Peter Canova

In the latest episode of The Underdog, we meet Peter Canova, a former medical intuitive who delves into the mysteries of quantum spirituality.

Peter Canova is a renowned businessman, award-winning author, and national speaker with extensive experience in international business and a deep interest in ancient spiritual traditions. He has made significant contributions to understanding mystical phenomena through his grounded approach, blending scientific terms with spiritual insights. With appearances at major venues and awards for his writing, Peter has been recognized for his ability to simplify complex spiritual themes into engaging content. His upcoming book and TV podcast, Quantum Spirituality, aim to bridge the gap between materialistic science and traditional religion, addressing cultural and gender differences while promoting personal growth and empowerment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Finding balance in his gifts: Initially, Peter accepted and embraced these gifts, feeling they provided answers to the deeper questions he had about life. However, as his abilities became overwhelming and out of control, he sought guidance and temporarily stepped away from his psychic experiences. Over time, he found a balance and continues to receive information from other dimensions that have helped him in his personal and professional life.
  • Human consciousness: Divided into layers including conscious, subconscious, and unconscious
  • Remote viewing: Ability to perceive objects or events at a distance without physical interaction
  • Intuition: It is vital to listen and trust your intuition. It can manifest physical sensations, inner voices, or energy surges. Listening to intuition can lead to better outcomes and personal growth.
  • Quantum spirituality: Integration of ancient spirituality, quantum physics, biology, and psychology to understand human existence. Understanding quantum principles can empower individuals to create their reality.
  • Peter’s books: His trilogy, “The First Souls Trilogy,” and his nonfiction book, “Quantum Spirituality,” which delves into consciousness and extraordinary experiences.
  • Self-discovery and Transformation: Encouragement to seek direct experiences and validate intuition in the real world. Having gradual changes over time lead to profound shifts in perception and life direction.

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Peter Canova’s Journey to Inner Harmony, Medical Intuitiveness and Clairvoyance

Peter Canova: Hi, I’m Kevin Harrington, an original shark from the hit television show Shark Tank. And you’re listening to the underdog podcast.

Pamela Bardhi: Hello, everyone, and welcome to, the Underdog podcast. Today I have an incredible guest here with me. Peter. How are you, my friend?

Peter Canova: Good. Good to be with you today.

Pamela Bardhi: It is an honor to have you, my friend. I am so excited to talk about all the different things. I mean, I was mentioning before this call, I was reading up on you, and I was so amazed at all that you’re doing in the world. And I cannot wait to get into your story.

Peter Canova: Well, ready anytime.

Pamela Bardhi: So I’m going to reel it all the way back, if that’s okay. Because I really want to know where all of this really originated for you, Peter, as a kid growing up, like, what did you want to be?

Peter Canova: I had no idea and also, I had no. I really wouldn’t have had any inkling that my life would have taken the course that led me to be on podcasts like this. You know, really, I guess my journey probably started when I was in my early twenties. And I discovered that I was an accurate, medical intuitive. When my rational mind finally took a backseat and let the intuitive part of me just flow, it opened up a whole vista of experiences.

I started having clairvoyance, clairaudient, experiences, remote viewing, premonitions, just all sorts of what you call, I guess, psychic phenomena. And being a capricorn, I wasn’t just content at some point just to let the experiences happen. I wanted to understand, well what’s the basis for all this? I wanted to know the nuts and bolts? So now the rational part of my mind was coming back into play. My left brain was starting to get active again.

Peter Canova: Okay. It looked like a little video pause there. Anyway, so my left brain started getting active again, and I started actually, formulating, forming ideas that maybe I should embark on a course of study. First thing I started off with was ancient spiritual traditions and then from there, I graduated to quantum physics. And the nexus is that both ancient spiritual traditions and quantum physics. When you get right down to the nitty gritty, they concern themselves with three things, light, energy and matter. That’s what reality is all about. Reality is light, energy and matter. If it wasn’t for light, we wouldn’t have the experience of reality at all.

Light energy is what allows us to perceive a three dimensional world. And without that light energy, we really, I don’t know what we would be experiencing. But it would be nothing like, what we believe and matter actually derives from a light. We know that from many famous equations in quantum physics. Like Einstein’s equals Mc squared and other things. So I got kind of fascinated between the interplay of the energetic, and the material world. It led me into all these things, like writing the books that I’ve written and so forth.

Pamela Bardhi: That’s incredible, Peter. That’s incredible. I love that this started from a young age. You had the medical intuition. So like, how did you know? I feel like when you were growing up, like now it’s a totally different era. Like, a lot of this stuff is starting to be a lot more welcomed in society. And I’ve gotten this from my parents too. Because I’m always asking them, like, what do you think about the quantum world? What do you think about spirituality and all this? They’re like, pam, when we were growing up, this stuff was not talked about, right?

