Christy Whitman

Christy Whitman is an in-demand life coach, motivational speaker, CEO, and founder of the Quantum Success Coaching AcademyTM, a 12 month Law of Attraction coaching certification program. She is also the author of the international bestseller Quantum Success. Her forthcoming book The Desire Factor will be released on April 21, 2021.

Christy has appeared on the news, The Today Show, The Morning Show, Ted X, and The Hallmark Channel and her work has been featured in the media in various publications. She’s been featured in Goalcast, People Magazine, Seventeen, Woman’s Day, Hollywood Life, and Teen Vogue, to name a few.

Christy has helped certify over 3,000 life coaches and has helped countless others to unlock their power to manifest. She lives in Scottsdale with her husband Frederic and her two boys Alex and Maxim.

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The Transformational Story and Insight Of Christy Whitman on Her Book The Desired Factor

Pamela Bardhi
Hello, everyone, and welcome to another episode of underdog. Today I have an incredible, incredible guest here with me, Christy Whitman. Christy, how are you?

Christy Whitman
I’m awesome, I’m so happy to be here with you, Pamela.

Pamela Bardhi
I am so excited to have you. So for those of you who don’t know, Christy is an out-of-this-world, incredible New York Times bestselling author channel for the group of Ascended Masters. Among coaching, amazing things and I cannot wait to talk about her story today. So Christy, I just want to thank you so much, for you being here today and being with us. And I’m just pumped to hear about your journey and you’ve got quite a journey. I would love to start off with what inspired your journey to sort of where you are today?

Christy Whitman
Well, I had graduated from college, I knew at a young age, I wanted to go to college and kind of was on this path. That I knew, that I wanted to be in sales and marketing and I wanted to sell consumable products. Things that were not like one-time purchases, like a car, TV. And so I graduated from college and moved to Chicago. I was born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona and I moved to Chicago with my best friend. And I got a great job, with a liquor distribution company and so my job was literally selling wine and liquor to bars and restaurants. I quickly got promoted to a supplier of that liquor distributor.

So I had a nice territory, I literally like, I was my own boss and I would call on the managers and the owners and the food and beverage managers. From like the top hotels and restaurants in Chicago and I was literally like eating my way through Chicago. Because my job was to go and meet them a lot of times. The best way to do that is to go and be a guest at the restaurant for example. And so I brought my girlfriend on with me and we would go to the greatest restaurants. Meet the managers, the owners, kind of introduce myself that way. Have meal expenses on the company and then, get a meeting to be able to talk about, getting my wines in the restaurants or the hotels.

And or we would go to these bar things. So I was partying up posing in my young 20s in Chicago and here I was, I had health in my body, I lived in a brownstone with my best friend. I had really great career success, I was making really good money. And at the end of the day, no matter what I accomplished. It never felt like it was enough and I didn’t feel fulfilled and it was like. I kept hitting all of those landmarks of success, that I thought would make me happy and as I continued to hit them, I was getting more and more unhappy. So I started feeling like there’s got to be more to this. It’s like there’s more to life than just doing stuff, accomplishing stuff, succeeding making money.

And I started to feel this sense of like, spiritual kind of turning that I was being called for something. But it didn’t know what it was and I even remember I was born and raised Catholic. I remember going back to the Catholic Church and just feeling like, Okay. What I’m looking for is not here and just feeling even more depressed because I’m like. God, I thought maybe the spiritual side of me. Or the religious side of me or you know wanted to call me, but this is not calling me, I feel empty here. I happen to be dating a guy that lives in Northern California and it worked from my company that I work for.

So I asked my company if I could do a lateral move to California and they accepted and I moved to Northern California and he was the last bad guy I ever dated. Because although things were really great, I always attracted those guys that were like alcohol and drug-addicted. Those were either cheaters that were just completely emotionally unavailable or just that kind of guy. And so I moved to Northern California and found out that the whole time, I was dating this guy. He was with another woman and wasn’t being honest with me. I was literally there for a month and the only person I had met, was a hairdresser and hairstylist and her name is Janine. And I happen to need to get my haircut.

So I went in, to see Janine and I only met her once or twice, so it wasn’t like I had these in-depth conversations with her. But now I’m like one on one with her. She’s cutting my hair and I was watching her, as we’re talking and she just had this like inner joy coming out of her. And nothing I’d ever experienced like the authentic joy that she was, just like bubbling up from her. I was listening to her, we were talking, having a conversation and finally being as blunt as I am. I’m like okay, what do you do and she just started laughing. Because she knew exactly what I meant, I’m like you’re so different than anybody I’ve ever met and she goes why meditate.

