Sensei Victoria

Sensei Victoria Whitfield is an internationally recognized holistic stress management expert, speaker, and spiritual teacher. She is the creator of and “Sensei” is a Japanese word that means ‘teacher’. As a sensei, her role involves guiding and teaching how to truly love oneself while at work. She helps entrepreneurs heal.

Coming from a long line of business owners, she understands the unique spiritual issues a person can face. As an Energy Healer, she helps in clearing their energy so they can serve more people effectively and live life abundantly.

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Sensei Victoria Shares Her Transformative Journey as Reiki Master, Healer, International Author, and Speaker

Pamela Bardhi
Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of underdog. Today I have an outstanding absolutely high vibrational incredible Sensei Victoria. How are you?

Sensei Victoria
I’m so good, I’m so excited to connect and to share and just raise the vibe even higher.

Pamela Bardhi
Your energy is so out of this world and I love it so much. I can’t wait to get into your story and how you got to where you got to today. And it’s so incredible I can’t wait for you guys to hear all about it. But my first opening question to you my friend, is what led you on your journey to really where you are today?

Sensei Victoria
Oh my goddess I was not supposed to be here. I mean day one as my mom was giving birth to me they actually tried to abort me in her c section. So technically I’m really not even supposed to be here, but I come from a family of entrepreneurs. People who are passionate who live with purpose. Both my parents, one is white, one is black and here in America that’s, like, what in the world are the two of you doing. So like they’re both super passionate individuals, they raised me on thinking. Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, like anything the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve. Like Believe in yourself Victoria or that was the message of my parents.

They’ve always had side hustles. They like one was a lot more so than the other always had something going on. And for me personally I’m the type of personality and believe it or not that tends to be an equaliser and a little bit more low key. Because I got two parents that shouted and threw things that make love and all kinds of big energy. So I’m horrible like a fly under the radar type. And how that started manifesting for me. However, is this people pleaser thing of trying to make sure everybody else is alright. Because everybody else is all right. That’s my cue to then I’m okay. All right, like my anxiety or my feelings don’t matter as long as everybody else’s all right.

And that’s how I would manage being in such a big energy, artistic, creative, alternative kind of lifestyle in households. Where I was coming up and I thought I was just going to be a teacher. I thought I got my TEFL certification, I was going to go to Turkey. And teaching English in Turkey after graduating from Rutgers University. That was what I thought I was gonna be doing no way in Heck. I think that I was going to be like a professional energy healer talking about this meditation stuff. It was a turning point in my life that literally knocked some sense into me. Or knocked me out of that trajectory of just being a regular teacher. But instead becoming a sensei.

Pamela Bardhi
Yeah. You go girl. Okay, before we ask about how you became a Sensei, okay, like, what did you want to be when you grew up as a kid? What did you want to be?

Sensei Victoria
Oh, yeah, so I always wanted to be a teacher. And I don’t know if that honestly let’s be really Maven coming from the people pleaser. Like as a little kid. I knew the way that you control the environment. You make other people happy. So my English teacher was the one who asked me what do you want to be when you grow up, so I was like, Oh. I’m gonna say a teacher and she felt all good. And I felt that Victoria was a good student. Yay. But at the same time, though, I really grew into loving words, loving philosophy, loving expression and for me that’s like. What I had always aspired to.

And respect was like knowledge, people who were professors at that kind of an authority. I really respected and valued and so that was originally what I was going for was being a teacher, especially in the language arts. Now, the word Sensei, by the way, means teacher in Japanese. Technically, I kind of realized that childhood vision is completely different. Instead of working with language and expression. Necessarily for me now it shifted over to energy, presence, and mindset for people. And that came from a traumatic event. I had at the workplace, which knocked me completely onto another course in life.

Pamela Bardhi
Oh my God, You go girl. What do you want to be when you grow up? Always ties into wherever the person is. Now, every interview that I do, it’s so fascinating some way somehow like that childhood dream manifests. And it’s wild, now, we got to learn all about how did you become a sensei? Like, what? How did that all come together?