So how was it at that time? Kind of recognizing that and accepting that. Not because what happens is sometimes everyone gets activated to their gifts and they run away from them, right? Or they get afraid of them, or they just like, stop. They’re like, oh, this is too weird. It’s too freaky, and now in this era, it’s starting to be more accepted. But way back when how was that like and how did you kind of move forward from all that, Peter? I think it’s fascinating that you were able to recognize these gifts and accept them and grow into them.

Peter Canova: And really well, initially that was true but there was a point where I did kind of run away from it. Which I’ll explain to you. But this was very spontaneous. I mean, I had no antecedents to this. I had no inkling that I would be able to experience any of these things. It just happened kind of spontaneously. And, I had always been the kind of kid, even growing up where I felt a little alienated. Like I just felt something wasn’t right about this world. It wasn’t like what it seemed. I was, you know, probably a little too much in my head and always thinking about the deeper questions of life. Even, you know, as a teenager.

So maybe maybe what happened was just the answer to all the questions I had. Maybe that’s why I accepted this and I was fascinated. But really, what changed my life was when this happened to me. I remember one night in particular, I went to sleep. I literally like sitting up in my bed. And I woke up sitting up in my bed because I had this experience, this overwhelming experience of a unity, a power and a unity. I started realizing the connection of everything because it came to me. I said, well, you know, how am I able to see what’s happening to a person’s body? That and all they could, all they ever give me was the name, agent, address of somebody, no other information.

Then I do the readings and I’m thinking, well, how am I able to do this unless we’re all part of a totality? I experienced that totality. It was like a feeling, it was like a lightness that I felt and it was very comforting and calming. And It was sort of like the answer to my questions, that there is something else out there, you know? So at that stage of my life, I accepted it because it seemed to be kind of like a godsend in a way. But it got to the point where it got out of control. I mean, I would know conversations ten minutes in advance.

Peter says he was absorbing information from other dimensions when he became spiritualist

I see somebody or touch somebody’s hand, and I’d know all kinds of things about them. It was really out of control. I got to the point where I was like a sponge and I was absorbing all this information, It was overwhelming. That’s when I ran into trouble and I kind of got away from it. I did go to London, I was working overseas at the time. I was in Africa and there were a lot of them. Psychically, I was picking up a lot of nasty stuff over there. I was kind of in the area where was the center of the slave trade in West Africa. And, anyway, I went to London, to the British Spiritualist association to get some guidance because the Brits really had been much more advanced and accepting about all these things than the Americans had, over the years.

They actually had this British spiritualist institute in Belgravia, Belgrave Square. I went over there to get a little help and guide. And so for a time, I kind of just got out of it altogether. I felt I was straddling two worlds, and I had 1ft more in the other world than I had in this world. But my body was in this world. So I said, you got to make up your mind. Anyway, now you know, I reach a kind of balance. I don’t practice a lot of the things that I used to practice, I do not do medical readings anymore, for instance. But, certainly I do still get information from other dimensions that have really helped me in my business and professional life and in my personal life.

Pamela Bardhi: I absolutely love that, Peter. I love that.

Jude, you talked about the subconscious mind and remote viewing

And it’s absolutely fascinating to hear you kind of talk about your experience with all of this. It’s incredible, because you talked about the subconscious mind. You talked about a lot of things. Want to peel that back a little bit, too, like subconscious, conscious mind. How do you tap into your gifts, all of these things, and based on your experience? I mean, it’s just fascinating when you’re talking about remote viewing.

You know, some people listening to this podcast might have no idea what that is. I know what that is, but I would love to hear a little bit deeper from your end. Because it’s so cool to hear about these gifts that have developed for you and, like, the clairvoyance and all of that stuff. I’m just kind of digging a little bit deeper there because anyone who’s listening could potentially be saying, what’s the difference between subconscious, conscious? How do we tap into the realms, if you will?

Peter Canova: So, well, actually, it’s interesting because some of this segues into a soon to be published article that I just wrote, called reflections on a hidden God. And in answer to the question, as some people don’t know what remote viewing is, I’ll give you an instance. I was in a room with probably about 100 people, and there was the guy up front who was conducting this session. He said, okay, I have a drawing here that I’m not going to show you, and can you please, draw what you think is in the drawing? I remember thinking, wow. I said, I don’t know if this is going to be right, because it’s kind of in congress. It was like in the middle of a desert, and it was a lake, and that was what was kind of strange, this lake in a kind of desert setting.

There was a single palm tree in the background, and there was a boat, a single boat that was crossing the lake. You could see this palm tree in the background, but clearly everything else was desert. So, you know, I drew this sketch, and then at the end of the, when he showed the picture, it was like my picture to a t. He picked it up, and he almost, like, overlaid it onto the diagram that he had. That’s what remote viewing is. Remote viewing is actually being able to see something without physically seeing it with your eyes. I know, I think there’s an artist called Ingo Swan. And a lot of his artwork was produced by remote viewing, even other planets and things like that. But getting to your point about the consciousness, subconscious and so forth, it’s really interesting.

