Jessenia Nozzolillo

Jessenia is an established and published author, psychic medium, and worldwide teacher of spiritual development. Her gifts are varied and powerful: she is an Akashic Records guide and past life reader. She has the rare ability to not only read into your past lives but to catalyze profound healing of those lives, as well. The purpose of Jessenia’s process is to bring to you a place of healing, knowing and clarity that unlocks your specific soul’s database.

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Soul Architect Jessenia Shares Her Story of Transformation Into the Spirit & Healing World

Pamela Bardhi
Hello, everyone, and welcome to another episode of underdog. Today I have an insanely awesome, beautiful, just Oh, she’s amazing. Just said you’re with me. How are you?

Jessenia Nozzolillo
Really good. Happy to be with you and chatting.

Pamela Bardhi
It’s such an honor to have you, Jessenia. For those of you who don’t know, Jessenia, she is just like, I look incredible isn’t even the words New England, psychic medium. Just outstanding person and just has an incredible story and just incredibly gifted. I’m just so grateful to have her here today. Just to thank you once again, seriously, it’s such an honor.

Jessenia Nozzolillo
Thank you so much for having me. I’m just excited to chat.

Pamela Bardhi
I’m so excited to chat about you and your story and your awesomeness. And I kind of lead it off with the first question of being. What is it that inspired you on your road to where you are today? So what inspired your journey, which I know is a very loaded question. And kind of rock and roll from that.

Jessenia Nozzolillo
My business is currently soul architecture Jessenia. So I’m like a global psychic medium and I help people work through their traumas, I read people globally, I help people activate their gifts. I’m a published author. But honestly, it still feels strange to say those things because like, my life wasn’t always that way. I had to work through a lot of things to get where I am on top of the traumas and struggles and poverty and homelessness, and sexual abuse, you know. You go through all these things.

And I think that sometimes during that journey, you just really can’t fathom, like, what you’re capable of, with the healing in the end. So it’s pretty fascinating. Like, I still have a hard time grasping where life has brought me, you know, I love my job, I love what I do. But especially as a sensitive person, you know. Going through all of those negative things, it was just really difficult. Being a child super sensitive, feeling everyone’s emotions, having supercharged environments. There was a lot to work through. And I just can’t believe I’m like sitting here using it for positive things in positive ways. So that’s really what inspires me to teach other people. To continue empowering other people, getting them into their gifts in their purpose.

Pamela Bardhi
I love just sending it and in terms of your journeys, you mentioned there were a lot of traumas that you overcame, as a child. The reason I bring this up is because I know that there’s people listening that either have gone through it. Or they know somebody who has gone through it. And how did you sort of navigate past that and kind of walk me through that journey. A little bit of how you evolved because now you’re just at such a high level of empowering literally the globe. And it’s like when you mentioned things like homelessness and different things. Like that you just looking at yourself and you would just never think that that’s what you’ve gone through. Because you’re just like, so open, so loving, so and then you’re helping other people through it. So walk me through that

Jessenia Nozzolillo
It’s true. Sometimes I feel like it was a different version of me. Cuz like, I don’t spend a lot of time in the past. I’ve cured it, healed it, cleared it, and helped other people. And sometimes it does feel like a different version of me. But I was born into a house where my parents struggled with addiction. My father was a dealer and an addict and very abusive. Because of his addiction and his lifestyle. We were exposed to a lot of really dangerous, scary people who would come into the house and continue abusing us. And taking advantage of us for money or for drugs or for whatever reason.

My grandparents, unfortunately, were very similar, they had struggled with a lot of the same patterns. They had patterns of abuse in rape and poverty in their childhood that they had to overcome in Puerto Rico. And that continued with my mother. I mean, you choose your partners, because they reflect some form of normalcy you carried on right. So she chose my father because it reflected her own past and it made sense to her. And we struggled in that type of reality until my mother pretty much. Got to a point in her life where she realized she didn’t want to send in more for herself for her children and we fled.

One night, she filled up a bunch of trash bags. He actually got arrested for some drug issues and we ran to a church. A local church where we had slept in a bathroom on the floor for a couple days until we were able to get shelter somewhere. And it wasn’t the end of it, unfortunately, because the pattern doesn’t stop until we heal. So as much, as my mother wanted out, she still had a lot of stuff to heal from. She had been through 20 something years of pain and suffering and it doesn’t happen instantaneously. So she kept attracting a lot of people that were the same. And we kept being exposed to a lot of people that were the same.

We had a poverty block in our family. When you’re raised that way, with nothing, it’s very hard to accept anything to accept help. Or finances or support or think you’re worthy of it. So there were a lot of things that she repeated, that she continued and carried on from most of our lives. And she was a single parent and she had to work multiple jobs to support us. She had three children. So we ended up kind of having to raise ourselves, I ended up getting my first job at eight. I would go work downstairs from our apartment building and cut keys for this locksmith. And she taught me how to break into people’s houses.