Sensei Victoria
Oh, my gosh, I was sorry. I was not supposed to do this. But here’s what happened. So what happened was I come from that passionate family. You know, we are hard workers. And you work with passion, you live with passion is how I was raised. So I would give it my all whenever I go into workplaces. In fact, I’m a bit of a workaholic, so I’m a workaholic. And you pair that with that kind of fly under the radar thing that I am going to put myself last. Make sure everybody else feels good, so that was the mindset. When you pair those two together, work can become a really dangerous place, so when I graduated from Rutgers with all my certifications.

So I got to teach English as a foreign language and everything like that. It was the 2008 2009 stock market crash, it was like, complete, nobody’s getting hired for anything. And so I started jumping in on different workplaces that we’re, frankly toxic, toxic workplaces. Like bosses that scream and throw stuff at the wall. Or do sheisty stuff that they’re like, I don’t tell anybody. Where to move this into my basement kind of thing. And so I just let me get the heck out of here and so I finally just took some time off. I don’t care where I work, as long as I work with people who are not going to be abusive of me. Because I’m sure I want money and I’m a hard worker. But I don’t want to be in an abusive environment.

And so I found a place where there were good people. It was a nonprofit, they’re doing positive things in the community. Which is amazing and so the workplace became safer. But I come into the workplace with this toxic mindset of I got to do everything. I got to make sure everybody’s All right, I got to take care of everything, I can’t ask for help. That’s a sign of weakness and so I’m saying all this. Because this is building towards one hot day, in particular, jersey hot is like sweaty. Like humid, hot things like the wall sticking kind of hot, one of those kind of New Jersey hot days. And so I wanted to open a window, I wanted to cool off a little bit. That’s all I wanted.

I had a window of opportunity, however. To ask for help opening these huge original Victorian windows, I had a window of opportunity called maintenance guy who I love. He’s an amazing Armenian guy who comes right by and gives him a cold brew. Opened the window and just passed on that opportunity, I also had a window of opportunity. To feel like a man even less than two feet to the right and turn the air conditioner on. Didn’t take that window of opportunity. I wanted to open the window. Anything the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve. Napoleon Hill, I’m quoting this a direct quote here comes by toxic can-do attitude. Right, flying under the radar, putting myself last making sure everybody else is good.

And then trying to figure it out by myself jiggled it a little bit. Here we go wham, the about 20 to 30-pound panes of glass. My fingers are wedged between the two of them. And I’m alone in the building because I’m the person who holds it down. Like everyone who was out didn’t take the opportunity to ask for help. I didn’t know that the weight on the window was gonna break that day but Okay, here we go. So down to the bone wedge and By the way. Like, I work with my hands, right typing and your drive to work, etc, and without these glasses. Mrs. Magoo, so I’m stuck in this window of opportunity. Now, coming up as an English teacher. I don’t like irony, this is not cute like this is extremely painful.

And for a full seven minutes, I got to sit by myself and watch the clock and try and cause myself to breathe. Waiting for someone to come back and help me get out of the window. And so the founder of the nonprofit comes Bob and he’s like. Oh my god and he’s in his 70s. He has a hernia and he’s like, desperately like trying to knock on the window. He’s shouting and trying to get me free. This is the turning point for me. In that moment, studies have shown by the way that when you go through certain kinds of trauma. You can have what’s called a gamma reaction in your brain. Gamma is when a brainwave is observed in the brain that is so high that you could do something that you really shouldn’t.

It’s like superhuman, you ever not heard of the mother. That could lift a car off their kid, that kind of thing. So when he was doing that, I had this lucid moment. If I don’t ever come out of this window. I’ll never get to see my nephew again. I really love him, I’m coming out of this and that hit me like a bolt of lightning. I’m coming out of this and that was the decision that kind of cut my life open. So I literally ripped my hands out, looked at the bone, fainted, and split my glasses on the way down on the edge of the table. Not only can I not use my hands, but now I’m like legally blind and got out of the window. Okay, so this is like a traumatic event, I am now officially working myself into the hospital.

And so in that moment, all of a sudden. I heard Bob’s voice, the founder, like. After a while, he started talking to me through different breathing exercises. He at that nonprofit would teach meditation all the time. So he started talking to me about what he’s like. I’m calling the ambulance, putting your feet on the floor, breathing deeply, etc. And I started going into shock. What was beautiful, though, was that at my most vulnerable moment. People came running to help, literally running. Oh my god, I’m gonna feel sorry, I’m gonna start to cry. But literally running off is saying Is she alright? What happened? How much money does she need to shinny money, how much money does she need?