Somebody, a philosopher, a skeptic once said, if there is a God, why is he so well hidden? I just wrote an article, relating to that. It’s very interesting because there’s a lot of mechanisms that we have in both our minds and our bodies that are very puzzling. For instance, we have a triune brain. We have a reptilian, a limbic and a neocortex. These are actually evolutionary stages of the brain. So the reptilian brain governs our instincts, fight or flight, and so forth. The limbic relates more to emotions. And the neocortex, which is the newest and largest component of the brain, relates to rational, analytical and abstract thought. We have this kind of triune brain. Then we also have two brain hemispheres. We have the right and the left brain, which are associated with different things.

So the left brain is more your rational, analytic, logical mode, and the right brain is your more intuitive feeling. Uses imagery and so forth. Start to say to yourself, okay, why all this division and these stages of things? And then you further complicate it by looking at what psych. How psychologists have divided, though. That’s body function, right? That’s actual physical attributes of the brain. But as far as the mind is concerned, psychologists have said, okay, we have an unconscious, we have a subconscious, we have a conscious. Many of them even add a super conscious, or what they call a higher self or superconscious, so it gets really puzzling. You say to yourself, why? You know, why all this? why all these layers and these filters and everything really does appear like whatever created us is hiding behind something there.

And the answer to that really lies, I think, in what the ancients told us about the creation. So, you know, the typical Judeo christian story about creation. Is that there was this external God kind of like pictured like an old bearded guy in a throne maybe, you know, used to throw thunderbolts around. But by the time Christianity came around, he was just judgmental. He created human beings out of the dust of the earth as a separate creation. Like, okay, so, Geppetto created Pinocchio, right? Geppetto was the creator. Pinocchio was clearly the creation. Okay? But the ancients and I, when I say the ancients. I mean, almost every tradition, Hinduism, Buddhism, kabbalah, gnostic christian mysticism, all said, no, that’s not what happened. We are not separate creations. In fact, God created nothing.

We are emanations or projections of the very divine source mind itself. In other words, we are an intrinsic part of that. And the only thing that separates us is the degree of frequency or vibration of consciousness. So, for instance, you know, in order to have the experience of something outside itself, the great infinite projected other points of consciousness. Now, the gnostic Christians called them aeons, a aeons. The orthodox Christians called them like angels and archangels. They were essentially spiritual beings or other points of spiritual consciousness. The difference between them was that they had a limited consciousness from the source itself. Okay, and why? Why is that? Well, there’s an ancient Greek myth about the birth of the God Dionysius. Dionysus mother was Semele, and the father was Zeus, the great God Zeus.

Semele demanded from Zeus, I want to see you in your source form. Well, he was light, and essentially she was destroyed or absorbed into the light. Well, that’s the same reason that differentiates the source from those points of consciousness that it projects. That it must, by necessity have a lower frequency or be diluted, because if they weren’t, they’d just be absorbed back into the source itself. And then there would be no perception of individuality. There would be no beings that think of themselves as, you know, yes, I’m connected to the source, but I’m also me. I’m also something different to the source. So there has to be limitations involved. Limitation is the price of individuality.

In order to be material beings, we had to step down our energy

Now, bringing that down to the human experience. So human beings are kind of, you could say, the lowest realm or the deepest realm of this whole spiritual projection of spirit. Seeking experience in other forms of existence other than pure energy. In order to be or consider ourselves material beings, we had to step down our energy and we had to kind of fool ourselves. Now, the Hindus have a very interesting saying, which is, this world is the playground in which God fools himself. Okay? And in order to think that we’re material beings, we had all these compartmentalized mechanisms. The triune brain, the bicameral brain, the conscious, the subconscious, the unconscious.

These are all layers that we put between ourselves and our source energy so that we could feel like we have the experience of being physical beings. We’re not really human beings seeking spiritual experience, we’re spirits having a human experience. And in order to have that human experience, we had to both biologically and psychologically put these mechanisms into place to hide ourselves from our true selves. So that’s why God is hidden in plain sight. The kingdom of heaven is within us, as Jesus said. And if people had just stopped there and dwelt upon that, instead of building up dogmas and hierarchies and interpretations, we would have been much better off from a spiritual standpoint in understanding our origins.

Pamela Bardhi: Right. And the power lies within us. I think that’s the most important thing out of all of that. What you just hit on was so important. It’s like we’re taught that God is outside of us when it’s really within. We just need to learn to tap in and accept our gifts.

Peter Canova: And I think the process to that is really a reverse engineering process. If the unconscious contains the knowledge of the source of where we’ve been, and then the subconscious starts to synthesize that to be useful to the conscious mind. So that the conscious mind can grasp these things. Then it’s a reverse engineering process. Okay? We have to go back down through. Down through the subconscious, levels to get back that source of where we came from. It’s like the reverse of the process that got us here.