But it was such a cool trick. She had little puppies, I would go help her take care of she’d bring us to her house, to help her clean up and stuff. Her name is Nancy and then I take the money and I’d actually go to the McDonald’s dollar menu and I buy my siblings’ food. Because we didn’t have food, we didn’t have anything, you know. She was a single mother and she struggled to pay for anything that was just really hard. I remember I started making enough money to buy clothes. And I thought it was so exciting because I could have new clothes and I wouldn’t have to wear stuff. We got to you know, shelters or donation centers. And I was just so excited to have something that like fit me, something I chose.

But the cycle continued in my own life where you know, I couldn’t escape it. I grew up and I faced more patterns of abuse, more patterns, and bad relationships, more patterns or trauma. That was an early mother, I had graduated high school with my baby by my side and she was two months old. And it continued and continued and continued until I was 25 years old. That was the time where I just knew I couldn’t do this to my children. You know, I knew I needed out, I knew that this wasn’t something I wanted for them. I actually started classes in psychology. And to me, that broke a lot of my belief systems, a lot of my limitations, a lot of my patterns. Kind of came to light in ways I’ve never understood before.

When you’re raised in that type of pattern. I was raised in Love that does not exist. You don’t experience that to find nurturing, compassionate existence if you know somebody else nurturing and taking care of you and being there for you. We raised yourselves, my mother did her best, she just worked so hard that you can’t be a single mother of three kids and pay the bills and still be there full time. You can’t be 10 people at the same time. So there were a lot of wounds there, I didn’t realize, I didn’t know how to love myself, I didn’t know how to accept my body. I didn’t know how to protect myself, I didn’t know how to say no, I had been sexually groomed my whole life.

So I didn’t have boundaries, I didn’t have protective barriers. I was always kind of choosing really difficult and horrible things for myself. Because I just didn’t know how to say no to it. When you live in that pattern you’re taught, you don’t say no to those things. You don’t have a right you don’t have well, you don’t have a decision or choice. It wasn’t until I started prying up my own thought pattern that I just started. Breaking through the belief system and belief system and belief system. And all of a sudden, I remember one day I was just like, this is my responsibility. I’ve chosen this and I’m deciding not to choose it anymore. And I hacked up and I left, I fled even It was not a happy departure. It was not Hoover like well planned, I just fled.

And I thought anything is better than this like my children deserve the chance to break free of this pattern at that point. The pattern had been six, seven generations deep. Like, it wasn’t new to me, It wasn’t new to my mother. It wasn’t new to my grandparents, It wasn’t new to their parents. And that’s also what helped me heal. You know, digging deep into the psychological pattern and its origins. I think it’s really powerful because a lot of people in my type of situation get stuck on the blame aspect. But you can’t blame someone born into the pattern. You can’t blame someone when it’s all that they know if you have not had the courage to walk away from it yourself. To grow from it yourself, to forgive. Then you can’t blame them for not having the courage to do that either.

So I think that was a major moment for me where I stopped kind of becoming the victim of my story and I started becoming a writer. And I was like, I choose what happens in my life. I’m going to choose good things for my children because they deserve the best. So I decided I was going to take off and I became a single parent and I was doing my thing, I’ll be single till they’re 20. And I’ll still be a young mother, I’ll still be 40 years old and I’ll have plenty of time, to meet the right man who will travel the world, I really, truly believe this. At that point, I had been really so disappointed by relationships and people that I thought. I would be single forever, happily, I’ll just get lots of dogs.

No legs never work that way. Ever. I continued my healing, I continued my journey. And my cousin was actually he’d always come around to check on me. Because he wanted to make sure that I was safe and I adore him. He’s like a brother to me. But he’d always bring his dumb friend around and I was like, your friend doesn’t need to be here. You know, like, I don’t even know this guy is my home and my children live here. And then a couple months passed and he’s like, you know. You’ve known him for like four years and I’m like, No, I haven’t. I’ve never seen this guy and he’s like, he’s been to your house multiple times and you invited him to the party and I was like. I don’t remember him.

So I guess the guy had been around a long time and he had been in the house and he had known my whole entire family. He’d known my mother, my aunt, my cousin for years and years. And I just never paid attention because I was in such a bad place. Like the world was not clicking with me, I was just trying to survive. I literally did not notice someone was in my house, that’s how wild it was. And I was like, oh, I’m really sorry like my defenses came down for a moment. Sorry to be so rude, I just didn’t know. I don’t remember what that was like, a couple months passed by my cousin’s like, well, he kind of also had a crush on you for like ever, I don’t care.

