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Slavica is a $7-figure Scaling Expert that was featured in Forbes, a 5-time best-selling author, Content strategist, and producer. She has written over 40 books to date. Featured on Forbes, Nasdaq, Psychology Magazine, a contributor to Success Magazine, and L.A. Style.

She has been interviewed hundreds of times on subjects ranging from scaling, neuroscience, real estate, outrageous goal setting, and world peace and was even invited in a close session at the Canadian Parliament to express her views on peace in the Balkans after rallying 2.5 million voters to support her in a 6 months effort.

Slavica started her business career at the age of 8, learning sales and marketing, customer service…At age 21, my parents lost their business and went bankrupt, and that profoundly marked Slavica’s mind into thinking that that’s part of what drives her passionately towards helping others succeed.

Her passion includes helping entrepreneurs go from where they are to where they want to be at lightning speed with systems, processes, and tools that she has acquired over the last 15 years that she has been studying success and helping businesses and individuals thrive, even saving a few hundred lives.

She is an expert at creating content and setting automated systems to scale businesses at high speed. Her strengths are the ability to spot trends, obsessive market research, extreme resilience, determination, and perseverance.

Her 40th book and 5th International Best Seller called “Bankrupt to Millionaire” received many praises from Best Selling authors and mentors such as Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Loral Langemeier, and Joe Vitale

Favorite quote: if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. – Thoreau


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Underdog Slavica Shares Her Life Transformation Story

Pamela Bardhi
Welcome everyone, to another episode. Of underdog today, I have Slavica. Here with me today, how are you doing?

I’m doing great, and you?

Pamela Bardhi
Doing lovely, so excited and honored. To have you here today. Our last conversation was so awesome. And the work, that you have done is tremendous, throughout your lifetime. I mean, 40 books really. Like that’s easy. And now film, and God you have. A whole series, of amazing things. That I’m sure, we’ll talk about. But I’m so intrigued and inspired. By your story and, would love for you. To share it with us. So I mean, wherever you want to start sort of where you were, where you’re going, whichever way you feel, is appropriate.

I guess where I was is maybe will inspire or help a lot of people. Not sure. So I’ve grown up, in not a lot of money. When I was a kid, I was a real nerd. So I was very, very good at school but, I wasn’t like that at all. My parents moved from, Paris to Canada.  They bully me when I was 8 to a very, very bad level. And so I grew up with a lot of self-esteem issues. Feeling that I didn’t belong and I was, really not good enough. That was really, something that I had to work with.

I was also very Cartesian. So I didn’t believe, in God’s spirits. Or anything like that. I needed proof, for everything. And I was very negative, gloomy, and pessimistic a little bit. But I had a drive, and I’d say always reached my goals. That’s something that I always used to be and, that’s something. But I started with a lot of handicaps. To say the least and then, 2006 was possibly one of the worst years, of my life. Because I got divorced, in a very very negative. Kind of way, my dad died and. It was really like I was, in the pits of darkness.

It was so bad that I actually thought of ending my life like it was that bad. And then I turned to, the ceiling when, it’s that bad. That’s when you start praying I turned to the ceiling. And I said if there’s a God; if there’s something; if there’s anything please save me or, just kill me. You know, get rid of me or save me because I just can’t handle it was like, I didn’t have money.

My ex didn’t want the house that we just purchased, I was in a hole. For like $200,000 and I didn’t have money to pay for the house, I didn’t have a job. And my dad just died and I didn’t feel good in my body and everything. So just after I turned to the ceiling and asked for a miracle, an old couple knocked, at my door. And asked if they could visit the place I was living because they were passing by. I lived in a very, tiny little place in Canada and they were passing by. Supposedly wanting to visit the house, letting the old people visit my house, they came, they love the house.

Then they invited me, over and I went over. And they gave me a book called The Secret To a Millionaire Mind. The secret is also like a film and I had nothing else to do, I was so depressed. I stopped reading, that book. It was the first, self-development book I’ve ever read, and I had never learned about self-help. My life would have been, completely different If initiated earlier. But I had no clue, but when I read that book. I thought Oh really I can, really influence them.