Now, Pamela, you have to remember this is 25 years ago right? I was 25 years old at the time and I had never met anybody that meditated. My idea of meditation was like that guy, wearing a white robe with white hair. The white beard sitting on a mountaintop coming and yogi sat, right. That was my identification with meditation. So she just completely shifted my paradigm on that and likes to meditate, so she said yeah, so we talked about it. How she’s got a meditation teacher and she goes, I’ll give you her number. She’s also a spiritual advisor, she also channels this kind of stuff I didn’t know. What any of that meant, so I’m calling her isn’t like but then we had huge cell phones back then or like bricks.

I’m calling her as I’m leaving the salon and I sat in front of her, I went to her house and here again. I walk in and there’s candles everywhere clinky new age music. Which I’d never listened to you, I was a rocker chick still am statues of angels incense. I’m like the senses or I’m like where am I, right. There’s the bee she had just oh my gosh, like rainbow flags, and wasn’t like she was doing it for. Because she was gay it was, because that was like the rainbow flag of like the rainbow light. But I didn’t know any of this. So I’m just going where I am and so we don’t sit on a chair, we sit on a cushion on the floor.

I’m like okay this is so weird and she said to me. Before we even got into any type of meditation before. We even had that conversation where she goes, you create your own reality and it was like something bigger than me opened up. I was like every cell in my body was just vibrating and I’m like yes, I do, I’m like, I don’t know how I know this is true. And then I leaned in and I was like. But how like my logical mind kicked in and went well and she said your thoughts. My thoughts and she goes you’re either attracting things to you. Or repelling things from you by the way you think I’m like again whoa, that’s true

My thoughts and it was this moment of like, I knew I could change my mind. I don’t want to go here, I want to go there, I want to wear this, I want to wear that. But the way I thought about things, I didn’t know that I could choose to change my thoughts. Thought that just was I mean the thoughts. That was in my head, we were real and she had me do probably the best assignment I’ve ever done in my life. She told me to go home and just be the witness to my thoughts. Let yourself be present, which I never was with your thoughts.

And I couldn’t believe how negative I was, I was so judgmental about myself and so critical, condemning not only me but anybody. I saw drivers on the road, I mean god itself. It was just everything was so negative and I remember calling. Having this realization, calling my girlfriend who still lived in Chicago. And I said, god I’m so negative and she goes. You are not, you’re one of the most positive people I know, you’re a constant optimist. I’m like you should be inside of this thing because it’s not good here. Maybe It filters and something comes out. Shere something changes, where I say positive things but in here.

I don’t feel good inside of me and so that became my quest to literally figure out. Why I think this way and, why I think in such negativity. And what I realized back then is that my perspective. My training was all based on lack and by thinking. I would always feel bad and I really started to look at and discover. What were the differences between a lack mindset and an abundant mindset . So I started on this journey of opening up spiritually and I want to say, it was like maybe less than a year. Later my sister, who was my older sister. Thank God, I had been going through this and feeling and meditating and changing my thoughts.

And looking at my perspective, she decided to commit suicide at that time. I remember feeling so grateful that I knew, what I knew. Because I was able to really process and not be a victim to what she did. And because I saw my mom and dad they were just their lives. Were almost ruined and my dad became the shell of a person and he said, Well. Time will heal all wounds and I really know now, that we have to take an active approach in the healing process in order to heal. So every tear I felt came up, I allowed myself to cry, every time I felt angry.

I allowed myself to feel that feeling and really being able to know about energy and about changing my perspective. It saved me during that time. And I was able to literally change that setpoint or that setback into something that propelled me forward. So about five years into healing and practicing from my own sense of wanting to feel connected. One to feel good and wanting to have a different perspective of life. That’s when my first book, perfect pictures downloaded through me. And literally woke me up at one to five in the morning with this information. I got up and just started. My hand became totally independent of my own consciousness. It was just like, I like what is happening.

And this happened for seven nights in a row and I got the book published. I always tease that my mom and dad, friends, and family. Everybody that I knew bought the book. Who was not the target audience for this book at all. They all thought I had lost my mind talking about energy and changing thoughts and lacked perspective. And from an abundance perspective, they did not get it and so Oprah wasn’t calling. So I started speaking in spiritual bookstores and churches and that’s when people started asking me if I could coach them. I had no idea there was this profession just 20 years ago, nope, no idea.