Like, I don’t want anything to do with anybody. So I told my cousin and I was like, we could be friends. That’s fine and we’ll just stay friends. Because the last thing I want is another dude in my life and obviously we were not just friends. We got along really well. He was so kind, so compassionate. So patient, I realized I was not attracted to him, because he was not the pattern. And it was really hard for me to accept him for being patient and kind and honest, like real with me. He wouldn’t argue he wouldn’t raise his voice to me, he loved my kids, he played with them and hang out with them.

And we were just friends and he was here visiting with my cousin. I was realising the pattern was already shifting. This is not the kind of person I’m used to, this is not the kind of person I’m used to accepting in my life. So it was a big, transformational point for me. But I think the coolest thing that happened was he’s obsessed with the paranormal, so to make him happy. I actually took him to some of his favorite places. That was some of our first dates. He had always wanted to stay at the Lizzie Borden house. Have you ever heard of that one? The story Lizzie Borden had an axe gave her father 40 wax. When she saw she had done she gave her mother 41. She hacked her parents to death in a house in Fall River.

So he’d always wanted to go and stay the night. Because it was on his bucket list. And I didn’t care about the paranormal. Honestly, I had been to so many psychics and mediums and classes and things and they did not resonate. They did not click with me, I did not like them. Nobody could give me anything of value, nobody could tell me anything about myself. I didn’t already know, it was very lackluster like no details emerged. And I had been frustrated with the whole thing and I was like, maybe none of its really true. So I was totally for visiting a really haunted place where people hack people because they really were like. What else could happen? You know, it’s fine. We go to the place.

And I guess that’s really when everything changed for me because there were spirits and dead people everywhere. But also everything I was seeing, hearing, and knowing was confirmed by the tour guide. When I saw strange details about her life. Or when she came through and spoke to me and then he would tell the story right after or she’d be like. I hate when he tells this version of the story. Then he would start the version of the story that she hated or like she was not the killer. And she was like, I hate this version of the story because I absolutely did it and I’m tired of them talking down on me and treating me. I was incapable of doing that, I had a good reason.

So like then she tells me about her sexual abuse and what she faced. And how hard it was for her to be in a home with such a controlling abusive father. She just snapped one day and she had it and she said to never involve her sister. Because your sister was too delicate is how she put it. So she attacks when her sister is out of the house on a trip like she had encouraged her sister to go take a trip. And she knew it was going to be the time. Because she had had enough of his garbage and his abuse, but she also wasn’t going to let her abusive stepmother take the money.

So she decided to do it the way that she did so that she would get the money after they were killed in debt. Which meant the stepmother had to die first and the father had died next. Or the money would legally go to her and then her family as she was proven to be killed second. So it’s really interesting because here, I know nothing about this story. I’m not even from this area. Like I don’t know anything about the paranormal and I’m like, all of this stuff is coming through. There’s little children running up and down the hallway. They’re poking my back and touching me and asking me to play with them and I was like, why are there children here? Like two children out here? Why are children everywhere?

And then all of a sudden, the guys like a lot of people see children here and we think. Because they drowned in a house, two houses over like. They’re attracted to the energy and I was like, oh, okay. When is much as I have seen this before and felt this before, and had student spirit everywhere. This was the first time I had those things confirmed directly in my face instantaneously. On top of that, like, it was the first time I realized that everybody could see these things. So not only were there two things I was completely unaware of. One of my gifts is telepathy, which means that like when I see a haunting. I can tell it to go off inside and it leaves me alone.

So honestly, I’m seeing and talking to something internally and people don’t understand that on the outside. I thought everybody functioned like that internally like everybody just used spirit walking around. And it was like a normal way of being and I didn’t realize it was any different. So then I realized for the first time, I couldn’t sleep, I was really irritable. These things kept bothering me, they were everywhere. They were watching us like one of them kept playing with my hair. And I was just like, I can’t do this, I can’t sleep. This is really irking me and I nudged Mark awake and he was like. How can you sleep there everywhere and he’s just like, this is literally just a really badly decorated room for me. Like, I don’t see anything, I don’t hear anything.

Nobody’s bothering me. He was obviously. So like, he passed out and I stayed up all night and at seven o’clock in the morning. I just sat in the card waiting for breakfast and then I ate breakfast and we fled. Like I was so tired, so exhausted, so irritated. But there was this huge awareness that day, like, I have gifts, they’re very powerful gifts, they’re accurate. I see things like something is going on. And that’s actually when my spiritual journey really, truly began. Because then I started, like, I looked for answers everywhere and I was working so hard. Trying to discover what it was I was supposed to do with this. Who I was supposed to be, what I was supposed to accomplish with it.