My life, like I, have that power. It’s really within me, well if it’s within me. Then I’m going, to change everything. And within a month and a half, I got a job. I started having money, I started investing in real estate like out of nothing, with $0. So suddenly my life just, completely changed. Within a year I was in the positive. So suddenly I went from under 200,000 to plus 300,000. And people started asking, me how do you do it.

So I started writing. That’s when I started writing my, first book. And that’s how I guess, I really am. Because of where I came from; because of the hardships that I lived. I really wanted to help a lot of people I thought. You know I want to share it and inspire. A lot of people that you can basically have. Whatever you dream of in whatever you want, if you really work at it from the inside, you transform yourself. So that’s kind of the past of where I was. A completely different, person from that person. In that hole that I was, almost unrecognizable. And today, well you know. For like you said, 40 books later.

Pamela Bardhi
You’re amazing. You’re 40 books.

So yeah, so I started writing massively because I wanted to share everything I’ve learned. And everything I lived and, I kind of became kind of I had so much to say and so much to tell. Because as soon as my first book got published, I had such a success. My publisher. asked for another, and another, and in 2016, I had six books, coming out. In the same year, and so, I was like oh, a big thing and that’s how I got also my green card as a person with extraordinary ability. Because I wrote all those books, and so I owe my book writing to my green card. So it’s kind of cool.

And so now I continue, I kind of went from writing books. I kind of slid into writing screenplays. Because I thought. I can reach, even more, people and then I opened up a film production company. Because I’m thinking that way I will be able to create stories that are transformational and that I am able to really reach the heart of millions around the world. And most of my stories are really inspirational, transformational. A lot is based on, true stories that will bring people to another level of consciousness and I also want to do something extraordinary with their life. That makes them feel like a superhero.

I really want that I’m still coaching. I’m still helping people have extraordinary results and I like to bring people from where they are to, where they want to be. Love seeing people transform before my eyes. Like I had a girl that just started with me and it was so funny. She was telling me about her relationship, and it was such a disaster, big red flag, big horrible relationship. I could see the path of destruction, right before my eyes but she couldn’t. She saw it, she was living it, she was hurting in it, but she couldn’t, she didn’t know how to let go, and so I told her. Let’s decide a goal of when you’re. stepping out of this very bad relationship.

She told me in a year. And for me was like, Uh-huh, you’re gonna say, a year and how are you kidding me? But for her, was such a tremendous amount, of courage to find the way. After half an hour with me, we ended the conversation. She emailed me that, she ended the relationship right there and then. So she saved basically, a year of her life. And more because before the conversation she couldn’t even imagine leaving that terrible, relationship.

So I mostly, help intrapreneurs. Mostly like in sales, and having people scale 310 times, their revenue. But when I come across people like that and coach her to increase sales. But we stumbled about this huge roadblock of a relationship that I think was poisoning and taking a sucking the life out of her. So of course, you cannot be successful if there’s something in your life that’s making you feel, miserable, so we got rid of that now we’re gonna scale her business.

So I still do that and I get really thrilled and excited when I see results when I see people’s lives change. It’s very powerful and you know I feel blessed really to have that not only a gift but a chance. It was one of my dreams you know I thought big one when my life was saved to buy these. I believe sand from God this old couple that literally was like angels right and I thought you know I’d love if I can save one life with my life. You know it would mean the whole world to me.

And then that happened and then I thought if I could do this five times and then that happened. And I thought if I could do it 100 times and a little bit like Forrest Gump running, never stopping. So it’s just such a blessing you know, and it makes you feel like your life is really worthwhile. That’s where I’m at right now.

Pamela Bardhi
Oh, I have a lot of questions for you, I mean the most amazing part, and thank you for sharing all that by the way I know some of it gets really personal and all that. But when you were down and out and you’re like saying hey universe, I’m at rock bottom, and like that story with the older couple. So they just came to your door and just wanted to house and then they magically gave you these books.

Yeah, that’s exactly true. It was a true asking and because I was a guest you know, we’re more open when we’re down to our knees because there is no expectation. I believe and because we’re at that lowest point, I think we’re more open to anything that comes our way. We don’t judge, we don’t choose, we don’t decide and so we’re more flexible, we’re more open to what life really can offer. To think I didn’t see it at the time while it was happening but after that, I reflected on it and I thought my gosh, that was really like an angel operation. That was really an act of the universe totally immediately replying to my cry for help you know so yeah, that’s pretty crazy pretty astonishing.