Who the hell runs up and asks how much money do you need? When someone gets hurt, literally people from all over the campus. Start running up and talking about, I’m gonna give 1000. I’ll give 100 of whatever she needs. She better don’t have to pay for that bla bla bla bla bla, the whole day. Like, the reason why I was so motivated to put myself last at work was so I could make $1 right to make the money. But who would have thought that working myself into the hospital. The one message I’m getting in surround sound is we’re gonna take care of you like this is not about putting yourself last. You need money.

Are you kidding me? Victoria, you have access to the sum total of all the bank accounts of everybody that you’ve ever seen. Have heard of touch speak to or they even thought of you as an idea. So getting that message for me was the knock over the head literally. To start valuing myself especially at work. Work was the place that I was guilty, workaholic. Guilty of putting myself, but that day everyone ran in together. They even did a capital campaign raising over a quarter-million dollars to overhaul the whole building. So it would never happen to me or anybody ever again. Like there was so much more that opened. Because that experience broke the community, open to seeing what was wrong.

And if I had the words to ask for help, that would have never happened. So that was the experience that literally knocked me off to another train track. I was over here on these train tracks of like, let me be an English teacher or help out. Or that kind of or let me work somewhere, where I can help out. Where I got knocked out is instead of educating professionals around. How important you are, remembering that you matter and that your health and well-being is key to the organization. It’s not just like, there’s this thing in me. You know, forgive me if I’m going too far. But there’s this thing in me personally.

I found that being in the workplace. Being a workaholic and seeing that as a badge of honor taught me how to not value myself. Dollars coming out, like the amount of money that I’m able to generate for me, for my family, etc. Whereas this experience knocked me into the awareness of whoa. I’m so much more valuable as a person outside or inside of the workplace. And this is apparently a conversation that needs to be had on a larger scale. The more I enter corporate different organizations. I think talking about this, I find more and more. I’m not the only one who thought that I come last once everybody else is taken care of first, even if that puts me in a hospital.

Pamela Bardhi
And that’s Unfortunate, the reality across America. It’s like this crazy hustle mentality and like. I’m guilty of it too because that’s how I was trained. Also, hustle, hustle, work, work work, like get your money up and then grind now. So that you can live later kind of thing? And it’s like, but where’s that line? Where’s that balance? That’s the hard part.

And like trying to decipher and that’s like, what I’m trying to incorporate into my life now. But it’s so hard. Because when you’re in that routine and that’s what society is preaching. Then how can you pull yourself out until you get to those moments, unfortunately. Thank you so much for sharing such beauty in that. That it’s like so many people came together that you were like, wow. These people come from the universe.

Sensei Victoria
100% and I love that you said that in particular Pamela. Because it was a spiritual activation for me. Like that’s where the sensei stuff came from. I wanted to know more about what this meditation stuff that Bob was doing, like. I’m talking about breathing and all this stuff, I went to learn something called Reiki. Which is a form of energy therapy and assisted meditation. And when you achieve a certain rank, think like a doctorate. But in English terms, when you achieve a certain rank. Within the study of Reiki, it’s called being a Reiki Sensei. Or your Reiki teacher. And that’s why I’m Sensei, Victoria Whitfield’s. Where that came from is my own healing journey.

Getting deeper and deeper into learning to value myself learning about the universe. And that really taught me to have a sense of self-worth. Is really tapping into what’s really going on, right. With the fact that there is a universe around us, that cares that provides and that we’re all part of that absolutely. And bringing that consciousness, not just from, like a personal healing journey. But into the business world is like the mission that I would have to say that I’m on. Because just like you were saying, that hustle and grind mentality. That we’re rewarded for what we’re taught is the way to do it. Is actually what’s killing us and killing our own concept of our own value as human beings. You know, I never got to meet my maternal grandfather, because he was about that hustle.

And so he dropped dead at work at 52 years old. So he dropped out at 51, whatever, retired at 52. He was all set to retire early was the issue, okay. But he was the top salesman at his lumber company like he was the regional leader. Was training all kinds of highly competitive, passionate people. I come from passionate people who want to be the best. But that doesn’t work. At 51 years old, one year later would have retired with total ease but left his three girls orphaned. They were young. So what the oldest one I think was like just getting out of high school. Their mother had passed away from cancer before. And so now his fortune was left to three orphan little girls.