My healing took a whole different level and now we’re doing intense intergenerational blockages and past life clearings and energetic rebuilding. And all of these really intense deep levels of healing that I think the world really needs right now. So it’s just like, every year, we get a whole new level of what it is to heal. We’re always on this journey of repairing, reconstructing, healing and amplifying. And to me, I always feel, I truly believe that healing will always be the best form of manifestation. The best form of wealth, the best form of growth. Because we truly don’t know what we’re worth or what we’re capable of. Until we’ve combated those patterns until we break them down until we see ourselves for who we truly are.

And if you were to ask, five year old me what I think I’m capable of. Or what I wanted to manifest or wanted to what, I want to put forward. It would have been totally limited compared to life. Where my mindset was that I had been exposed to the traumas I had faced. It might be something as simple as just getting out of here. And now with all of this work with all this healing with that self-discovery with knowing my soul and my purpose here and like my gifts and goals. My manifestation is like, intense, it’s like, all the way up here. Like I’m not gonna stop until it’s done, you know, I’m not gonna stop to like, accomplish those things and they’re different. It’s a different variety of goals.

Pamela Bardhi
I love that to the center. There’s so many things in your story that I definitely want to touch on. Because I think it’s incredible stuff. Question for you, though. So when you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grow up?

Jessenia Nozzolillo
When I was a kid? It sounds really corny, but I swear to goodness, it’s true. My mother would attest to it and she’s not a liar. But when I was a kid, I had a weird obsession with trying to heal the world. Like I really thought that someday, I’d be able to feed all the hungry people. House all the homeless people, help all the abused, like help everybody find peace. And I think that it was like the one thing that gave me hope when I was facing some real bad darkness. There’s so many times, even as a child where I had experienced the kindness and generosity of strangers. If it wasn’t for those programs, put in place to take us off the street and give us food and clothes. We would have died.

So to me, it’s really truly understanding the power of compassion. And I remember every time we were at a place like that. Like a food bank or getting donations and I thought, like, I would love to help people this way. My goal is to be that person helping people not to need help. And, to me, that was like, the most empowering thing I could be at that moment. But I mean, I suppose they’re still really similar. It’s just that they’ve kind of grown into an actual global platform with a system, It’s still the same idea. But I still believe I can do it. Somehow.

Pamela Bardhi
I love that and it’s so funny because everyone that I interview and I asked them that question all the time. I just want to know, if it’s correlated and it is, like 99% correlated. Insane and I just love that, I love that because it’s come full circle, it’s absolutely come full circle. And you mentioned throughout your story that you were discovering these patterns. So say, somebody’s listening right now and they’re caught in this ritual and this programming and this mindset. Or like you were mentioning with the intergenerational patterns, that is something that you’re born into.

It’s really hard to break from, like these generational curses as they call them out. How do you break free from those patterns? First off, how do you become aware of those patterns? And then, second off, how do you break free from them and transform? Because also say you have family that are still in that pattern? And you’re still around them? Like, how do you? So there’s all these questions of how you propel forward the way that you did?

Jessenia Nozzolillo
Well, it’s hard. I read every specific pattern is different. So I think it depends on the pattern, how we move through it. But for example, I think relationships are a really good example. Because most of us naturally repeat the relationship structure we grew up with. So if you are a male, you need some type of male influence in your life to teach you, like, what do I do? What is the responsibility in the house? How do they parent, it’s just a natural form of relation. You will obviously still learn things from your mother, but it helps us build our identity psychologically, as young children. We need something to repeat to reflect on and grow off. So in many ways, we just start there, we start those patterns very, very early on simply just like existing in that space absorbing it.

I think that the real program comes from, not realizing that there is another way to go up with this. We have to face it every single day, we see it every single day. It becomes such a normal part of our brain, our functioning, our reaction, our mindset, our expectations. That we literally do not believe there’s another way. And a lot of people get mad about social media being so big or the internet or all these things and even TV. But spiritually, when we’re talking about these generational patterns, those things have all actually been blessings to us. And I’ll explain if you go back two or three generations, they had none of that influence. So your pattern stayed your pattern until somebody came in and literally shattered it for you.

And it was very rare because we don’t have the internet and we don’t have outside influence. So if you’re stuck in this pattern and mindset, there’s very little outside force telling you. It could be different, you could attract differently, you could change with this influx of internet and interconnection and media exposure. I remember watching TV as a child and thinking there’s no such thing as love. Because the only love I’ve seen is toxic, abusive, dangerous, or fake. The TV was so fake that I was like it’s unobtainable. But what it did for me is it created something that I could grasp. Or look forward to or a question or have hope in.