Pamela Bardhi
But how soon after you asked for that

I was like an hour later I was still in the middle of my living room looking at the ceiling when the door knocked it was like that instantaneous It was like that manifestation. It was really weird. Yeah.

Pamela Bardhi
So I was gonna say my other question, like so once they gave you these books and stuff like that when you’re down and out and you’re doubtful of these things, and you think you know it all, you really don’t you know. Like it’s just part of our nature right? And as we mature, life happens and then you’re like, Okay, some things can’t be explained for a reason right?

But like at that moment, how did you accept their gifts to your life and actually implement them? Because the hardest part is for you to make it a habit, right? To make positivity a habit to make gratitude a habit. How did you start to incorporate that in your life because I know sometimes when you’re feeling like you might try it for like a day or two a million is not working you know what I mean? Like so how did you get over that hump and really start to incorporate it?

Yeah, I think it works really well when you’re hit rock bottom. I think that’s when it works the most. The learning and I see it also with the people I coach the words their situation is the easiest it is for me. Like if there’s a suicide, it’s gonna be easier for me to bring them to the highest level of success they’ve ever encountered. Then if they’re in a comfort zone where they are okay, it takes an effort to move because it’s still okay, it’s not that bad and I can tough it out a little more.

Do you see what I’m saying? So I was in such a bad spot that I had all the motivation in the world to get me out of there. Because I sincerely didn’t want to die, but it was like, so windy gate, like when I went to see them because they came. That knocked at my door and I am like, I kill myself, or I go check who’s at the door. Those are my two choices. And so now I didn’t know how to kill myself. So I might as well go see who is at the door. And they came in, they visited then they told me to tomorrow, come and see us tomorrow.

I was on the same train of thought, do I wait till tomorrow until I kill myself? It was like, Yeah, I can wait another day. So then they gave me the book. And because of that, I had like, literally nothing else on my agenda. You know, it was so bad that it was like man, I even either die or read this book. There’s a man, what else is there today? Mr. Xu, there’s nothing else. So I picked up the secret of the Millionaire Mind. And because it was like a two-by-four hit me, really. Because suddenly I realized now waiting because it was a millionaire writing a book about how to be a millionaire.

And telling me through the book immediately in the first pages saying, you don’t have to believe anything I’m saying, just try it out and try it out and see for yourself. I said, well I have nothing else to do, then try it out. The first thing that it said was if you really want to get out of your misery, you got to stop your bad habits. My major bad habit was smoking, I was like a chairman chimney. I used to smoke two packs a day and immediately that was the end and I stopped smoking right there. And then I said, my situation was so bad that I thought I am ready to do whatever it takes to get me out of this hole.

If this book works, then great. If it doesn’t, I’m gonna still be where I am. So it’s not like I can’t get any worse. You know, it’s not like there’s a failing, I’m gonna lose anything there, I had nothing to lose. So I think that’s when you know, the kick in the butt works better. It’s because there was nothing to lose. I was ready to do anything to get me out of my situation. I did everything the book said, and the secret the other the law of attraction. Then I thought, really, it was like a light, you know, was turned on in my head. And then I started reading absolutely everything I could put my hand on that had to do with success.

And since then, it’s now almost 15 years ago, I’ve been obsessed with the study of success. It really became like a true obsession. I read probably 50 or 60 books a year about success, achieving goals, learning faster, everything that has to do with success, time management. You know, it became more than just a fascination. It became an obsession. And my results changed so rapidly. Let’s say in August, I was killing myself. In October, I was putting an offer for a triplex. That’s how fast things changed, you know, and putting an offer without any money. I didn’t have any money to put the offer.

I just said, I just got to do what I really feel I want to do. And it just so happened that the guy who is selling the Trump triplex was a multimillionaire. He didn’t really care about money. So he took over the mortgage and I took over the triplex with $4,000. So suddenly my life really changed immediately and that’s why people started asking me like what are you doing? because you know, you stopped smoking, you look better you’re having the money. I started having one triplex a second one, a third one. It’s like what on earth is happening to you and then that’s when I started helping others.