Want to know what happened? Surviving family members came through and tried to scoop that up and still didn’t say. Oh, we’ll take care of this for you. And as a young woman, trying to hire lawyers to figure out who to trust. I trust trauma upon trauma because my maternal grandfather didn’t think to put his health and care into his daughters first. But instead wanted to be the best, wanting to be that huge success. Rather than having the impact and being there for the love and his family. It’s not that he wasn’t a loving person. Oh, they only tell me the best about him. He was amazing, man. But as the granddaughter, I’ll never know that.

I don’t know what that is, I don’t know what it’s like. To have a maternal grandfather because the hustle took him from me. And that’s another layer of like, what I’m so motivated to be entering into organizations and companies having this kind of a conversation. Because I want you, I want everybody to be able to come home to the people. That they love and make a massive impact out there in the world. Absolutely. But I want you to not drop that at work. Or work yourself to death in order to feel like you were right. Because you know you hustled it like you can grind hard you grind hard all the way to the hospital. I’ve been there and done that. I have the scars literally. It’s not worth it.

Pamela Bardhi
Oh my god. Well, thank you so much for sharing that there’s just so much to it. And it’s like, for a lot of people listening who are like what is energy? Like what is this that she’s talking about? Like, if you could dive into it a little bit. Because I’m a little bit more spiritually advanced, so I don’t think I can summarise it properly. I think it still sounds complicated. Oh, you said the floor is open to you.

Sensei Victoria
100% since I got your bag it is a spiritual practice in and of itself making. These are like scenes that we’ve come to understand. And like a universal level, like my client, Jen, would say breaking it down Barney style. I love you. You love me. We’re a very big family. Does it just break it down Barney style. Like, energy, a CEO, highly motivated like a serial entrepreneur, etc, like. Why the heck should they care about it? Well, if you care about taking massive action and getting big shit done, guess what you need. In order to make that happen, energy. Energy is the force behind all actions. So when we’re talking about even higher and higher-level stuff. Like energy work, energy healing, energy management, like energetic leadership, and energy vibrations.

All such stuff, all that we’re talking about. Is the force or the fuel behind that massive action that you want to take. So the example that I tend to give is like, you’re a Ferrari, your body’s looking good. You know that Tom Ford glasses, big house, everything’s fabulous, etc. You’re a Ferrari, you got like, the sleek design, check out the branding and all of the blah, blah, blah, blah. I’m a Ferrari. Like, I get it. I’m a Ferrari and people look at me walking by me like, Yeah, that looks good. That kind of a thing. Are you coming rolling down low? I come rolling down the street, the heads turn, okay, I’m a Ferrari. And what if my tank is empty? I’m going from hot to low.

If my tank is empty and on top of that, have you tried to put regular gasoline in a Ferrari. It’s not gonna work the way that it’s supposed to. And so, we’re Ferrari’s right as the CEO visionary of your company as the serial entrepreneur is the creator. Like the master manifester that you are making big shifts happen, taking massive action. If you don’t have energy, It’s like your Ferrari. But with an empty gas tank. So you Why do you want to know about this energy stuff? That you have the fuel to make that shift happen. And so that’s the way that I would explain what exactly is energy. It’s the force behind the fuel behind massive action. So for some people, they can feel it almost like your sense of smell.

If someone’s like making bacon or brownies or something like that. You could be talking and all of a sudden, you just catch a whiff of that, like, Whoo, brownies. All right, are you out talking to somebody or walking by and all sudden is that big of a sudden you just catch this with. So that’s what it’s like having a sense of smell. But most people don’t know that we also have a sense for energy. The same way that you could pick up on something like a waft of bacon. Or brownies cooking somewhere with your sense of smell as a normal, regular human being. We have not just five but six senses. And this sixth sense is the one that can pick up on energies. The same way you catch a whiff of those brownies or that bacon.

You can catch a whiff of someone being negative or angry. Or they’re really sad or they’re stressed out. You could just be walking and talking to somebody. Just like with the smell of bacon all sudden you’re like, oh, to go down. I don’t even want to start this conversation, I can feel and the person could be like literally. With their back turned to you and you’re not see anything, you just pick it up, you pick it up. It’s a sixth sense or the same way that you could just be walking. Or talking and the phone rings and you get a whiff of Oh no What happened? The same way that you smell them brownies interrupts you. Because you can sense there’s a smell of brownies in the air.