And for me that one tiny bit of hope. Actually encouraged me to look for it, even if I didn’t understand it or believe in it. Like that sense of, maybe it’s possible. If they’ve created it, if they’ve invented it, if they can act on it somewhere, it might be obtainable. It might be possible somewhere I might be able to develop that myself If I did not have TV. I wouldn’t have that outer exposure. Now that’s how the physical mind works. We know what we are exposed to. It’s a program that we carry. So if we have this generational pattern. Our great grandparents did it, our parents do it that’s what they know how to accept is what they attract. It’s what we learn to attract. If there’s no outside influence, then the pattern continues repeating. With that outside influence, we’re able to see something else.

And then we’re able to question our pattern, we can say. Do I want that? Is this normal to me? We start thinking about it, we start thinking about, well. It is kind of gross that, we’re always screaming and yelling, but like on TV, they have a normal discussion. Do people really talk like that, do people have those types of discussions. I want to know what that’s like, we start looking for it. We start observing and seeking and in observation and seeking, we learn new ways of being. And there is a new pattern, a new program and then, we can therefore break it. But it is a total mind game. Because we don’t have brains like a limiting program, we look at our brains, like. Some of us don’t even look at our brains.

We just like to learn and grow and try to get school and make the grades and like accomplish the things. Hey, we don’t ever really look at our mindset. But that’s really how it begins. It has to happen with some outside inputs, where we’re challenging our belief system, we’re challenging our thought patterns. I think after the first one, it’s almost like a high, you’re like looking for more. You’re like, what else can I break, just l always looking for more things you can better. And master and grow out of and kind of evolve through. But that’s really how it happens. I mean, just the process of observing something different.

Now, it’s not as easy as just observing and deciding you want change. As I wanted change, I still had a lot of toxic responses that I had to retrain. I wanted to change, I had accepted change, I had chosen a partner who was different this time. But I was not responding differently, I was responding the same, I was responding with distrust. I was responding with jealousy, anger, and control over the things, I had seen in my past. So it’s more than just finding the pattern, we have a bunch of I call micro-behaviors associated with the pattern.

Instead of spinning venom, Adam would have to go into myself and be like, Why on earth? Would I talk to somebody like that? That’s not who I want to be? And I would have to go back to the beginning, who talked to me like that? Where did I learn these things and how do I change that? How do I heal it, how do I rework it and it comes with patience, I remember one of my things was an explosive reaction. I grew up in survival, I grew up in violence, it was like, everybody was always fighting. And everybody was always just trying to defend themselves.

We didn’t even know how to communicate, yell your opinion across the room. If you’re hurt, you’re hurt, If you’re not, you’re not loud enough. And I think it’s part of this culture in many ways to just be loud and heard. But it was very toxic in our family. Like we were using it in a very toxic, violent way. The loudest person is the only person who matters and everybody else just like either gives in. So we had a lot of really hot-headed people kind of leading in pulling the ropes, they’re just violent in every way. And I remember recognizing the pattern of myself. Because you’re always going to repeat the pattern one or two ways. You’re either that person or you either learn to take abuse from someone like that.

So I had plenty of situations, where I was evicted to a hothead. Because I thought it was normal, so I let them verbally abuse me mentally abused me and I stayed silent. Then when that wasn’t an issue anymore, I became the flip side. When my husband wasn’t verbally or mentally abusing me, I became that person. Because that’s all that made sense to me. So I found myself, you know, snapping back being distrusting, being jealous not knowing how to trust and I had to reprogram. Those I had to dig really deep and stop myself. And I think one of the major ways like it happens in a lot of really simple ways. I think that’s where people get discouraged. They’re like, well, I can’t just change who I am. But we pick one thing and we work on one thing.

So like, my first thing was stop being angry, explosive. Walk away and think about it, so instead of reacting, I would force myself to walk away. I’d go for a walk, I’d go for a hike, I would take a shower, I would change my clothes. Whatever it is that made me feel better, I’d stick with it until it no longer made me angry. And then I would explain how I felt when I was not angry and I found it. Was so hard at first, you know, to sometimes it took like days before. I was at a place where I was no longer angry and able to communicate what I actually felt. But now it’s like instantaneous, so you train it over time, but it can be something as simple as just walking away.

So it’s a bunch of baby steps. It’s not like oh, you go from like trauma to healed in a night. No, it’s not like that at all if there’s a million baby steps that come into play and I’m still finding patterns. That I worked through, I’m still working on myself. I’m still clearing past life stuff like it’s never truly done. I mean, our life is all an experience. Some experiences are better than others. And we’re always going to have to clear new experiences. So as long as we’re living, we’re healing some from the process.

Pamela Bardhi
I love that you touched on a little bit of past lives and people are listening, you may believe in this and you may not. However, you have lived that average of how many lives you send your soul incarnated here on Earth has lived, how many roughly?