And as soon as I was financially free, I started writing books to help others, achieve greater results. And then you practice it and you see just like the power you have as a person, to really have absolutely everything you want in life. That brings your level of confidence to the roof, then there’s no more going back. Now, needless to say, I have downfalls you know, I had bits again because that’s what an entrepreneur life is like. You fail, you pick yourself back up, you fail again. So it’s not like ever since that day everything was rosy, but it changed me looking at problems instead of being overwhelmed by a problem. It was more a solution. More like seeking a solution very different mindset.

Pamela Bardhi
Your journey is incredible and I love that you started writing books because you’re like, if this is going to help people, I’m just going to keep going. And it was I feel like it was also major healing for you to get that all out there into the universe. It’s almost a showcase of your healing but it’s also healing others as you’re doing it right so what more beautiful thing could you possibly imagine then than that. And you mentioned you read 50 to 60 books a year now what would be your top three would you say?

It’s really a good question and I really like the success principles from Jack Canfield. I really like that book I read over and over again, without going in the usual suspects like the Napoleon Hill of this world. Then you know, the usual books that you should read. The key books and I write in them and I write in a notebook. I take the pieces of advice that helped me the most and I copy them and notebooks instead of rereading all the books. And that way I have the essential knowledge you know what Millie was important into notebooks.

But one that I took out recently with COVID is it’s called the obstacle is the way. The title says it all but it’s really about finding the true opportunity in every obstacle. And it’s using the obstacle as an opportunity. And it’s really like changing completely your perspective and your mindset. There’s a book that I really love, it’s called principles. I think it’s dalo I forgot his first name, but he is the person who launched Bridgewater the investment company, and what he wrote is basically his principles of success.

And what I found unique is because he basically encourages everybody to have their principles and water principles. They’re the lessons that you learned to keep them always in a spot that you can access. So that you don’t make the same mistakes again, so his principles look like something else. It probably is and so don’t try to figure it out again, meaning if someone resembles in the way they act immediately, like someone else that you had trouble with probably. Just skip the person entirely and don’t go through the process of learning that again. So there’s a lot of lessons that are really gold nuggets in that book’s principles. It’s difficult to say top three because there are so many you know. Some books like the time management that I read from Brian Tracy really changed the way I manage.

I use my time and completely transform my mindset on how you know some principles about time. How time is flexible and you can warp it. And that I really like because I do a lot, I’m very productive. So I like to use them every second of the time that I have because I like to do nothing. You know I like to stay and just think to use my brain and do physically nothing so that I can think. I like to think, and so I just now purchased a few books that are coming about scaling because I do it what I do I always like to read even more on it.

I read a lot of books on screenwriting, I’d say my number one would be something called to save the cat. It is the absolute best book I’ve ever read on screenwriting. You know also I’m addicted to master class you know Master class.com. So you have all these classes to learn from, so I take that as well and I think you know what doesn’t grow dies.
And the more you work on growing well the faster you see results around you. And you know, I like speedy cars. I’d like to go fast to where I’m going. It would be why waste the time

Pamela Bardhi
Right? Oh my gosh. Wow. And so out of how this is probably gonna be another tough question for you out of everything you’ve ever written out of all your books. What is your favorite book?

I’d say the last one I’ve written is probably my favorite. It’s called bankrupt to millionaire. Because when I wrote it, I put everything I knew at that point. Jack Canfield interviewed me on it, and he read it. And he said that it’s inspirational and aspirational because you have work while you do it. That’s awesome. Well, you read it, you have to work. So I’d say that’s the end. And possibly the first one that got officially published by the publisher. I launched my career completely, you know, I went from zero to skyrocketing income after that book. So I’d say that as well. It was a book in French on the law of attraction.

Her Best Piece of Advice From Her Book

Pamela Bardhi
What would be your best piece of advice you would say from that book,

The best piece of advice is really, that from the law of attraction. I’d say, you need to learn to put yourself in your future self today. If you’re able to bring your future self today and vibrate on that level, the entire universe will work. And everything you are then, you’ll bring to yourself now and everything in the future almost instantly. So the hardest part evidently, is to be that person in the future now. So because we put way too much attention to our present reality. By the time the light hits our present reality, the present reality is already in the past. And so the people that don’t change their realities or feel stuck because they pay too much attention to their present past circumstances.