You can sense even if the phone rang, but you can feel this is bad news coming, that is your sixth sense. And that’s your ability to pick up on energy, your sense of energy. So every Ferrari out there needs energy and also needs that like the fuel meter to tell you. How much you’ve got going. You need the same thing, that’s going to pick up on what kind of energy is around now for more. Spiritually woke people, they feel like they pick up our vibes. Or don’t kill my vibe or positive energy, negative energy, all that kind of stuff.

But I want to get down Barney, I wanted to break it down Barney style for everyone. What is this energy stuff, you need to know what is going to affect the actions that you want to take. Or the actions that other people are about to take. Because you have the ability to tell how good, it’s going to be. You had just sanely, you have that sense of smell, you could pick up a whiff. Coming through and being like, okay, that’s what’s going on. Like, you smell that coming.

Just the same thing with your energy, alright, am I going to have enough bandwidth to be able to make this launch happen on my own? I’m getting a vibe. That’s a hell no. Or am I about to have an awesome rockin ‘meeting with this potential buyer. I’m getting a whiff of alright, I can slick. It’s like you could smell the money come in or like this is ready for this. Let’s go. Everyone has that ability, It’s just a matter of opening up. This is like a conversation and normalizing it.

Pamela Bardhi
Hey, man, I love that. And it’s so weird that you say that because that’s like one thing that I get all the time be like, Pam, your energy. I was like, Oh, that’s awesome. Yes, and it’s like, I’ve always had the sixth sense in my life that I can sense right away. What I can read about a person the second that I interact with them within 10 seconds, I can read your entire aura. And it’s weird because I can’t see the colors. I can just feel it. You can just feel it inside. It’s so weird and then people say, that this is woo-woo stuff and I’m like, this is not stuff. This is real, this is science and look up quantum physics.

Go look up what quantum physics go look up epigenetics go look up. Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Joe decide that the chance I think, yeah. And like so many more that are talking about energy 100%. All real, like. So it’s like, what I love is that you’re taking this and you’re bringing into the business world, where it is so needed. Because almost a lot of people would say this. It’s like, okay, so why bring this into the business world? It seems counterintuitive to do less. Because it will create more people who don’t get it, guys, the best things come to you.

When you’re guessing it is full. I have been more successful working the way that I have. Compared to how hard I worked like five years ago. Where I was working like 100 hour weeks, I was nowhere as successful as to where I am now. Because I’ve taken the time for breaks like weekends are like my thing. Maybe if I do like content creation or stuff like that. Or like if there’s certain things like an office to get sent or whatever that’s okay.

But before it was like grinding every single day. And it’s just not as productive, weirdly enough, so I can say that. Then it’s like slowing down is actually like propelling me further. Which is weird in your opinion. Since what would you say would be, why intertwine the two when people say oh. That’s counterintuitive, like you’re supposed to work more to make more. How do you combat those people? Like why do I need this in the workplace? Because they pay a lot of attention to mind and body. But they don’t pay attention to spirit.

Sensei Victoria
This is huge and here’s what I would say, don’t believe me. Believe the numbers, okay. Don’t believe me, believe the numbers. I mean, I’m going to reference some studies now. But for all y’all listening to the underdog podcast, Pamela makes a lot of money. And she’s doing less and making more so like, I’m gonna cite you as the first study. As well as so many of your podcast guests. They’ve been sharing things like. Things just got simpler over time. I realized I just need to be grateful and we started making more money. Alright. First things first, underdog podcasts, including the podcast hosts as herself are examples of Yeah, your energy matters. Yeah, this is not Whoo, this is actually more money.

Studies have shown that regular meditation in the workplace has increased employee productivity by 120% on average. In fact, they did studies to check the effect of meditation. Done in the workplace on a regular basis on the profits. And study, in particular, showed that it was a 520% increase. That’s 5.2 times when the company started meditating regularly. Like they implemented a regular with their profits went up 5.2 times 520% increase. There’s a 85% decrease and absenteeism has been shown in studies. When meditation is happening regularly. There’s about a 60% improvement in the ability to focus. And follow through on tasks for employees. Like literally, if you don’t believe me, just go ahead.