Pamela Bardhi: It’s incredible.

Peter Singer says spirituality and science are finally coming together with quantum spirituality

And also, too, I was reading up on the quantum spirituality, which I love, because what’s happening in our world right now is the coolest thing we’ve ever seen. Many people tell me this, like, pam, we’re at a point right now where spirituality and science are finally coming together, finally bridging the gap between the two. And so when I read about you and quantum spirituality, I was like, oh, my God, Peter. I got to know all about this, so for everyone else who’s listening right now, that’s like, whoa. What’s that? Like, what’s quantum spirituality? I would love to really dig into that topic because I think it’s so incredible. That’s your newest and latest book?

Peter Canova: Well, quantum spirituality, the book itself is really a roadmap. It’s a roadmap to help people have experiences with higher consciousness like I had and like other people have had. And like any roadmap, you want to have at least a couple of coordinates. That’s, you know, north and south latitude and longitude. Because if you’re just dealing one dimensional, one dimensional point, you don’t know where to go. Right? You need references to create sort of a pathway for. To move forward and that’s what really quantum spirituality is, it takes a multidisciplinary standpoint. So it uses ancient spirituality, quantum physics, biology and depth psychology. Like Jungian depth psychology, among other disciplines, it cross references them. It shows how they’re pointing in the same direction. What they’re pointing towards. Now, in science itself.

Just one thing about human beings is they all tend to fall into the same patterns of things. So even scientists who really broke the stronghold of religion. You know, in the church on human thinking. Has its own form of orthodoxy now, you have the materialist, scientist. Who I call it their view of life. The great accident started off with inorganic matter, that somehow became organic. Although they never really explained how that happened and that, you know. It kind of, like, crashed together and combined in ways that led up to higher structures, organic structures. Culminating with like a human being. Well, it’s a very, very poor explanation of existence because from a scientific standpoint they should be ashamed, using their own scientific method. How none of it makes sense.

A much more plausible point of view is instead of this bottom up accident of life that it’s a top down thing. Where it started with consciousness and it led down into life and eventually life in material forms. So there’s a movement afoot in scientific circles now, where they’re starting to deal with what they call the hard problem. And the hard problem in scientific circles equals consciousness. The hard problem is, what is consciousness? How do we explain consciousness? How do we explain abstractly the fact that we can think abstractly? That consciousness is not something that just appears connected with brain function. There’s something else out there.

And there’s movements now within science and philosophy called panpsychism, which is the recognition that everything contains consciousness to some degree. It’s just a matter of frequency or vibration. So that even a rock is conscious in a certain sense but it’s not a self reflective kind of consciousness. Because it vibrates at a lower level, there’s still a minority. But a growing movement in science right now. Recognizing the role and the importance of consciousness and it’s very encouraging, I think. Quantum spirituality really is taking quantum physics and ancient spiritual traditions and these other traditions. Discussing the origin of life, the nature of reality and where the human being fits into that whole picture, that’s in essence what the book is about.

Pamela Bardhi: I absolutely love that. I absolutely love that Peter. It’s just so cool to see all of this stuff come together. And really just the consciousness and science and all. Just everything kind of coming together as one. I think that that’s incredibly important, and it is. Having these examples is really key too. But like seeing the differences between the two worlds kind of come together.

I’m highly spiritual but I’m also a businessman. So it’s been interesting

And quantum physics I mean I’ve. I’m In the business realm. I’m very Much on the logical thinking side of things sometimes. But I’m also highly spiritual. So it’s been a really, really interesting kind of balance between my brain structures, between the two, so I’ve always.

Peter Canova: I’m a businessman. I mean we do luxury. My brother and I do luxury hotel developments. And I’ve been a businessman all my life. So I’m in the same boat.

Pamela Bardhi: I love that. And it’s so cool to see the realms come together.

How has quantum spirituality helped you in the business world

And I really want to ask you this question too. Because I know that you worked on the real estate side of things too. How has this helped you in the business world? When it comes to connecting the spirituality pieces and putting it all together? The reason why I say that is because the best leaders I’ve ever met in business have this awareness of consciousness. The quantum physics and the quantum world and all of that, really kind of want to dive into that piece of it too. Because I could sense that from you, and just through your work is absolutely incredible.

Peter Canova: Well I mean it’s really helped me in the sense that all of our projects have been successful. It’s because of the ability to be visionary and see how things connect and project down the road so that the pieces tie together. So you know, right now I’m working in a Large. Keep it an unnamed city to actually completely revise the urban core which isn’t functioning very well. And I’ve been The first phase of it. I’ve been successful in doing people who thought it would be impossible to get it done. But it’s because I was able to visualize how all the pieces would fall together.