In order to manifest or to go at lightspeed to where you want to be, you have to be completely realistic. And not at all pay attention to your current circumstances. And then it goes really fast. Visually, everything changes really fast. It’s more than my visualization, it’s in our head to imagine. But I’m speaking of becoming though, and it’s not even acting as if is a part of it. If you got up tomorrow, and I got up you decided a trigger every decision. Everything you do everything you think everything you feel is like the person you already are in your future self.

Already, everything you feel so you can’t feel disappointment or lack of, and you can think of thoughts of today, but only as of the person, you are in the future. It’s very hard to do. But if you’re able to do that, everything speeds up at lightspeed and it just becomes surreal because suddenly opportunities you’re gonna get an email phone call a person you meet on the street. I give you just a quick example. That is absolutely not even because I wasn’t even at that level when I did this. But a few years ago, my dream was to go sailing. I wanted to sail so much, I love sailing actually. Now where I live if you would see I only see sailboats in front of my window.

And I always wanted that and so I went to the store. I paint it sailboats and I did all my bedroom, so I would always see sailboats when I go to bed. I used to put a video where there was sailing in the video just before I went to bed. And my entire wardrobe was of a sailor. So it looks absolutely stupid because everybody was no it’s not Halloween. But I believe that some and I acted as if I was sailing and I spoke as if I was a sailor and I came across a person. I’ve never met before on the streets that notice my outfit and say who you look like as someone who loves a ceiling.

I said, well, I’m looking for someone to help accrue on my sailboat in Greece. Do you want to come? Your food everything’s paid off for, you just have to pay for your ticket and you spend six weeks. So with us in Greece, I said yes, immediately not even thinking, because that’s exactly what I wanted to do. When I got there, I actually switched boats. And I went for 12 weeks, two times six, in a group on the Greek islands. It was one of the most amazing trips I’ve ever done. And when I got back home, I turned on the TV, and that stupid tape of the ceiling and thing that I was watching every day started on the TV. I noticed that actually, that piece of film was happening in Greece.

I even program my mind that I was going to Greece, and it happened extremely fast. And I didn’t have any money like it was out of the blue. So I really believe it and my piece of advice is if you really want something, whether it’s physical, like healing your body. Like I’ve healed people, I can say that without even blinking, I’ve healed people from cancer, I’ve healed someone from a third-degree burn on their face. So the mind can do things that are surreal, the power that we have, so I would say if you really want something in the future become that future self. And the universe will completely mold you.

Pamela Bardhi
Absolutely love that. Oh, my God, I was gonna ask you what your future self would tell your younger self, but I feel like that’s probably what do what is said is, but I wouldn’t

Want to see Oh, my future self. To tell me today I accept, but I don’t like it so much when people say what would you tell your future, your past self? Because I wouldn’t be the person I am today. If I didn’t make the mistakes back then, so I wouldn’t want to change that trajectory. But I think what my future self continues to tell me all the time is just to let go more. So I can be even more surprised by what life can offer. Let go more and practice more just the practice of mindfulness and of transformation.

Pamela Bardhi
Love that. And now the amazing film that you’re working on now in the screenplays, I know you said you’re working on your first one

Now. Yes, so basically, now I’m working on it. Actually, I have a 10, a slate of 10 films that I’m working on. And they’re all very quite different in style, because of COVID, things have slowed down. Just because it’s very difficult to shoot due to insurance policies and traveling and everything. But I’m very, very excited. I have very different projects, whether it’s a faith-based film, I have also a psychological thriller, to thrillers, and historical dramas. And it’s the next incredible step in my journey. I’m very excited and very, very much looking forward to that.

Pamela Bardhi
I’m looking forward to it as well. I can’t wait, is there any set date roughly when you think the first one will launch at least?

Well, it was supposed to be this winter, but with things the way they’re happening. I have the feeling we’ll probably postpone till the beginning of next year or the spring for shooting. And then the release will probably be either in the summer or the fall next year. But yeah, and then it’s gonna be another pretty incredible. I’m very excited. You know, once the first one is out, it’s gonna be like the books are gonna be one after another. No,

Pamela Bardhi
I can’t wait. Oh my gosh, I’m so excited. Can we give a little tease on the first one, the name, or anything? Can you show?