There was this profession of life coaching and I thought it was a joke. Like, what? Why would people hire a coach, I’m like, just call me on the phone and I’ll help you walk through this stuff. And I did and I was helping them shift their mindset, their perspective, their process, emotions. They were calling me or emailing me back going, Oh, my God, like this happened. And that I just got a debt, I got the promotion, I just met the man like incredible stories. I just love the process of being on a phone with someone and coaching them and helping them shift. Then having the after effects knowing that I had a hand in that.

And at the time, I was a pharmaceutical sales rep. Which I didn’t feel on purpose or passionate about at all. I actually felt out of integrity, because if I get a headache, I usually put peppermint oil. And then, I’m good to go, I don’t even take an aspirin here. You know, here I am selling all these medications. So that started my journey and I started pursuing becoming a coach and here I am. 20 years later, I quit my day job 14 years ago and have had a successful business and people heal and certified over 3000 life coaches in law of attraction and seven books later, here I am.

Pamela Bardhi
You are such a rock star. And I absolutely love it. Oh my god. Now I have to ask you, this is always a random question that I say just. Because somehow this is always linked to where you end up, right? What did you actually want to be when you grew up?

Christy Whitman
I remember what as a little kid, my mom would go on all these trips with my dad. And so she would go into like the travel agents, you know. Place and the travel agent will be taking the papers and back then they didn’t have E-tickets. They had all the tickets and they would staple them together and do all that. So I would literally pretend that I was like this business person, but almost like a travel agent.

And I would take papers and would staple them together and hand it to the client. I mean, that’s what I thought, I was going to do something business. Where I’d be stapling papers together. Either that or a dancer like a backup dancer for like Paula Abdul or a singer. I would pretend in the mirror I was Pat Benatar, so you know, one of those.

Pamela Bardhi
Oh my god, I love it so much. So hey, it’s correlated to what you do now though. Hey, you’re changing lives all over the world. Right?

Christy Whitman
Yes. In a very different sense, yes.

Pamela Bardhi
You know, those business papers are like they’re your books. So now it’s always correlated. That’s funny, so aside from the hairdresser that you met in California. Who has been sort of your biggest inspiration throughout your life, in your early years, would you say?

Christy Whitman
I would say my godmother was like an Angel walking among us. My mom is a very lovely person, but really has a lot of pain. The body is very unconscious and not really careful in what she says. And at one point it isn’t anymore, because I’ve changed my relationship with her. But was very critical and condemning and my godmother was like the exact opposite. As a matter of fact, when I came back, I moved from when I lived in Chicago. When I came back for visits, I would have lunch with my mother and my godmother. And I remember this one Munch. My godmother was talking about an angel. I was and how I would come over to her house.

And everybody would be so excited and I would just light up a room. I just filled the room with light and she was just so precious and like all these beautiful things. Then my mom would say, this one she never ate, she never slept. She was a pain-in-the-ass guy. So he jumped, she’d say, No. If I’d say go left, she go right, she was always such a problem and blah, blah, blah and I said, Whoa. Are you talking about the same person? Like, are you both talking about the same person, because it’s amazing to see how one person has this perspective. And like my mom had this perspective, my godmother had this other perspective.

My mom had the lens on that I am a pain in the ass. I mean nothing I did was ever going to be enough. She put the lenses on if she’s a pain in the ass. So nothing I did was ever going to be good enough and my godmother had on the lens. That I was a precious child from God, she saved me really honestly having that level of light. And that level of inspiration and that level of unconditional just pure love from her. Was what my sister didn’t have and I always say that. That was the biggest difference because my sister and I had the same parents. And I’m not blaming my parents for being there, done that, right. It’s like. I take responsibility for choosing it. As that family, as a soul, and all the things I’ve learned.

But it is really interesting because the only real difference between my sister’s upbringing and my upbringing is that. I spent a lot of time with my godmother and her family. She had four kids and they all adored me and they were all like bigger brothers and sisters. And I got to go over there and they had bunnies and kittens and things running around at my house. It was like the military, which we were not in the military. Dogs can’t come in the house, can’t sit on your bed. You got to wear shoes and socks, which didn’t make any sense to me.

Because your socks, you’re going to bring in dirt from the house, from the outside. But you had to wear your shoes and socks in the house. And I was always like, well. That’s stupid, talking to my mom going well, that doesn’t make any sense, you know. Why can’t I sit on my bed? Things just didn’t make a lot and so I would argue with her. And I could see from her perspective where it was like, Oh, my God, I was so argumentative. So I’m like, well. Just tell me why? Because I just want to know, it doesn’t make sense, because I said so.

