in sequence. But again, it’s because you took that leap and you invested in yourselves and you turned those decades into days and you fast tracked everything and now look, right, like, whoa, time.

Krystal Polite: Exactly.

Pamela Bardhi: You just elevate at a whole new level. Right? Which is incredible. Oh, my gosh. And I know there’s people listening right now that is probably like, oh, my God.

What has been your most valuable lesson in the real estate world

Okay, so based on either your whole experience in the real estate game and everything that you’ve built to date, and then everything on the 50 50 flip, what has been your most valuable lesson in the real estate world that you would want to share with anyone who’s listening?

Dedric Polite: I mean, the most valuable lesson from my perspective is you can get rich flipping houses, you can get rich flipping and wholesaling, but you can get wealthy when you own properties, when you own rental properties, you own long term. So 2018, we hired a mentor who taught us creative financing. He taught us how to buy properties using seller financing, owner financing, subject two. And that was a game changer, because you can quickly run out of money. 

When you’re buying houses for a quarter million, half a million, you quickly can tap out your own cash. So then you have to look at alternative forms of financing these deals. and when we learned seller financing, that changed the game. We started buying properties with 2% down, 3% down monthly payments for 1020 year terms. And it allows us to really build our portfolio quickly without going to a bank and having to plunk down 20%, 25% down payment, so that was the game changer. Learning creative financing. Learning seller financing was huge for us.

My biggest lesson in real estate was to put my head down and work

Pamela Bardhi: Now, there’s so many lessons in this game. Because every day is a lesson.

Krystal Polite: Every day I got a lesson a day. What would you say? Because I’m always telling you all to never do again. I would say my biggest lesson that I have learned in real estate and with real estate, which is kind of connected, because a lot of people don’t understand the journey. Right. I think my biggest lesson in real estate, I learned, was to put my head down and work, and I still really don’t. Social media, where everyone. Real estate is sexy. It is the sexiest thing right now for everybody in their mama is in real estate. It is crazy. But everybody in a mama is in real estate. And when I tell people this, everybody got a course, everybody got something, that they push it.

I have seen people who have taken information that we have given them just because they ask, like, hey, do you have a contract you can share? Or, hey, can you break this deal down with me? For me, in our dms and stuff, I’ve literally seen them take the information, take documents, and know, repurpose them and put them back on their social medias. So it’s crazy, but I tell people, for Dejik and I, I learned what really helped us in the beginning in real estate is we put our head down and we worked. We didn’t care about social media and what everybody else was showing that real estate was doing for them at the time. It was, this is what we want to do. Let’s put our head down and achieve one milestone at a time, taking it one step at a time.

And I learned what real estate has helped do for us is, I eat, you eat, right? I’ve learned to be able to. I didn’t even learn it. This has been ingrained in me. But for me, because real estate was dedicated to dream, his lifelong dream, it has afforded me to be able to help other people get out of generational poverty and create generational wealth for their families. So I love that it has afforded that opportunity, but at the same time, real estate comes with its challenges. Right. It’s a very cyclical business. You may have a deal today and not another one for ten months.

So, for me, I’ve learned to plan for the future. Right. We definitely have learned to be able to say, okay, listen, let’s make sure that we have our ducks in a row and lined up in case we don’t get another wholesale deal or another flip with the way the market is going, right. We had flips that were sitting on the market months when usually, thank God, during our season, they were flying off the shelf. But as soon as it ended, girl, the interest rates hit everybody.

Dedric Polite: Yeah, they went from 2% to 7%. The market slowed down nationwide. and it’s a totally different market now.

You talked about how leveraging real estate has helped you achieve your dream

So being able to put your head down, work, roll with the punches, but you want to talk about how real estate was my dream to get into real estate. But your dream is family m entertainment centers. And leveraging real estate has helped you.

Krystal Polite: Help you achieve your dream. So for him, he said, hey, listen, if we do my dream right now, he was like, listen, I know what your dream is. He’s known it since our date, our very first date, I told him what I wanted to do, and, he said, but this is a way for us to be able to achieve your dream as well. He was like, we can utilize real estate and the capital that it brings, the money that we could make from that, and then to fund your dream. And I was like, okay, say less.

Dedric Polite: So what’s your dream?

Krystal Polite: I said, let’s do it. What are we doing? Where we at? How long going to take, no questions asked? And my dream has always been to own a chain of, family entertainment centers, like the Dave and Busters and trampoline parks. Any indoor facility, where families can get together, play, have fun. So that’s exactly what we ended up doing, because, you know, I wasn’t going to let him forget. I wrote it in our vows.

Dedric Polite: Lastly, in our wedding vows, we got married. That she gets her trampoline parks.

Krystal Polite: Yes.

Dedric Polite: And, we bought the rights to Skyzone, which is the largest trampoline park company in the world. We bought the rights to Burlington, North Carolina, which is where we live. And we’re in the process of finding real estate right now. We’re going to bid a $5 million project to build a 40,000 square foot sky zone in our town. But real estate is affording us the opportunity to be able to do that.

Pamela Bardhi: That’s incredible. Look at that, you guys.

Pamela Bardhi: What? That is full circle on everything. Oh, my gosh. I was literally just about to ask you, like, what’s happening in the next few months for you guys? I mean, 50 50 flip launches today on Hulu, which is incredible. And you bought this rights to sky zone, which is amazing because they actually have one of those in Hyde park, too.

Krystal Polite: We’ve been to it.