Both from the standpoint of function. Financially and so forth and so on. I mean that’s a quality that I believe is a gift from the spiritual side. to be able to do that. But what I find is that most people tend to have a much more narrow focus about things. Whereas I try to look more at the universality of the surroundings. I try to pull back to 10,000ft and take a look at things at that level, I guess from that standpoint, that’s the most ready example I can give you of how. You know, these two sides have crossed, cross pollinated, I guess you could say.

Pamela Bardhi: That’s so amazing and beautiful, though. To say you’re able to have that vision and really connect and connect to yourself and connect to these projects and really get in that mode of creation. I find that some of the most spiritual individuals are real estate developers, right? Where we’re actual creators of the earth. We create the places and pieces and the memories for individuals to really have and showcase in that space. And how cool is that? When we really dig deep, that’s like we’re literally creating.

Peter Canova: Yeah, it’s like the same thing. As I said, quantum spirituality is about creating a spiritual roadmap or arena to help people along their spiritual journey. What I do in the development world is about creating senses of places for people to thrive in the physical.

Pamela Bardhi: World, which is absolutely incredible. And integrating the two worlds is absolutely phenomenal and for anyone who’s listening right now too.

Peter: Everybody’s path to spiritual awakening is different

Peter, what would your recommendation be for someone who really wants to awaken and really wants to discover themselves and really learn how to meditate and tap into consciousness? Like what would you recommend as kind of like the first steps? Of course, reading the books as well. You know, quantum spirituality for sure. But you know, just like some maybe a little exercise or something that you’ve developed that would be really cool for someone to try out. And as a first step, well, honestly.

Peter Canova: It’s really hard to answer that question because everybody’s road to this is different. Everybody’s path is different, and I think you kind of alluded to the first step though. The first step is you have to have that desire. You know, if you don’t have the desire, then you know, you’re just going to continue doing whatever you’re doing. I always say to people, look, you got a choice. You want to live in the basement, you want to live in the penthouse, you can survive in the basement very well. You can, have a job, a family, go to the movies, go to nice restaurants and everything else. But it’s not really living the fullness of life. Whereas if you’re up in the penthouse, you see a higher dimension of things, you see a greater panorama of existence.

And, you know, so having initially, having that desire, is really critical. Now, look, for me, it happens spontaneously and I’m thankful for that because I think that’s the easy path. A lot of people have to hit rock bottom. They have to hit that point of despair where there’s no other place to go, and they finally say, okay, I’ve got to do something different. Now, some of those people will become born again christians or fundamentalists, for instance. There’s nothing wrong with that. I don’t criticize it, but other people will take a path that I think is a little bit more open ended and constructive, and they’ll start, maybe to pursue a spiritual path. So you can attend classes that deal with this stuff. You can look at inspirational speakers and so forth.

But I think the most important thing is that, at some point, no matter who you listen to or what you’re told, you have to develop a way to discern these things yourself, okay? You have to become your own prophet. So, like, when I speak publicly, a lot of times I say to people, don’t believe a damn thing I’m gonna tell you. And they’ll sit there scratching their heads and say, well, what did I pay to come to this for? But what I’m really saying to them is, I can give you a kind of signposts or roadmaps to help you along your spiritual journey, but you’ve got to commit to do that yourself. It’s like anything else in life that you want. If you want something, you have to take the responsibility to go after it and get it, okay?

So if you want to buy a car, you got to get a job, and you got to get your mortgage or whatever the case is, you take the steps necessary to get that car. Spiritual awakening is the same thing. Take the steps to get to spiritual awakening, whatever that is for you. But at the end of the day, you don’t want to just rely on the inspirational speaker or me or anybody else, because I can sit here and tell you that fire burns, but until you put your hand in the fire, you don’t know that for a fact, okay? That’s where you want to be. You want experiential knowledge of these things. Not taking something on faith.

Faith might be a good stepping stone to start off, but ultimately, you want to evolve beyond faith into direct knowledge or direct experience with these higher conscious forces. Quantum spirituality is a very good first step because it’s so thorough and encompassing, and it hits this issue from so many different disciplines. It appeals to both the left brain and right brain type of people. And, it can be a big help, not just my book. But like I say, there’s other books and speakers out there. Ultimately, your intent and your aim ought to be yet having these direct experiences yourself.

And when you do, and it gets validated in the real world. When your intuition about things starts to show results or gets validated in the real world, you’re onto something and start using, just start using that intuition. Let it flow, and, you know, start using it. It does change over time. It does change your life, almost miraculously, because miracles don’t happen like in holy, with bells and whistles and fireworks going off. They happen in increments over periods of time. But it starts to move you from one place where you’re stuck into an entirely new direction, where you can progress no matter how slowly it’s starting. That process is the thing.

Pamela Bardhi: Absolutely.