And I’m like, Huh, that doesn’t work for me. Why? She’d get frustrated. Stop asking me, you know, so I can see from her lens, why I would be considered a pain in the ass. But I mean, from my godmother, it was like. You want to take off your shoes, take off your shoes, you want to roll around in the dirt go roll around in the dirt. She was very allowing you to go play with the bunnies, catch one, she thought everything I did was cute. Whereas my mom was like, Oh, God.

Pamela Bardhi
That’s crazy, though. It’s interesting because both personalities are so different to you. The energies are so different in both realms. And you could sense that right away in between. Wow,

Christy Whitman
I really felt safe. Like with my godmother, I didn’t feel judged, I felt free, I remember just that even as a little girl, I just felt so free to be me. That was the thing that my sister didn’t ever get.

Pamela Bardhi
Right. Sorry to hear that about your sister, too. I imagine I know, there’s a lot of people that face those types of traumas. And not to open any wounds or anything. But how were you able to sort of overcome that and heal from that process? Because I know there’s a lot of people listening who may be going through something similar right now. What would be a race advice with overcoming that?

Christy Whitman
Well, the thing was, when you look at the stages of loss. Elisabeth Kubler Ross talked about the five stages of loss or grieving. I let myself go through every single stage and when I felt angry, I allowed myself to feel the anger, right. When I feel sad, I allow myself to cry every tear and for years. I would be at Christmas time because I was always there. Because my sister moved to California when I was six years old. But she would always come back always for Christmas. So Christmas was like my time with her. And so, Christmas was always like that. No matter where we were in the world if I lived in Chicago, she lived in California. We always come back to Arizona for Christmas.

And so Christmas was hard for me for many of the first several years. Because it was like that’s when I really missed her, because I didn’t have her there. But, because I had opened up to this spiritual realm and the spiritual approach. I had so many signs that she was there and she was okay like really trippy things. I’ll just give you one example when we went to San Diego to get her ashes. Because she wanted to be cremated, we would spread them over sunset cliffs, because that’s what her favorite place was. And she was the sign of cancer, such as a crab, right?

So I went to spread the ashes over the cliffs and a big gust of wind came and put a bunch of the ashes on top of the cliff. And as soon as I did that, out of nowhere. Because there wasn’t any before this out of nowhere, a big black crab came out of the rock and went and sat on the ashes. And I was like, okay, she’s okay. She’s all right and then, really trippy things like she and I used to connect with music and all different kinds of music and this one morning. Where I was feeling that sense of like, gosh, I miss my sister. Like, I really miss it.

I really miss her. All of a sudden I turn on this, I was living in Sacramento at the time. The song from Garth Brooks, the dance comes on. Now that song is Wow. You know, it’s like the dance of life. And just listening to the lyrics was just like, Wow. It totally explains my relationship with her. Then another song from Sarah McLachlan, I will remember you. Which also played when we went to San Diego to take her ashes. I mean, it was like she was speaking to me, directly.

And then the third one was Boogie Boogie Woogie, from a taste of honey, which was disco. So you’ve got three different genres of music on a country-western station. What DJ in the right mind would play those three different genres on a station. Right? That same sequence happened a handful of other times. One time I was driving in Susanville, where there’s literally no satellite radio back then. It was like you had your station or you didn’t listen to music. Because I was driving up into the mountains as if I was a pharmaceutical rep. And so there’s two stations, one was talk radio. Or the one that had music barely would come in and out.

I couldn’t even barely hear it half the time. So a lot of times, I just turn off the radio as I’m driving through the mountains and the beautiful trees and some gorgeous Garth Brooks. Sarah McLaughlin, Boogie, tastes honey, and in the same order and I’m going whoa, like, Okay. I get you’re here with me and it was like. I’ve had so many times like, I’ve visited sunset clothes before and I’m sitting there. I’m just kind of meditating and all of a sudden, I felt as if someone actually came and sat next to me. And I opened my eyes and realized there was nobody there. It was totally my, I could feel my sister’s energy, I could have sworn someone physically came and put their body next to me.

And there was nobody there next to me. So in things like this, where I would say, gosh I missed one of my I miss my sister’s talks. Because we would get on the phone together and talk for hours. And then, that night I had a dream that I was holding a phone talking to my sister. When I woke up in the morning, I felt just so fulfilled. I’m like, I have a sister to talk. So those type of things because I opened up. Yes, that’s why I’m saying, I’m so grateful that I heard, I started meditating and I started understanding. About spirituality and about energy that I was able to feel and be open to all of that.