Pamela Bardhi: I still got to go. But everyone talks about it. I’m like, I’ll bring my daughters at some point, right? And then try to somewhat do it myself in there. I’m no gymnast, but, and then you guys have got some amazing stuff coming up, so let’s talk about that.

What should everybody be looking forward to? What are you guys up to next

What should everybody be looking forward to? What are you guys up to next?

Dedric Polite: So what’s next? is really us giving back and coaching and educating the next generation. So again, we’re the product of mentors, coaches pouring into us. And by them pouring into us, we’ve been able to do what we’ve been able to do, but now we want to pour back into other people by giving them the information know is not taught in school, no one taught me how to wholesale houses, and I went to Ivy League private schools. Y’all was on full academic scholarships, but no one teaches that. But we’re teaching that information that we took and changed our lives. We want to help other people change their lives. Whether you’re getting into wholesaling, flipping houses, buying rentals, creative financing, we’re teaching people how to do all those different acquisition, and disposition strategies so they can build wealth and really change their financial future.

Pamela Bardhi: That’s incredible. That’s incredible. And is that launching in the next month or so? Is there a date on that?

Dedric Polite: Yeah, so it’s launched. So if you go to, polite, which is our last name,, there’s a training video on there. I’d say watch the training video. And anyone’s interested in learning, they can set up a call with our team to discuss their goals, what they’re trying to do, and if our program could fit for them.

Krystal Polite: Or you can go to any of our social media channels as well, and there’s links to any of our classes that we have going on accelerators in, wholesaling, seller finance, as well as our coaching programs. And then we have the sky zone that we are actively in the middle of finding land for and in the middle of getting the design build out and things of that nature. So I’m super excited about that because it’s been a long time coming and that’s like one of many, of many that I want. But that’s what I tell people. That’s how you utilize real estate, right? You utilize real estate as a vehicle to fund multiple dreams, right? Because I don’t think anybody wakes up other than people like Deadrick. Deji’s dream was like, I want to own 2000 doors. I said, that’s great.

My goal in real estate was to own two doors. Well, two multifamily and I figured I always think Boston because that’s where we’re from, so we always know. Unless you go out, it’s always multifamily in the city, so I was like, I want to own two multifamily, one for each son. So when they graduate college, this will be their gift from us, where you can now either become an instant landlord or you can sell it, take the money, start a business, travel the world, whatever you choose. But it’s a property that’s paid off, and now we’re gifting it to you as a graduation gift, so those were my goals. I had two small goals, and we achieved them, so I was happy with that. And I wanted to continue to build because I knew that’s what he wanted. I had no problem with that.

And I know it helps our future generations, because if our wealth stops with our two kids, we would have failed them, right. When you’re building, generational wealth means generations beyond yours. And so that’s what the goal was for me to be able to set up two, three, four generations down the line, and I don’t want all of our baskets in real estate. Yeah, that’s right, baby. Thank you. All of our eggs in one basket, and that’s real estate. We’re serial entrepreneurs, so we own other franchises that we’ve owned. So I want to make sure that our kids are inheriting a portfolio that I’m trying to pass down. One of family offices that we meet with and so many of Dejik’s friends that own family offices. I said, okay. That’s what a big money is when you got them family offices.

Pamela Bardhi: Amen. And you’re definitely going to do that. Oh, my goodness. You guys are just at the start of it. I feel like you got a whole empire you’re building. You’re still so young. Like, imagine what’s going to happen 510 years down the road. Like, what?

Dedric Polite: Yeah, just getting started.

Krystal Polite: Just getting started. and I’m already tired.

Pamela Bardhi: Oh, my goodness. You both are absolutely incredible. Inspiring. I’m sitting here digesting all this. I’m like, I learned so much from both of you just in this conversation. I know everyone who’s listening is going to be, like, mind blown and want to connect with you and all the things. So I’ll make sure we drop all the links in the notes, so just everyone who’s listening, please check out all the links here so that way you guys can get connected with crystal and let’s elevate together.

Just so grateful to be in your space and to learn from you guys and see what you’re doing and how you’re elevating your family as well as your community as well. I think that’s so powerful. Thank you so much for being here today. I’m so grateful for all of you. And I can’t wait till we kick it in Boston very soon and then march and family.

Dedric Polite: Yes, we are. Ah, long overdue. She got twins.

Krystal Polite: I know she got twins. That’s what I said. Are you going to be there in March?

Pamela Bardhi: Oh, yeah, I’m coming. I was like, yep, we’re going to be there.

Krystal Polite: we’re going to hang out. Dave, we are fun.

Dedric Polite: We’re long overdue for a trip to Boston, so next time we do the podcast, we’ll do it in person in Boston. We’re overdue to go up there and do a seminar as well. But we appreciate you having us on. Pam, it’s always a pleasure, always great energy when we connect with you. So thank you for having me.

Krystal Polite: I love you, girl.

Pamela Bardhi: Oh, my God. I love you too.

Oh, my goodness. I’m just, like, learning everything today

Oh, my goodness. I’m just, like, learning everything today. Oh, my gosh. I’m like, girl, I got to take notes from Crystal, I got to take notes from Dedrick. I got things. Amazing. Are amazing. Genuinely. Thank you.

Dedric Polite: Thank you.

Krystal Polite: Thank you, sis.

Pamela Bardhi: So that’s it for today’s episode of Underdog. Catch us next week. Always dropping on Thursdays.

Krystal Polite: And remember, if you’re interested in real.

Pamela Bardhi: Estate or want to learn how to create more money and magic in your life, check out and let’s chat. Sending you so, so much love.


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