Well, there are two, there really are the opposite, which is kind of funny. One is called a walking miracle. And it’s based on a true story of a young guy that had a terrible accident, and he died three times. And when the third time he awoke he went into a 45 day coma. So the doctors wrote him off. They told the parents that there was no way this guy’s gonna ever be quote-unquote, normal. His brain would be very damaged and he wouldn’t ever be the same person. Well, It just so happens that he woke up after 45 days of coma, with no issues at all, apart from having rehabilitation in his body, but his brain is intact.

And so it’s a case of one in a billion of that happening. And I got inspired by that story and I wanted to do a movie that’s really praising the power of prayer. The power of belief and having something very unique in the film. What I do also introduce is his perspective, the POV of the coma, the guy who is locked out, and not only his perspective in terms of the fight for his life but also the theme of not being heard or seen. I think there’s a lot of people that suffer from that not being seen for who you really are and want to breakthrough. So people actually love you. You feel the love for who you are.

That’s kind of the underlying theme. So that’s one and the other one’s completely different called the pact and it’s a psychological thriller. And it’s fictional of course, it’s the hope based on three girls, three millennials that decide to have babies to have more likes on social media. So yeah, completely different. But the underlying theme is really what does love means in a society where we’re so driven by people. We’ve never met through social media and all that kind of very cosmetic world, where nothing actually profound and real and deep you know?

And so it’s really a satire of that whole universe and it’s still a thriller. Because they start killing each other and you want to find out who killed who’s gonna survive till the end. And there’s some comedy in it, but dark comedy. I can’t wait to do that and I think it’s gonna be a major hit. I really do the kind of films that there’s a twist at the end, that really nobody ever sucks suspects. You’ll have to watch the movie at least three times to figure out how I build it. So that twist happens at the end. Oh, yeah, it’s everybody that reads the script is like, I would have never imagined it would end like this. So it’s kind of cool.

Pamela Bardhi
Yeah, we got to sneak peeks that’s even more awesome, so cool. I’m so excited for you to launch and like just all your brilliant work like just you keep magnifying and bigger. And I’m so excited about your films because that has the potential to reach just like your books. Your books have changed a lot of lives as well. You know, you were telling me that story when you arrived there were at a book event and you’re like are these people here for me? Oh my god, you don’t realize how much power we hold within us. And it’s like, you were just going out there writing and putting your heart on paper and then the world just responded in such a positive and beautiful way.

Yeah, there’s nothing like it like seriously my guts, so humbled and still. I still get emails from readers and it’s very humbling. It’s very crazy to think that someone in a tiny country in a place you almost never heard of reading you and was in their life, was actually changed and impacted by your thoughts and writing and it’s very humbling. It’s surreal for me.

I feel more that I’m channeling something that’s bigger than me then. I don’t think it’s actually like me that I feel more that I’m like an antenna. And I pick that up some power and I’m blessed enough to put it out and have distributed and people reading it. But the only credit I can take is I have the antenna and I’m willing to take notes, write it down but that’s about it.

Pamela Bardhi
You are extremely talented that’s without a doubt you’re so humble. I love your approach to everything and just your mindset and your mentality is such a beautiful spirit in every way. I’m just so excited to see everything that happens with the films. I’m sure you’re gonna continue with the books too. And just keep bringing more beauty into the world, and I’m just honored to meet you and to have you here today with us. I know you’ve dropped so much amazing knowledge and advice and wisdom everywhere. Thank you so much. And now you got to let everybody know where to find you and your films to where to find them.

Well, thank you. Yeah, of course, you can go on my website. I think it’s the easiest way to bogdanov.com. I think you know, all the links are there. And of course, social media like everybody else, on Facebook, if you find my name, send me a little hi and I’ll be more than happy to reply and Amazon of course with all my books, but if people go on my website you find me.

Pamela Bardhi
Thank you so much love, because so so, so nice to have you here today. Thank you.

Well, thank you so much for having me. I really, really appreciate that. Thank you so much. And I wish you so much success like you have no idea.

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