Pamela Bardhi
That’s amazing. Wow. I mean, it’s insane to know that they’re there with us, right? And now, whenever I hear somebody passing, I tell everybody, listen. They’re just in a different dimension, they’re there. You just can’t see them.

Christy Whitman
Yeah, well, like what the Council says because I obviously have a different perspective. When I’m channeling the council, I’m not present, my consciousness is totally out. But I want to hear the things, that they share later. They say, imagine that you’re in your own center of a football field, you’re literally on the field. And all of the stands represent the team of angels and guides and masters and fairies of the universe. Beings of light that are there to support you and that front row of that first Stadium. Are all the people that your grandmother, your grandfather, your sister.

Whoever has passed on that you knew in the physical. There in the front row, right there to support you. So it’s not just the foot the people that we knew that passed on. I know we’ve got more than we can count that are with us right now. Watching out for us, telling us to go there, stay there, you know. That all of a sudden you get that idea to do this instead of that and then you find out later that, wow. If I would have done that, that would have been detrimental. Right? It was like they’re whispering to us. And we can either be open to it or we can go Oh, that’s ridiculous. I’m going that way anyway.

Pamela Bardhi
Right. And I find it crazy, you were mentioning, too. That you were woken up at 1:05am for seven nights in a row and you just kept writing. You were being channeled through to write that. One was that in particular.

Christy Whitman
20 years ago and every single book that I write is like that desire factor. Which is my new book coming out this April, same exact thing. My last book, this is a funny story, my last book called Quantum Success. I’m on a cruise ship, in the middle of the Mediterranean with my family. It’s three o’clock in the morning and it’s like I’m wide awake, right? And it’s like, grab your pen journal and I’m like, I’m on a cruise ship. My husband’s in the room, I can’t turn on the light here, my one son’s in the living room area.

Turn the light in there, when he woke up. There was another little room where my other son couldn’t turn on that light. So where do I get to go to the bathroom? Because the bathroom lights on, in case anybody has to go into the bathroom, right? I go into the bathroom, stack up a bunch of towels. Because it’s a cold linoleum floor in there, take my journal, my pen, and just and that became Quantum Success.

Pamela Bardhi
Wow, wow, I just find it so fascinating. I’m like, you’re just like jolted awake and just.

Christy Whitman
it’s like I’m being woken up. Okay, I would say it’s not convenient that I’m dedicated to it. So if it comes at three in the morning or 105 in the morning. Or when I wrote the art of having it all, it was all downloaded within two weeks. But it wasn’t during the night like most of my other books were, but I literally had to tell my kids who were at the time, three and four. And my husband, who totally understood, I had to tell them, Listen. I’ve got a book downloading through me. It’s weird, it’s happening at all times of the day and night. So if you see me pick up my journal and my pen. Which I was instructed to keep with me at all times, could be when I’m driving, I had a pullover.

And when you see me grab my pen and pencil. Don’t Mommy, Mommy, I just go, oh, pause, timeout. Let me write, it won’t take long. But let me get out what I need to get out and then, I’ll be with you in a moment. And they were so good about it. Because almost all of a sudden, I’m like, hold that thought, you know. They were looking at me and I’m like, I don’t know. What was happening and then, I would put it down, put it away. Then I played with them again or, you know. Be with them at dinner or whatever it was and it was just yeah.

Pamela Bardhi
Incredible. From your first book. That’s sort of what led you into speaking at different churches and things like that. And kind of slowing you into the coaching world. Yes. From there, how did you transition to creating, to becoming a certified law of attraction expert and all of us. So how did it really expand for you?

Christy Whitman
Well, I had the book come out, and then the second book I wrote was. Why did she choose suicide and it was a book on how to heal with a spiritual approach to a tragedy. And so that was the second book I wrote. But while I was doing this, while I was writing books on the side. I was a pharmaceutical rep and at this time I got married and not to my husband now. But it got married and later was divorce, but I was just calling on physicians in my area. And I was applying what I knew, from energy and from universal laws and these kinds of things. That I became like the number one rep in my area and people kept looking at me going, what are you doing.

As I pursued becoming a life coach and went to school for it and training and continued to. You know, people that were wanting me to speak and they were in my workshops, wanting me to coach them. I was doing it for free and just kind of doing it and kind of creating my own coaching system if you will. Because I wasn’t at that point trained and they were getting results because of universal laws. And so I’ll never forget this woman named Leticia. She was in my district, she was on my team for the pharmaceutical company and she said to me. What are you doing? You’re winning every award, you’re both getting all maximum amounts of money with bonuses. Like she was at the lower ring of the company.