Anyone listening to type meditation in the workplace statistics in Google fact checks me. Because I’m literally reading on another screen. Looks okay, you think I’m lying? You think I’m this same access to all this information. I’ve seen that with myself, like I’ve been able to quadruple my business once I started. Just as a standard operating procedure, I will meditate strategically. During times when I know, my gas tank is about to go lower. I’m going to get out ahead of that and I’m going to fill it up, I’m just going to top it up. Just going to chalk it up. Like I can feel it the same way if you’re going on like a long haul drive.

So I’m here in New Jersey. If I was to drive up and visit you up there in the Boston area, Massachusetts, that depends on how we’re doing. Could be anywhere from, if you’re being fancy for four hour. Because you’re just not paying and driving at 100 miles an hour. Like my brother does all the time. Oh, I gotta be like seven or eight hour because oh my god. The traffic comes through Connecticut and New York and Cambridge alone. Could be like you sitting in like just trying to. So if I win and just never fill my gas tank, I don’t know if I’d be able to make it to pan. I don’t know if I’d be able to make it to you. Whereas if I thought, okay. I’m driving, I know I’m gonna have to pee every so often.

So let me make sure I strategically go to a rest stop. Stop to top up the gas tank if it’s getting low. Because I know I’m getting closer to where the traffic’s gonna be. Or I know I need some extra protein or something so I could stay focused. Why is it that I’m okay, treating myself like that. When I’m not at work, why is it that when? It’s about going and driving on my own time to go. And visit an awesome girlfriend like you that I’m. I have permission to take care of myself to fill my tank. It’s literally and figuratively.

But oh, in the office, now you’re on the clock. You’re on the clock, girl. Keep going, go and go, go go, you will sleep when you’re dead. And my response to that is, yep, just like my maternal grandfather. He’s sleeping now, he’s sleeping with the angels. So if that’s what somebody wants their story to be, yeah, you go that route. Or 520% increase in profits, but I’m alright with that. I’m okay with that. I’m okay to like get paid to meditate in the workplace. That’s fine, by me. I don’t know about y’all. But just like I thought I’d share some

Pamela Bardhi
Crazy, because like I said, people will say it’s counterintuitive, right? Like, if they’re not open to it. I was counterintuitive. If you’re working less, how would you make more? Numbers don’t lie, my friend. And like for you, what would be like somebody listening is like, okay, what’s the first step of doing and like. Stepping in this direction and going in the right direction? What are the first steps to take into bettering your life through meditation, you know. Especially if you’re an entrepreneur who’s like, go go go all the time, that kind of thing?

Sensei Victoria
Well, for one, I would highly recommend that you get into a meditation environment. Or listen to someone who talks about meditation. Who also understands what it is to be an entrepreneur. Because there’s a lot of broke as meditation teachers out there. Or people who never in a million years know. What it’s like to be an entrepreneur, who is happy to say like, yeah, be here. Now. Just stop everything. Don’t take a shower for like a week and be silent and shut down and all of the like. Okay, I’m an entrepreneur, sometimes I haven’t taken a shower, because I’m working that hard. I’m not asleep on a mountain humming in the middle of the Himalayas. Like so, get around people who have more of your spirit.

Who have more of that passionate, higher energy spirit and who are also positive and into meditation. So the types of meditation classes that I lead are our meditation mastermind. Like I take the mastermind concept, what is a mastermind. This is where a group of people come together to create another mind. Because we can solve bigger problems together as a community. That’s what a mastermind is, so meditation facilitates that. So as you’re topping up your debt gas tank and it’s increasing your ability to focus. You could imagine the gas that you’re putting in is like, how much focus Do I have? And that’s the energy that you’re able to burn.

When you put the two together like, you are being filled. Your gas tank is full and you’re surrounded by a high vibe. Juiced up entrepreneurs and this engine is hot. All right, what are we gonna do? What are we gonna do? That’s the type of environment that I would highly recommend. You start researching and getting into what we provide at my company. I want to be clear, I’m not the only person on the planet, I may be the best. Energy is everything, how you feel matters. The same way that you could pick up a whiff of this person trying to scrape by. And that’s how they’re doing energy work. Like that kind of a thing or that type of meditation teacher. Where I don’t know if I want to be, around that versus you could pick up a whiff of.