Pam says most people dismiss intuition information in the same instant it arises

You mentioned intuition, because everyone kind of references that word, right? Intuition. What does that feel like for you? I tell people all the time. I’m like, hey, it could be that pit in your stomach that’s telling you something. It could be those little voices that you hear inside your head. Because people are like, what is consciousness? So I’m trying to break it down on the easiest level possible. And I’m like, it’s your intuition. It’s what we label your intuition, and really that’s your higher self talking to you and basically trying to guide you. I know for myself there’s many times where I didn’t listen. Then there’s times that I leaned in, and those times that I leaned in was always so much better. Because anytime that I didn’t listen, I always paid the price, right?

Peter Canova: So it’s like, intuitively, we all know it’s very funny. But most people dismiss intuition information in almost the same instant that it arises, because our logical minds are like a kill switch. I mean, like I say, you’re in. It just can happen in the same instant it arises, and you almost didn’t even know you had the intuition. But if you learn to listen and you catch yourself and you say, I have a really strong feeling about this, and don’t, don’t let the other party mind say, oh, that’s ridiculous, start to listen to it. And, you know, it’s like a little energy surge or a tingle or a first impulse or a first thought. Learn to pay attention to those things, because that’s often your intuition prodding you.

Pamela Bardhi: Absolutely. It starts off small, and then the more that you listen, I feel like the more that it amplifies. It’s interesting because even, most recently, it’s like the ringing of the ears. And all these things start to, like, certain things start to activate. One of my very best friends, she is an akashic realm reader, and she’s also a psychic medium.  She’s absolutely incredible but she really specializes in gift structures. So she talks about all these different things, and sometimes how people shut out and do all these different things. It’s really interesting to hear all these different perspectives when it comes to this, and she’s always guided me.

And she’s like, pam, that’s your gift, samplifying. I’m like, what does that mean? I’m like, okay. I was like, I’m paying attention. It’s just so fascinating how it kind of all comes together. Because it really does start really subtle, those small little things and then they can amplify into so much more. In your case, you’re like, oh, my goodness. Started seeing the clairvoyance. They’re doing, this remote viewing and all these things that you weren’t even aware of, the gifts that you had. It’s pretty incredible what we’re capable of, especially if we let it flow through. Right. We can easily get scared and block them. But to allow that to come in, I mean, that’s our connection to a higher source, which is incredible.

I’ve been hearing this word a lot lately, quantum leaping

And Peter, I have an interesting question for you because I hear this. I’ve been hearing this word a lot lately, quantum leaping. And when you talk about different dimensions, I would love to hear your thoughts on that and what your thoughts are in connection to all of this.

Peter Canova: Yeah, well, quantum leaping, in strict quantum physical terms, is when subatomic particles change their orbits. Let me give a good analogy. Think of the way the planets orbit around the sun. It would be like, all of a sudden if Jupiter just popped up in the place of Mars. It just took without any intervening discernible movements of position. I just kind of popped up into a higher orbit or a different orbit. That’s the definition of a quantum leap. Now, we also talk about quantum leap in a pop cultural sense. When somebody has, you know, well, I guess what would have happened to me when I found out I was a medical intuitive, right.

That was a quantum leap in consciousness. From my everyday consciousness to something that was not really explainable in everyday conscious terms. So that was a quant, that was a quantum leap in consciousness. I guess you can say, quantum leap, it really depends on the definition of how you want to use it. But it often, generally speaking, means a change, a sudden change without any intervening antecedents or ways to track the movement. It’s not. It doesn’t go in a staccato point a, point b, point c. It’s like going from point a to point z, and in an instance, that’s incredible.

Pamela Bardhi: A lot lately, talking about how their life just feels. Especially in the past few months has been, rapid shifts. They’re saying that the frequency on earth is getting so much higher. And so a lot of people are basically like, their lives are accelerating at very high speeds. It’s been really interesting. So I don’t know if that’s been your experience lately, too, but I’m hearing a lot of people really talking about that. They’re like, I feel there’s been a quantum leap in the last, 60, 90 days. I know that’s more like pop culture, but I wonder if that’s something that you’ve experienced as well, that you’re just like, oh, my God, this stuff is moving so much faster. Feels like we’re in a totally different dimension kind of thing.

Peter Canova: Can’t say I really have experienced that. I mean, the world is always rapidly changing, and it’s uneven. You have, well, for instance, discoveries, in quantum physics often don’t reach the general public for years. When they discovered the dead sea scrolls and the nazi gospels which are very eye opening. Chapters of history that often contradict the history we’ve been given. It took like 50 years for that to get to the public. Then it took many more years afterwards for it to be absorbed. And I think the whole idea of knowledge, it’s uneven.

I liken it to, okay, in the old days in the west. You had the pioneers way out west who were experiencing all kinds of things that took a long time to reach back to Boston and New York. In those days, you know, totally different realms of experience. When I think of it, think of somebody in the west. In the 1840s or 1850s, and then think of somebody in the urban areas like Boston and New York and just the world of different experiences. And yet what was happening out west was shaping the American experience in the future. It was happening then. But it wasn’t realized by the people back east until many or felt by them until many, many years later.