Jessenia Nozzolillo
Just too much, most people on earth actually have about 300 to 700 incarnations and those can be animal and human. Most people are currently at that time in place.

Pamela Bardhi
Right? Those lives before, you don’t know anything about when you’re here. And those can still hurt you.

Jessenia Nozzolillo
But you react with them, right? So they become a part of our natural behavior structure, so, like I said, we’re usually our own ancestors too. And that actually helps us clear karmic debts. So if we are the grandparent that has been very abusive to their partner and showed abuse and repeated abuse. Because we were taught abuse, we still carry negative debts from that. To pay those back, it’s easier to just come into the same family. Because the trauma you created still exists there, so many times we actually incarnate into the same family over and over again. It helps us clear that debt and then we break the jet. That’s why they call it a generational curse.

When you break one generation, you actually heal them all. Because you’re interconnected. So it’s a final karmic wipeout, we finally figured it out. We’re done with this, we’re not moving back, we’re not going back to that pattern. It’s fascinating to me because I’ll be honest, I get people all the time that are like. I don’t know, if it’s true, you could just be making it up, like, let’s see what you got. And honestly, I don’t know anything about somebody. Sometimes I don’t even have a photo of this person, people look online and never meet them in person. All I get is their birth name, birth date, birthplace.

And I go into what they call the Akashic Records, which is their soul-level records and I can start pulling up. I focus on the most traumatic lives because to me those are the ones that give us the most healing. So I will pull up the file and I go through it, I heal it. I give them patterns to work through like we just did about mine. And I give it, it’s all catered to them and then I deliver, you couldn’t have made that up. Because there’s a million things that overlap in this life, I struggle with self-esteem, I still struggle with self-esteem, I had a horrible poisoning, I still have horrible indigestion and stomach and bowel issues, like they aligned so intricately. That it’s really difficult to deny that that existed somewhere in your life.

Or we have this crazy fear of falling or water or bridges or something. And all of a sudden, I fell in the water of a bridge. Like it was a really horrible experience. But I didn’t know that about you and ask about these things. So I think the proof speaks for itself and then people are kind of Mind blown into like, Well. My trauma goes way beyond this life. And I think that’s really the secret on Earth. Honestly, like, think about it, if we have like I said earlier. 300 to 700 lives and none of us recognize the pattern of rebuilding or clearing trauma.

And none of us can see those experiences in totality and clear them. That is why we’re lost, that is why we’re stuck, that is why we’re suffering here. Why we’re disconnected to our gifts and our power, that is why we have a hard time seeing and feeling direction. That is why we get stuck. So to me, it’s the answer. I just can’t imagine doing anything positive in life without having that kind of basis, like cleared and understood.

It happens at the root, I always say I don’t like I’m not the kind of psychic medium that’s gonna like talk about the surface of the flesh. Like I go deep into the root, the pattern and I break it all up. Write it all out, make it as clear as day you know, we create the map. It’s just too profound to skip. You know, that’s my purpose here. So I stick to it.

Pamela Bardhi
That’s incredible. Anyone who’s listening that’s just like. Mind blown by this. Yes, yes, you do have past lives, if you believe in it.

Jessenia Nozzolillo
Everybody’s entitled to their belief system.

Pamela Bardhi
Of course, but if you’re open to it, it’s really incredible what you can learn. And I mean, I’ve done this personally with you Jessenia. So I know how powerful the processes are and to really understand like, where does this anxiety come from? Where does this restlessness come from? Like, why am I having these issues and it’s so deeply embedded that we just don’t see it. But once we clear that we’re able to be more energetically open and get going towards our purpose, but if we’re carrying all these negative emotions, anger, and all these things that everything that’s kept inside. How can you ever advance not just in your career, but in your relationships and your friendships and anything and everything?

Jessenia Nozzolillo
Absolutely. I 100% agree with that. Because you know, I just see it every single day like the results speak for themselves. If I didn’t get the results I did with people, I would not put this much time into something. But I mean, I also think the world’s ready for it. Honestly, when we look back at the history of the world, unfortunately, right. So many gifted people have been slaughtered, we have been killed. And to me, it was one of my biggest fears. When I was opening up, I remember going to my mom and being like, I think I have gifts. She’s like, I’ve been telling you and I’m gifted, like a special mom. Like, I didn’t think I meant like, spirit stuff. And she was like, Oh, just sending so scared.

I can’t tell people I can’t come out and she goes. What are you talking about? She’s like, what a time to be gifted, the world is a different place. Now. Nobody’s gonna burn you at the stake, stop being a coward. Because like you’re right about and that’s when I started realizing like, oh. How about those past lives have been all the time, so I’ve been burned or killed. You know, that’s why we have that fear. So I always say, all emotion is valid. If you’re scared of something, there’s a reason if something makes you happy, there’s a reason if you’re hesitant about something. There’s a reason and if it’s not in this life, it’s in a past life.