Let alone the district and I said. What do you want me to coach you? And so she was my first paying client. I now make $1,000 an hour. She was 260 $5 an hour, I know and she went from being like if there were 450 sales reps in the company, she was like 445. Like that low and she went all the way up in 10%. When presidents trophy, when tonnes of bonuses, all this kind of stuff just by applying the information, I was coaching her on. So then, because of that, she referred her friend who then within a very short period of time. Going from making one year $65,000 a year to nine was $99,000 and she was like I wanted to make 100,000. I’m like you just made.

Like hello, like 35,000 more dollars you didn’t hit your goal of 100,000. But you made like 99 points, you know. Whatever it was, 99,000 is a huge jump. Most people don’t make that huge of a jump in a year’s period right. So sometimes it’s just a shift in perspective. Because we’re like oh, I didn’t hit the goal. But it’s like you kind of did, so she was my second client and I charged $100 an hour with her. And then I got training and It’s kind of fun because as a coach I was able to give myself a raise. All along the way and as I saw more people were getting value from it.

The more I got confidence that the system, that I’m doing is working and what’s crazy is that I had, you know. Started my own business, I left corporate America and when I left corporate America I was in polemic and went back. So I was living in redding California and my husband at the time was born and raised there. And so things just kind of happened, where we weren’t together anymore. We were getting a divorce and I got literally a lateral move. It was a big promotion. But if you look on the map of the United States like Redding, California is here. If you draw a line you cannot go further than Pennsylvania. It’s literally I mean it couldn’t go any further and I got a promotion with the company, I was working for to be in Philadelphia.

I kept up and moved to Philadelphia and that’s where I met at a personal development conference with my husband Frederick. I’ve been with them for 14 years, almost 15 years and so here I was in corporate America, I was a sales training manager right and I wanted nothing. But to be a coach full time and I wanted to have my own business and so, he was living in Canada and I was living in Pennsylvania. We were doing the long-distance thing and finally, I decided to quit and so I went full time in my business and within a year. I was making more money than I was on my own when I was in corporate America.

Making my own hours, being my own boss and I had several clients and within a week it was insane. I had one person that I was coaching. She said I want you to certify me as a coach, I Have a law of attraction coach. And I said well I’ll tell you where, I didn’t do that and she goes no I mean assistant I want you, I don’t want anybody else, I don’t want to go where you went, I want you to teach me what you do. What you do is so effective that nobody else is doing it. I want you to do it and I said well Vanessa, I’ll think about it. That next night for two nights in a row, I was doing an abundance workshop at a local yoga studio in Montreal.

First night I had a guy come up to me and say I want you to certify me to do what you do and I’m like, I don’t do that. But it’s a compliment and this is like three days in a row. The next night a woman comes up to me at the break and she goes. I had this epiphany, I want to do what you do and I want you to train me to do it and I’m kind of going, seriously? What is going on right and so I’m like okay, so this is on a Thursday morning I’ll never forget this.

I’m like okay if I was going to train people to do what I do knowing what I know what would I do? And again pen to paper. The whole entire certification from module two the length of time to the content in it literally came out and I was like whoa I spent like two hours writing. And so later that day one of my clients comes on the call with me and she goes oh my god. I’m so excited I was a bit dying to talk to you.

Feel like it’s been like forever since we were going to get on this call together. I finally figured out what I want to do, I want to do what you do and I want you to certify me and I said, well even I’m actually putting together a certification. Because I will be the first to sign up and she was and so that was in 2008 and I started certifying coaches long before most people were doing it. Long before most people knew that life coaching existed or law of attraction existed and I’m certified over 3000 coaches.

 Her Biggest Piece of Advice

Pamela Bardhi
Wow, wow! amazing oh my god. This has just been like slow things throughout your journey. That really propelled you forward and I think what’s so cool and what you mentioned is that you took the jump from corporate America, to becoming your own coach. And that’s something that I know and especially a lot of women struggle with, like, making that jump. What would be your biggest piece of advice there? And lastly being like, Okay, you know what. But I’m doing my own thing.

Christy Whitman
You’ll know when the timing is right. Because for me, I knew, I was moving into that. And I knew that I needed to be in a place happy and satisfied with where I was. I couldn’t be like, Oh, my God, this job sucks and my boss sucks. And what am I going to get out of it and feeling impatience. because that’s coming from lack. And lack is never the fulfillment of what I want. Because if you look at it on a spectrum, lack is on one side, abundance is on the other side. Lack always feels bad, it pushes away repels the things that we want from us, right.