Pamela Bardhi: Absolutely, and that makes total sense. I mean, it’s just there’s so many things that we’re learning now too. They’re even still discovering things in Egypt. I mean, there’s a million different things that are happening. That we’re finding all these hidden discoveries and truths about life. And I was mentioning my friend earlier, Jesenia. She wrote a book called Creation as well, which she said this is kind of like the antithesis of the Bible, almost, if you will. It’s got some really interesting perspectives, and I’d love to hear your perspective. Regarding what’s one of the most important things for others to know about quantum physics or spirituality. Just like, in general, one of the big misconceptions or something that we want to break down or some truths that we may not know about. Like you said, those gnostic.

Peter Canova: I think probably the most obvious thing to me is that we live in a kind of simulated reality. The Hindus call it maya, or illusion. And, quantum physics tells us, right on the face of it, that something weird is going on. Because we think of this world as something solid. Okay. I mean, you know, you can knock on the wall in the background of your video there, and it seems very solid to you. But in actuality, it’s composed of subatomic particles that are in motion. That are vast distances apart from one another. It’s not solid at all. In fact, the composition of the atoms is 99% space and light energy and only 1% mass or matter. We’re fixated on the 1%. To the ignorance of the 99% what they’ve discovered. Even at the very earliest stages of quantum physics.

In 1900, the father of quantum physics, doctor Max Planck, german physicist, said that, I can assure you of one thing. There’s no such thing as matter. That anything that we think of as matter is something that is brought to a point of vibration by a higher intelligence. There is, at the very basic levels of reality, there are no such things as particles. What there are waves of light energy. And under certain circumstances, there will be little cul de sacs that will collapse into particles, into particle form. That gives rise to universes like ours, that are apparently 3d universes. So I’m here in Florida right now, and many times I used to look over a river, a still river, and there would be a water spout there. Water spouts are essentially like mini tornadoes that are formed out of water.

I mean, literally, they spiral up from the water just like little tornadoes. And yet the river itself, the water itself is very smooth. The scientists are saying that, essentially, that’s what happens on a cosmic scale, that it’s all a wave of energy. But under certain circumstances, these blips, or blemishes, happen in the quantum energy field. That’s what they call the collapse of the quantum wave. You might have heard that expression, and that collapses into a particle formation.

The water spout is like that blemish. It arises out of the smooth water, and yet it looks like something different, but it’s not. It’s composed of that smooth water underneath. But it’s a disturbance that looks like a separate thing, it looks like a separate universe. It looks like a separate thing, but it’s not. It’s really just a disturbance in the energy field, in this case, in the river. So I think that’s the best analogy that I can give you, of what really basic reality is about.

Quantum spirituality, as Peter mentioned, is life changing

It’s not at all about what we see. Einstein’s equals squared said that matter comes from energy, and it dissolves back into energy. So matter and energy are interchangeable. Matter really is a function of light energy, which is not solid to begin with. There’s some of your paradoxes and some of the stuff that we have to wrap our head around in the quantum world.

Pamela Bardhi: Yeah, the quantum world is a magical place. I’m still trying to absorb all of it, I think it’s just absolutely fascinating. I mean, see, like I said, there’s a bridge between science and spirituality that is unbelievable. It is so cool what we can learn about ourselves, about the world around us and all that. Like, when you break it down and you’re saying, hey, it’s 1% matter, for some reason, we’re so fixated on that 1%. Forget about the other 99. It’s like, you can’t hack life without knowing that, right? Everything is energy at the end of the day. And if you know how to do that, how to alchemize that, how to utilize it and really understand that you can create your own reality, that’s when power comes in.

That’s when you take your power back and you say, what do I want to create today? Most of us aren’t aware of that. And so for anybody who’s listening, I hope you guys can really capture this, that you create your own reality in the most beautiful ways. Tapping into your consciousness and into yourself and into the quantum world. Quantum spirituality, as Peter mentioned, is life changing. It’s absolutely life changing. And, Peter, I would love to hear what you’re going to say on this one. Because there’s so much knowledge and there’s so much depth in all the amazing stuff that you do.

What would your older self tell your younger self based on what you know now

So I’m wondering what would your older self tell your younger self. Based on what you know now? It’s my favorite question. I always save the best for last.

Peter Canova: You know, the funny thing about it is that I don’t have a very good sense of time. My older self and my younger self, other than maybe looking in the mirror occasionally don’t seem that different. I mean, it sort of seems, It’s just like a continuum. And I’ve never, I don’t celebrate birthdays. Because to me it’s just an artificial construct. Besides the fact that I still like to think I’m probably 20 than when I’m way much older than that.