And when I pull them up, you see them, you finally are able to justify it and then heal it. We can’t heal what we don’t recognize, we can’t heal what we’ve never seen or don’t understand. So that’s the major key to me, that’s like, literally the freedom like to unlock yourself. And explore new avenues and continue the repair process and just be. Whoever the hell we want to be in this life and it’s just been an amazing journey. Like, I can’t imagine what life would be without stepping out, without doing my thing without following my guidance without being guided.

Pamela Bardhi
Yeah, and I was gonna ask you after you transition after you learned about your gifts at the Lizzie Borden house. What was the process and like really sitting down. You mentioned that he touched on it a little bit just now with your mom. But starting up as an entrepreneur in that realm, first off, starting a business is hard enough. Then this type of business is a bit more challenging to begin because people are doubtful people. So how did you sort of start? And how did you navigate because now you’re global and you’re only going to continue to grow so much more. So that would be awesome to hear that.

Jessenia Nozzolillo
So at the time I remember, I left the X and I was out of the pattern. And so I actually own my own business at 21. I had a daycare, I would run from my house because that allowed me to take care of my kids. The most important thing to me, so I was able to pay the bills while taking care of my children. And that is when all of this was occurring. So like, I always knew I was using something when I was working with these kids. Because I always knew something about them, without telling me something about them. Like, we were communicating on levels they couldn’t really comprehend.

And people would always be like, why are you so good at you know, I do get them like that. Why do you understand that? I don’t know, just like a mom don’t almost do that. They were like, I’m their mom and I didn’t know that I didn’t. I didn’t know that they were struggling like that or going through that. You know what I mean? Sometimes I could read a child and know what was going on at their house, I could pull up and be like. Seems like you’re having some marital issues, you know. Your kids bringing that trauma home to daycare and they’re struggling and they’re not sleeping well. And they’re angry and they’re explosive and it always originated somewhere. So like, I wasn’t just dealing with tough kids.

I was dealing with kids reflecting trauma and I could see it. And I could feel it and I knew where it was coming from. So I was able to help the kids, so I started working with foster care kids, DCF kids, and I was able to help them and really make them feel loved and safe. And to me that was like everything, I was so happy at that job. But then I find out, I’m gifted, I find out I see dead people. I find out there’s something else to this. And I’m like, I always knew there was something else and I was like, I always explain it. It’s like there’s a bubble over you.

And there’s all of this vast information. But you don’t know what it is and that’s what I went through for, I think it was like a year or two I hired any and every psychic. I could find I went to any class, I could find with my mom, I did every guided meditation, I could find every single time, I hear something. That’s not true, that’s not how it works, that’s not how you connect, that’s not what that is. My mom would be like, how do you know this? And I’m like, I don’t know. She’s not right and then I’d explain it and she goes. That makes a lot of sense, she’s like, why does that make sense? I’m like, I don’t know.

I just know that it’s not right, I keep going with it and I was so disappointed. I’m like, the answer isn’t coming, I’m not finding what I need. I was like, I need something deeper, I need a breakthrough here. And all of a sudden, like, it is clear is a freaking day, I heard a voice and they were like, you are your answer. You have the information and I was like, crap, like, Okay, what do I do, then? So I stopped looking for answers and I started looking within.

And I know, everybody kind of says something like that. But here’s the thing. My soul is ancient and a lot of people like even my mother got very angry with me. Because we also started this journey together. She and I started the meditation and the classes together, she was by my side. And she would be like, how can we do meditation and all a sudden you’re in some other dimension and I’m still stuck in this car?

She’d be like, how can we go to a class? And you know what the answer is and I still can’t figure it out. Like, I don’t know, so what we do when we connect to spirit is we connect to our spiritual database. My database is very different than my mother’s. So when I opened, I opened fast, like there was tonnes of stuff that I just had to relearn and absorb. And then kind of integrate with my own physical mind. So like, the spiritual integrates with the physical and all the sudden. I had my own system of connection, my own guided meditation. My own guides were coming forward and teaching me protection and clearing and what gifts.

How to work with them about spirit, we went as far back as the origins of the universe, karma. All of these things that came forward, I wrote my own book in 2018. I’m working on my second book, it should be published this year called creation and energy. Like I just started learning and listening to myself. And all of these things that came from that source would be my higher self, my soul, but it also introduced me to my job. So at soul level, some of us have jobs. When we are not incarnated, we don’t just wander bored. We are always looking for some type of growth and expansion. That’s our job at soul level because we are infinite. So we wouldn’t just like to cease to exist by floating around and doing that thing.