They’re leveraging and growing, they’re out doing odd casts. Hello, right out there public speaking and everything like that. Hmm. When I get around that like that’s the type of gas station I want to fill up my tank. And I don’t want to go to like the one on the corner. Where the guy’s got sawdust in there and like there’s no bathroom. Or if there is no lock where no one likes, we want a really nice premium place to fill your gas tank. So that’s what I would say if someone wants to get started on that. I put on regular meditation, masterminds for entrepreneurs. And I mean if you’re open to it, I’d be happy to share a special for everyone. To make it really easy for them to get started with us.

Pamela Bardhi
Yeah, I would love that. Let us know sensei. What’s the first step? How do we get more of you?

Sensei Victoria
Absolutely. So here’s how to join me on zoom for guided meditation right or you call it on the phone etc. It’s to zoom into whatever works best for you. Just don’t do while you’re driving unless you’re being driven is all that I asked. Don’t drive and meditate, friends don’t let friends drive and meditate. Unless it’s in Atlanta where you already like you said. They have like they have the drive-thru like alcohol My God. Anyway, that was something that when I was on tour when I was doing my world tour. Leading meditations all around the world. Atlanta was one of those times when my girl was like, you gotta see this look to the drive-thru we got bombed.

But anyway, how you can get started with yours truly is come to meditate. And you’ll see when the next live meditations are the leading on zoom and you want to come live. Because that’s where the real energy. The juice is coming live. And if you put in there the word podcast when you go in, it’ll give you a 100% discount as a thank you for coming through Pam’s podcast. So that you get to simple it takes no stress, no nothing off of your plate in order to show up other than your commitment to be present. Which is plenty, so this is not about the money thing.

I make my bread and butter elsewhere, so I don’t need to worry about it. What else do I have enough meditation class 10 now I’m good, I’m straight. This is not what pays me, but this is in service to you and your listeners for everyone. That you may even want to recommend to go to meditate. And when you use the word podcast, you can get a 100% discount for your first visit. So you could meditate and sample. What it’s like to be with someone leading a high-energy meditation. When that really fills your tank. As not a YouTube, I’m not on YouTube, I’m not Netflix, I’m not amazon prime, like. This is a live baby and you deserve the best.

What Would Her Older Self Tell Her Younger Self?

Pamela Bardhi
You’re so Amazing. Thank you so much. That’s every three years so awesome and like I have to ask you with all your wisdom and amazingness and all of beautiful energy. What would be the biggest piece of advice. That your older self would tell your younger self, based on what you know now?

Sensei Victoria
I love this. So what my older self would tell my younger self. And so I’m going to go to a very tender point in my life when I was eight years old. I witnessed a violent accident that ended my parents’ marriage. And when I witnessed that it caused me to forget all of the eight years proceeding, so I had amnesia. I was like oh such shock to see that it was an accident too. But that was what ended my parents’ marriage knowing what I know now.

I would come to her and tell her that baby. Don’t worry about what you think you lost. You are going to get times 10, what you think you lost you are going to get times 10. All of the love, the adventure, the self-worth right the permission to go out and be an adventure. Like the wonderful beautiful pure little kid you are. Please know what you think you lost? No Actually it just got times 10 coming back to you. You never lose anything in spiritual truth.

Pamela Bardhi
Amen, amen Sensei Victoria. Oh my god, you’re so outstanding and out of this world. I’m so honored to have you here today and just one more time. If you could drop where everyone can find you. I know you mentioned your website for free meditation. But anywhere else that we can find you and connect with you.

Sensei Victoria
Oh my gosh, I think great places for everyone to come over to the journey printer podcast and listen to your episode, oh my gosh. Launching and so like that you can find me whether it’s on iTunes or pod bean for Android users. The journey printer podcasts lots of incredible stories from entrepreneurs. Who are just given the nuggets of wisdom for you to stay on the journey don’t give up your dream.

And the only other place I say you might want to come find me is on Facebook. Drop-in there since Victoria Whitfield and I go live a tonne so if you like me. Or if you like Pamela all these look wonderful positive vibes hit me up on Facebook. And holy cow like I’ve been generating content multiple times a week for the last 11 years straight, you will not arm for content.

Pamela Bardhi
Here is so amazing. That’s a victory is such an honor to have you here today. Thank you so much.


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