But in all honesty, it’s hard for me to answer that question. Because for me it’s more like a continuum. I mean, I might have told myself some of the knowledge that I have now that I didn’t have back then. Some ideas that I have know about, that are a little bit more clear and concise about things. I might include myself in that but other than that, it’s hard for me to answer because I just don’t have that. I don’t have a typical sense of time like a lot of people have.

Pamela Bardhi: I love that, I love that though, that it’s continuum. But we’re infinite souls. So that makes absolutely perfect sense. Peter, you know, it absolutely makes sense. I’d love to hear, in your world, like what’s going on in the next few weeks, few months, what’s going on in Peter’s world. And you mentioned an article that was coming out, that’s fantastic.

Peter Canova: Well, a couple of things. First of all, I wrote a trilogy called the first Souls trilogy which has won 25 national and international awards. It was actually my first book, and they’re become like a real kind of cult hit. It’s about the first souls that incarnate into the physical world. And it traces their lives over different epochs of history when humanity is faced with either revolving or sinking backward. The first book is called Pope Annalisa, about an African nun who becomes the first female pope at a time when America and Iran are going into a nuclear war. It’s actually, Times magazine did a whole article in the book about all the geopolitical predictions that came true in the book Pope Annalisa. I have a partner who was a former executive at HBO and working on getting that into a tv series.

I decided initially when I started writing, there’s two ways to go. I could do something that was more academic and instructional or something that was more entertaining to get the sort of message out in a more entertaining way. That’s the first thing I did was write the trilogy, the first soul trilogy. But a couple years ago, I said, I did all this research that was kind of the thematic underpinning of the fictional trilogy. So why don’t I put it together into a nonfiction book and make it a little bit more pointed and instructional, on how people can have experiences, extraordinary experiences with consciousness. And that resulted in the book quantum spirituality, which actually, the publisher just entered into the first of several book awards. It entered in four categories in the American book fest best book awards, It won first place in all four categories.

Pamela Bardhi: Wow. That’s unbelievable. That’s absolutely unbelievable, Peter. I’m not surprised, to be honest, is your depth of knowledge and the way that you break things down is absolutely fascinating. The world needs to learn all of this. I mean, I’ve learned so much from you, even just today. And I’m like, I can’t wait to dig into the books in full detail because I love this stuff. Always thinking about how we are going to continuously elevate? How do we connect to our higher selves? How do we connect to source, God, whatever you’re on, you.

Everyone wants to call it, like, it’s a higher power. However you want to recognize it. Right? So it’s just this. This absolutely fascinates me and it’s so life changing, too. When you can understand how the universe actually works, all the universal laws and quantum physics and how everything comes into play. It just changes your whole perspective on it. On how you do life, really, which is.

Peter Canova: Yeah. I mean, it’s a great journey. You know, it’s a great journey. And my hope is that, you know, quantum physics becomes an important tool for people on their particular journey.

Pamela Bardhi: Absolutely. And this article that you’ve got coming out, is that coming out in the next few weeks, where is that so that we can kind of look out for it?

Peter Canova: Probably the first place it’ll come out is, the biz Catalyst 360, which is a big online forum of articles usually, comes up median. And then my publicist, literally, I just sent this to them today. It’ll probably be appearing in several other publications, which I don’t know yet, but I know it’s going to get some traction because it’s a very interesting article. Then some of these places, they just, whatever articles I write they’ll take. So I know it’s going to get out there somehow. But I think what I would like people to do, honestly, is go to my website, It’s It has a wealth of articles, videos.

It has portals to my own podcast called Quantum Spirituality. And also to the different books that we talked about, the first souls trilogy and the new quantum spirituality book. Even if you don’t buy the books, I think you’ll find it very informative. But quantum spirituality, it’s available at all the online booksellers and some bookstores. Check it out on Amazon. It’s got close to 60 reviews on Amazon and they’re like 90%, I think five star and a few four star reviews. So, that’s kind of a good way to just get familiar with some of the things that we’ve been talking about here.

Pamela: Great. And thank you so much for dropping those links

Much more in depth.

Pamela Bardhi: Absolutely. I can’t wait to dig in depth on those as well. Thank you so much for dropping those links. And we’ll make sure to include those in the show notes as well, Peter, so everyone can kind of go and check out the books and all about you and learn all the amazingness that you’re up to. I just wanted to say thank you so much. I’m so grateful for your time today, for hearing all of your insights and just all about your books and just really everything you can feel the depth and the passion behind what you do. And just so grateful, and for everyone who’s listening, please do follow Peter. Check out his website. He’s got more and more interesting things coming, I’m sure. I’m excited to read all about that new article that you have coming up and beyond.

Peter Canova: Great. Well, thank you, Pamela. Good to be on your show. Thank you very much.

So that’s it for today’s episode of Underdog. Catch us next week on Meet With Pamela

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