My soul-level job is something they call akashic records keeping. And it’s like life records, its creation records. So essentially, when I made that connection, I was connecting to my own database. Which is why I’m like a spiritual encyclopedia. Because I have the spiritual encyclopedia up there somewhere, so that’s my gift structure. That’s my soul database. It’s unique to me. We all have the ability to access our own past lives and our own soul database. But the problem is that again, a lot of us don’t recognize it, they’re not aware of it. Were so traumatized and stuck that we could always open the gate. So a lot of my goals with people are helping people access their own energy, their own database, their own information on their own.

It’s not about dependence on me, like I clear, I heal, I show and people do it. You know, I’m like, you’re off on your own, do your thing. But it’s all possible, we all have that same ability to tap into our own database. To tap into what we already know to be true, It’s just about getting there. And I think that’s why I had to go through it on my own. So that I could teach people how to do it. But yeah, it was, it’s fascinating, I mean, they still, like my gifts, are always evolving. I tell people, you’re supposed to evolve. If you’re at a place where your gifts are not evolving, then it’s because you’re not listening. You’re not you stop listening. And there’s nothing wrong with that either.

We all have free will. It’s not like a place of judgment, one person is better than another person is not like that at all. It is what we do with it. Some of us don’t even know about Cannonball. So some of us don’t do anything with it. We’re just like, sometimes we get psychic visions. And I don’t always understand why, but I’ve accepted it as normal and I don’t train it. Because they didn’t know I could write. Then I could take that and turn it into like six different gift structures. For now. They like to use it purposefully to help people to read people, to dive into futures, and support people.

I also don’t take it personally when people say, they don’t believe, right. Because to me, this is all new information, then it means that as a collective as a whole. Psychic mediums have not been very developed. They have not understood fully what they are capable of. Therefore, that’s why they’re not always accurate, that’s why they can’t always dig deep enough. That’s why they can’t always give you the Details you’re looking for. And to me, that’s not like the collective being hesitant is a natural side effect of that they go hand in hand. Like we can’t be mad at the reaction.

Globally, we haven’t had really developed people come forward and be able to give strong evidence about their messages yet. One of my missions is to hopefully, bridge that gap to merge or the two. So we started having, we’re able to create scientific evidence. You can take something super solid, like how someone’s deceased loved one looked. Behaved and acted from someone who doesn’t even know them. And you can create statistical evidence with that. That is my hope. I really hope to be that bridge, so that people can begin to believe again and then tap into their own energy again.

What Would Jessenia Nozzolillo Older Self Tell Her Younger Self

Pamela Bardhi
I love that, it is so powerful, but I love that you created your own system. You channeled it and created, it’s unique and it’s helping shift so many lives, which, oh, man, you’ve shifted mine, that’s for sure. So, oh, you’re amazing. You’re amazing. And now with all the awesomeness that you’ve learned. Everything that you’ve experienced in your life, the traumas, the good stuff, your gifts, everything. What would your older self tell your younger self, based on what you know now?

Jessenia Nozzolillo
I don’t really know, I’m just really happy that I had hope. And if I went back, it would just be to tell them, like, I love them and they did a good job, you know, they made it. I think, as a kid struggling like that. There are many days, I didn’t even know I would make it, many days I didn’t even want to write when you live in such a really hard world. It’s like sometimes it feels easier to just leave. And I remember being a young child being like, what’s the purpose of living, if this is what it’s like, you know? So I think that hope really, really saved me and it would be to remind myself, you know, keep that hope alive. When you get there we’ll, figure it out and just in your world now.

Pamela Bardhi
What are you up to and what’s new for the next, six to 12 months for you? What’s happening?

Jessenia Nozzolillo
I am in the process of preparing my second book to launch. So it’s called creation, it should be out this summer, we’re still working on my final editing approval. And I’m just really excited about it. It has pretty much everything I know about like spirit and creation. Now it does go over self-healing and energy. Because that is how we make energy happy and healthy. So it goes over pretty much everything we talked about here. But in detail and how to do kind of self-help and all that, but also like energy in origins and how it transfers and works, so we understand our existence better.

And I think that’s just so important. But also I do classes all the time, spiritual development classes, private sessions, group sessions, opening up a couple of events. And then I have psychic development training and things I’m always up to something I have got stuff going on.

Pamela Bardhi
I love that, I love that. Now you got to let everyone know where to find you and your amazing self.

Jessenia Nozzolillo
So all my pages are on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tiktok that I don’t really use. Thunders sole architect Jessenia. And my website is my name is

Pamela Bardhi
I love that Jessenia, I’m so glad that you let everyone know, what you’re up to and where to find you. Thank you so much for being here today. It was truly an honour.

Tune in to the episode to hear the rest of my incredible interview with the amazing Jessenia Nozzolillo.

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