And abundance attracts things to us, abundance feels good, well. There’s a tipping point and that satisfaction. So I literally would every single day on my drive to work in the morning. Because now I wasn’t a pharmaceutical rep anymore. Where I could just make my own hours and work a couple hours if I wanted to for a day. I was in eight to five, couldn’t get there later than eight, couldn’t leave before five, I was there in an office. And I had my own office where I could actually close the door. But the boss that I had, oh, my God, I wrote about this and Quantum Success. We called him Eagle, because he was always overheads, looking after us.

And he was just, he would go in and Snoop in our offices. When we weren’t there, he was just so creepy. So I literally had to put myself in a place as I was driving to work. Looking at all of the positive aspects of my Now, while getting excited. Knowing that someday, someday soon, I was going to be my own boss and be able to coach full time doing absolutely what I love. So I would sit there and say, I make really great money and I have nights and weekends free, so I can coach and build my business.

And I make great money, so I can invest in the business and I’ve got a couple of friends that I enjoy being with at work. That’s great to take breaks and to be silly with and it would just list all these different things. It’s sales training, so I’m learning how to create programs. And that was actually really good training. Because I have a lot of group coaching programs. I mean, helped me when I created the Quantum Success Coaching Academy to facilitate adult learning. So it’s like, I’m getting training for what’s coming. You know, I was looking for the positive aspects and then, getting excited about what I wanted to do.

Why I wanted to do it and how I was going to feel when I did it. And that’s really the formula for being in that space of abundance. Being in that space of satisfaction in your now and getting excited for what else is coming? Because I would too It’s like, Oh, is it time is a time? When is there going to be time? Oh, you know? And then it just became so clear. Now? No, right? It’s kind of like, when should I jump? I don’t know when to jump? Should I jump? Am I not gonna jump and then all of a sudden. It’s like jumping, I just took the jump, took the leap

Pamela Bardhi
Right? Oh, my God. That’s amazing and now, talking about your next book. The desired factors are coming out in April 2021, which is so exciting. Give us a little summary on that. A little sneak peek on that. What’s it? Yes,

Christy Whitman
Yes, absolutely. So most people right now are living with fear. Yeah, and we need to turn it into a desire factor. And so that’s what I called the book. The desire factor and its 25 years of what I know to be true. About how to really manifest your desires and what order. Because a lot of times people have pieces of information on how to create a desire. But a lot of times they don’t put it in the right order and like a good combination lock. If you get the numbers mixed up, it’s not going to open. There’s a sequence, there’s a step-by-step process to attaining your desires. Not just from a physical perspective of working hard and taking action.

That’s one of them, for sure. Because we’re physical and we’re non physical. But the other things really get us into alignment with what we want. And a lot of times people will get a desire and then, they’ll talk themselves out of it. They’ll have a desire and then they’ll say, Well, I don’t know how to do that. Who do I think I am? Should I do that or other people are doing it. And so we talk ourselves out of it or we say, well. That’s kind of a materialistic desire. I don’t know if I should, I don’t know if that’s good to want that. So we question our desires and if a desire comes through and it’s good for you and it’s good for others it feels good.

It’s coming from your Divine Self if you have the desire to seek revenge on someone. That’s not coming from your Divine Self. Because your Divine Self is never in a place of like, Let’s go, have revenge on this person. But if it’s something that is a desire that feels good, whether it’s material or not. To have a new house, to have a bigger house, to have a nicer car, to start a business, to have a high fashion purse, I talked about how, for me, I love high fashion. And high fashion purses have been marks of success for me and desiring those things literally stretched me to have that greater success. So it’s really about embracing the materialistic parts of ourselves.

Our materialistic nature, to reclaim our full spiritual power and that no desires are off-limits if we have them if we think of them. Most people go home, I’m good. I don’t have any desires, right? Well, hey, isn’t that satisfying? Isn’t that what you just said? Be satisfied? What are you excited? For more? Yeah, I’m excited for more. And that’s what desires do. Because desires are the birth of more. Desires are creation, like none of us would be here if there wasn’t a desire. If my mom and dad didn’t desire to have another baby, I wouldn’t be here.

Pamela Bardhi

Christy Whitman
If the divine did not desire to have human beings instead of dinosaurs, we would not be here. Right? desire is the birth of all creation. And so when we suppress our desires and say, I’m good. I don’t need anything, I’m going to go anywhere, I don’t need to do more. I’m just gonna stay here. It’s because we’re afraid of being disappointed.

If we put ourselves out there, If we claim that we want something and then it doesn’t happen or are terrified of fear or disappointment, right? So people are in fear factor, disappointment factor, we need to get back into desire factor. Focusing more on what we want, why we want what we want to create. How we want to feel, what we want to experience, what we want to do, what we want to be. And it’s time for all of us to shift into that.

Pamela Bardhi
Right, right, because that’s the number one stopper of any success is always fear. Like you said, I was living in fear. So what is sort of your Sneak Peek tip of overcoming that?

Christy Whitman
Yeah, so I mean, alignment. When I say alignment, it means knowing what you want. Most people start, they start when I say to clients, what do you want? What do you want in this area? Well, I don’t want this and they go revert. Revert back to what they don’t want. Okay? We know what you don’t want. But what do you want? We have to let ourselves get permission and start focusing on what we do want. And letting ourselves have not only the mental, like the thoughts and the visuals, about what that would look like.

But the feeling sets, getting our emotions involved, getting our whole entire consciousness involved in the process of moving towards that. Our words, what we say if we’re saying, Oh. I can’t do that, that thought, that word can’t be in lack. It’s going to pull our energy down, It constricts us, It doesn’t create. But instead, if we tell ourselves I can or I want, I desire now. It starts opening up the creation of a whole series called, Watch your words. And because people would always ask me. What’s the first place to start? When you’re wanting to create your desires or manifest something different, I even work with universal laws.

And I said, you have to watch your words because words are the birth, they like to start the creation process. Because thoughts are a series of words and thoughts that over and over and over again. Become beliefs created from our beliefs. They also create our emotions, right? And they dictate if we’re going to take action or not. So watching our words is pretty important. As a gift to you and your audience that you can go to watch your It’s a 30-day video program. They’re like two to four minutes in length and they tell you. What word or phrase to absolutely eliminate from your vocabulary. Why? And what to say instead? Because it makes a huge difference. Huge.

Pamela Bardhi
Love that. Thank you so much. Yes, absolutely. I totally agree. Your words are everything and they affect your thoughts, your thoughts affect your energy and energy is everything. So it’s like a domino effect on errors. And I always ask this question and I’m so interested to see. What you’re gonna say about this. But what would your older self tell your younger self with what you know now?

Christy Whitman
I would say the biggest thing is love and accept yourself. Because for me, my life just totally changed in 2018. When I started channeling the council and understanding that not just for me but for everybody. That the divine that’s breathing us, beating our hearts, loves, and adores us. No matter how many missteps we take, no matter how badly we judge ourselves, no matter what we weigh, no matter what we do, love and accept us.

And what I started feeling my way into that truth is like, there are no problems. Knowing I’m loved and accepted and knowing that you are loved and accepted by each one of you, you know. It’s like, no matter what we do, the divine is always like, Oh, she’s cute. You know, it never judges us. It never condemns us, It never criticizes us, It doesn’t do to us what we do to ourselves. So I would definitely say, be kinder to yourself and love and accept yourself.

Pamela Bardhi
I love that. Thank you so much. Now you’ve got to let everyone know where to find you and your awesomeness. And where they can find your new book that’s coming up.

Christy Whitman
Yeah, that’s exciting. So the desire I mean, it’s gonna be everywhere, Amazon, all that. And because it’s coming out in April, I’m pre-selling it right now on my website. The and when you purchase this $15 book, that will absolutely change your life. Because every word is just infused with this amazing council energy. You get three meditations, less slash processes from the council. Right away to get you into the feeling sense, of being one with your desires. And to bring in the energy of success and to work in the hologram. To be able to really design your life the way you want to do it, so you get all three of those immediately. When you pre-purchase the book.

So if you go to the desire, you preorder the book, you get a membership and access to all three of those right away. And then, because you purchased it from me on Amazon or other places like that. You actually get a four-week live, interactive group coaching call with the council. Going through each of the concepts in the book and those start in May. And then, there’s also, like a lot of meditations and like worksheets in the book. Those are also recorded and you get access to those as well. So there’s a lot of goodness in that like $900 worth of bonuses when you buy a $15 book. You can pre-order it now and get all that now. The book will then obviously ship in April when it releases.

Pamela Bardhi
It’s amazing. And then your personal website, Christy so that everyone can see your amazing work and all the things you are. Oh my god, Christy. Thank you so much for being here today. I love your spirit, I love your energy. I’m pumped to read your book, I’m an upgrade of that personally, myself. So everyone who’s listening, you better order that too. Because you get all kinds of amazingness with it. And thank you so much for offering that to the listeners as well. Christina, thank you so much.


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